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Kitt English 2P Holocaust DBQ The Holocaust has been one of the world's most controversial discourse during the modern era. Millions of Jews were put to death by German polices. Although this is somewhat a simple subject to argue, it's important to look at things using a "core and periphery" understanding. With Germany being the core, the periphery that surrounds Germany must first be analysis to fully understand the motives for such acts. The rise of Anti-Semitism from 19251945 already had a persecution against the Jewish population but how the Jews were persecuted changed over a short period of time. To best understand this subject, one must understand the new hegemonic powers implanted into Germany. In Wallerstein 's book, "World System Analysis", he explains how class struggle between the proletariat and bourgeoisie would eventfully cause a enlighten revolution that would replace the government with a new hegemonic powers. This is important because after the first world war, German was thrown in a state of depression. In documents C and D, Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" explains how Jews were enemy of the state and should be segregated like the other inferior ethnicity. He explains that blood mixture would cause the Germanic cultures to disappear. Hitler also augured that the Jews were the main reason for the lost of the first world war. During the first world war, many Jews were working in banks and other financial jobs, but refused to allow Germany to loan funds for the war's efforts. Resulting the Germany losing and placing Germany into a long term depression. With Germany's nationalism at a raise, Hitler seize upon the opportunity to run for president. Hitler won the election and changed the government to a dictatorship. As a direct result, Hitler kept his promise and created political polices that would later result in million of deaths. Hitler's perspective was very cynical to the Jews. Which is a negative connation to the Jews In document E, the Nuremberg Laws was one of the first political policies that limited Jewish rights in Germany. The laws explains that Jews are not allowed to have intercourse or marriages between Jews and German citizens. This is controversial because it indirectly inform German citizens that Jewish individuals are inferior and should be avoided. This caused many to convert and even altered the Jewish culture in Europe. The perspective of this Law is based on the Reichstag which is under the command of Hitler himself. In document G, the Kristallnacht tells a story of how German storm troopers and regular German citizen went on a genocide on the Jewish population. The document also explains how the nation virtually disregarded laws that were created and kept for hundreds of years. This document shows how quickly Germany would adopt Anti- Semitism so rapidly. German

"Hitler soon grew impatient waiting for Jews to die from starvation (and)/or disease.". but this time with Russia new hegemonic power (communism). would invade Russia was to gain access of the raw material necessary for an efficient war effort. This was the same mistake with WW1.. These first-handed accounts give historians a new perspective on the raise of Anti-Semitism. In any case. This became inefficient due to the devastating psychological effects on a person.individuals even went as far as humiliating the Jewish population in public. This is where the core periphery analysis comes into play. German officials constructed thousand of concentration camps to hold and execute Jews. Germany was losing the war.. As a direct result. with America (a now strong core-like nation state) joining the war alongside Britain (a once core-like nation). Hitler could not conquer Russia fast enough before the Russian winter sets in. Germany invested large amounts of capital on Hitler's Final Solution. Hitler's mistake was to place Germany in a two front war. This quote express how the chancellor of Germany would be so cynical with Jews that he would order mass killing of an entire religion. but it gave way to a more centralized hegemonic world power. In document H. It also could explain the motives that caused Germany to create such acts. The United Nation was created to replace the old ineffective League of Nation. This genocide later became impossible due to the fact that during this time. Germany's expansion was halted by a two front war. Resulting in a major campaign lost for Germany. Another document best added to the response could be firsthand accounts from other nation. As a direct result the holocaust was placed in full effect.Germany. Document F gives a map that shows vast amounts of camps constructed during the war. This would be a major benefit because it provides a more periphery understanding. The reason for a large expanding core . This time America took control of the United Nation and later became the world's major superpower. Germany was overrun by brute force from the red army. German official even encouraged mass public killings of Jews. the raise of Anti-Semitism caused a change in the way Germans persecuted the Jewish population in Europe from 1925-1945. As a direct result. Germany's army was force in a defensive tactic. Finally. These events led to millions of innocent lives lost and wasted. Millions upon millions of Jews were sent to these so called work camps to be cremated and killed. .