LESSON PLAN N1 Subject : English Form: X Date: 09.10.

2013 Teacher: Coliceva Olga Methodologist: Colodeeva Liliana Student: Benea Anna Topic: “Just different” Lesson type: lesson of knowledge acquisition Time: 45 min

Specific competences: Communicative competences: Receiving oral messages(Listening) Pragmatic competences: producing oral messages( Spoken interraction) Communicative competences:Receiving written messages(Reading) Communicative competences:Producing written messages(Writing) Methodological competences: Identifying similarities and differences by means of comparing things(Comparison Area) Sub-competences: S1.1. Identifying the general meaning of an oral message,presented clearly and at an average speed; S2.1. Asking for and using information about the educational systems; S 2.2. Providing a short fluent description of educational systems; S 3.2. Identifying the global meaning of a message(silent reading); S 3.3. Extracting the main ideas from an unknown text; S 4.1. Asking for and giving personal information; Operational objectives: Knowledge- students will be able to decode the unknown vocabulary by means of pictures and mime, to talk about themselves; Skill: students will be able to speak about the educational system in other countries, read an unknown text for the main idea, write a personal profile, generate the similar ideas about educational system, make some characteristics. Attitude: Students will form positive attitudes towards the educational system in other countries.

and Moldova. Expressing ideas. and attach them on the chest. about the professions that they prefer or want to detain. the United States. Devon. what is common and what is different between them. The pupils present the educational systems in the United Kingdom. The teacher directs the pupils to the title of the text and to the picture next to it and asks the pupils to make predictions concerning what the text will be about. The teacher attaches on the blackboard a flipchart with the new words. EVOCATION 1. Subcomp Time techniques. The teacher asks to the pupils their homework.Warm up and preparation The teacher refers the pupils to make a short presentation about themselves. forms etences of activities) Notes I. The pupils greet him back. The teacher gives for each of pupils a badge.1 3 min pictures flipchart Expressing fillings . The pupils come up 2 min Flipchart badges Oral presentation. hobbies and passions. They present themselves . age. REALISATION OF MEANING New Material presentation a) Pre-Reading The teacher shows some pictures to pupils that represent the West Buckland School in Barnstaple .Stages of the lesson (Learning Activities) Resources Strategies(methods. The pupils write their name on the badge.1 5 min 5 min blackboard Whole class work Communicative method S2. S1.Organization The teacher greets the pupils and creates the atmosphere. feelings. . The pupils induce the translation of words from the pictures and put them down in their vocabularies together with their transcription and translation. they say their name. 2.

The pupils try to find 5 characteristics about the educational system in the United Kingdom and write them on the slip given by the teacher. Individual work 5 min . The pupils generate their ideas in the copybooks.2 4 min textbook slips Work in pairs Silent Reading S3. The unknown words are written . whole class Opinion sharing Argumentation Whole Class Work S2. b) While-Reading The teacher refers the pupils to read and translate the text. IV. For ex: The text is about a schools in other countries. REFLEXION The teacher gives for each pupil a slip and refers the pupils to find in the text five general characteristics about the educational system in the United Kingdom.3 6 min textbook. c) Post-Reading The techer asks the pupils about their impressions after reading.1 Argumentation. II..2 10 min S3. He refers them to generate the ideas that Moldovan students have about schools in the UK. dictionaries The Direct method. translated in their copybooks . textbook vocabularies.with their predictions. miming.The pupils impart their impressions about the educational system in the UK. copybooks S4.EXTENSION The teacher directs the pupils to the exercise number 1 to page 18. The teacher asks the pupils to write the transcription of the unknown words on the blackboard.

thanks the pupils for attention and says goodbye. 3 min 2 min . The teacher announces the end of the lesson. FEEDBACK a) Assessment The teacher gives marks to pupils. b) Homework The teacher writes the homework on the blackboard :To make a composition about that they like and dislike about school in Textbook United Kingdom.III. The pupils thank the teacher for the lesson and leave for the break.