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Free Iron tablets----YES----free iron tablets are given to billions of children in India without doing their

blood test known as Sickling test which is used to detect Anemia...Do you know what would happen if the child who already have excess iron in his body get these iron tablets..............He would be more prone to become Cancer and Heart patient and will also have accelerated aging process... for more detail please read this very carefully....n don\'t forget to share this. The Government of India is implementing the Weekly Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) Supplementation (WIFS) programme since January 2013, under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in government/ aided and municipal schools (nationwide) and Anganwadi Centres across all states in India. Do you know how much dose of iron is normally recommend by most of the doctors worldwide.............Its just 20 milligrams per day which is all one needs, no more. But the govt. of india n NRHM is giving 100 milligram iron dose to the students under the age 10-19 years. that is 5 times the normal dose... In 2012 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials have prohibited the sale of medical iron tablets after one batch was found containing free iron particles in Mumbai. Iron tablets containing free iron particles can damage kidneys and liver, besides causing internal injuries. if these iron tablets are safe (as govt. said) then why in 2012 the state govt. suspended the distribution of iron folic acid (IFA) tablets under a special healthcare programme for adolescent girl students in collaboration with Unicef for 10 days after more than 1,000 girls had fallen ill in Sonitpur and Darrang districts. Folic acid side effects: Don’t panic, says govt - Jul 25 2013 --------------------------------------------------Though around 1,000 students have complained of side effects after consuming iron tablets under the Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFS) campaign launched by Haryana, the health department on Wednesday said there is no need to press the panic button. -------------------------------------------------Now what i am going to tell you, should be read very carefully n if possible do email this to ur Govt. or share with everyone... Excess iron in the blood has been implicated by some scientists as a cause of cancer and heart disease. It also increases the risk of bacterial infection. There are probably twenty million people in the U.S. who are iron deficient and half of them are not anemic.

there was a great increase in the death rate from infectious diseases.ncbi.D. Around the same time. It has been observed that women who didn\'t take iron supplements during pregnancy have healthy babies that don\'t develop even when you try.\" What this means is that when men get copper deficient. including According to Dr. and pituitary. parasites. heart.. Zinc deficiency profoundly depresses immunity and administering iron to a zinc-deficient person is extremely risky. research began to show that the regulation of iron is a central function of the immune system.says Dr. Not only does iron stimulate bacterial growth.wmd/index. Raymond Peat. From a similar meal.. Hemochromatosis is a disease of iron accumulation with resultant damage to the liver. Women absorb iron much more efficiently than men do.nih. In the 1960s the World Health Organization found that when iron supplements were given to anemic people in Africa. women will normally absorb three times as much iron as men do. their higher estrogen levels cause them to absorb about nine times as much as men. who has received international recognition as a leader in the field of Nutritional Medicine for the past 20 years.Studies in southeast Asia and in Africa demonstrate that even low-dose iron can be harmful.. even though their iron deficiency is corrected.blood.nlm. Women warned on iron \'overdose\' . Don\'t women need extra iron? That\'s a misunderstanding. it weakens the immune system of the person being supplemented. http://www. When Indonesian school children who are not iron deficient take iron pills. they fail to grow normally. their rate of infection increases. they get iron accumulation and thyroid disorders. pancreas. Doctors generally don\'t realize that only a few milligrams of iron are lost each day in menstruation.html?_s=PM%3AHEALTH Since the custom of giving large iron supplements to pregnant women has been established. The study concludes \"The frequency of thyroid disorders in men with hemochromatosis is about 80 times that of men in the general population. M. The real issue is that you can hardly avoid getting iron. and cancer. and that this seems to have evolved because iron is a basic requirement for the survival and growth of cells of all types.. there has been an increase in jaundice of the newborn. Leo Galland.. When iron supplements are given to Somali nomads or Masai tribes-man... but. When pregnant. http://edition. by aggravating zinc deficiency. especially malaria. Zinc deficiency is common in Africa and Asia.cnn.

The iron content of most diets increases significantly when the diet is cooked in an iron utensil.---------------------------------------Healthy pregnant women should think twice before taking iron supplements. Routine iron supplementation is not practised in the UK. of India some of the easiest ways to get iron from sources other than food by which Indian poor However. decreased liver function. >>>Second every care must be take that food should be prepared in cast iron/iron cookwares because they can help to prevent blood (anemia) and iron deficiency. such as reduced thyroid function and vitamin B12 deficiency.htm Iron destroys vitamin E. say researchers who have linked high doses to blood pressure problems.stm A common misconception is that anemia is directly linked to iron deficiency. many healthy pregnant women take once-a-day multivitamin pills that contain smaller doses of iron . for more read these researches done by the scientists http://www. so iron supplements are often the first line of defense when anemia is http://news. >>>First govt. Supplementing iron in these cases is unnecessary and can exacerbate the problem by not treating the true underlying issue. should pass instruction to every school and college that no food should be cooked in aluminum cookwares. which excrete the metal. As we know Aluminium is not a heavy metal such as lead but still toxic in excessive around 100% of the recommended dose of 15mg. The intake of too much aluminum might impair the kidneys. but blood is tested for signs of anaemia more than once during pregnancy as a matter of course. calcium deficiency and memory loss among other health issues. -----------------------------------------my suggestion to Govt.ithyroid.n become future customers of Anti-aging creams.pyroenergen. Toxic levels of aluminum have also been linked to anemia. anemia can be caused by other factors as well. which accelerate the aging process.. http://www. could save millions of dollars.htm . According to the study most of the foods (90%) contained significantly more iron when cooked in iron utensils than when cooked in non-iron utensils. Using Cast Iron Cookware Helps Blood (Anemia) and Iron Deficiency by Junji Takano http://www.

. Spinach. Borigato and Dr. THANKS FOR READING N SHARING UNTOLD STORIES https://www.pdf 3. Black-eyed peas. Broccoli.nutrition. Cauliflower etc >>>Make jaggery a part of everyday diet. Kidney beans. It would be much better if the girls get nutritive food which had all minerals instead of just iron and folic acid tablets. Lentils. Iron content of food cooked in iron utensils. state health >>> Vegetarian Diet for Anemia: Dried beans and dark green leafy vegetables are especially good sources of http://www. “Why are we not giving priority to nutritive food N cookwares? DO WE need Iron tablets when we have all this. Spinach. Lima beans.full. MPs.. Brazil http://jn. Collard greens.Dr. Potato. Martinez. please make sure that everyone should read this n if possible do email this to ur local MLAs. Iron Nutritional Status Is Improved in Brazilian Preterm Infants Fed Food Cooked in Iron Pots .facebook. Guava. Even when a true iron deficiency exists. even better on a per calorie basis than meat. Recommended to take a few grams of jaggery(Gur) after a meal to speed up the digestion process and Jaggery is a good source of iron that helps in improving hemoglobin levels and prevents anemia... Tomato juice.nih. ----------------------------------It is far more logical to recommend iron supplementation only when tests show an actual deficiency in iron and could be harmful if iron supplementation is given when it is not needed. Centre Health Minister and at last Prime . it is safer to eat foods naturally high in iron than rely on supplements.2.