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Lesson Plan Subject: English Form: 8 th form Date: Octobre 18, 2013 Topic: Summing up Type of lesson: Lesson of consolidation

Methodist: Fuciji Mariana School coordinator: Popa Aliona School teacher: Maidan Natalia Time: 45 min Specific Competences: (C) Communicative competences: Producing oral messages and interactions (Spoken Interaction) Communicative competences: Receiving written message (Reading) Communicative competences: Receiving oral message (Listening) Communicative and Pragmatic competences: Producing written messages and interactions (Writing) Sub Competences: (SC) 1.1.Identifying the definitions of vocabularies words 1.2.Creating and delivering a conversation based on vocabularies words(spoken interaction) 3.3.Realization of grammar exercices using the introductory it, there are and there is. 3.1.Selecting the necessary do or make to solve the task 3.4.Getting a new way of comprehension to collective nouns 4.Checkig their work and assess their progress Operational objectives: 1.Knowledge: The students will able to decode unknown vocabulary, will learn new words, and will learn about types of houses. 2.Skills: Students will be able to hold a conversation on the topic types of houses, expressing opinions and arguments about, they will read a text and give titles, and they will be able to make up questions to answers and to fill with corresponding articles. 3.Attitudes: Students will form positive attitudes toward communication of types of houses. Stages of lesson (Learning activities Resources (Materials) Strategies (methods, techniques, forms of activities)




Evocation 1.Organization * The teacher greets the pupils and creates the atmosphere. The pupils

Turn talking

1 min

We must go.  To embarrass.greet him back.  Archangel.  Cast-off. ________ very late. Textbook Class discussion Review Translation Turn taking Spotting mistakes 7 min SC 1.  A coin. The pupils are answering the definitions. Ben.1 SC 1.  Lark. ________ a bus at 7. Error Correction To complete To write in copybooks the correct form .  Drill.  To embroider. there is 3 min. We can wait for that.  Guardian.3 11 min.  To bore. The teacher asks the pupils to remind and to give definitions of the following words:  Early bird.30.Checking homework (…) 3. II Reflection *The teacher proposes to pupils to choose there is. there are or it is for each question: 1. 2.  Owl. there is there are it is 2.2 To remind and to answer the definitions of words Copybook Whole class Sheet of paper work Selection Pen Written work SC 3.Preparation *The teacher refers the pupils to the vocabularies words.

Write the exercice in your copybooks. To make a mistake.  -The children always their homework before watching tv  job  promise *The teacher gives another Textbook Copybook Communicative method SC 3.1 7 min. to give the correct a a good Whole class work Written work Gap filling SC 3.000 people living there. there is there are it is 4. To write down To listen and to complete the sentences . Wilcox is a big town and ________ more than 50. there is there are it is Blackboard III Extension Chalk *The teacher writes down Copybook on the blackboard: Pen  DO  MAKE Put either do or make in each space.there are it is 3. The hotel is expensive but ________ a wonderful restaurant inside. Model: To do a lesson.4 SC 4 8 min.

(A decision is required: Is jury singular or plural?)  The members of the jury are to convene at 4 o'clock. Homework The teacher writes the homework on the blackboard:  Repeat the rules with the introductory it. My family are early risers.Assessment The teacher evaluates the homework with marks B. 1 min. The teacher thanks pupils for their work and say goodbye. The pupils write in their copybooks the homework. there are and there is. To write in copybooks . Examples:  Pen Consolidation Values clarification exercise form To write in copybooks The jury is/are to convene at 4 o'clock. Pen Register Discussion Values clarification exercise Suggestion Generalization 2 min. IV Feed-back A.exercice getting a new way of comprehension to collective nouns.  Repeat the collective nouns that are use of plural form.  Repeat the vocabularies words. Pen Copybooks Individual work Written work 1 min. The party were expected to arrive on Monday. (no decision required – the word members is plural) My family is small.