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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Ecology I.

Objectives: Given a set of activities, the students should be able to attain at least 75% proficiency and should be able to: A. identify the population terms; B. describe the population terms; and C. olve !iven problems of population chan!e.


Subject Matter: "ynamics of #opulation Topic: #opulation $erms #opulation Chan!e and e%plosion

A. Materials: &C" #ro'ector (discussion)

. !e"erences:

Botkin Daniel B. and Keller Edward A., “Environmental Science”, Pan Asia Book Exchange for ! E P"#lishing $nc., %ages &'()*.

Kaskel Al#ert, +"mmer ,r. Pa"l ,., Daniel -"c., “/lencoe Biolog.0 An Ever.da. Ex%erience” 1c/raw +ill %ages 2'3(2'2. Internet #ebsites:, *#opulation +ey ,ords-, by cheer!alsal on .ay /, 0112 from http:33444.slideshare.net3cheer!alsal3population56ey5 4ords

second challen!e is */ pics 7 4ord-. B have here a !ame simulation. Des Teac$er%s Activity A. !evie# and Drill Good afternoon class. and lastly *'umbled Des . *#opulation $erms-.ay 78. "espite the vulnerable thin!s happened. Anyone= ?6ay 4hat else= $hat>s ri!ht.usps. . factors affectin! the population !ro4th and the carryin! capacity of an ecosystem sir.e discussed about the #hilippine population. 4e do the computation but 4e have to be familiariAin! the terms 4e have to use. o in connection to this situation. .or!3overvie43population:terms. Lesson proper At this point in time.e also discussed the issues and problems concernin! human population 'ust li6e overpopulation.or!. 0119 from http:33444. Cirst challen!e is-#icto!ram-. <o4 are you= &et>s have an assessment on 4hat 4e had discuss last meetin!. they can>t smile because of the tra!edy that happened 4ithin them. socio5cultural practices.e>re doin! !ood . .susps. $his time there are challen!es that you have to ans4er then have a brief discussion on the follo4in! challen!es. our lesson tal6s about the population terms and population chan!e. Procedure: Student%s activity Good afternoon .html III. "id you read our lesson for today= #hilippines stru!!led a storm sur!e specifically in @isayas re!ion.

@ery !ood.105H0.letters-. Enderstand= Cirst challen!e is *#icto!ram-.707 and the number of birth rate is 09.5% birth G/0.111 populations in a !iven year./50 Given: G/0. .707Htotal population 09.hat is birth rate= $hat>s ri!ht.707 rate Gro4th rate Gro4th rate is the number of persons added a population in a year due to 0. F of births or deaths per year H Birth or $otal #opulation "eath rate Cor e%ample. . the total population is G/0. Birth rate is the number of live per 7. Challenge 1: !uess or interpret 4hat is bein! depicted in the combination of pictures and syllabic fra!ments./50H F of birth rate 09. Birth rate 7./50 H. <ere>s ho4 to compute the birth rate or death rate.

#opulation #yramid #opulation pyramid is a bar chart.111 % 711%H 7. "emo!raphers often issue lo4. Calculate the !ro4th rate.111 deaths. . /. Bn computin! population !ro4th rate. $he total population or people is 511. arran!ed vertically that sho4s the distribution of a population by a!e . !iven certain assumptions about future trends in the rates of fertility. @ery !ood.ill you describe 4hat population pro'ection is= $hat>s ri!ht. .111 J 75.111 9. rH Birth 5 "eath K 711% total population e%: there are 01111 births in ilocos norte and 75. mortality and mi!ration. I%actly. medium and hi!h pro'ections of the same population.natural increase and net mi!ration e%pressed as a percenta!e of the population at the be!innin! of the time period. birth rate minus death rate divided by the total population and multiply it by 711%. rH01.hat is !ro4th rate= @ery !ood.1% 511.111. based on different assumptions of ho4 these rates 4ill chan!e in the future. #opulation pro'ection #opulation of future chan!es in population numbers.

#opulation increase I%actly. $hat>s ri!ht. Bn addition. A!e5se% structure A!e5se% structure is the composition of a population as determined by the number or proportion of males and females in each a!e cate!ory. . deaths and mi!ration.hat is a!e5se% structure then= $hat>s ri!ht. . . @ery !ood.hat is population pyramid= 5. the a!e5se% structure of a population is the cumulative result of past trends in "oublin! time . 7. $he total population increase resultin! from the interaction of births.ill you define population increase= #opulation momentum #opulation momentum is the tendency for population !ro4th to continue beyond the time replacement5level fertility.and se%.hat is population momentum then= Absolutely. 8. . @ery !ood.

@ery !ood.ortality is death rate in human demo!raphics of the number of deaths in a !iven period of time. 4hat is mortality then= . Crom the 4ord itself. $he amount of time for a !iven population to double based on the annual !ro4th rate. . Bn 4hat year 4ill the population of Af!hanistan double= 713/. !iven the current rate of population !ro4th. divide the !ro4th rate as a percenta!e into 71. I%actly. mortality and mi!ration. $his challen!e is */ pics 7 4ord. 7 Des . Dou have defined last meetin! *mortality-.2%. &ast slide for challen!e 7 2. "oublin! time is the number of years for the population of an area to double its present siAe.B 6no4 that you are familiar 4ith this !ame ri!ht= Dou have 059 minutes to ans4er the !iven pictures.fertility. $o determine doublin! time.ill you define doublin! time= $hat>s ri!ht.2H 7/. ?6ay let>s be!in.ortality .5 years And no4 4e>re on our 4ay to the 0nd challen!e. ample problem: Af!hanistan has a current !ro4th rate of /.

0. Des sir. a couple. 4hat is an alien= Certility 9. a !roup or a population. . o. Bt is deaths as component of population chan!e. $he term fertility is used instead of natality 4hen births are put in relation 4ith the number of 4omen of fertile a!e.hat is fertility= @ery !ood. Alien Any person not a citiAen or Lational of the Enited tates. Certility is the actual reproductive performance of an individual. I%actly.$hat>s ri!ht. .

BGNAL$ &BCI IK#IC$ALCD LA$ENA& BLCNIA I . 5th Muestion. E $ABLAB&I #?#E&A$B?L . Bt is the physiolo!ical capacity of a 4oman to produce a child.arran!e me minute to 4in it. $his challen!e is called.BGNAL$ "CLECD$IB $hat>s ri!ht. 0nd Muestion. Correct. Dour time is allotted for only 7 minute to arran!e those 'umbled letters.e>re no4 on the last challen!e of our !ame sho4. cultural and economic environment of present and future !enerations. listen carefully. a person 4ho leaves his3her country of ori!in to see6 residence in another country. an alien admitted to the Enited tates as a la4ful permanent resident. B>ll be readin! the Muestion t4ice only. CICEL"B$D 7. 9rd Muestion. A population of a !iven species that can be maintained indefinitely in a !iven area 4ithin natural resource limits and 4ithout de!radin! supportin! natural ecosystems as 4ell as the social.. $LANBG.. $he avera!e number of additional years a person of a !iven a!e could e%pect to live current mortality trends 4ere to continue for the rest of that person>s life.NLA$GBB Dou>re correct. /th Muestion. B.. $BI&ABLA E #?&B??L$E# Dou>re correct. .

CIB& CLD$#KIIA @ery !ood. L&AN$EA CIA INBL @ery ! #0 H pop at later date #7 H pop at earlier date B H Births " H "eaths B H Bmmi!ration I H Imi!ration . <ere>s the eMuation: !ro4th rate of a population #0H #7 O (B J ")O (B J I) . .e have defined the different terms of population. Cor e%ample: let>s 'ust say #hilippines has a birth rate of 9/% and has a death rate 7/% LBHB5" Given Birth rateH 9/% "eath rateH 7/% LBH= LBH9/57/ LBH01 . doublin! time and natural increase. <ere>s ho4 to compute natural increase. !ro4th rate. $his time B 4ill sho4 the eMuation on ho4 to solve the !ro4th rate of a population or the balancin! eMuation and the annual percent rate of population chan!e. Bt is a surplus of births over deaths in a population in a year or !iven period of time. &ast Muestion.e>re done 4ith the eMuations on ho4 to solve birth rate3death rate. Birth rate minus death rate.

Calculate the rate of population in 0117. Calculate the annual percent rate of population chan!e.Annual % rate of natural population chan!e % H (B J ") % 711% 7. Dou also !ave the eMuations of population chan!e and you !ave some e%amples of each. 'enerali(ation ?6ay. % H (B J ") % 711% 7.G02O07O/11 H785179/G 0.518. 4hile the death rate 4as measured at 8 per 7111 population per year.518.G02O(0758)O(8115 011) H78. Bmmi!ration 4as measured at 811 per year 4hile emi!ration 4as measured at 011 per year. 7. &.111 &et>s have one problem: 7. the population of #hilippines 4as 78.e 4ere introduced to population terms 4herein you have prepared !ame simulation and different challen!es.111 H1.107H0.518. 7. Before you ta6e the MuiA B>ve made. 0. Bn 0111.G02.111 % H (07 J 8) % 711% 7.ill you summariAe then 4hat 4e tac6led today= . $he birth rate 4as measured at 07 per 7111 population per year.7% Lone . "oes anyone have any Muestions= . #0H #7 O (B J ")O (B J I) H78.

E!anda has a crude birth rate of /2 and a crude death rate of 72. Bmmi!ration 4as measured at 811 per year 4hile emi!ration 4as measured at 011 per year. Calculate the percent 4orld !ro4th rate./. 4hile the death rate 4as measured at 7 per 7111 population per year.111. I). and so on. Calculate the rate of increase for population !ro4th for the precedin! problem.111. Calculate the population siAe in 7G57.@ery !ood class. Ans4ers: 7. $he birth rate 4as measured at 05 per 7111 population per year. Bn 0. 7. the population of a small suburb in &os An!eles. Calculate the percent population !ro4th rate for E!anda. Calculate the doublin! time for a population described in the first e%ample. 8. 01. A population that 4as not !ro4in! 4ould have a net !ro4th rate of 7. /72 . $he 4orld death rate 4as G deaths per 7111 people. Evaluation Bn 7G51. 4as 01. A population that 4as doublin! 4ould have a net !ro4th rate of 0. 9. California. 5. Calculate the net !ro4th rate of the population described in the first e%ample. 0. /. the 4orld birth rate 4as 00 births per 7111 people.

82.G8 . 0. 72 per 7111 9. 7.edina Batan!an ( tudent $eacher) ubmitted to: . Assign*ent ubmitted by: Nonel .0.9 8.57 5. Topic: #opulation $erms #opulation Chan!e and e%plosion ). Science &urriculu* City of Batac A "etailed &esson #lan Neflective essay Bn 7.rite an essay re!ardin! the impact to the #hilippine population of the Icolo!y devastation caused by $yphoon Dolanda to some areas in @isayas.arcos tate Eniversity Laboratory +ig$ Sc$ool.101G /. Payferson Galinato #anilo ($eacher $rainin! Bnstructor) econd semester D 01795017/ .ariano . 7.r. .