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Bharathi Sivakumar Murugan

Contact: +91-9789438198 E-Mail: sivakmu@gmail com Seeking an opportunity in Subsurface Discipline (as Drilling engineering/ Petroleum Engineer) in an organization that will allow me to utilize my skills and has potential for growth. !"#$%&E S'MM(") • aster!s Degree in "il and #as engineering with #ood knowledge of key modules such as $d%anced completions and Subsea Systems& Subsurface& 'acilities& Drilling (echnology& )ell Engineering& Subsea Systems& Engineering pro*ect management& En%ironmental +mpact and ,isk management& -usiness Essentials& .eat / ass (ransfer& 'luid echanics / achine Elements. • Possess keen interest in 0ompletions / )orko%er operations 1 Drilling& fishing& well stimulation operations (acid and hydraulic fracture)& )ell casing repair and cementing operations& well testing& Perforations ((0P and wireline) and others. • 2ndergone (raining in Drilling and ud weight selection • 2ndergone ,esearch in Drilling ud Program& 0asing Design Program& 0ement Program and Drillstring (ubular Design • E3cellent communicator with effecti%e problem sol%ing / planning skills C#"E C#M!E*E+C%ES • • • • • • • • • Profound knowledge of the Engineering practices of Drilling "perations "utstanding knowledge of the Designs of oil and gas wells 'amiliarity with Drilling and .orizontal drilling of natural gas and oil Solid understanding of Drilling safety practices and 'ield "perations $bility to perform the work in accordance to en%ironmental regulations Skilled to work in regard to the go%ernment regulation 4iaising with internal and e3ternal bodies for the smooth working of operations as well as managing multifunctional tasks& ensuring their skills enhancement through continuous training $bility of oral and written communications. $bility to handle multi tasks

E,'C(*%#+ • • .Sc. in #il an- .as Engin//ring from "o0/rt .or-on 'niv/rsit12 (0/r-//n2 '3 in 5676 -E in M/chanical Engin//ring from (.8 +nstitute of (echnology& 0hennai& (nna 'niv/rsit1 in 5669

#*4E" E5!E"%E+CE S/6718 - 9an713 !ara-igm ,rilling S/rvic/s2 (0/r-//n2 '3 as Mechanical Design Engineer "/s6onsi0iliti/s • +n%ol%ed in conceptual design& re%iew meetings& designing through :D odelling using appropriate standards / codes and creating manufacturing drawing for ,rilling com6on/nts such as hol/ o6/n/r2 r/am/r an- 6ack/rs • De%ised and ser%iced Drilling tubular components such as .ole "peners& Stabilizers& Drilling ,eamers& -.$ components. • 0reated drawings for manufacturing as per engineering standards • $nalysing and performing case studies for any de%iations in the performance of e3isting tools during ,rilling (ctiviti/s • Performing function testing and pressure testing similar to wellbore ,rilling con-itions before shipping of tools • $ssembled / disassembled Drilling components in , / D )orkshop and designed manuals for the same Mar711 : 9un718 %*C %n;ot/ch &t- 2 Bangalor/ as Mechanical Design Engineer "/s6onsi0iliti/s (s ,/sign Engin//r - !ro<E-,/sign Su66ort =0lient; Smith Ser%ices< $ Schlumberger 0ompany& .ouston) • Deli%ered Petroleum Engineering Ser%ices for drilling / completion domain in both onshore / offshore locations • 2nderstood the scope of pro*ect re=uirements / schedules • 0ommunicated with "n<Site 0oordinators in relation to the technical terms associated with the pro*ect • #enerated >0 ,eport in order to compare the Pro/E with nati%e 0$D odel • $ccountable for the =uality of the pro*ect and ensured it!s on time deli%ery (s */chnical "/6r/s/ntativ/ =0lient; Smith Ser%ices < $ Schlumberger 0ompany& .ouston) • Drafted technical documents for the -.$ components& such as "perating +nstructions& $ssembly& Ser%ice anuals / Selection #uide and recei%ed appreciation for the same Mar7>8 - ,/c71> Sh/ll ,o?nstr/am2 (0/r-//n2 '3 as Custom/r S/rvic/ (-visor "/s6onsi0iliti/s • .andled the following acti%ities; o anaged billing / in%oices o ,esol%ed with customer =ueries o ,etained record of supplies o ,econciled / updated new promotional materials • Documented and maintained .ealth / Safety 0hecks in accordance with company policies S/67>@ - ,/c7>@ 3 3 +ag &t- 2 Bangalor/ as Aualit1 Engin//r achining Specification&

"/location: &ink/-in: -harathi Si%akumar. th/ Mora1 Coast2 ' 3 an..%*%#+(& S3%&&S G m/m0/rshi6s • • • 'amiliarity in )ellPlan software such as .*/chnologi/sI2 ' 3 • ?eys.!ro-uctionC • ?eys. Drilling& ud weight selection& understanding %arious gauges w. CE"*%$%C(*%#+S *hr// -a1 training on .aciliti/s2 !roc/ssing .or !/trol/um .g/olog1I o.t drilling. (n a66ro6riat/ . ember of Society of Petroleum Engineers.E*(%&S Bame./sign .t?ar/ an.or a -ir/ctional ?/ll inclu-ing c/m/nting 6rogram2 B4( an. *orEu/ an./olog1 G !ros6/ctivit1 =i / . (. Dissertation entitled D( stu-1 o. (+. *"( im6lications .r.Sc. 776& Cth cross& +(0 colony& 0o3 town& 8ee%anahalli& -angalore<CD666C English& (amil& beginner in ."/vi/? on antici6at/. $i/l. +n%ol%es a three<day study on a prototype drilling rig w.esearch and De%elopment to impro%e its ((/D software) accuracy by performing critical analysis of the operations in%ol%ed during Design / e3ecution of drill string assembly and completions components.rilling */chnolog1 in HK/ath/ chang/s r/Euir/.M/asur/m/nt G Controlling • ?eys.. $ . "/6ort on H$i/l.rilling Sch/m/ an. -ottom hole completion strategy& completion string design& +P.or an #il .or.6ro0l/ms an. • Planned production of products and drafted for packaging material ((hermocol) "ESE("C4 M Sc "/s/arch !roB/ct =#ct 8>1>C .com6l/tion • ?eys.rilling an.*ri6 on Environm/ntal %m6act G "isk manag/m/nt2 "o0/rt . $ field trip to study the en%ironmental characteristics of the surrounding before initiating an oil field de%elopment to find and mitigate en%ironmental impact / risk.or its im6rov/6/r.ication an. odelling software such as Eclipse.. 4anguages ?nown. Sur%ey& legislations& en%ironmental characteristics& impact assessment& mitigation Cours/ ?ork on various !ro-uction . %s. . )ell tra*ectory / profile& 0asing Design program& 0ement program& Drilling ud Design "/6ort on Environm/ntal %m6act an.aciliti/s an.i/l.or-on 'niv/rsit12 ' 3 • ?eys.indi& (elugu& alayalam and ?annada )illing to relocate internationally and tra%el 766 percent http://www."isk Manag/m/nt .ydraulics& (or=ue / Drag software and )ell Professional knowledge in $uto0$D& Pro/ Engineer& S office& $utodesk +n%entor.Com6l/ting th/ ?/lls • ?eys.linkedin.t.conc/rns ? r t .r.eser%oir rock properties& oil and gas migration& sonic logs& wire line log response %-/nti. !E"S#+(& .. Platforms& )ell head& @< as tree& -"P& 'PS"& separators& heat e3changers& le%el indicators& test separator& water treatment& oil metering.ormanc/F • • $nalyzed the effecti%eness of the current software used to compute the loads due to (or=ue / Drag forces on drill string assembly during wellbore operations& .rag so.utur/ /J6loration an.ecommend suggestions for . A4P cur%es& completion schematics.-/v/lo6m/nt • ?eys."/s6onsi0iliti/s • 0onducted =uality / =uantity checks& packed finished products and carried out process se=uence control for e3porting packaging material ((hermocol) to clients such as $P0& -angalore.