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Non-Diegetic sounds used (sound effects) In my production, as a group we came to a conclusion that Non-Diegetic sound should

be involved in order to portray a verisimilitude all throughout the video. These sounds consist of sound effects in specific scenes to deliver a more tension, anxiety and excited reaction from the target audience. When individuals attend the cinema to watch a film allocated in the horror genre, they presume that pop ups will be shown however it is much scarier when there is sound added too as it builds up nervousness and enthusiasm. In order to find these sound effects, we all did our own research individually to have a larger range to choose from when it came to editing the production independently. As editor, I went on to YouTube and typed in ‘scary sound effects’. There were results of the basic sounds such as: Doors creaking Scratching Whispering Scary instrumentals/laughs

Some of these sounds were beneficial for Breathless as we used a scary slow instrumental when the establishing shot was being viewed to introduce a suspicious location as well as giving the viewers a false protected feeling just before delivering a pop up on the screen. In addition, when Zoe received a phone call I decided to include a sound effect of ‘would you like to play a game?’ leaving the audience with wanting to know who the unknown figure is and why they are watching Zoe specifically. When Zoe enters the bathroom, sound effects of whispering was involved which builds up the terror and confusion to why the taps have been turned on. I think this was a good idea as it made the scene more effective rather than diegetic scenes. When ending the video, a sound of terror is inserted which leaves the film with a cliffhanger when Zoe looks in the mirror, realising that the figure is behind her. The sound effect is then increased to the point where an extreme zoom takes place to show all details of Zoe’s facial expression reflecting on her reaction and the audiences view on the film. However, although the sounds downloaded sounded effective alone, once inserted under the file, it did not sound as good. This lead to having to do trial and error with different sounds in order to find the perfect on that matched the file and sounded as good as it did alone. There were some technical difficulties when playing back the video with the sound effects were placed in. This is because some of the files downloaded had poor quality from Youtube, leaving the file with flickering noises whilst playing which is why I also used built in sounds from school such as built in atmosphere sounds and tension builders. Once I found alternatives, I then showed my group members (camera woman and director) to receive their approval before placing the sounds on to the files. Overall, this process was successful after I fixed the technical issues and found other sounds to replace the distorted ones. §

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