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User’s Manual after dailing the number.

W3100 Serial CDMA Wireless ROUTE

W3100CR User’s Manual

2.Character of the CDMA communication:
Support 800, 900/1800MHZ Real time clock The communication effect relies on the construction of the CDMA network Currently, the construction of the CDMA network has got matured. Stable data transmitting; with large quantity and high speed

3.Character of the router:
Transparent data transmission No need of background computer support Automatically dialing after drop from the net Support DMZ NAT router function Establishing a LAN with high speed Conveniently and fluently Easily operated Wakened remotely UDP controlling channels

1. General Description
CDMA 1X is the first phase of CDMA 2000(data rate higher than IS-95, but lower than 2Mbit/s).It runs IP protocol over packet data transmission network and supports up to 308kbit/s data. It is new type of service developed from CDMA IS-95 network to provide packet data. service for CDMA subscribe. The W3100 Series CDMA Wireless Routers are terminal equipments for real time data transmitting through the matured CDMA/GSM network. They can provide standard Ethernet interface and can support the of VPDN/APN with the standard TCP/ IP protocol. Also they can realize the wireless link between the CDMA network and the local area network or the equipments with standard 10BASET interface. It’s very easy for medium or small enterprises to establish their long-distance LAN and to share long-distance data through the standard FTP network software. They can be used as the wireless gateway and router between the remote controlling station and the center one , thus making it possible for the mutual accessing among the industrial Ethernet network equipments. They can provide services such as dialing numbers according to the clients demand, closing the net link after receiving the instructions from the center station. taking up the long-distance call,automatically logging on the internet special network

4.Technology standard:
Power Voltage: DC+9V~24V. Consumption: Max,300mA@+5VDC;Standby, 120mA@+5VDC Operation temperatue:-10~50℃ Store temperature:-30~70℃


RJ45 Interface and CDMA antenna interface TCP/UDP/IP/ICMP/PPP/PAP/DNS protocol agreement Measurement: 103mm × 75mm × 35mm(not including antenna and fixed parts)

4.1 Interface

2 Install the router Using a cross-Through cable to connect the Ethernet card with RJ45 interface of W3100CR.1. keep your computer and the W3100CR is in the same means power suplly is normal and the router runs 5.LAN led is on.Please use it. Or connect to switcher or HUB use straight-Through Cable.4 POWER led is on.1. follow picture: Open the means CDMA net is normal.255. and when the net drop.254) .1 Setting of the CDMA SIM/UIM card: User’s Manual The SIM or UIM card can be inserted or released by pressing the SIM/UIM card drawer button. Before set the W3100CR. Then turn down OFF running normally.3 Connecting the antenna with the router.(10M.0. Turn up it. And the 6.SIGNAL led flikered regularly. LAN--------LAN network WAN----------It shows that the CDMA net has been established. Parameter configuration of the router Set up the configuration software that our company provide in the CD.WAN led is on. when the led is on.first of all. the led is off. Installation and setting of the W3100CR 10/100M. please use DIP Swith1. 6. the interface is like the LAN: every PC in the LAN should have Ethernet will get back to 192.or 1000M) wireless router subnet mask is 255. If you changed the local IP address and forget means LAN connected.W3100CR CDMA ROUTER Antenna: 50P/SMA Female SIM/UIM: 3V 6.Connect the W3100CR with your PC. Switch4 doesn’t use now normal.1 DIP-Switch Setup If you want to return all the W3100CR’s current settings to its factory default. can’t enter the configuration software. you don’t know which gateway your router is in. DIP Switch1 turn up ON dropping back into factory default parameter. Ethernet interface: 10/100BaseT-RJ45 (Auto sense) 5. 7.168. (W3100CR default address is 192. means Internet connected.100M or The TCP/IP protocol in the operating system is required .255. DIP Switch2. Indication of W3100CR LED SIGNAL------It indicates that the CDMA signal is in the normal state if the led flicker regularly. POWER---------Indication of Power 6.

you can try 0. if you can’t browse the web or the speed on internet is slow. The interface is like the follow: “MAC”: hardware ID. “Restart Circle”: keep default time. “Check Circle”: the time of checking the CDMA network.1490. “PAP/CHAP”: put in “0” means PAP mode. “First DNS” and “Second DNS”: keep them same as your PC’s “DMZ IP”: address of the pc Click the “confirm”. “Local IP”:you can set it same as your LAN gateway address. . “Dialer number”: don’t change can write it in according to your need. there is a IP address which is router’s local IP address.1492 . put in “1” means CHAP.the CDMA network will be off . “Wan IP”: if the router is will get the “Wan IP” automatically. “User name” and “Password”: keep it default. except it’ our engineer’s advice. “MTU”: advise you to choose a number:1200-1500. Then click the IP address. “No data Line-off”: if there is no data to trasmit. Default time is 5 min.entre the configuration the left side.W3100CR CDMA ROUTER User’s Manual Click the “search device” .