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The Return Of The Diamond One: David Lee Roth Speaks Exclusively To KN !"!

By Frank Meyer, Contributing Editor Wednesday, June 4, 2003 @ 4:56 M The Kin$ Of Thu$ %op& #r" Diamond David Lee Roth& 'ives KN !"!O# n Exclusive %lay (y %lay Of )is Ne* l+um& Diamond Dave,,,

David Lee Roth.... The man who quarterbacked Van Halen into the Super Bowl of Rock. The man who penned the lyric to !Runnin "ith the Devil#$ !%in&t Talkin& Bout Love#$ !'anama#$ and a million other cla ic . The man who drank whi key# norted (uba# fucked upermodel ten at a time# and hun) with mid)et before *id Rock and the Jackass crew made it +TV friendly to do o. The kinda man who when he needed to take a break from the hedoni m of rock tardom formed the ,un)le Stud # an elite fi)htin) quad of world traveler hell-bent on )lory# and coured the deepe t# darke t rain fore t of the world. The man who put the ! tud$ in tudded lather pant . David Lee Roth. That& Diamond Dave to you. %nyone who ha clicked on *.%(.(/+ to li ten to headban)in& 'ure Rock need not be told who Dave i . "e all know hi work# we )rew up with it. 0t& the mu ic we fucked to# fou)ht to# tole to# danced to# tormed the ca tle with# and o on. 1rom hi tenure with the mi)hty Van Halen 2ar)uably the )reate t decade-lon) collaboration in hard rock hi tory3 to hi fanta tic 4567 olo debut Eat ‘Em and Smile# to hi la t tudio effort# 4556& criminally underrated DLR Band# to hi co-headlinin) tour of %merican la t year with fellow former VH crooner Sammy Ha)ar# Diamond Dave ha proven him elf to be a con ummate entertainer who e uperhero-like phy ical feat are only matched by hi hilariou and bi8arre en e of humor. 9e # the world need a uperhero and pi tol-packin: Diamond Dave i here to ave the day. ...%nd peakin) of packin: heat# +r. Roth ha )raced with u with another album# a rare occurrence the e day . Diamond Dave i a 4;- on) bla t of hard rock# moky blue and ome modern day cyber-wallop thrown in for )ood mea ure. (ompri ed of mo tly cover tune # Diamond Dave play like the oundtrack to Dave& youth# from Beatle to Hendri< to Savoy Brown. 0t& a ummertime record throu)h and throu)h# and i cu tom de i)ned to tart yer a hakin&# your head a-ban)in&# and )et ya reachin) for that fifth hot o& ,ack. 0t& party mu ic by the life of the party# know what 0&m ayin&= *.%(.(/+ recently had a chance to chat with the Diamond /ne about hi new album# due out on ,uly 6th throu)h +a)na (arta# day before he hit the road for hi late t ummer tour e<trava)an8a. % alway # he wa i fine form and terrific pirit # lau)hin)# huckin) and >ivin) like we were old pal . So ea e the eat back# reach down between your le) and take a bon)hit# and let Dave do the drivin&. KN !"!O#: So tell me a+out your ne* al+um Diamond Dave- .hat makes it tickD /E: 0t& almo t all cover tune # the tuff that 0 )rew up hopliftin) in the ?7@ . 0t& familiar band but not the familiar tune . +o t of what you )et on Top ;@ i really low fat# hi)h u)ar. 0&m an %merican. 0 like hi)h fat# hi)h u)ar. KN !"!O#: 0eah& 1 noticed that *hile you cover son$s +y a lot of +i$ +ands& you didn2t necessarily do their o+vious hits" D /E: "hat really attract u to all the e band i not really the material that& the mo t familiar but the ambitiou tuff# maybe even ometime that they failed at. The rea on that we like the Beatle

$ That wa a little bit dark and broodin). The one that cared people wa !0f 7 "a 5.hy do three Savoy (ro*n son$sD /E: DD Top wa >u t a fi<ation in the ima)ination of another little kid on the play)round when 0 wa a kid. !Soul *itchen$ ha way more dirt under it fin)ernail . %l o# thi tuff i all from the ?7@ but it& not flower power# not at all Erateful Dead. !Soul *itchen$ i a theme on) for the part of town where the bu doe n&t )o after dark.. But you do have a real band too. To thi day 0&m not ure what Savoy Brown really mean # but it ound )reat doe n&t it= KN !"!O#: 0et despite +ein$ mostly cover tunes& it really sounds and feels like a David Lee Roth al+um" D /E: %ll of thi tuff add up to Diamond Dave..=" . The mu ic i a familiar a your own conviction # whether they&re reli)iou or prior. 0f you wanted to )et in touch with your black ra)e# and 0 maintain that that& what 0 have# thi wa one you imitated a a in)er.wa all kind of left of center ri k takin) like when they went +ahari hi mi h ma h and p ychedelia Hai)ht % hbury. 0f you put more than HI minute on a vinyl record you tart lo in) all tho e low-end frequencie . 0 call it !That Beatle Son). There& a lot of blue hair and ton)ue bolt in that room. The e are tune that would have never have een the li)ht of day but becau e of (D and the way technolo)y i now you can.hy include thoseD /E: "e&re )ot a lot more pace o why not= The only rea on we did nine or ten on) back in Van Halen wa becau e you couldn&t put more on) on a vinyl record without ruinin) the ba . that kind of an attitude. KN !"!O#: So you purposely avoided the o+vious son$s +y these +andsD /E: 9eah. year old# they&re all fre h out of the Berklee School of +u ic and they are the future.$ 0 never really liked that on) and now 0 know why# becau e . KN !"!O#: So ho* do you make an al+um of 567s covers that doesn2t sound datedD /E: Thi tuff i tou)h from the in ide out and when you add on all of the 'ro-Tool and the loop and ample and turntablin) that we did you )et omethin) new.3 KN !"!O#: nd a 3imi )endrix cut too4 D /E: Cverybody know .imi doin) !1o<y Lady$ but that wa the ea y bar mit8vah band on) out of all of the one he did. KN !"!O#: There2s also t*o +onus tracks& a loun$e re:*orkin$ of 81ce !ream #an9 and 8(ad )a+its&9 +oth left over from your mid:5. 0t i the element of ?7@ that 0 )rew up with. 0t wa n&t hi per onality or hi lyric and it wa n&t hi maneuver mu ically. KN !"!O#: 0ou even do a (eatles son$& ri$htD /E: 9eah# 0 didAum.Cd. +y production taff i all under +orri on didn&t write it. hell# 0 don&t even know what the title i .$ 20t: BTomorrow . "hen 0 ay bonu track what 0 mean i # here you have a complete vi ion of what the record wa to be# which obviou ly wa Dave . . 0n the ?7@ if you wanted to boo)ie down# you did Savoy Brown. "e did a Door on) but it& not !Li)ht +y 1ire. KN !"!O#: There are some ori$inals on the record thou$h& 8#edicine #an& 8Thu$ %op&9 and 8 ct One"9 Tell me a+out those" D /E: They were de i)ned to end up the album# to maybe how a little developmentA thou)h refinement i my enemy a an arti t.7s Las /e$as era <one of my favorite Dave eras +y the *ay& so scre* you merica. 'lu # the middle of it ound like a dance cene from Austin Powers.ever *now B . KN !"!O#: .ow you don&t have worry about that at all. 0 u e only drum et from the 457@ and only amp ri) and )ear from the early ?G@ and when you combine that with vi ion of a di)ital future you find omethin) that& familiar with your communidad no matter where you&re from.

%nd my ba ement tape are fully produced on) J KN !"!O#: So *here does Diamond Dave& the al+um& fit into the Nu . . KN !"!O#: So *hat2s your secretD /E: "hat& the fool di ea e= Thinkin) too much. 0f you&re tuck with omebody# friend or loved one # and there& a hurricane ra)in) out ide and it& time to break out the tequila early# thi mu ic )oe beautifully with that. That& no new . "e take a wor e beatin) than . D /E: +o t mu ician low down. Don&t overwork itJ . 0t& no lon)er mu ic# it& our own )enre.orld Order of todayD /E: Thi mu ic )oe with alt water >unior hi)h chool# but once we complete that vi ion you don&t have to have any ymmetry at all. . That& what 0&ve alway repre ented. % bonu track i omethin) that fit the mood and doe n&t nece arily have to arrive a part of the pro>ect. Thi mu ic )oe with lake water or river water. %ll the )ood tuff in life houldn&t wear you down. %nd 0 repre ent the Van Halen contin)ent too. 0t& >u t like proport or politic . %nd 0 )ot both to burn# babyJ KN !"!O#: nd your fan:+ase eats it up every time4 D /E: The devout and Debauch-a-paloo8a Dave bunch i kind of international now. "e are one of the three main cour e at cla ic rock radio.ow you don&t have to wait around to hear Bob Dylan& ba ement tape on an under)round radio tation anymore you can actually make it availableAand then teal it on the 0nternetJ 0 have all kind of ba ement tape .0ou ?ust never stop.ow 0&m the 'atron Saint of Larceny. 0t& very wearyin) what we do. 0t demand calorie and time. KN !"!O#: 'ee>& Dave" )o* the hell do you do it. 0&ve called my elf the Toa tma ter Eeneral but 0&ve kind of updated that now.-Lo& forth vertebrae.