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askIITians is a professional high-quality online coaching service provider for students in India and abroad for competitive exams like IIT JEE, BITSAT, Olympiads, NTSE and KVPY. Founded by two ex-IITians - Aditya Sighal and Nishant Sinha.

It has rounded up over 100 ex-IITians who share the passion of guiding and facilitating young students to: ◦ develop a knack for the Sciences, ◦ master Science and Math fundamentals, ◦ maximize their scores in exams they are targeting, and ◦ avail best education opportunities and scholarships in their interest areas.

A team of 20 ex-IITians and former IIT professors is constantly on work at askIITians to research various competitive exams, analyze their paper patterns and syllabus, remain updated about latest developments in various exams and develop an integrated system of study material, graded assignments, daily practice papers and test series to help students get the best resources for their exam preparation. All the study material is well-researched, well-organised, and is written in simple English in a to-the-point manner. It is also highly customisable, according to the needs of the students. The tutors are all highly qualified and have at least 2000 hours of online teaching experience. They are excellent motivators and are cool to talk to.

Books offered by askIITians maintain a logical flow from one topic to another. They introduce students to the fundamentals and gradually move on to more complex topics. The books include formula sheets and short notes at the end of each chapter as learning aids for students.

Graded assignments and daily practice problems include a variety of important questions topic and sub-topic wise. They increase in complexity levels as students gain expertise in solving problems.

All India Test Series (AITS) are highly recommended for all engineering and medical entrance exam aspirants. These tests have been especially designed by ex-IITians to test students’ current level of knowledge and understanding of each topic and sub-topic covered in the exam syllabus. Each test is followed but All India Rank (AIR) prediction for students and a detailed assessment and analysis report of their performance prepared by experts.

AskIITians offers free as well as paid study material for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Both our well-researched and have been painstakingly prepared by our experts to facilitate students to master the topics in JEE syllabus one by one. Free study material can be accessed topic-by-topic for all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Those who subscribe to our paid study material receive 30 books (hard copy) through courier – 10 each for all the three subjects. These books include formula sheets, short notes and important questions on each topic and sub-topic. If you subscribe to our study material, you will not need to buy any other book for your preparation.

Download free IIT JEE study material here.

Previous Years’ question papers give you an insight into what to expect in the exam and fine-tune your exam strategy. Past year papers give you a feel for the exam, offer you practice and help you learn about time management.

At AskIITians, you can download both the past year papers and their solutions for free!

Download Past Year IIT JEE papers here.

There are thousands of books available in the market for IIT JEE. However, there is no one book that can be recommended for a subject. Each book has its plus and minus points. NCERT books and classic JEE preparation books preferred by several generations of IIT aspirants are your safest bet. A wise choice of books can help you optimize your performance versus the energy, hard work and time you invest in your preparation.

Find important JEE books recommended by ex-IITians here.

1-year and 2-year courses for IIT JEE and BITSAT – These include live classes online that allow real-time interaction between teachers and students, special classes, doubt removal sessions, and test analysis sessions. Correspondence courses for Engineering Entrance Exams – These include all the resources students need include books, assignments, practice papers, and tests minus the direct interaction between teachers and students. Special Online Coaching Programs for NRI students – These are customised according to the country the student is from, their current pedagogy pattern and the curriculums they are following.

KVPY, NTSE and Olympiads Training Programs – These are available for students of Class 9 and Class 10. Students of any class can subscribe for one-to-one Olympiads training.

Foundation Programs for early starters – These are available from Class 6 onwards. They help students learn right concepts right from the beginning and help them develop high-order thinking skills.

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