Process Name Type of Material Quality Characteristics to be Controlled Test Frequency Inspection &Test Method In house laboratory Independent laboratory ●Ordinary Portland cement Cement Physical & Chemical data _ _ BS 12 ● Provide manufacture test certificate for every consignment delivered to the site Remarks

AIV or 10% fine value Flakiness index Elongation index Coarse Aggregate Gradation Specific gravity Water absorption Selection of raw material Fine Aggregate Moisture content Clay, Silt & dust content Organic impurities Gradation Moisture content Daily Monthly Only for source approval Daily BS 812 ATM C 40-73 BS 812 BS 812 ●Provide manufacture test certificate for each delivery Chemical Admixture Physical & Chemical properties _ _ ●Provide the technical specification and past project records of the intended admixture used with satisfactory service. Monthly Only for source approval BS 812

Chloride content Water Sulphate content Total dissolved solids Fresh concrete Slump test (at site) Cube sampling (at site) Hardened Concrete Compressive strength Each Delivery According to the project requirement Every casted cube _ BS 1881 _ BS 1881 _ Only for source approval BS 3148

* In addition to the independent laboratory test certificate for the source approval, provide the seperate independent laboratory test certificate for each raw material metioned in above for every 5000 m ᶾ of fresh concrete.