INTRODUCTION New Horizon Hotel - 778 Boni Avenue corner EDSA Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

COMPANY HISTORY In 1994, New Horizon Hotel was first intended to be operated by its previous owners as a condominium hotel with a proposed name of Midland EDSA Hotel. That same year, Midland EDSA Hotel was acquired by the National Life Insurance Company which also hired Byron International Management Group to manage it. Byron EDSA Hotel was formally launched in 1995 and served the industry for two years until its management contract expired. National Life Insurance Company took over its operation and changed it name into Horizon EDSA Hotel. Its operation continued for the next 11 years until its owners decided to have it managed by a new management. In May 6,2006, spouses Marc and Ina Kerckhofs made a bold move and took over its operations. Extensive room and facility renovations were done as well as hired new and fully competent team of managers and staff. Up to this day NEW HORIZON HOTEL became a byword in the industry as the newest and most modernly equipped boutique hotel in the industry. Truly it’s a place where European standards become affordable


Mission Where European standards are affordable  European standards o High quality accommodation o Attractive and clean rooms o Hassle free stay(zero defects) o Smooth check-in and check-out o Customized service o European dishes for Breakfast, A la carte & Banquet  Affordable prices o High value for money o The best Breakfast of all 3 star hotels o The only 3 star hotel with European management and Chef


To be a good alternative for a first class hotel Since we offer high quality accommodation and customized service, we can easily compete with “first class” hotels and offer a good alternative for price conscious people that used to stay in more expensive hotels.


there are several assistants covering each area. They are responsible for maintaining guests rooms free from dirt and a good ambiance. The division is run by the Food and Beverage Director. Accounting – responsible for maintaining a proper and complete accounting records of the hotel. Food and beverage . Human Resource – in charge of filing records of the employees. cleaning and provisions. public areas and crew areas. records and transactions of the hotel are accurate and correct at all times. front line assistance and operational consistency in the building. C. Engineering and maintenance – responsible for the maintenance of general facilities and interior design. acting as the onsite contact for meetings and serving as extra staff when departments get busy. 4 . testing and inspecting service levels. Responsible for hiring and training of employees. They are also responsible in implementing all necessary controls to safeguard the assets of the hotel. To ensure that the accounts. G. like absent or sick leave. forecasts covering all activities of the hotel. E.ORGANIZATIONAL CHART A. B. D. bars.Front Office – responsible for getting reservation through calls. restaurants. Various duties include room inspections. The seating arrangements. Housekeeping – responsible for all areas of cleanliness onboard. walk inn and thru internet. General Manager – responsible for all VIP’ responsible for the dining rooms. F. They are also responsible for the compiling of all budgets. service and overseeing of the staff is the responsibility of the dining room manager. including open deck. guests concerns or elevated requests.


Paris.Hotel Facilities and Services BUSINESS CENTER New Horizon Hotel's business center is fully equipped to cater to all your business requirements. Function Rooms New Horizon Hotel has 4 function rooms: "Brussels. Madrid and Vienna which are available for your business and social events to accommodate events for 2 to 200 persons. Restaurant 6 . photocopying & printing services as well as an Internet access. It offers secretarial.

 Appetizers  Vegetables. Picasso’s Place restaurant let’s you dine in Style and Belgian Executive Chef Danny Vandenbosch recommends: A LA CARTE Discover a wide and delicious variety of Asian. you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to celebrate. Noodles. European & international dishes. 7 days a week. Rice  Soups  Vegetarian Corner  Salads  Pastas & Pizzas European Entrees  Sandwiches  Asian Flavor  Desserts 7 . They give our guests a feast for the senses 24 hours a day.At New Horizon Hotel In Mandaluyong. prepared by the Belgian Executive Chef at the New Horizon Hotel in Mandaluyong.

8 .


The one who is take in charge of carrying the things of the rooms. She / he also helped the laundry staff as well for them to finish the laundry on time.responsible of doing the laundry of the guest as well as the important things that the housekeeping attendant used like pillow case. Laundry staff. He also the one who receives the comment from the guest given by the general manager. The one who made a report and the laundry list came from the guest room. bed sheets . Housekeeping Supervisors. The one responsible to maintain the electronics of the hotel like computers and the keycards. 10 . duvet and etc. Room attendant.Housekeeping head – he is responsible for discipline the room attendants as well as the supervisors. function halls etc. He also monitored the works of the housekeeping specially if they cleaned properly the rooms where they are assigned. Laundry supervisor – is responsible to monitoring the work done of the laundry staff. Engineering staff. Responsible of maintaining the important amenities of the hotel like rooms. responsible of giving advise the front office if the room is ready for occupancy. Responsible of recording the report of the room attendants. The one who do the room report.they are responsible in cleaning the rooms of the guest. The one who take in charge and guiding the housekeeping department and the engineering department.It responsible in checking the rooms of every floor that is cleaned by the room attendant. for such laundry the one responsible in fixing the electricity failure and other concerns that the department is need.

MANPOWER. The laundry department has its own laundry area for them to work flexible and made the laundry service easy. And stocks that the guest needs like food or snacks. different kind of soaps from hand soap to laundry type. The housekeeping supervisor is the one who gives schedules and day off . under liner for the trash bins.SCHEDULE. cup noodles. it is the biggest in all the departments in the hotel because it is almost the manpower of the hotel. Morning shift will start at 7am in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon. It is located on the fourth floor. The housekeeping department has its own computer and telephone. Both of this is very important in the department because they accept call from the guest if there are problems or concerns about the room. In the housekeeping department you can find all the different uniforms of all the departments. it is very important because they are the one who will clean and replenish the room. 11 . They also have the master key card of every room in the hotel. The engineering department is one of the department handled by the housekeeping where has also a room for make their services and which where leave their tools. afternoon and graveyard shift. they also have stocks like tissue paper. coffee. They have a computer wherein hey can see if the room was already occupied or not. sugar and creamer and mineral water. The next shift is 2pm in the afternoon until 10pm in the evening and lastly 10pm until 6am in the morning. WORK METHOD STYLES & COMMUNICATION The housekeeping department has its three shifting morning.FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT USED The housekeeping department has small room. and before their duty they will go to the housekeeping office to report.

They will teach you carefully after that you will do the task assigned to you. I appreciate them and I never felt that I am not belonging to their group. In disposing garbage they make sure that it is properly segregated. It is their way of helping reducing garbage and putting it to usable one. They are very knowledgeable about garbage because these are the number one problems that were facing especially Mother Earth. All of these departments in one umbrella of the housekeeping department have a strategy to make their work easier and for them to be comfortable in their work. They listen to their supervisor and they make sure to follow in every detail that needs to be done in time. INTERPERSONAL RELATION The work atmosphere in the housekeeping is good and they are very accommodating. USED OF MATERIAL RESOURCES Housekeeping department. They always make sure that every work is done before they leave the establishment. Starts at 8am up to 2pm next shift is 2pm to 10pm. 12 . They always make me laugh and they make sure I am okay with my duty. There are two crew in one shifting. They use garbage bags to segregate the garbage from the different floors of the hotel. WORK ATMOSPHERE.To the engineering department they have two sets of duty the same as in the Laundry department. Their cooperation with one another is the key for their work. the biggest issue in this area is about the garbage and the usage of water.

SANITATION AND PROCEDURE In terms of sanitation the housekeeping is one of the departments that should comply and impart their attendant by making the following sanitations           They should do segregations of the garbage. Should always clean the public washed room 13 . Everywhere in the hotel they post this signs that everybody even guests need to conserve water. from biodegradable and non. because the thing is we must save water.biodegradable Should always used gloves particularly in cleaning the comfort rooms Always cleaning every floor and hallways that guest can see Always do proper disposal of the garbage Replace the trash bag inside of the room every after cleaning Should separate the chemicals to the food in the mini bars Should always be monitored the cleanliness of the lobby Always cleaning of the glass door Should always coordinate with all the department for every garbage that will be disposed.Water consumption in the hotel is another issue.

AREAS OF CONCERN . Like in the room. They are very flexible and can do three things at the same time. lobby. they have a great supervisor who will save them always but for me they need to learn speaking the language because it is very helpful. STRENGTHS The housekeeping department has the strengths in doing things at the time. Luckily. 14 . These areas concerned must be maintained and must be cleaned every minute because there are guest that wanted a clean atmosphere. Our Hotel caters mostly to Europeans and Americans. parking lot and public washed rooms. Some of them are scared to talk and they lose their confidence level. They have crew members who are willing and have the initiative to lend a hand to anyone who is in need of help. IMPROVEMENT AREAS/ WEAKNESSES Their weakness is that they don’t speak the English language. STATUS AND ANALYSIS Housekeeping is concern in the places where the guest can stay. restaurant. They are very good in their line of work and approachable.

Narrative Report 15 .

Oakwood hotel. if I can remember that first thing I said to myself “I will quit a fter 16 . Everybody wants to be in a 5 star Hotel you will have more privileges than in a 3 star hotel. I try my luck in Heritage hotel. so I contacted my friend and school mate if he could help me in my OJT especially hotel. we are obliged to do find a hotel and restaurant for us to be more competent in our line of work. I am very pleased to say that I am now a trainee from New Horizon Hotel. It is not my first time to experience the amenities of a good and well established hotel. I began my journey in searching for my training in Makati. Ascott Hotel or Mariott Hotel. As a Hotel and Restaurant Management student. I am excited that one of hat days they will call me and I can be a part of their family. we’ve been checking-in into different hotels 5 stars down to 3 stars but working in an establishment with more than 50 rooms and making your world busy as a bee is something I want to try. Richmond hotel and Microtel. Again I received no response from them. But weeks passed neither calls nor text coming from any of those establishments. I was assigned in housekeeping department. Intercon Hotel. at first I was not sure if I will fit and will be qualified as a trainee.The best way to learn is by experience. This is my motto ever since I started to find a hotel for my OJT. My first week. The reality is that I am losing my hope. I waited for 1 month but still no calls from the hotel. I try different strategy. I always keep in my mind that whatever happens I will never ever be a part of a 3star hotel. Dusit Thani and Intercon. bad for me because I don’t have any friends and with the change of time and schedule and with the reality that Paul is not with me anymore I was so nervous. I passed my resume in Ascott Hotel. Actually I am aiming for a bigger establishment like Dusit Thani. He is willing to help me but he said that their hotel as many OJT and crew that time so I needed to wait for another 3 weeks to start in my hotel practicum.

and everything will follow. clean Chef Danny’s office and the cafeteria. time management and especially how to do chores like cleaning. New Horizon indeed gives me the best training ground. Be thankful for what you have. They share their knowledge to me and they kept on saying that you have a long way to go be in mind that you lucky because your parents send you to a university unlike us we need to find a job to help our family. different sizes of mixing bowl and a lot more name it I’ve washed it all.this week” ironic. I learned to be competent and flexible. but I don’t have any choice but to comply for what they have asked me to do. you need a broom for sweeping. This makes me think that there are people who have a positive outlook in life they never give up as long as they can they will do it. All the chef’s in the kitchen are funny I laugh often . and a“basahan”. it is my fist time to wash different kinds of plates. I learned to be independent and life must go on. you need to set your goals because it is your dream. Housekeeping department is the most welcoming department in the hotel. sweep the floor of all the function room after the event. maintain the cleanliness of all the comfort rooms especially in the restaurant. Paris and Madrid. Second week of duty is as haggard as I ever imagined but the most enjoyable one. using the mop. My daily routine is to check the comfort room of Vienna. Public area. I am very disappointed because I don’t want to clean the comfort room. My schedule is from 2pm to 10pm. Harold and Sir Henry. My first week of duty thought me how to be responsible. a mop for drying the floors. it’s amazing. Brussels (if there is a function). afternoon shift I had a difficulty in going home because Mandaluyong is far from New Manila. frying pan from large sizes up to the smallest. Meeting different people and listening to their stories. they have the best crews and they are genuine and kind. dusting. aside from making the dish 17 . It’s not bad at all actually I am enjoying it with the people who make me laugh like kuya Aris.

18 . Third week of duty I was assigned in Picasso pantry as a steward. This time I realized that many of us doesn’t mind if we have lots of left over’s. every time I will hear that it makes me giggle. foods from the functions and buffet breakfast. It makes sense now that it is really hard to wash plate especially if the waiters already need the flat wares. I don’t need help from anyone because I can do it and I can manage to do a chore that is given for me. But I don’t have any rights to say it to the management because it is their law that every left over must be junked. This week gives me the time to get to know all of the people working in the kitchen they have different stories and different personalities but above all that. Actually I enjoyed a lot being a steward even though my hand looks like a hand of a 77 years old man I feel relief because now I can prove to myself that I can do a lot of work especially multi tasking. they are very accommodating and they are always checking on us trainee if we are still okay and giving us words of encouragements. Three weeks done and there are more weeks to come. it is very hard to work o your own especially if I need to wash plates that are bigger than me. All of the left over’s will be junked as soon as it reaches the kitchen. One waiter will say. There are lots of people in the world that doesn’t have food o eat and then here we are wasting a lot of food. On my first day of work I don’t have any one just myself because Ginette didn’t make it. I am with my buddy and we have strategies also if there are lots of plates to be washed I will be the one who will clean I and she will be the one that will arrange it. Being in the kitchen for 1 week I saw different kinds of foods. Kwin its okay it is just trials don’t be mad at life just smile.delicious it’s their job to make us alive I guess. orders.

19 .


Cruise ship is a moving hotel and a mode of transportation to those who wants to experience life at the sea. Housekeeping Mega Value. As a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Manila. Housekeeping Cabin. Housekeeping Super Value. The company offers a wide selection of hotel accomodations/services.Harbor Center 25TH ST. Port Area. Superferry. Cebu Ferries and SuperCat. tours and events packages. Galley/Kitchen. South Harbor. 21 . This experience and program helped us students to take our initial steps on becoming the future generations of seafarer.INTRODUCTION 2GO travel Cruise line training PIER 15 Eva Macapagal Super Terminal. with the ease of land/sea travel. Quick mart. 2Go travel has a combined history of more than 148 years in travel industry. Name and General Location 2Go Travel is one of the largest. In the ship we are able to experience and we are exposed to different areas like. Born out of established brands such as Negros Navigation. First Class Dinning Saloon and Economy Dinning Saloon. Housekeeping First Class. and Front Office. premier land/sea-travel providers in the Philippines. we are exposed into different branches of the hospitality umbrella.

and the luxury of hotel accommodations. Core Values  Corporate Governance Commits to corporate values and accepted ethical and moral rules and norms that apply inside and outside the organization  Integrity and Transparency Doing the right things for the right reasons. catering to various ports in Luzon.200 outlets nationwide. Treating people fairly and with respect. Mission Statement 2Go travel bridges people and places wherever. 2Go travel works with over 1. whenever. and Mindanao. By combining seamless travel experience.From the sunny beaches of Boracay. Vision 2020 2Go Travel is the premier provider of unique travel experience that brings people together beyond expectations.  Teamwork 22 . with breathtaking destinations. to the iconic skylines of Manila. Visayas. seamlessly. the company aims to redefine travel.

 Innovation Process by which new ideas for continuous improvement and breakthroughs toward organizational effectiveness and efficiency are promoted and institutionalized. Have basic shipboard familiarization and be acquainted with common maritime terminologies. 2.  Our People Our people are the central movers of the organization. 3. 23 . Develop the basic awareness on safety of life at sea and be acquainted with various emergency equipment and procedures. At the completion of this program. mission. corporate values and services of our prescribed logistic company. Training Objectives The HRS Shipboard Familiarization Program aims to help trainees acquire the much needed exposure and practical experience. It is also aimed for standard of performance.  Excellence A talent or quality which is unusually good and surpasses ordinary standards. as well as have the knowledge of the different competencies needed in the Hospitality onboard a domestic passenger vessel. Understand the history. participants will be able to: 1.The ability to work in unison to achieve a common goal. vision.

be able to analyze and evaluate operation procedures of different section and recommendation the appropriate course of action to improve them. Appreciate the importance of efficient operational policies and procedures in relation to the overall management of hotel operations onboard a domestic passenger vessel. Ownership/Management Aboitiz Tranport System Consolidated or ATSC. 8. 7. 24 . Housekeeping and Food and Beverage Department onboard. SuperCat and Cebu Ferries to form 2Go Travel. representing its entire range of services.. It aims to redefine sea travel by providing unforgettable experiences that bring people and places together. They aim to become a world-class transport. and prove that they are more than just a shipping company. ATSC has been renamed to 2Go Group Inc. Be acquainted with the different operating procedures. Housekeeping and Food and Beverage Department. Have hands. 6. the equipment and facilities in the areas of Front Office. This move is part of the company’s rebranding program. combines all its passage services namely Negros Navigation. SuperFerry.4. 5. Be familiar with the various position on the Hotel Department and their related duties and responsibilities onboard the vessel. They believe that all the changes reflect a significant redirection for the company. (NENACO). After the approval of the company’s chief stockholder. logistics and supply chain company. The change was made with the intention to create a new identity that will unite the company’s products and services.on experience on the areas of Front Office. Negros Navigation Co.

in 1995.000 passengers each. Gothong & Aboitiz Inc. consisting of 8 passenger/cargo ships with an average capacity of 2. container shipping. after Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc. the company currently functions with two other core units: (1) 2Go Freight. freight shipping. including household goods. which takes care of commercial and personal shipping needs.Aside from 2Go travel. and five purely cargo vessels. seven 200-passenger capacity fst crafts under SuperCat. and inventory management. 25 . ATS merged with Carlos A. the Visayas and Mindanao. and Aboitiz Shipping Corp. 2GO Travel now provides the biggest fleet and the most extensive choice of routes connecting Luzon. dating back 1949. express shipping. warehousing. bought the combined holdings of the Chiongbian and Gothong Group. ATSC has had a very colourful history. and (2) 2Go Supply Chain Management. and commercial auto shipping.000 passengers. The company changed its registered corporate name to ATSC in 2002. as it started out as William Lines Inc. which maintains the company’s over 100 years of expertise in logistics. Gothong Lines Inc. The company currently has 23 vessels. and formed the William. With the integration of the country’s primary passenger ships and fast ferries. 3 under the Cebu Ferries brand that carries about 1. distribution.


walk inn and thru internet. The seating arrangements. public areas and crew areas. The division is run by the Food and Beverage Director. They are responsible for maintaining guests rooms free from dirt and a good ambiance. F. Hotel Manager – responsible for monitoring the operations of the hotel on board. Housekeeping – responsible for all areas of cleanliness onboard. These accommodations have their own private bathroom and television. Front Office – responsible for getting reservation through calls. service and overseeing of the staff is the responsibility of the dining room manager. Accommodations and Facilities There are 5 accommodations that will suit every traveler while on the vessel. Rooms State Room Class Consists of luxury air-conditioned rooms with a one family bed or two full-size beds. including open deck. cleaning and provisions. linen is provided along with basic amenities like soap. Clinic – responsible for giving care of the passengers in terms of medications. D. bars. there are several assistants covering each area. Food and beverage .ORGANIZATIONAL CHART responsible for the dining rooms. 27 . Engineering and maintenance – responsible for the maintenance of general facilities and interior design. shampoo & conditioner and toilet paper. E. restaurants. B. C.

Cabin Class Is a private air conditioned rooms with single beds. Super Value Class A budget classed accommodation that consists of double bed bunks in non-air conditioned sections of the vessel. Amenities and linen are not provided but are available through purchase at passengers at Passengers Linen Counter. Linen is not issued but are available for rent at the Passengers Linen Counter. Mega value class sections are provided with at least one two-channel television unit. Guests share a common bathroom area exclusive for mega value Guests only. Amenities and linen are not included but are available through purchased Passengers Linens Counter. Rooms vary in size. Guests share a common bathroom exclusive for tourist class Guests. Composed of a small room (four Guests) to a large rooms (fourteen Guests) which can also be booked exclusively for women/men/both. Linen is provided along with basic toiletries stated above. double-bed and four bed bunks. Guests share of common bathroom. 28 . Tourist Class Compose of double bed bunks enclosed in a semi-private partitions. Each room has its own private bathroom and two-channel television. Economy class sections are outfitted with a two-channel television. Mega Value Class Consist of double bed bunks in air conditioned sections of the vessel.

Convenience Store Offers round the clock. treatment. The guests are able to select a variety of food. and grilled meats. products as well as various body relaxation techniques and massage. with a state of the art sound/lighting system. as well as chairs and tables. styling. Selected menus are cyclical offering fresh seafood. Ballroom Composes of 250-200sqm. Area space that can be retrofitted to become a disco or a large meal time venue of choice. modern. as well as several over the counter medicine and various memorabilia. Following a chic. minimalist. style with an ocean view these outlets can accommodate op to 150-200 pax. beverages. 24/7 access to convenience goods.Facilities Dining Area Consists of first and economy class sections that double as entertainment venues during meal times. 29 . Spa & Salon Offers onboard wellness service such as haircut. Performers and/or bartenders can also be organized to provide entertainment for the event. seasonal dishes. It comes fully furnished. fully functional bar. bath/washing products.


merchandise display. super value and mega value type of accommodation. First class dining saloon is for those who are accommodating at the state room and cabins. bars and responsible in monitoring the job of his staff. The one that make creativeness in the responsible The Food and Beverage operation on board manages the operations that include food preparation. Food and beverages Supervisor and Captain Waiter – the one responsible in helping the waiters to the services to the guest. officers and crew 2. Responsible of communicating with other department like mostly in the front office. and serving of meals in the vessel restaurants. 31 . Excellent customer service There are two types of dining in the vessel: First class dining saloon and the Economy Dining Saloon. Economy are for those passenger at the tourist. The one that make a sales report that will be given to the manager. The Food and Beverage section is responsible in providing: 1.Food and beverages Manager. Variety in food and beverage items 3. He is the motivator of the whole department. It caters passengers. He is responsible of getting the sales of the restaurant. canteens. Food and beverages Waiter or Staff – the one responsible of giving service to the customers. also responsible of doing daily report. vessel officers and crew. Delicious and affordable meals to passengers.

Prepares accurate number of utensils and cleans the assigned service counters Records and reports damages and breakages. To the F&B supervisor. if any. 32 .First Class Dining Saloon  Apply customer service skills  Carry out food portioning  Take guests orders  Serves guests orders  Bus out dishes  Wash dishes  Clean the first class dining saloon Economy Dining Saloon  Apply customer service skills  Carry out food portioning  Carry out sanitation and hygiene standards on Food and Beverage area  Bus out dishes  Wash dishes  Clean the economy class dining saloon Duties and Responsibilities    Serves the meal to the passengers following proper food handling procedure.

Wipe the surface of the table 2. Place table wares on the table 4. Lay the table with a clean placemat 3. Arrange the tables set up professionally Serving Process 1. Monitors and regularly reports to the F&B Supervisor the quality and quantity of food or other items sold at the food service counters. Serve the food to the guest 4. Executes that all transfers of food from his assigned counter to the other outlets are properly supported with stock transfer slip duly approved by the food checker and acknowledge by the endorser Table set-up 1. Serve food and beverage to the guest professionally 33 . Hold the food plate securely 2. Serve the beverage to the guest professionally 5.    Assists the cashier if necessary Performs suggestive selling techniques to increase sales. Hold the beverage glass at the base 3.

Wait for the guest to be finished 7. Finish up 34 . Clear the guest’s glass from the table 9. Clear the guest’s plate from the table 8.Clearing Process 1. Carry the beverage on the serving tray 11. Sweep left-over food unto another plate 10. Serve the food to the guest 9. Carry the beverage on the serving tray Serving Process 6. Sweep left-over food unto another plate 5. Hold the beverage glass at the base 8. Serve food and beverage to the guest professionally Clearing Process 6. Serve the beverage to the guest professionally 10. Hold the food plate securely 7. Clear the guest’s glass from the table 4. Wait for the guest to be finished 2. Clear the guest’s plate from the table 3.

linens. First class serves complete set of meal you don’t have to wait because there are waiters that will cater to your needs. The equipment used in the first class dinning are plates. They have also back area for the kitchen steward and trash bins.SCHEDULE. Cooperation with each other is their method to work fast in serving the guest or attending in their guest needs. In that way the flow of their work would be easier. 7am in the morning until 9pm in the evening there is no afternoon or graveyard shift. MANPOWER. But in the economy class they can accommodate hundreds.FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT USED In the cruise ship restaurant they have a limited space when it comes to their first class restaurant where in they can accommodate 40 passengers only. soup bowl and other hat can be found or used for food services. WORK METHOD AND COMMUNICATION The restaurant has only one shift for the whole day. glasses. They are easy to be with and the crews will teach you 35 . while in the economy class you are the one who will get your plate from the starting line there are no waiters or servers it is a quick service because they will cater hundreds of passengers. they are fond of doing their work. The flow was smooth and they have a positive outcome. WORK ATMOSPHERE AND INTERPERSONAL RELATION In terms of work atmosphere. They have this so called eye to eye contact especially when there are more guests than expected.

They have a good relationship with each other no doubts that they have the same closeness like best of friends.          They are not allowed to take in the left over Left over food had separate trash bag Should always segregate the plastic bottles. This is the main need of guest that’s why they make a plan. Most importantly they can manage the problem and gives solutions on time. USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES Everybody in the ship is concern about the usage of mineral water and tap water especially those in the restaurant. SANITATION AND PROCEDURES In the restaurant of the ship there is also a standard procedures in terms of the sanitation. This way they can save water. All the drinking water must put in a jar and when a guest asks for water they are the one who will give it directly.everything you want to know like you belong on their team or like family. can in to the left over foods Should always maintain cleanliness in the dining area Should always maintain the cleanliness in the service area Always wear gloves if needed Always assure the cleanliness of the materials before and after it was used Always on the proper hygiene Always wearing hairnets and proper attire 36 .

For weaknesses. if there a lots of complains from guest some crews just throw words that are not also suitable. Secondly. it has a limited space only one to two person and it feels uncomfortable. that’s the first thing I can mention as their strength. Why? The reason is that it is widely known as a cruise ship. From this. they have a fast service to satisfy the expectancies of the guest they are serving. 37 . They handle their work easily and with grace. Crew members like these are easier to handle. it’s certain that they always have passengers every route they make. they are lucky to have crew members who are willing and have the initiative to lend a hand to anyone who is in need of help. They are accommodating and are generous when it comes to their knowledge of how to carry out a certain job. Should always have a cut nails and always washed hands before and after the duty or if needed AREAS CONCERNS. Strengths The name. STATUS AND ANALYSIS The Food and beverage department. IMPROVEMENT AREAS AND WEAKNESSES The areas must be improved is the back area of the restaurant. A lot of people give positive feedbacks to the company. Another is the equipments in the kitchen and they are adjusting to new technologies. They always have a smile and a positive outlook I their line of work.

Significant Learnings In this part of my life as a student. and I know in the future it will be my stepping stone to a bigger and more successful future 38 . As a future hotelier we must have the guts to be a successful one. It educates me and now I can say I have acquired this because of my training. It is just like taking an exam you need to review. On the job training is the proof that I am fitted in the line of work that someday I want to pursue. this. shyness and even increase my self confidence. It helps me overcome my fear. Even it’s hard I surely will enjoy it. training is the most important that every student must undergo. there are times that I wanted to quit because I think that I cannot do that. But that is wrong why we are undergoing his kind of training is for us to learn and to be more competent. It helps me appreciate the work that awaits me in future. if we don’t put into actions for me it is none sense. Meeting different people and be with them making new friends is another part of learning I learned from them and they learned something from me too.


. In the cabin rooms or also called first class accommodation it is a room which has a comfort room and has a two double deck bed and has a television. Both cater to the needs of the passengers and guest. Even there are lots of differences between the two they both make sure that their guests satisfies his stay in their establishment. Room rates at the land base hotel should be pay per night stay but in the cruise base hotel rates should be pay depends on the days of your travel. it has also no private comfort room unlike on the other room. guest will be taken their bath at the public room of the floors. The next is the tourist room it is like the cabin rooms but has no private comfort room . The economy rooms has many double deck and it has no privacy many passengers are inside of the room. In the land based all that you need from the outside will be delivered for you in minute or two. It is not easy to work in a cruise ship you need balance especially if the waves are big. there is convenience both guest and the employees working on the hotel. twin bed and comfort room. it is a room that is used in a group tour. While in the cruise ship every product or the sources are limited because the travel would be in the sea there are neither stores nor delivery agents. On our first day we had our seminar on board and some familiarization inside the vessel. Our Ship Training Officer or STO thought us everything a seafarer must know especially the 40 . tourist and the economy room . The last is the economy rooms which is divided into two category one is the economy room with air con and the other one has no air con but has more cheaper prizes.There is a big difference working in a land based hotel and in the cruise ship or moving hotel. The luxury rooms was also called a first class accommodation which has a complete set of amenities like mini television set and the queen size bed. It is easier to work in a land based hotel. it also has a television. It is not comfortable to sleep because there is no privacy in terms of the area. cabin . The rooms is divided in different category like the luxury .

I feel nervous when the ship roars to life and after looking at the window and seeing the beauty of the Philippines it is indeed a wonderful training ground. and it’s our first day of duty. After our duty. We are asked by the crew to clean the area by sweeping the floor and picking the garbage’s thrown by the passengers. We 41 . Second day. We are assigned in the orange mid section of the ship or the mega value and tourist accommodation. In the girls comfort room Andrea and I are assigned to mop the floor and to clean the mirror. we roam around the ship to be more familiarized but before 10pm we must be in our respective cabins.emergencies that can possible occur inside the ship. In this accommodation the guest shares the same bathroom or comfort room. We were near in our destination we are about to disembark in the vessel all of us are excited because we can now see the beauty of Cagayan De Oro City and we’re in Mindanao. we are 6 in the group our STO divided us into 7 groups. the call time is 5am it is too early most of us are not a morning person so our tendency is to make sure our alarm clock is set earlier than 5. The tendency is that the smell inside comfort room is not good. It’s not bad at all but later it is getting worse than I’ve expected there are some passengers that will not flush the toilet after they use it. We are all excited and scared at same time because most of us are first timers. In my first duty I got the opportunity to talk to the crew and some other passengers some are foreigners from different side of the globe. Most of us are tired and exhausted because of the whole day seminar. First day of duty and I am late. now I realized that it is more fun travelling by sea most of the foreigners is telling me this. I learned that you don’t need actually to travel by air just to be relaxed. We are 6 in the cabin and it is time consuming because all of us are not comfortable with the bathroom.

He told me that it is for her grandchild that is studying in Cebu. The common problem I encountered on that day is that there are some passengers who want to swap places with other 42 . We were assigned in the orange section super value aft section of the ship. Cagayan de Oro is not a typical city that I imagined it was like a province that has mall no a city at all but all I can say is that they have better malls than in other cities. We’re like tourists and we enjoy every bit that we are in the land.disembark from the vessel an we are now in Cagayan de Oro . We are assigned in the green section bow part of the ship as a trainee we are helping the crew to give directions to the passengers that are not yet familiar with the ship. After 4 hours they found the bag and the old man kept on saying thank you to the crew and to me for being hi company and doing small talks. After three days in the vessel I’m proud to say that I memorized already the numbers of bed and how to look at the ticket to see if what accommodation are the guest staying and if there are free linens. He is travelling alone. We are first introduced to the accommodation it can cater up to 198 passengers. Most of our Cagayan trip was about the yummy Pastel we bought many for our relatives especially for my mom and dad. he said he works hard to buy all that stuff and I in my mind I prayed a lot. we have lots of pictures for our documentation and I am happy because I am with my friends. double deck and airconditioned the orange aft is bigger that the orange mid ship. the happiest part of being a seafarer is that you have the freedom to roam but be sure to come back on time r else you be all alone in the city. I feel sad because it is the common problem especially with senior citizens he waited patiently for his baggage he doesn’t have anything only his wallet. Back in the ship at 10pm and we are ready to face Cebu City again. We go to Ayala Mall and it is beautiful feels like I am on the other side of the continent. There is one old man who lost his baggage. hoping that the crew will soon find his things.

And I’m proud to say because of being calm and talking to the guest with good manner problems is always solved. I 43 . On the next day we are assigned to the front office. horizon café is the fine dining restaurant in the ship it caters to the passengers that accommodates the cabin and the state room. while we are in our fantasies about the bird one crew told us that it is also their past time to watch the birds or the dolphins. soft drinks. Breakfast time and the restaurant is in full blast there are many guest that time and because of that lots of guest waited outside. extra rice. Next in line is the economy dining saloon of the ship the busiest and almost all kinds of people you will meet them here. After lunch there are no more work to do so we decided to go out and just look at the sea. It is amazing to look at them while finding their food. At first I was totally shocked and shy because they are all shouting and it goes like this “extra rice! Barbecue! Tapioca for dessert! Soft drinks! Mineral water! “So they are all shouting I need to do this. candies and many more. mineral water. but this time we are not just with our team but also with the other school. we saw lots of white birds according to my group mate it’s albatross. We also pray the Rosary for our safety voyage at sea. and after that we are also reviewed on the works done in the front office and how we can get the attentions of every passengers.passengers. Our next duty is the first class dinning saloon. In the economy dining I was assigned to sell barbecue. They all know that I am a crew so they keep on complaining that matter to me. I experienced to greet the passengers with my team. soup. tapioca. Before we started our work we are reviewed on the parts of the ship again. Passengers that are in the green/orange and red accommodation can also eat in the first class hey will just add 50 pesos to avail the food.

In this duty I saw different faces of people different races. We can’t please anybody. I heard different dialects and I was wondering how this crew handles this and how they can handle emergencies in case there is. Our professor Ma’am Milanel once told us that there are different personalities of people especially other schools well she’s right. 44 . After our duty I earned 600 pesos not bad for a first timer like me. Quick mart is our last duty we roam around and sell different kinds of snacks and drinks no one is buying it because most of the passengers are against the price it is indeed expensive. This time I’m enjoying what I am doing I gain a lot of confidence and I gain fiends not just with the same school but in other school. we have different outlook in life and raised differently all I can say that all Trinitians that time act accordingly and we just put in our minds that we are here to learn not to make anything the school would not be proud of.enjoyed it a lot. In our stay in the vessel it is really not good to see people laughing behind your back or giving you a stubborn look.

Schedule of Duties Hotel Housekeeping/Public Area February 11.February 16 2013 2pm – 10pm Housekeeping/Public Area February 25 – March 2 2013 6am – 2pm Housekeeping/Public Area February 4.9 2013 45 .

25 2013 8am – 5:30pm Restaurant/Food and beverages Waiter January 22. 2013 8am – 5:30pm 46 . 2013 8am – 5: 30pm Front Office January 21 .Cruise Ship Housekeeping/Room attendant January 23. 2013 8am – 5:30pm Mini Mart January 24.

luckily I understand it and I helped her she is very thankful and was very glad that I was the one who assist her. So as a trainee I make sure to listen attentively always put a smile and be confident in that matter everything will be okay. I have my own work strategies that I will just finish my task in a short period of time. She asked some OJT from other school but they don’t get what’s her saying because she speaks bisaya. I have the tendency to over react on things and make it a big deal especially if all of my 47 . I can do double tasking.Problems Encountered and Solutions Made There is an old woman with baby and asking for directions. But some guest tries to understand that not every crew knows their dialect. I am friendly and easy to be with I make sure that I will gain more friends after the training. Strength and Weaknesses of the Training My strength is that I am flexible and fast. her room is in the red section. I have a positive outcome that I always share it to others. if my duty was in the morning I’m not able to wake up on time. I am confident s that every task will be smooth and easy. She’s trying to explain it to me. Most importantly I have God. He is the source of my strength and He is the reason why I am here. I think that is the common problem most of the crew are Tagalog and sometimes there are miscommunications that leads to misunderstanding. Some of the guest are intimidated about how the crew will explain their room assignment. My weakness is that I am lazy. I make myself a part of the team for that matter I will not be shy or left behind. I know that she’s tired and exhausted so I tried my best I can understand a little bisaya because my Mom is Ilongga.

ang I suggest also that they must use the newest trend in technology. And for that the students can comply their requirements on time. they must be ready when that time mates are against me. it is hassle free for the guest and for the crew. Well I cannot please them when that matters come my way I will not over react again maybe I will just talk to them. 48 . As a beginner they have a good training ground so they must hire more trainees. I will suggest also that they must increase their man power what if there are no more OJT in the hotel. Suggestions and Recommendations I will suggest to the Hotel that they make marketing strategy in the internet in that matter the hotel would be patronized by many.

To the parents of the students that will take the cruise. 49 . and to my department COLLEGE OF HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT as well as to the student who also taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management as one of their choices in undergoing training if they need and want to have a good training. I recommend the cruise ship to the students of TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA . it is training worth paying for. I will recommend the hotel to the guest who is looking for a nice place to stay overnight or more because of its cheapest room rates but has a good and very comfortable room accommodation. and to my department COLLEGE OF HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT as well as to the student who also taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management that being a seafarer is a good job you have more to learn and will surely boost your confidence. Aside from the different places there are so many things to learn inside and outside the vessel. I also recommend this to the other student that has not yet have their hotel and still finding that this hotel has the best training ground for beginners like us. I recommend the hotel to my school TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA .OVER ALL CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATION This training that I had undergone has a big impact in my life as a student and hotelier in the near future.








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