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Lesson Plan Subject: English Form: 8 th form Date: Octobre 25, 2013 Topic: Unit 2 Lifestyle, Lesson1 ,, Heroes of Our

Time’’ Type of lesson: lesson of knowledge acquisition Methodist: Fuciji Mariana School coordinator: Popa Aliona School teacher: Maidan Natalia Time: 45 min Specific Competences: (C) Communicative competences: Producing oral messages and interactions (Spoken Interaction) Communicative competences: Receiving written message (Reading) Communicative competences: Receiving oral message (Listening) Communicative and Pragmatic competences: Producing written messages and interactions (Writing)

Specific competences: Communicative competences: Receiving oral messages(Listening) Pragmatic competences: producing oral messages( Spoken interraction) Communicative competences:Receiving written messages(Reading) Communicative competences:Producing written messages(Writing) Methodological competences: Identifying similarities and differences by means of comparing things(Comparison Area) Sub-competences: 2.1.Asking for and using information about Century Heroes 2.4.Formulating characteristics and holding a conversation about The Century Heroes(Linda Evangelista) 2.4.1. Providing a etiquette for modern living 3.3.Deducing the meaning of words from Word Guide and Cultural Note

To watch the video To make remarks Pictures Textbook The Direct method Case studies S.Checking homework (…) 3. The pupils greet him back.3 3 min. II REALISATION OF MEANING Pre-reading The teacher shows some pictures to pupils that represent the folowing words from the the tip at page 25 and asks them to look and to describe it at first view:  Casual  Awkward  Possession  Giant  Sari 1. Evocation 1. 2. Attitude: Students will form positive attitudes towards heroes and life style.Warm up and preparation The teacher proposes to watch a video interview about Linda Evanghelista. Then they read the Cultural Note and make remarks.students will be able to decode the unknown vocabulary by means of pictures Skill: students will be able to speak about heroes. Indentifying from the contexts the Century Heroes Operational objectives: Knowledge.3.min 1-3min Computer Textbook Whole class work Opinion sharing S.4 4 min. Subcomp Time techniques. forms etences of activities) Notes I. To watch the pictures To describe it .Organization The teacher greets the pupils and creates the atmosphere.4.2. listen to a short oral message for general comprehension. Stages of the lesson (Learning Activities) Resources Strategies(methods.3.

The pupils induce the translation of words from the pictures and put them down in their vocabularies together with their transcription and translation. the teacher proposes to pupils to entitle it.3. pag. To read To recognize To find out Textbook Dictionaries Whole Class Work Error Correction. o 1……….3. To read To translate To work with the dictionary Also the teacher directs the pupils to read and translate the text(ex. o 3……….2. They read the task and listen the information read by a deskmate and guess who is who. The pupils read the words: Chorus repetition 4 min. Textbook Copybooks Pens Writing the words Individual work Discovery Argumentation Opinion sharing Discovery S. reads the words aloud and asks the pupils to repeat them in chorus.. Textbook Dictionaries Guided reading Error correction 5 min. Further. o 2………. o 4…….3 3 min. III Reflection The pupils are directed to ex 6.4 S.24) Post-reading The pupils put them down in their vocabularies together with their transcription and translation. .1 7 min.     Confident Outfit Regal Foot etc. then in turns. Calcutta While-reading Sheet of paper The teacher refers the pupils to the Word Guide.4. To write To entitle 1 min. Whole class work S. . also the pupils find out what are famous for..

4.IV. The teacher announces the end of the lesson..FEEDBACK a) Assessment The teacher refers the pupils to make conclusions.(ex. b) Homework The teacher writes the homework on the blackboard: Ex.2.7 at page 25) The teacher asks the pupils the following question: What are the things people .. The pupils thank the teacher for the lessons. S. To write on the blackboard⁄copybooks Copybooks Pen .EXTENSION The teacher divides the pupils into five groups. Each group is supposed to write a short book of etiquette for modern living.should not do’’ in different social situations? Think about the following situations and write your rules of etiquette:  Table manners  Dress for school and other occasions  How to give somebody a present  How to act at school party  How to behave in public transport The groups present their work. 1 and 3 at page 25 and to learn the words from the Word Guide. They write the HW. The teacher gives marks to pupils. Textbook Sheet of paper Pens Dictionaries Group work Small group discussion 5-8 min. thanks the pupils for attention and says goodbye.1 To read To write a short book To make a presentation To answer Register Generalization 1 min.should do’’ or . V. To make conclusions Blackboard chalk The Communicative Method 1 min.