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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Diaconescu Florina Date: the 15th ofOctober 2009 Class:9th H grade School: Colegiul Econo ic !"etre S# $urelian% Ti e of lesson:50 inutes &e'el: advanced Ti e: 50 minutes &esson title: There’s no place like home To(ic: Describing houses (rooms, furniture and appliances) S)ills in'ol'ed: speaking, reading, writing* +aterials: worksheets with different activities, photos Textbook: Click on, Virginia Evans, eil !" #ullivan$ "rocedures: con'ersation, describing the i ages, brainstor ing, dialogues* T-(es of acti'ities: frontal, indi'idual, (air .or), grou( .or)* Ob/ecti'es: a0 Cogniti'e ob/ecti'es: 1 1 1 to (ractice .a-s of describing houses, roo s and a((liances* to tal) about renting2bu-ing a house* to use the (re(ositions of (lace*

b0 $ffecti'e ob/ecti'es: 1 to sho. interest on the to(ic* 1 to a)e students confident in using their s)ills* 1 to ha'e fun* 1 to sti ulate students i agination and creati'it-#

to a)e sure there .ith sol'ing it at ho e# T corrects the ista)es.h-# Student’s Activity Ss ans. sa-ing .1 Checking the Homework $cti'it.5 T .riting 103 1to use the i ages .ere no (roble s . the.Ss issing# T re e bers the tas) for the da-.or)# Interaction T 5 Ss Ss 1 T T 5 Ss Ss 1 T Skills 1s(ea)ing 1listening 1s(ea)ing 1reading Time 23 53 Purpose 1to create a rela6ed at os(here for the lesson 1to chec) the ho e. it 4uic)l.2 Initiation $cti'it.hat this lesson is about# T di'ides the class into grou(s of 8 and gi'es the different handouts# T announces the ti e of the tas)# Ss listen to the T3s 4uestions and the T3s 4uestions So e Ss read their ho e. %escribe &our house'&our grandparents" house.8 Practice $cti'it.riting 23 1to (resent the ne. greets the Ss.hat and . to(ic 1to find out ore infor ation T 5 Ss Ss 5 Ss Ss 5 T 1s(ea)ing it or no.rites on the blac)board the title and the (lan of the lesson: “There’s no place like home . if an-# T sho.Practice” T tells .or) 1to correct the ista)es Practice $cti'it.Stages Warm up $cti'it.are.n the title and the (lan of the lesson# Ss sol'e the tas)s gi'en b. if there are an.ers to the carefull-.don3t li)e# Ss o(en their noteboo)s and .hat the.7 Teacher’s Activity T enters the classroo . and . to(ic T 5 Ss Ss 1 T 1s(ea)ing 1reading 1.rite do. and ask Ss to re'ie. and as)s the ho.s Ss a (icture of a house and as)s Ss to tell if the.the T# T 5 Ss Ss 1 T 1reading 1s(ea)ing 53 1to induce the ne.

n their ho li'e% 103 1s(ea)ing 1to sol'e the e6ercises correctl1to e'aluate the students Assigning Homework $cti'it.or): to read the te6t .ered correctl.or) .n their ho e.riting 53 1 to fi6 their )no.sol'e the tas)s gi'en b.Practice $cti'it.ords Ss co (lete the initial (lan on the blac)board# Ss read and ans.or)# Ss 1 T T 5 Ss Ss 1 T T 1 Ss 1..a.rite do. (uts the so e 4uestions to find the issing .The s art .9 Ss read their descri(tions $nd T or a S correct the .9 T 1 Ss to the T3s 4uestions# Ss 1 T T 5 Ss Ss 5 Ss 1reading 1s(ea)ing 103 1to e'aluate the students eed!"ack $cti'it. T gi'es handouts to the Ss# T announces the ti e of the tas)# T e'aluates the Ss and a((reciate those Ss ..the T# Ss listen to the teacher# Ss .ledge #valuation $cti'it.and to encourage the other ones# T gi'es the Ss the ho e.ho ans.: Ss co (lete the (lan in their noteboo)s# Ss recei'e their handouts# The.rite do.riting 1s(ea)ing 1.riting 1s(ea)ing 13 1to .