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GROUP PRESENTATION: Criteria and Feedback sheet This report is worth 20% of your overall assessment - Peer (5%) Lecturer (15%) Chau Phuong Lien Dang

s3408753 Le

s3410147 Nguyen Minh

GROUP TOPIC Effective Communication (Optional) Name of Peer assessor: ____________________________________________

Presentation Delivery  Audio – Quality of delivery – use of voice and clarity, body language  Connection with the participants – eye contact, interactivity  Theatre – Engaging, exciting and motivating  Time Management – completed presentation within the agreed time limit  Use of visual aids – video/ slides/ handouts/ other Content Set up/Opening  Was the purpose and structure of the presentation clearly communicated? Topic coverage  Did the presentation address all key elements of the topic? Dealing with Questions  Did the facilitating group address questions raised by audience? Wider Research  Was the audience provided with further resources (other than the starter resources posted on Blackboard), open questions and ideas for future study? Summary  Did the presentation have a clearly defined, climatic and conclusive closing?

ND (0-1.5)

MD (1.5-2.5)

MR (3-4)

EX (4.5-5)

3 2.5 1.5 3 2.5 1 1.5 2 2


Mark: 21.5/50
Level of attainment: ND = Not Demonstrated, you have not demonstrated an understanding of the criterion and its expectations MD= Marginally Demonstrated, you have shown limited aspects of the criterion requirements MR= Met requirements appropriately, you have competently met the requirements for the criterion EX= Exceptional, your work demonstrates outstanding qualities for the criterion

*HD= 41+, DI= 36-40, CR= 31-35, PA= 25-30, NN is 24 and below


you got audience attention.I like your intro. It’s relevant to your audience. A lot of the tips you suggested you did not do in your own presentation. use of jargon for example. very poorly presented. That you follow the brief and provide solutions to their issues. more general that pitching? Maybe that should go first. no well prepared is another. I think when you suggest ‘follow instruction’ it deals with making sure you do what the client want regarding the brief. That pitch is as important as proposal. The tips are too general to understand. Might have been easier for audience. The Steve Jobs case study could have been really good. need to first show the video and ask us what we liked and disliked then relate them to the tips after. You have too many tips and examples of presentations. . if you introduced the tips of what he did first. then pitching as its more specific. I like how you conclude with the 3 things audience should try to do. The other problem with this example is that it doesn’t show all of the things you said he did. I think you spend a bit too much time on explaining each general tip. Elevator pitch part was hard to follow. Would be more engaging as well as you show you can make the connections. the handout did not connect with it or you just have bad organization of content in presentation. You next video ‘elevator pitch’ is hard to follow. then had the audience try to identify them in the video. Is the other general tips. you should focus on 1 and do it well. But better to intro at the beginning of presentation and show examples throughout the presentation. You do a good example of explaining each of the general tips of pitching.