Materials Science and Engineering

Muhammad Wasim Akhtar Metallurgy & Materials, MUET. 5/26/2010

Diffusion in Ionic Materials Types of Ceramics (Glass. Classification of Materials. Direction & Planes (Point Coordinates . Density Computations. Polymorphism and Allotropy. Course Content. Polycrystalline Materials.LECTURES TOPICS TOPICS CONTENT/ OTHER ACTIVITIES LECTURE~1 Introduction LECTURE2~7 Atomic Structure and Interatomic Bonding References. and Torsional Deformation. Hardness) LECTURE8~15 The Structure of Crystalline Solids LECTURE16~17 Imperfections in Solids LECTURE18~25 Mechanical Properties of Metals LECTURE26~29 Dislocation and Plastic Deformation LECTURE30~32 Application and Processing of Metal Alloys LECTURE33~38 Structure and Properties and Types of Ceramics Polymer Structure and Types of Polymers LECTURE39~44 LECTURE45~50 LECTURE49~54 Assignment # 3 Determination of Various properties of Different Metals. Metallic Crystal Structures. Specification of Composition) Introduction. Elastic Recovery after Plastic Deformation Compressive. Abrasive. Basic Concepts. Unit Cells. Materials Science and Engineering. The Periodic Table). Slip in Single Crystals. Shear. Point Defects(Vacancies and Self-Interstitials. Cement) Introduction. Miscellaneous Techniques) Assignment # 4 Materials Processing Family charts Ceramics Structure Crystal Structures. Why Study Materials Science and Engineering. Elastic Properties of Materials). Types of Polymers (Plastics. Polymer Molecules. Refractories. Casting. Slip Systems. Marks Distribution. Crystal Systems) Crystallographic Points. Deformation by Twinning Types of Metal Alloys(Ferrous Alloy. Types of composites ( Particle Reinforced Composites. Linear and Planar Densities. Non-crystalline Solids) Assignment # 2 Crystal Structure and Miller Indices Introduction. ( Fundamental Concepts. Assignment # 1 Basics Properties of Materials [Material Cards] Atomic Structure ( Fundamental Concepts. Elastic Deformation(Stress-Strain Behavior. atomic Bonding in Solids ( Primary Interatomic Bonds. Fibers) Introduction. Imperfections in Ceramics. True Stress and Strain. Close-Packed Crystal Structures ) Crystalline and Non Crystalline Materials (Single Crystals. Characteristics of Dislocations . Silicate Ceramics. Electrons in Atoms. Comparison of syllabus 1st term and 4th term . MUET . Fibre Reinforced Composites (Laminar & Sandwich)) Composites. Impurities in Solids. Structural Composites and Types of Composites Materials Selection and Design Consideration Case Study *Artificial Hip Replacement * Materials used in Airplane 2 SME-505 Muhammad Wasim Akhtar (LECTURER) Metallurgy & Materials. Hydrocarbon Molecules. Objective of subject. Secondary Bonding or van der Waals Bonding) Crystal Structures. Crystallographic Directions. The Chemistry of Polymer Molecules. Plastic Deformation(Tensile Properties. Plastic Deformation of Polycrystalline Materials. Elastomers. Crystallographic Planes. Concepts of Stress and Strain. Carbon. Anelasticity. Nonferrous Alloys) Fabrication of Metals (Forming Operations.