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Jumaa Prayer

for the Muslims of Africa and beyond

West Africa Advanced School of Theology
Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

20 December 2013

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life ( ohn !"!#$ %"!&, '()*. The Incarnation is a truth that Muslims do not accept, and only God's Holy Spirit can open their eyes. Pray this week that they will see that Jesus is truly Immanuel, “God with us. !

Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries
GUIN !"#$N!%R&: " #raduate writes$ “I ha%e &e#un to teach the &rothers and sisters in my church to pray 'er%ently 'or Muslims. (y God's #race, I want to lead them to understand the need to pray 'or and to witness to all around us )Guinea is more than *+, Muslim-. I .ust attended a seminar concernin# /hristian health 'acilities. The idea is that /hristians testi'y o' God's lo%e throu#h this work. Pray with us that the #ood resolutions that ha%e &een made will &e put into practice. M!'I: " missionary who %olunteers at a center 'or youn# &oys who are in the ser%ice o' imams shares two re0uests$ )1- " 1+2year2old &oy who attended the center 'or older &oys le't to return to his home country to 'ind his parents. He cannot remem&er where they are and is on his own. Please pray 'or God's protection on him and that the 3ord would send a /hristian man to minister to him and lead him to Jesus and the new li'e He o''ers. )4- Pray “'or the kids to 'eel welcome and lo%ed at the center where I %olunteer, so that they want to come there and #et help.

In the News
Pray 'or an "ssem&lies o' God pastor in Iran, 5ruir "%anessian, who has recently &een sentenced to 6 174 years in prison. The 812year2old pastor could not e%en &e present at his hearin#, as he was recei%in# his dialysis treatment, which he under#oes three times a week. Please pray 'or his health and that he may &e spared prison. Pray that he will &e encoura#ed and stren#thened in the 3ord. 9or more in'ormation, see http$77&it.ly71*to&::.

From Global Initiative**
Pray 'or house churches planted in "'#hanistan. Pray 'or God;s protection o%er these under#round con#re#ations. (n a country of some %! million, there are fewer than +,,,, believers, and no visible churches. The last church building was destroyed in -,!,, and .hristians must meet in secret. /ere are twelve prayer points from 0fghani .hristians" http"11bit.ly1!2-)b3T.

For Muslim Women***
Please pray 'or Syrian women and their 'amilies who ha%e repatriated to <urope, and especially to the =etherlands, to escape the war in their country. There are /hristian and Muslim re'u#ees who desperately need consolation and help with ad.ustments to new countries. Pray that <uropean /hristians will ha%e opportunity and special insi#ht 'or critical outreach to these 'amilies.

Prayer Resources
45raying for 6uslims" 0 Guide for 7ffective (ntercession o''ers many insi#hts concernin# Islam and a di''erent prayer su&.ect each 9riday. This week we pray concernin# Islam's re.ection o' the Incarnation$ http$77&it.ly71'd>?J:. !!Glo&al Initiati%e is a ministry o' "ssem&lies o' God @orld Missions, AS". 5isit http$77#lo&alinitiati%ein'o.com7 'or in'ormation a&out prayin# 'or Muslims and weekly re0uests. !!!Muslim women need your prayersB Cou can .oin a prayer network and recei%e re#ular re0uests at http$77sayhelloin'o.com7. 9or a list o' resources 'or prayer #roups, see http$77tinyurl.com7waast.umaa. 9ind in'ormation and prayer re0uests concernin# Muslims around the world at http$77www.6D2days.net7. How should we pray 'or those imprisoned 'or their 'aithE Fead http$77www.elam.com7articles7How2to2pray2'or2those2in2prison7. 9or news updates concernin# persecuted /hristians, %isit http$77mornin#starnews.or#7 and http$77www.releaseinternational.or#7. 9or prayer re0uests, %isit http$77www.opendoorsusa.or#7pray7 and http$77www.persecution.com7pu&lic7pray.aspG. To help you answer Muslims' 0uestions a&out Jesus and the (i&le, eGplore http$77unchan#in#word.com7indeG.php.