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Lower Saxony

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So many people understand far too late how much they‘ve missed in life: joy, beauty and nature, health, travelling and culture. People: isn’t it high time that you were aware of the passing time? Travel, see the world!
Wilhelm Busch (1832 –1908), Lower Saxon painter and writer

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Lovely to see you!
Of course, we are not (yet!) actually seeing you, but we, your hosts in the Holiday Destination Lower Saxony (in German: Niedersachsen) would love to meet you. We would like to invite and inspire you to visit one of the most beautiful and diverse holiday regions in Germany. Wind and waves by the sea, endless open space in the Wadden Sea, the flowering glory of the Lüneburger Heide, mystical paths through the Harz Mountains ... the landscapes and the pleasure to be hand are simply incomparable. And that’s not even mentioning the idyllic towns, historical monuments and numerous spas. Lower Saxony‘s sources for inspiration are nearly boundless – and thus a stay in our country offers so much more than you might expect. But it’s one of those things that you just have to see for yourself. So: why not come and experience it? And then we can truly say: Lovely to see you!

Of course we are available for you online as well. On you can discover the travel destination Lower Saxony and gather inspiration for your next stay.

North Sea
Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer
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Schillig Harlesiel Neuharlingersiel Horumersiel Neßmersiel Dornumersiel Bensersiel Werdum Hooksiel
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Holiday Destination Lower Saxony at its best
Our state is not only very beautiful and extremely varied, it is nearly unbeatable in many different respects: • Lower Saxony has the longest coastline in Germany

Hop on and start cycling – and discovering! Journeys of discovery – hiking in Lower Saxony On your marks, set, go! Family holidays in Lower Saxony Only the very best for you – healthy holidays in Lower Saxony Wellness de luxe in Lower Saxony Unique in the world – UNESCO World Heritage sites in Lower Saxony Great cityscapes – cultural highlights in Lower Saxony Lower Saxon traditions and cuisine · Barrier-free travel in Lower Saxony ·  Quality seal of approval: ServiceQualität Deutschland · Lower Saxony online 18–19 4–5 6–7 8–9 10–11 12 13 14–15 16–17

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Das Land zwischen Elbe und Weser




Grafschaf t


Lower Saxony

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• The world‘s largest Marksmen‘s festival takes place in Hannover

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• Suurhusen boasts the most skewed church spire in the world • The Alte Land is the largest apple growing region in Germany •N  orderney is home to Germany‘s oldest North Sea spa and largest thalassotherapy centre in Europe • No one in the world drinks more tea than the East Frisians • The world‘s largest mill museum is in Gifhorn



Lüneburger Heide



Oldenburger Münsterland




•O  ne of the world‘s most precious books is in the library of Wolfenbüttel: the Gospel Book of Henry the Lion was acquired at auction in 1983 for 32.5 million German marks • The world‘s largest bird park is in Walsrode •L  ower Saxony is the number one asparagus country: In 2013, more than 23,000 t of the “white gold“ were harvested on more than 5,400 hectares of land Curious? For more interesting information and further superlatives, please visit


Osnabrücker Land

Hannover Region


Braunschweiger Land


Bad Eilsen



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Nationalpark Harz

Exceptional nights
The cities of Lower Saxony boast everything from rustic inns to first-class luxury hotels – including a couple of peculiarities available only here in northern Germany. Have you always wanted to spend a night in the perfect silence of a monastery? Or bed down with the farm animals in the hay? Or stay overnight in a rail car? Or sleep in a real lighthouse? Or even up a tree?
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Hop on and start cycling – and discovering!
Lower Saxony is the perfect place for cyclists. And for every type of cycling enthusiast too: whether alone or in groups, purely for pleasure or competitively, on a cycling holiday or a one-day tour. There is something for every cyclist to discover.

Landscapes as far as the eye can see Those cycling purely for enjoyment rave about the never ending expanses and beautiful scenery. Endless paths following idyllic watercourses accompanied by the creaking of historic mill wheels. Or along major streams and rivers eye-to-eye with boats and ships. Breathing in the scent of fresh blossoms as you cycle through flowering meadows. On the move along “sublime“ paths running atop the dykes – sea view and the friendly bleating of sheep included. And of course meandering along intricate paths through woods, heath landscapes and shaded lanes that seem to go on forever.

Cycling in the Weserbergland

Taking a break in East Frisia

routes. The entire state features inns and cafés serving light, appetising meals to cyclists. “Cyclists welcome“ is the name of the game at over 800 “Bett+Bike“ accommodation options. In other words, here you will find the ideal conditions for an adventurous day-long tour or a multi-day active holiday. And those looking for added convenience will find hire and charging stations for e-bikes all over. Full-steam ahead Those aiming high and who do not mind breaking out in a sweat will feel right at home in the Harz Mountains and in the Solling-Vogler Nature Park. The specially developed marked trails offer a real challenge to mountain bikers. And of course, road cyclists will also get their money‘s worth in Lower Saxony‘s mountains and flatlands: those looking to pedal with a view can go on almost forever…

Our cycle routes have star credentials Lower Saxony boasts two of the most popular cycling routes in Germany – the Elberadweg and Weser-Radweg. It also features the ADFC-certified quality routes EmsRadweg, Tour de Fries and D-Route 3/European Cycle Route R1, all of whose beauty will quicken the pulse of cycling enthusiasts. Not to mention such varied long-distance cycling routes as the Ilmenauradweg winding through the Lüneburger Heide, the Radrundweg “Weites Land“, the Friedensroute Münster-Osnabrück or the Internationalen Dollard Route. We‘ve thought of everything Whether alone, as a couple or with friends and family: Lower Saxony has a heart for cyclists. Just look at the numerous well-marked day trip routes in addition to the 40 long-distance cycle


Mountain biking – an adrenaline-fuelled ride

Interactive cycling Even more suggestions and tips about cycling holidays on idyllic routes and routes of historical or cultural interest are available on Descriptions of the long-distance cycle routes and regional tour itineraries are just as helpful as the tips on local attractions. And of course, you will also find interesting facts and inspiring ideas for your next cycling holiday in Lower Saxony.

Cyclists at the EmsRadweg


To each his own The flat trails of the north and the central part of the state are ideal for relaxed and enjoyable hikes. Those looking for a challenge will find it in the Weserbergland region with its fortresses and castles, or along the high ridges of the Harz Mountains. There are several pilgrimage routes to choose from for those in search of inner peace; and adventure awaits on “quality trails“ certified by trained inspectors like the Harzer-HexenStieg, the Heidschnuckenweg or the Weserberglandweg.

Journeys of discovery on foot
to offer. Hiking also brings you golden peace of mind: Impressive encounters with the natural world and sojourns in the countryside uplift the spirit; a well-deserved break from your daily routine will release fresh reserves of energy.

Hiking in the Lüneburger Heide

Whether barefoot through the tidal flats, in trekking shoes on the heath or in hiking boots through the Harz Mountains – Lower Saxony is a wonderful place to explore on foot. Fitness level and age are no impediment. Everyone chooses their own pace here. This holds true for solo runners and tour groups, for recreational hikers and demanding pro circuit athletes alike – you go on for as long as you like. Lower Saxony features both short loop trails that are easy to hike in a single day as well as multi-day journeys along scenic routes.
Discovering the Harz mountains

Panoramic vie w over the riv er Weser

Hiking – with a little extra Your health will be given a special boost on the terrain therapy hikes found at seaside spas, “climatic resorts“ or mineral baths – of which Lower Saxony has several


Taking a break from everyday life Do you like novelties and surprises? In that case, why not experience an East Frisian hiking trail with its artistic scarecrows? As you make your way through the characteristic East Frisian landscape, you will encounter 24 artistic scarecrows standing up to three meters high. The Weserberglandweg offers a truly magical experience as you went your way past the fabled Sababurg fortress to Polle, home to Cinderella, and then on to Bodenwerder, home of the great liar Baron of Muenchhausen. As soon as the season permits, adventure is a sure thing on a snowshoe hike through the Harz Mountains.

Are you looking for a special tour? A certain route length or a particular landscape profile? A route close by to your holiday resort? On you will find an overview of the most interesting hiking trails – from the north to the south through all af the various landscapes.


On your marks, set, go!
Lower Saxony is clearly at the head of the pack in the race for the most exciting, thrilling and entertaining offerings for the little ones. Who else could offer such a wide spectrum: adventurous overnight stays in the hay hotel, a short stay in a country manor, visiting the Romans in the Osnabrücker Land, having a blast at amusement parks, on the trail of the Pied Piper, muddy adventures in the tidal flats, in a coach drawn through the Lüneburger Heide, as a shell seeker at the beach or as an animal researcher at the Hannover Adventure Zoo – and lots more besides!
Discover the Wadden Sea

... in all weathers!

Kids are welcome Quite clearly: Lower Saxony is a holiday paradise for families with children of all ages. That‘s why we call it “KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen“! There‘s always something new to discover here – by bike, on horseback, on foot, or in a canoe, carriage or covered wagon. On the plains, along the coast and tidal flats, in meadows and forests, or in the unique heath landscape, the moorlands, the highlands or the cities – this is really unique!

ties, creative workshops for little artists, football camps for budding footballers, pirate adventures on the high seas, experimentation days for research enthusiasts, an upside-down house, expeditions into the kingdom of the lions – the list goes on and on. Not to worry: gives you a quick overview of all the family offerings available.

Trust is good … … knowing is better. Especially when it comes to activities for children. This is why the “KinderFerienLand” certification was created in Lower Saxony. This seal of approval is conferred on especially child-friendly providers of accommodation, restaurants and amusement and adventure parks that cater to the special needs of families to ensure a carefree holiday at all times.


Have fun with your kids ...

Let‘s go! Climbing, paddling, splashing, playing, or just marvelling – everything to make kids‘ eyes shine. But Lower Saxony has much more to offer: magical experiences in the Weserbergland, museums with children‘s activi-


Only the very best for you!

Innovative In addition to classic spa cures and rehabilitative treatments, Lower Saxony offers numerous innovative health-oriented holidays that help you leave your stress and everyday difficulties behind. Sound nutrition, targeted exercise programmes, special therapies and massages along with modern medical support are just some of the building blocks forming the foundation of your well-being. Natural In Lower Saxony, health and nature go hand-in-hand. Whether it‘s a mother-child cure, a rehabilitative stay or a sensible break from everyday life – nature helps you heal. Whether on a winding walk through the park or climate walking or breathing therapy – exercise in a natural setting enhances your well-being, strengthens your defences and does a body good.

Vital and virtual provides helpful tips for your upcoming healthy holiday.
Spa park Hahnenklee/Harz

Health is our greatest asset. Promoting, restoring and maintaining it should be our top priority. And the most pleasant one too – by taking advantage of everything that Lower Saxony has to offer.
Good, better, healthy If you cherish your health, Lower Saxony is the right place for you. It is a particularly good place to strengthen your body‘s own defences, stabilise your cardiovascular system, and restore the balance between body and soul. From the Heilstollen radon healing galleries of Bad Grund to the invigorating climate of the North Sea – a mixture of sun, wind and

water – holiday destination Lower Saxony has much to offer. This includes the thalassotherapy treatments that trace their origin to this area. Lower Saxony is your first destination for healthy holidays in the very heart of nature. Distinguished With 117 official ratings awarded to just under 40 spas and health resorts, seven North Sea resorts, 16 climatic resorts and more than 50 recreational and coastal resorts, Lower Saxony has more to offer than most neighbouring countries when it comes to health. Even the characteristic landscape features and the resulting natural remedies like the invigorating climate, the brine, sulphur, moorlands and water (Kneipp cure method) will enhance your well-being and help you maintain or recover your health.


Graduation work in Bad Rothenfelde


Wellness de luxe
Go ahead and treat yourself – Lower Saxony is one of the best places imaginable for a bit of Feel the salty sea breeze at the North Sea indulgence. The landscape and climate offer the perfect conditions Wellness compass for a holiday of comfort to revitalise all With its salty air and the fascination of the sea, the your senses. Slow down by taking a coast is soothing and stimulating at once. And the treasures from the depths of the sea do the rest: Alhike along the coast or through the Harz gae, mud and salt water are true treasures making Mountains; restore your energy on a cycle thalassotherapy on the North Sea a real pleasure. The tour along the dykes or on a hike through western part of the state is known for its hot springs the tidal flats. And while you‘re at it, why and wellness landscapes that guarantee perfect relanot enjoy a restorative facial and body xation. In the east, carriage rides along with cycling treatment, relaxing massage or other invi- and hiking paths through the Lüneburger Heide make gorating treatment? Get your groove back for active enjoyment. And don‘t forget the pampering programme on offer at the “Relaxarium“ or the in Lower Saxony – whether through idle gourmet menus featuring heath-grazing lamb, fresh enjoyment or through active relaxation. heath potatoes and local asparagus to revitalise body
An all-round sense of wellbeing Imagine the tingle of sea salt on your skin and the brisk sea air liberating your breath and mind. Imagine feeling at peace at the sight of green fields and forests, or feeling the scent of nature lift your spirits as you draw new strength from activities and enjoy yourself in a meaningful, holistic fashion. All this need not be a dream: Lower Saxony offers the ultimate in enjoyment for body and soul, all very real, with something for every taste. and mind. With the Harz Mountains and the Weserbergland, the south features a wide variety of sporting opportunities set amid natural splendour – from cycling, walking and hiking, to horseback riding and canoeing, to cross country and even Alpine skiing. The main thing is that it does you good! Quality well-being Whether you prefer being active or feeling cosy, whether you lean toward excitement or relaxation – Lower Saxony has everything you need for a perfect wellness holiday. No matter what you choose, you can be sure of outstanding quality! You can find everything about our wellness offerings, along with additional details and helpful tips at Enjoy yourself!

Unique in the world
It is no easy feat to attain world-class historical significance – but Lower Saxony has managed it on numerous occasions. UNESCO has awarded the coveted “World Heritage“ title, which is reserved for humanity‘s most valuable cultural and natural sites, to Germany‘s second-largest federal state a total of four times.
“World-class“ holidays Following in the footsteps of unique world historical events in Lower Saxony: In Hildesheim two outstanding examples of religious architecture number among the UNESCO World Heritage sites: St. Mary‘s Cathedral and St. Michael‘s Church. The Fagus Factory in Alfeld, built in the Bauhaus style by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer, was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2011. Glück auf! “Glück auf“ is a traditional greeting between miners wishing each other luck in finding ore and keeping safe. 1000 years of mining history can be seen and felt in the Rammelsberg ore mine. Together with the impressive old town of Goslar it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1992. The Upper Harz Water Management System was added in 2010: it is considered to be one of the largest preindustrial energy supply systems in the world. Immerse yourself in a bygone miners‘ world and see what was

Upper Harz Water Management System

wrought centuries ago in the Harz highlands by the hand of man. It‘s simply not possible to visit more World Heritage sites in one day!

Mine of Ramm elsberg

Unadulterated nature Lower Saxony has fabulous natural landscapes to offer – and a very special World Heritage site: The Wadden Sea, home to more than 10,000 plant and animal species. This makes Lower Saxony‘s Wadden Sea one of the most prolific habitats in the world. Its diversity really comes to life on a guided tour of the seabed of the North Sea – at low tide of course. A fascinating insight into the world of the tidal flats‘ inhabitants, both large and small, is on offer at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea Visitor Centres in Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven. For those wishing to experience the rhythm of the tides up close, an adventure trip by boat through the national park has just as much to offer as a cycle The Wadden Sea ge site World Natural Herita tour or hike along the North Sea coast.


Old town of Goslar

Hildesheim World Heritage site St. Michael

World heritage online More suggestions, tour tips and travel offers related to Lower Saxony‘s World Heritage sites are available online at:
Fagus Factory Alfeld


Great cityscapes
Lower Saxony‘s cities are just as varied as its landscapes. Numerous major cities and regional metropoles with their historical city centres offer all the comfort and culture your heart desires. Numerous wellknown university cities provide impetus and fresh ideas, while coastal and port cities exude a maritime flair. Thrilling festivals and world-class cultural highlights await you throughout the state. Add to that an incredible variety of shopping from outlets to designer boutiques. Not to mention the culinary temptations to be enjoyed with all your senses. Let yourself be surprised and enchanted – you‘ll return home full of new impressions and wonderful experiences.

Culture and cuisine Lower Saxony is the land of cultural and culinary delights alike. From theatre to vaudeville, from concerts to cabaret, from gala evenings to live performances. Whether open-air, on the big stage, in a hidden courtyard theatre or at the State Opera. Lower Saxony welcomes lovers of the fine arts with an incredible variety of museums, exhibits and galleries. The culinary delights of Lower Saxony are as diverse as the regions themselves: from award-winning gastronomy to speciality restaurants to tasty local meals served at charming corner pubs. And for those who like to wear the chef‘s hat themselves, countless street markets feature an endless selection of fresh ingredients ...

Maritime harbour cities

in Oldenburg, to regional highlights like Lüneburger‘s Sülfmeistertage (Lüneburg’s master salt maker event) or Wilhelmshaven‘s Weekend on the Jade, along with numerous local festivals. During the month of December, nearly all of Lower Saxony‘s towns are graced by idyllic Christmas markets that sweeten the month-long wait until the big festival.

The state capital of Hannover
Christmas mark ets in Lower Sa xony


Every city is unique Whether in the Lüneburger Heide, in the Harz Mountains, in the Weserbergland or in East Frisia – every single city in Lower Saxony has its own unique charm. The state capital of Hannover is known as the compact trade show and event city. Almost half the metropolitan area is made up of parks, forests and bodies of water. No other major German city offers this combination of urban living and nature. But there is much to discover in other parts of the state as well: Osnabrück is where the Treaty of Westphalia was signed, while Hameln is the home of the Pied Piper. With their salty air and seagoing tradition, seaside cities like Cuxhaven and Emden phæno Science Center Wolfsburg

offer a unique atmosphere, as do the historical Hanseatic cities of Lüneburg and Stade. On the other hand, as one of the youngest cities in Lower Saxony, Wolfsburg makes a very modern impression – the phæno science centre designed by Zaha Hadid alone makes the city worth visiting. The cities of Lower Saxony will quicken the pulse of architectural enthusiasts. There are architectural highlights almost everywhere: the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the heart of vibrant cities like Goslar and Hildesheim. Or the fascinating award-winning architecture of the Fagus Factory in Alfeld, built by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. Or the venerable GeorgAugusta University in Göttingen. Or the Felix Nussbaum Building by star architect Daniel Libeskind in Osnabrück. And Celle’s historic town centre boasts nearly 500 original half-timbered houses dating from the sixteenth century, the most astonishing in Europe. And so much more ...

Always something going on Lower Saxony‘s event calendar is packed – from world-famous events like the International Fireworks Competition in Hannover, the International Händel Festival in Göttingen or the International Film Festival

Goslar Old town of

Sightseeing with a twist There are many ways to get acquainted with the cities of Lower Saxony. In addition to classic city tours and walking tours, hop-on/hop-off sightseeing tours offer the ultimate in flexibility. Bicycles and Segways are also great ways to experience the cities. There is a unique tourist highlight awaiting visitors to Hannover as well: the “Red Thread“ walk leading visitors along a variety of sights and attractions. Let’s go!

Discover Lower Saxony with one click! For excursion tips, event highlights and culinary delights go to:


Welcome to the country of 16 different natural landscapes, with unique animal and plant species and scenic contrasts: from the hillsides steeped in legends to the northern lowlands, and the rural idyll of the city‘s cultural and shopping variety. The endless Wadden seascape and swell in the north, the soft rolling hills of the Lüneburger Heide to the east, river landscapes in the west and the almost 1000 metre high Wurmberg in the south. All of that is just as characteristic of Lower Saxony as its proverbial storm-proof and down-to-earth inhabitants, their culinary specialities and their sometimes comical and endearing quirks.
“Denn man too“ – let‘s speak Platt! In Lower Saxony, with typical economy of words, a hearty „moin“ (good morning) says it all right through the day. The greeting always comes straight from the heart and is used throughout the day and evening to welcome another person. And more than that, Lower Saxony‘s northwestern part boasts a linguistic peculiarity: „Plattdeutsch“ (Low German), which dominated the entire North European culture and commercial region during the Middle Ages, has not only stayed alive in this area, but is steadily gaining new fans almost every day. Magazines, radio broadcasts and dictionaries „op Platt“ are more popular than ever. Fancy finding out more? Denn man too (go for it)! Winsome witchcraft For hundreds of years the witches assemble every year during the night before the First of May on the Hexentanzplatz (Witches‘ Ballroom) to fly on brooms, pitchforks or animals to the Blocksberg to wed the devil – or so the story goes. The Walpurgis Night celebration is long established as the most popular in the Lower Saxon Uplands. Tens of thousands of visitors celebrate until the morning light and delight in the many cultural events.

Lower Saxon traditions and cuisine
the Heath Queen is the annual highlight. By the way: Men, too, can be elected – but only as the Heath Ram, but still ... Kassler, a slice of cured and smoked beef, or other coarse sausages such as Kohlwurst, Bregenwurst or bratwurst. In addition to the traditional delicacies such as kale, asparagus and prawns, Lower Saxons also like buckwheat pancakes called “Bookweiten-JanHinnerk“, Welf pudding, elderflower soup known as “Fleddersopp“ or baked apples, called “Puttäppel“. Bon appétit! Sweet culture Hannover‘s Leibniz biscuit is very tasty testimony to Lower Saxony’s unique enrichment of German culinary culture. But it is by far not the only one: all of Lower Saxony is particularly focused on „sweet culture“ and in particular on the fine art of chocolate making. The most recent example is a rather unconventional delight from Lüneburg: a salted praline. The hand-made composition made of high-quality caramel ganache will take you to heaven and back. All about cows Melkhüs From the barn to the milking station, on the Lower Saxon theme route “Milchstraße” (milk street) everything revolves around milk. Following four cycling routes, cyclists of all ages will gain fascinating insights into the modern dairy industry. By arrangement, farmers open up their gates to allow visitors to see their facilities. Groups can test their knowledge of milk and obtain a “Masters in Dairy”.

The Lüneburger Heide

Delicious Labskaus From Michelin star cuisine in the cities to the idyllic courtyard cafés in rural areas — an almost boundless culinary variety spans across Lower Saxony. A special highlight is certainly Labskaus, a North German meat dish consisting mainly of puréed pickled meat. Puréed because it used to be staple food of sailors who were not able to chew meet due to their poor, painful state of their teeth. Nowadays, Labskaus is often refined with potatoes, pickled herring, onions and beetroot. Gourmands love it! Enjoy our typical winter treat: kale and Pinkel Cooked kale with a smoked sausage („Pinkel“) is another culinary treat from the Northern region of Lower Saxony. However the “Pinkel“, a smoked and coarsely ground sausage, is often replaced by

Lüttje Lage

Pipe down ... ... and drink up. The traditional Hanoverian drink, Lüttje Lage, a beer and liquor mix, requires a certain skill: two glasses must be held simultaneously in one hand in such a way that the 32% liquor mixes with the specially brewed Lüttje Lage beer to whet the whistle of many thirsty visitor. Flowering Lüneburger Heide Each year in August, the Lüneburger Heide region celebrates its Heath Blossom festivals with a varied programme of events and parades. The election of


For even more Lower Saxon quirks, please go to: www.
Cooked kale


Barrier-free travel
Every guest is welcome in Lower Saxony – because Lower Saxony has something special to offer every guest. Many people would like to travel, but are looking for a special type of service. This goes especially for families with small children, older travellers, and for people with handicaps or health problems. Does this describe you? Then let us inspire you to come visit Lower Saxony. Any holiday in Lower Saxony offers accommodation with superior comfort and service. We place great emphasis on hospitality, including offerings aimed specifically at those with restricted mobility and their families and companions. Lower Saxony has a wide range of offerings to meet and surpass the expectations of holidaymakers with special

needs. Throughout Lower Saxony, you will find a dazzling variety of holiday offers for everyone. Some regions have their own websites or brochures dedicated to “barrier-free travel“ to assist you in selecting the right destination, e.g. by providing local accessibility information. Visit for more information and suggestions.

Lower Saxony online
Do you enjoy browsing online for your next holiday ideas? Then you are in the best of hands at the Internet portal Here you will find extensive, up-to-date information about Lower Saxony clearly organized into categories like Cycling, Hiking, Spas and Health, Events, Accommodation, Seasonal, Travel Information and much more. Of course, the portal also features lots of insider tips and specific travel suggestions – from a weekend at the hay hotel to a culinary journey along the “Asparagus Route“, to city tours or lively family holidays. A particularly practical feature is the interactive map that lets you keep track of everything during your holiday planning.

We speak many languages Lower Saxony is international and is happy to welcome guests from around the world. We have dedicated travel portals in the following languages:
Barrier-free travel in Lower Saxony (German) (English) (Dutch) (Danish)

Hosts of excellence – “ServiceQualität Deutschland“ in Lower Saxony
Hosts in Lower Saxony believe in not only making their guests feel at home, but also in ensuring that their guests return home filled with enthusiasm about their holidays. Thanks to the “ServiceQualität Deutschland“ (seal of quality) certificate, abbreviated to “Q“, it is very easy to find such special hosts.
“Q“ – a sign of distinction A business which has been awarded the “Q“ mark of excellence offers more service, more customerfriendliness and simply more hospitality to its guests. These businesses not only want to satisfy their guests, they want to ensure that their guests enjoy an exceptional holiday. The most sincere form of thank you is for guests to tell their friends about their wonderful holidays and ideally come back the following year. 18 You can rely on it Nearly 400 service providers from a range of indutries in Lower Saxony have already been certified with the “Q“ mark of excellence – and more than 4,000 already in the whole of Germany!



in spiration niedersachsen

The latest brochures and leaflets for the Holiday Destination Lower Saxony can be obtained online at no cost by going to or by calling +49 (0) 511/270 488-50. TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH Essener Straße 1· 30173 Hannover t +49 (0) 511 270488-50 f +49 (0) 511 270488-88