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com IMT 54 Business Law M3 PART - A 1. What is contract? Give its essentials 2. No Consideration No Contract . Give its exceptions with illustrations

3. Write a note on Free Consent 4. Distinguish between Sale and Agreement to Sell 5. What is Bailment? What is Pledge? Explain with illustration.

PART - B 1. What is agency? Give various modes of creating agency. 2. What do you mean by IPR? Give various types of IPR in pictorial form 3. What do you mean by Negotiable Instruments? What is liability in case of dish onor of cheque? 4. Who is a Consumer under Consumer Protection Act,1986? Explain with illustrati on. Give pecuniary jurisdiction for various Consumer forums. 5. Write 5 lines each on TradeMark and Copyright.

PART - C 1. What is a company? Give its characteristics. 2. What is LLP? Give the procedure for registration of LLP in India. The answer should show steps of formation of LLP along with pictorial representation. 3. Write a note on Competition Law in India. 4. What is RTI? Do you think it is good for governance? 5. Write a note on Doctrine of Ultra vires Case Study 1

Ashok had sent a letter dated the 9th May 2009 to Virendra, which he had posted the same day, proposing that he would sell his sofa to him for ` 5,000. On the s ame day, i.e. on the 9th May 2009 itself, but without having the knowledge about the letter written to him by Ashok, Virendra had also sent a letter to Ashok, m aking an offer to buy his sofa from him for ` 5,000. These two letters had cross ed each other in transit.

However, when Virendra received the letter of Ashok dated the 9th May 2009, prop osing that he would sell his sofa to him for ` 5,000, he thought that there was

a good contract, because the elements of buying and selling the same sofa was in volved, and that too at the same price. Do you think that the aforementioned con tention of Virendra is legally valid? Give reasons for your answer.

Case Study


X agreed to sell to Y a parcel of 700 bags of groundnuts lying in his go down. U nknown to X, 109 bags had been stolen at the time of contract. X tendered delive ry of 591 bags. Y declined to accept. State the legal position. Contact for best and lowest cost solution or email solvedcare