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com By Carolyn Evers Lord Metatron asked me to write an article about the process of channeling. This is desirable to understand because there has been doubtful information being filtered into the work of respected channellers. This is happening because the dark understands that it is losing the battle for this planet and is using this manner of attack to disillusion lightworkers. Our discussion will center on those who channel higher beings and the Spiritual Hierarchy. I am not going to include those who channel those of the lower astral planes, though there are similarities. When an individual has developed the skill to channel, and it is a skill, there is a thought transfer from the higher being to the one who accepts their messages. As you are aware the human body is akin to a radio antenna with the receiving center in the brain. Actually it is a specialized part of the brain that has to do with hearing. We think that one hears with the ear but that is not quite accurate. The ear acts as the part that takes sound and amplifies it and sends the message to the brain whereby it is the brain that places understanding to the message. In channeled messages, the vibration, and we are discussing a vibration, which contains the thoughts of the advanced master or higher being goes directly to this center. There must be a translation of this vibration into sounds and then words that makes sense or places an understanding of the message into the brain center. Before the vibration can be translated, it must pass through a filter. This filter holds the attitudes of the person receiving the message and it must resonate with knowledge that the individual already holds in their awareness and understanding. An example of this would be if the advanced master wanted to give information about chemical formulas for instance, the one receiving would have to have a general knowledge of such a science, or it would cause confusion in the translation. At this place of translation there is an opening. It is a space that would appear to be similar to a sparkplug. And the process does indeed appear to look like a spark. The synapses of the brain are working with this opening and therefore there appears to be a spark as the synapses work to receive, translate and then give meaning to what was received.

It is at this point where these impulses jump over the opening that the individual brings their attitudes and mindsets to the mix of translation. or has been influenced by the dark. This is not . This happens because the channeller is holding a fear of some sort. We use these words because we mean All-There-Is in the center of the cosmos. or else has accepted thoughts of a group consciousness that is fear based. Lord Metatron has asked me to write this article so that lightworkers can understand that this is a new attack. the more deeply. The channeller thinks they are standing in truth. The longer it exists. it penetrates. sometimes unconscious. Their foundation is eroded. other channellers. We speak of discernment in all matters. if not aligned with Source. agreeing with it or being influenced by another even though it is not their truth. If they misaligned one channeller. That’s why it’s so insidious. Until and unless the channeller repairs this. The body is an accurate tool for truth. The solar plexus is giving a signal that must be listened to. and that is necessary. more misaligned in the vibrations. the rest can possibly line up in agreement to be part of the group. There are some people who react from the heart center. because some consider their God an authority on a lower rung of creation and not the Creator located in the Center of the cosmos. where the spark jumps over from receiving the vibration to raising the vibration that the dark can slip in their colorings and even change the message entirely. See how it feels in the body. In essence they are speaking about the solar plexus. First of all listen to the message. If one channeller accepts a message that is not accurate. can be subject to this now and every message that you accept must be placed through a filter to make certain it is truth for you. the messages become more and more dark focused. In other words lower levels of authority do not necessarily hold all the expressions of All-There-Is. The dark is thrilled at this. But he states that trusted individuals who you accept as being accurate. can pick up that work. This is an important alignment and the channeller must be aligned with this Source to receive accurate information and especially new directions based upon the current changes in the Earth Plan. Some say I have a gut feeling about an issue. The dark starts out by using the language of light and makes it sound heart centered. It is at this point that the individual is either ego focused or aligned with Source or Prime Creator. or are somehow working in ego. It is at this place that we are calling the opening.

In your world events are on linear time. Her work encompasses information that she has received from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Another point to consider. astrology. Carolyn Evers Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy. numerology and some predictions made by masters of their craft. That. Her work . we will be writing an article which clarifies the cycles of possibilities and probabilities within the world of predictions. past present and future. when a date is given in a message. namely. this is not the result of working with messages from advanced beings. along with this article. For those individuals their reaction might be more heart centered to gauge truth. It wasn’t perfectly coordinated in the past and now it is even more misaligned because of this change in the core of the planet. and she endeavors to incorporate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit. That is the gateway to the soul monad and the higher levels of your soul experiences are available as a point of reference for past lessons that you have learned. Hopefully you have connected to your higher mind. it is suspect. then the results go beyond the restrictions of your Earthly Time Continuum. If a divination method is working within such cycles. We simply mean that there is some confusion between the two dimensions with regard to the time element. Now you might say that there are methods of divination that seem to be accurate such as I Ching. If the message might change your direction with regards to a belief system. We say this because messages come from NO TIME where all is ONE. She has written six books and a course. the heart chakra and the physical heart. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spirituality and science.unusual in advanced light workers as they have merged the three centers consisting of the heart mind. We say that where this might be true. Journey To The Other Side. These changes affected the vibrational pitch of the planet and that also interferes with past gauges of time. and timing of this nature is not as clear to those in the higher dimensions. To further explain this in more detail. will be very helpful in understanding the waves of spiritual progression for Earth. The Lords of Karma for your world have set up certain cycles that will be true for this planet. There is a group situated in Sirius who is in charge of this spiritual revolution which is about to surface on this planet and Lord Metatron works with them as he releases messages such as this. then it is very important to sit with the words and meditate upon them. Also there have been changes in Earth structure recently which happened when the core of the Earth changed slightly.

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