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Time Allowed: 3


(Accounting of Managers)


Maximum Marks:7$ Attemptfive questiaw in ail serecting one questionfrom each Unit. AII questipns carry equal marlc-s.




Define the term financial accounting. Explain the concept, importance
and scope offinancial accounting.

2. Explain in detail the Accounting

concepts, convbntions and Generally

Accepted Accounting Principles. (GAAP).


3. Illustrate tle term Depreciation,
ofdepreciation based on

Discuss in detail the various methods

hypothetical example. Trading & profit and Loss Account and



it. triut Balance,

Balance sheet of M/s Trinity Foods as on the year ending 31., March 2010


Started business with capital Rs.1,00,000 Paid into Bank R$.10,000

Bought fumiture and paid cash Rs.25,000 Bought goods for cash Rs.50,000 Bought goods from Ram onCredit Rs.15,000
Sold a part of the goods for Rs.75,000 and paid the proceeds into bank directly.

[Tunt Over

000 Reserve 3.00.000 l-and Buildings 3.000 Debenture Profit plant (cost) (at Cost) g.000 6..000 Goodwill 6. Soid the remaining goods on credit for Rs.00. From the following prepare: (i) (ii) Schedule of change in working capital Fund Flow Statement Follor.000 1.000 5.000 13.000 Provision fbr Stock 40.50.000 4.000 to Rahirr Paid salaries and wages Rs.000 3.000 4. Industries Ltd.50.00.000 Paid rent by cheque Rs.5.50.ving are the Balance Sheets on 31-12-2005 and 31-12-2006 of BROYHILL Industries Ltd.000 l.00.000 Machinery 6. as on Liabilities 31-12-05 31-12-06 Assets 3l-12-05 3t-t2-06 Share capital 12.000 & 2.000 9.III 5.000 LTNIT . as Balance Sheet of M/S BROYHILL.00.00.. (2) .000 Debtors 6.3g.000 .000 10.000 Bank loan 8.8.000 a/c Creditor 2.00.000 3.50.000 16.

( 3 )' ' Depreciation 12.70.aet .10.AA0 47.000 transferred to reserve. Explain the concept.000 49.42.000 Adjustments 47.000 on plant & on Machinery 60. These assets included buildings rvorth Rs.1.000 i2.50.74. Building costing Rs. Provision for taxation in 2006 Rs.000. 1.000 (Accumulated depreciation Rs.000 Taxation 33.12.000) was sold for Rs.50. payable in shares.0A0 (") (b) A part of the machinery costing Rs.000 I. profit of Rs. Bank Preliminary expenses 14.000 and stock worth Rs. 0. fTurn tt.000 was sold for Rs.40.000 Bad and doubtful Debts I. 1 .00.I (Accumulated depreciation 10.000. During 2006 assets of anorher company were purchased tbr a (d) (e) (f) consideration ofRs.000 Provision for: 50.1.000 were paid during the year.000.000 70.50.000 6.1. need.20. (c) Lbnd costing Rs.20.OOO.74.00. Dividends of Rs.00.ZO. 1. importance and scope of Management accounting. t.000 Buildings 40.1.000.AA 33.000) was sold for Rs.

(4) LNIT_ IV 7. features advantages and disadvantages of Marginal and Absorption costing Techniques. what are the different tvpes Variances? Explain of in detaii &e Material Variance and Labour Variance with the help of an example? i<*********t** .l.Elucidate tle term variance Analysis. l0. TINIT_ V 9.various costs with the help of a hypothetical example- 8. Also explain the Limitations of the budgetary control system with relevant examples. Define the term budgetary control. Explain in detail the process ofprepararion ofcost Sheet through element-wise classification of. Explain the salient features and various objectives of budgetary control system. Explain the concept.