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Tender No.T/Q4/656/04

Section 3

SCOPE OF WORK 1.00 Scope of Work 1.1 The scope of work shall include removal of existing rubberlining, supply of all requisite material, tools, tackles, and other accessories, preparation of surface for rubber lining by grit / shot blasting, carry out rubber lining, testing of the lining as per attached specification sheet / data sheet. During removal of existing rubberlining from the tank, there may be a possibility of thinning of the thickness of the shell, bottom plate, roof or the nozzles and appurtenances attached to the tank or repair works to be undertaken on the tank from the dimensions as mentioned in the drawing. Any such steel repair work including supply of materials required shall be in the scope of the tenderer. The extent of steel repair work shall be decided after inspection by MFL on removal of rubberlining. The scope of work shall include removal of existing FRP lining, supply of all requisite materials, tools, tackles, and other accessories, preparation of surface for FRP lining and its application on the tank roof and structures. The lining is to be provided to protect the tank roof and structures against corrosive atmosphere. The scope also shall include disposal of old rubberlining & FRP lining material from the site to the designated yard immediately, after completion of removal of old lining job. After completion of entire job, the external surface of the shell shall be shot / grit blasted and painted. Asphalt lining shall be provided at the periphery of the tank bottom








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:: 2 :: Tender No. T/Q4/656/04 Section 3


Specification For Rubber Lining 2.1 a b The thickness of rubber lining shall be as given below: On the inside of roof On the floor and the shell upto a height of 1 M min. Acid level. On the remaining portion of shell Tolerance of thickness : : 3 mm 10 mm (two distinct layers of 5 mm each)



5 mm

d 2.2


+ 10%

British standard CP 3003 lining of vessels and equipment for chemical process Part I rubber, shall be followed. The rubberlining shall be carried out by “Cold Bond” method as per IS 4682 – Part I and BS CP 3003 Part I using pre-vulcanised natural rubber of proper grade and hardness suitable for the service specified in Section 4. The rubber lining shall have shore hardness of 52 + 5 deg A ----------------The compound / adhesive shall be such that it will give necessary bondage, strength, etc., with the metal surfaces as per British Standard Code of Practice (Code CP 3003 – Part I – Rubber). The grade of rubber shall be such that it should have the required chemical and physical conditions specified, non-standing properties and do not deteriorate by prolonged contact with the liquid whose analysis is given in Section 4. The tenderer shall furnish all specifications and make the approve mix and samples of vulcanised natural rubber sheet for test and for future reference in case of dispute, and shall not change the mix in any way without the approval of MFL. …..3






The surfaces shall then be cleaned thoroughly with solvent and a thin coat of resin must be applied within 4 hours of completion of grit / shot blasting.9 2.00 Surface Preparation 4.10 Before despatching the materials to site. and shall be free from rust. the tenderer shall offer the rubber materials for material test which will be conducted / witnessed by MFL Engineer at his works. All materials shall be supported by manufacturers test certificate and guarantee certificate.clicktoconvert. The surfaces shall be prepared by grinding.1 Surfaces to be rubber lined shall be grit / shot blasted by the tenderer thoroughly to a bright metal finish. of the lining. to show the level of adhesion obtained before and after exposure to the same conditions of use. Only after getting clearance from MFL Engineer. grit / shot and any other facilities required for grit / shot blasting shall be arranged by the tenderer. ….00 Bonding 3. 4. weld splatter or any other foreign matter.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .3 4.8 Section 3 The compound / adhesive and the compounding of rubber shall be such that the lining shall be cured at ambient temperature without any detriment to the adhesion.. 3.http://www. hardness. 2.2 4.4 . the tenderer shall despatch the materials to site. etc.4 4.. scale. Any scaffolding provided by the tenderer shall be of steel only. Compressor. It is important that the samples be bonded in a similar way to that which will ultimately be employed on the equipment to be :: 3 :: Tender No. Any hoses provided in the compressed air line shall be tested with air before commencing the grit / shot blasting job.1 The tenderer shall supply bonded samples using identical materials and methods employed on the equipment. strength. where necessary.T/Q4/656/04 2.

…. The number of seams shall be kept to a minimum consistent with good workmanship. Nozzles shall be lined so as to provide a smooth opening of maximum possible diameter.. Overlapping edges shall be sized and turned down to give smooth and neat appearance. 5. All lapped seams shall be made by overlapping adjacent sheets by not less than two inches.5 mm :: 4 :: Tender No. All edges and seams shall be laid straight.7 5. The minimum size of the strap shall be 75 mm wide and 1.5 The grit / shot blasting machine shall be provided with safety valve as a protection against over pressure.6 5. The sheets shall be joined by strapped joints as per BS Code of Practice CP 3003 Part I.T/Q4/656/04 Section 3 4.http://www.5 5.1 The lining including surface preparation of the tank shall be carried out at site.4 5.00 Rubber Lining 5. The rubber lining shall extend out over the full face of all flanges of nozzles and manholes unless otherwise noted. The bond between adjacent sheets of overlaps shall be such that separation cannot occur without tearing the lining. All manhole covers and blind flanges shall be lined.3 5. Any necessary pre-shrinking of the rubber shall be carried out at shop / site before hand tailoring the sheet to fit the surface to be rubber lined. The side of the sheet which will be in contact with the adhesive shall be wiped with a rubber solvent and edge of the rubber sheet shall be tapered suitably. The sheet shall be applied to the metal as soon as the solvent has evaporated and while the sheet sill remains its surface tank.5 5. Circumferential joints shall be located so as not to restrict the opening.2 5.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .8 .clicktoconvert.

The spark length shall be not less than 32 mm.This watermark does not appear in the registered version . Hardness test shall be carried out on completion of bonding the sheets.1 FRP lining shall be of two layers of fibre glass chopped strand mat of 450 gm/Sq. Readings shall be taken for each Sq. Test certificates for the materials shall be furnished along with the supplies.http://www.1 The sheet shall be examined to ensure that it is free from blisters and any other imperfection which would affect the performance of ….4 6. density followed by a top layer of surface mat impregnated with isopthalic polyester resin.2 7. The reinforcement materials shall be M/s PGP or M/s Ceat Tyres or M/s Naptha Resins & Chemicals Pvt.M of lining. The laminate thickness shall be minimum 2mm. where the repairs have been carried out.. catalysts and accelerators to resin system shall be as per the recommendations of the resin suppliers.T/Q4/656/04 6.3 6. The adhesion test shall be conducted as per procedure given in BS CP 3003 at 20 + 5 deg C after minimum during period of 10 days..3 .5 7. The minimum glass resin ratio shall be 1:2. Ltd.00 Specification for FRP lining 7. the areas concerned shall be tested :: 5 :: Tender No. Material from any other manufacturer will not be accepted. make and polyester resin shall be of M/s Bakelite Hylam make.2 6. Hardness shall be measured with a portable hardness meter calibrated in accordance with BS 2719 (Method of use and calibration of pocket type rubber hardness meters).6 7. High voltage spark test shall be carried out to check the continuity and absence of pinholes. The addition to hardness.clicktoconvert. The spark test shall be conducted on the entire rubber lined area and joint seams before and after the application of the strips. Section 3 6.00 Testing 6..

This watermark does not appear in the registered version .7 . stairway hand rails and supporting angles of gratings. 9.. The thickness of the lining shall be 2 mm\ 9. Compressor and any other facilities required for grit / shot blasting shall be arranged by the tenderer. Pits. putty made from isopthalic polyester resin shall be applied to produce smooth.3 9.00 Surface Preparation 8.1 All the steel surfaces to be FRP lined shall be grit / shot blasted thoroughly to a greyish finish by the tenderer.4 …. The grit / shot blasting machine shall be provided with safety valve (safe trip) as a protection against over pressure. Section 3 8. rounded contours and to eliminate sharp angles that might cause difficulty in the application of laminate coating. if any.4 9. A thin coat of isopthalic grade of polyester resin must be applied within four hours after completion of grit / shot blasting to prevent rusting of the surface to be lined. After the primer resin is cured. Any hoses provided in the compressed air line shall be tested with air before commencement of grit blasting job.00 FRP Lining 9. A top coat of FRP surface mat shall be applied over the two layers of FRP laminates.1 The lining shall completely cover the roof. the area shall be laminated with FRP by the hand lay up technique. Any scaffolding provided by the tenderer shall be of steel only. :: 6 :: Tender No. roof structure.5 The rain water drain holes on the roof purlins should not be covered with the FRP lining.2 8. roof handrails. curb angle.2 9. shall be filled with putty. After the prime coat.T/Q4/656/04 8.3 8.clicktoconvert.

manhole. scaffolding and all other necessary equipment required for the job. bottom & roof plate. The extent of steel repair work shall be decided after inspection by MFL on removal of rubberlining. material. The material shall conform to the specification of IS:2062 / equivalent and gratings for the stairway shall be of G. fabrication and erection of identified portions of the tank shell.T/Q4/656/04 10. 11.1 The metal repair work includes dismantling.http://www.00 Inspection & Testing 12.2 All materials supplied shall be from standard suppliers supported by Material Test Certificate and shall be duly submitted to MFL before despatch. welding equipment.2 Spark test shall be carried out on the entire lining area of the roof surface including roof structure. manhole covers in the presence of MFL Engineers. 12. cables. 11.I. MFL shall take random sample of plates for analysis / testing to carry out ultrasonic testing to check for the presence of lamination. if required.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .00 Metal Rectification 11. …. tackles.4 The successful tenderer shall carry out the rectification work with their own tools.00 Inspection and Testing of FRP lining 10.clicktoconvert. roof structures and appurtenances. entrapped air and exposed fibres. Defects are to be repaired by sandering a generous area around the defected portion and applying a layer of FRP mat saturated with activated resin. However.3 The fabrication and erection work shall be strictly adhered to API650 for welding and other structural attachments.8 Section 3 . 11.1 Welders engaged in the job shall be qualified by MFL before job commencement. supply. 10. on receipt of material. :: 7 :: Tender No.1 Lining shall be visually inspected to ensure free from poorly weed out fibres.

the external surface of the shell shall be shot / grit blasted to Swedish SA 2.http://www.T/Q4/656/04 Section 3 12..This watermark does not appear in the registered version . the surface shall be made suitable for subsequent rubberlining inside and FRP lining over the tank roof and if any defects found shall be rectified till MFL’s acceptance.9 .5 Gr. 75 microns + 2 coats of EPILUX 4 Finish paint to a dft 40 microns per coat and total to min. …. the entire tank shall be tested with potable water for checking any leaks and necessary arrangement required for the test shall be arranged by the successful tenderer.1 Asphalt lining shall be provided at the periphery of the tank bottom upto the height of outer circumference of the tank bottom plate and proper outward slope to be maintained.1 After completion of entire job.3 Fabrication & Welding shall be inspected as per API-650 and MFL approved QAP.clicktoconvert. 14.5 After completion of entire metal rectification work.00 Asphalt Lining 14.2 Subsequently. Finally.and the specification shall conform to one coat EPILUX 610 Primer to dft 25 microns + one coat of EPILUX MIO to a dft.4 Inspection & Testing shall be as below : Bottom Plate : Shell Plate : Reinforcement Pad for the : nozzle & manway Shell to bottom joint : Fillet welds : Butt welds : Vacuum box method Radiography & Waterfill test Air test at 1 ksc Liquid Penetrant Test By visual inspection 10% Radiography 12. a coat of black Epoxy Coal tar shall be applied upto a height of 1 m from the bottom of the tank throughout the entire tank circumference. 13. System II painting shall be carried out on the shell. 180 microns.2 After completion of metal rectification :: 8 :: Tender No. 12. 13. 12.00 Painting 13.

com :: 9 :: Tender No.1 Any deviations from technical specification in the tender shall be prominently indicated by the tenderers in their offers.http://www.00 General 15. .This watermark does not appear in the registered version .clicktoconvert.T/Q4/656/04 Section 3 15.

f. h.clicktoconvert.T/Q4/656/04 DATA SHEET 1 2 3 Internal Dia of tank Height of tank (Nominal) Liquid handled : : : 24 M 9 M Section 4 54% P205 Merchant grade Phosphoric acid (Refer Analysis) Conc 1 in 6 with supporting structures at outside roof 2-10-30-2026 4 Slope of roof : 5 Drawing No. : The thickness of rubber lining on internal surface of the tank. e. On the Roof (inside) On the floor and the shell upto a 1 height of 1 m from bottom (minimum acid level) On the remaining portion of shell Tolerance on thickness Tensile Strength Elongation break in % Modulus @ 300% Shore Hardness : : 3 mm 10 mm (two distinct layers of 5 mm each) 5 mm ± 10% 150 KSC to 180 KSC 400 min. : : : : : : .This watermark does not appear in the registered version .com Tender No. d. g. b.http://www. 50 to 100 Kg / cm2 52 ± 5°A ……2 c. physical properties of the rubber used shall be as given below : a.

0 to 54. 1.5 to 1. Flourine (F) Calcium Oxide (Ca0) Ferric Oxide (Fe203) Chromium Oxide (Cr203) Aluminium Oxide (Al203) Magnesium Oxide (Mg0) % % % % % % % % 0. 1. Ambient (Refer Special Conditions of Contract) .2 max. 0.65 to 1. 1.0 Trace to 0. Silicon Dioxide (Si02) Sodium Oxide (Na20) Potassium Oxide (K20) Zinc Oxide (Zn0) Suspended solids Viscosity CPS @ 60 deg F @ 100 deg F Specific Gravity @ 60 deg F Temperature % % 0.3 0.75 :: 2 :: Tender No.0 to 4.5 0. 155 max.5 0.0 2.8 max.2 0.01 to 0.T/Q4/656/04 Section 4 ANALYSIS OF 54% MERCHANT GRADE PHOS. 1.75 max.02 200 ppm max.8 0.5 to 1.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .05 0.1 to 0.15 max.05 to 0.2 max.1 to 0.1 to 0. 0.02 to 0.15 0.5 100 to 155 50 to 65 1.5 max.5 0.clicktoconvert. ACID Phosphoric Pentoxide (P205) Sulphuric Acid (H2S04) Chlorine (Cl) % % % 52.5 0.5 to 1.5 max.5 to 0.http://www. 65 max.2 max.01 1.

The tenderer is requested to visit the site at Madras Fertilizers Limited. re-rubberlining.1 The entire job of procurement.00 Inspection 5.clicktoconvert. supply.00 3. whichever is earlier. MFL reserves the right to inspect the work during any Tender No. Tenderer shall submit time schedule for the work along with the tender indicating the schedule for various stage of work for the tank.http://www. Manali. FRP lining. inspection. The time completion of as stated above shall be deemed to be the essence of the contract and the successful tenderer shall make every effort to complete the job in time. failing which MFL reserves the right to arrange rectification / replacement of the same at the tenderer’s cost.2 4.This watermark does not appear in the registered version . steel repair work.3 5.00 These conditions are in addition to the General terms and conditions and special conditions of contract attached and carry precedence over the same in case of any contradictory provisions. the tenderer shall immediately arrange replacement / rectification free of cost.. …. painting and inspection of the tank has to be completed within 7 months from the date of handing over of the tank.T/Q4/656/04 Section 5 ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL AND COMMERCIAL CONDITIONS 1.00 Time Schedule 4. Chennai and ascertain the site conditions thereof before quoting for the job in question. Guarantee 3. In the event of notice of any defects during guarantee period. 4.00 3.2 4.1 The complete rubber lining / FRP lining / painting and metal rectification shall be guaranteed against defective materials and poor workmanship for a period of 18 months from the date of final acceptance or 12 months from the date of actual use. removal of existing rubberlining.2 .1 You shall clearly indicate the proposed inspection schedule at various stages of the work. 2.

. for work in the area.1 Tenderer shall provide all amenities to his staff and labour at site as per local Rules and Regulations. The tenderer shall only use tested equipment.3 6. Tenderer shall strictly follow the rules and regulations of Madras Fertilizers Ltd.2 6. 6. equipment :: 2 :: Tender No. MFL Engineer’s decision as regards the acceptance of the work shall be final and binding .1 Tenderer shall submit weekly progress reports of the work.This watermark does not appear in the registered version . without which the tenderer will not be permitted to commence the work.4 6. tools & tackles to the satisfaction of MFL Engineer.http://www.clicktoconvert. The tenderer is fully responsible for the safety of his staff and workmen and must equip them with safety appliances and tools. All the workmen and staff shall be covered under Group Accident Insurance Scheme at his cost for the duration of the contract. 5. relevant rules.3 .6 7. Government of Tamil Nadu and also local authorities as in force from time to time.00 Progress Report 7. …. shall be inspected as per relevant codes and MFL approved Quality Assurance Plan and detail drawing prepared by the tenderer and approved by MFl. The tenderer shall also observe all rules and regulations framed by MFL. regulations and acts of Government of India.T/Q4/656/04 5. Tenderer throughout the pendency of the contract. which houses other acid storage tanks. workmanship.5 6.2 Section 5 All material.3 6. instruments. shall observe all the provisions.00 Rules & Regulations 6.

On completion of the work undertaken by the tenderer. The tenderer shall extend the same to the work site at their cost.This watermark does not appear in the registered version . materials. Any other facility like compressed air. larceny.1 MFL carry out the inspection of the rubber lining work during all stages of work. MFL will only provide an open space for the tenderer to make arrangements for storing his equipment. Water and power for site work will be supplied to the tenderer free of cost. MFL will not provide any scaffolding..http://www. The tenderer will be solely responsible for watching and guarding of his stores and office. shall be arranged by the tenderer. blower etc. :: 3 :: Tender No.T/Q4/656/04 Section 5 8.6 9. MFL reserves the right to ask the tenderer at any time during the pendency of the contract to vacate the site by giving 7 days notice for security or any other reasons by allocating alternate location within or outside the premises 8.4 8.3 8. fire. tools and tackles at the work spot and also to put up a temporary site office. The tenderer shall cover all his equipment and materials with requisite insurance against theft.00 Supervision 9. earthquake etc.clicktoconvert.00 Site Facilities and Construction of Stores & Site Office 8. tools and tackles for carrying out the work.1 MFL shall make available electric power and water at one point only. 9.5 8.2 ……4 . he shall remove all temporary works erected by him and clear the site as directed by MFL Engineer. Tenderer shall afford the company complete access and inspection at all reasonable times and give all information desired about the progress of work.2 8.

4 . PF and Group Accident Insurance Scheme at your cost for the duration of the contract without which you shall not be permitted to start the work.00 Insurance 10.1 The tenderer shall strictly follow all the safety and entry rules and regulations of MFL and shall be fully responsible for the safety of your staff and workmen and must equip them with safety appliances like safety helmets.2 All the workmen and the staff shall be covered under ESI.T/Q4/656/04 10.00 Working Condition and Safety 11. The tenderer shall indemnify MFL against any claims which may be under the Workmen’s Compensation Act and / or payment of wages act or any other statutory obligations or :: 4 :: Tender No. gloves.clicktoconvert.. 11.3 11. The ESI payment challans shall be furnished to MFL.http://www. Until the acceptance of the complete work. as in force from time to time and any subsequent modification therefore in respect of any damage or compensation payable in consequence of any accident or injury sustained by any workmen or other person whether in the employment of tenderer or not. the tenderer shall also be liable for and shall indemnify the company in respect of all damages to any property of the company or of others occasioned by the negligence of your workmen or by defective work or otherwise. Section 5 11. safety belts.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .1 Tenderer shall take comprehensive erection insurance policy to cover all the risks during the pendency of contract till acceptance of job by the company. tools etc. Tenderer shall arrange immediate replacement of material damaged or lost in transit and also shall be responsible for proceesing the claims with Insurance Company. goggles. ……5 11.

00 Removal of Rejected Material / Equipment 14. incurred by the company..T/Q4/656/04 12. MFL shall in no way be responsible for any loss. the tenderer is liable.1 The company has the right to make any investigation necessary to satisfy itself of compliance by the tenderer of the specifications and instructions and reject any material / work that does not conform to specification or instructions by the company. if any.http://www. 12.2 All equipment and material brought to the site shall be deemed to be the property of the company and shall not be removed from the site without the permission in writing from the company.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .00 Losses due to Non-compliance of Instructions 15. 15. damages or expenses.1 Goods rejected by the company shall be removed by the tenderer within 15 days from the date of intimation.clicktoconvert.1 The contract shall in all respects be constructed and operated as an Indian Contract and in conformity with Indian Laws and Regulations in force and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Chennai :: 5 :: Tender No.1 All costs. damages occuring to the company owing to the tenderer’s failure to adhere to any of the instructions given by the company will be recoverable from the tenderer. Section 5 14. …. shall be deducted by the company from any money due or becoming due to the tenderer under this tender or any other order or a may be recovered by legal action or otherwise from tenderer. 13.00 Deduction from Contract Process 12.00 Legal Construction 13. for which as per terms of the contract.6 . deterioration or damage to the rejected goods under any circumstances whatsoever. Losses.

2 18. Revision in prices and times.. wherever possible on prorata basis. tools. and source of the rubber proposed for the services mentioned in Section 4. hardness etc. 18. 17. preferably with photographs of the installations carried out by them. 18.T/Q4/656/04 16. tackles etc. 18.1 The company reserves the right to modify the requirement both in quantity and scope of work and the tenderer shall carry out such modifications without any prejudice to the contract. adhesion strength. if any.4 Availability of special tools and equipment necessary to carry out the rubber lining. value of contracts executed.1 The contract for the work is a complete one for labour.00 Coverage of Contract 17.5 Proof of previous experience in similar type of jobs. the parties.http://www.00 Information to be supplied along with the tender 18. The tenderer shall make his own arrangements for all the materials and equipment required for the due performance of the contract. The price change due to modification in scope will be finally decided by mutual negotiations. materials and workmanship with tenderer’s overheads and profit including all temporary works and the provision and use of construction. occasioned due to modification in scope of Work shall be informed in writing to the company by the tenderer within a week. a fresh unit rate will be decided by mutual negotiation. equipment. The price change due to variation of scope will be based on unit rates already quoted.00 Modification 16.1 Completed properties such as tensile strength. Properties and make of adhesives / compound proposed.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .com :: 6 :: Tender No. Section 5 18. ……7 .3 Method of adhesion test / spark test / peel off test.clicktoconvert.

00 Liquidated Damages 19. entitled to levy unconditional penalty charges at 0.clicktoconvert. If the completion of the job is delayed (for which company will be the sole judge). the company reserves the right to make alternative arrangement for procurement of materials and get the job completed at tenderer’s costs. .com :: 7 :: Tender No.T/Q4/656/04 Section 5 19.http://www.5% of the week of delay or part thereof subject to a maximum of 5% of the contract value.This watermark does not appear in the registered version .1 In case of delay in completion. company shall at its option.

manway. 1 Removal of existing rubber lining Grit / Shot blasting Dismantling of existing shell courses.M. M. 4b 605 Sq. lining of shell to the remaining height 3 mm thk. 1600 M2 1600 M2 25 MT Unit Rate Rs. Particulars Approx.M. 4c 480 Sq. manway. roof structures. P. roof structures.2 .Supply & lining 10 mm thk. lining of inside the roof 2 3a 3b 25 MT 4 4a 530 Sq. No. Amount Rs.clicktoconvert.http://www. ……. Qty. curb angle and stairway under replacement Supply and execution of steel repair work on the tank including shell courses. Acid level floor in two layers of 5 mm Tender No. lining on floor and shell upto a height of 1 m min. 5 mm thk. bottom plate.T/Q4/656/04 Section 6 PRICE SCHEDULE AND PAYMENT TERMS Sl. curb angle and stairway Rubber lining . nozzles.This watermark does not appear in the registered version . bottom plate. nozzles.

No. Qty.3 .This watermark does not appear in the registered version . roof hand rails. Particulars Approx.http://www. Dismantling of existing Asphalt lining and redoing With fresh asphalt etc….com :: 2 :: Tender No. Section 6 5 Removal of existing FRP lining from the roof of the tank 6 FRP lining on the shot / grid 850 M2 blasted roof area of the tank including roof.. P. To a desired level & thickness As existing one to make good Surface preparation and application of painting per specification (system II) with material for the entire external surface of the tank * Disposal of peeled off rubberlining sheet per pieces as a scrap weight basis 690 Sqm 7 8 9 * Amount payable to MFL -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------** Quantity mentioned in the Price Schedule is only indicative and the payment shall be made only on the actual quantity erected / job completed. Price quoted shall be firm and free from any kind of escalation …. 850 M2 Unit Rate Rs.. stairway hand rails and grating supporting angles etc. roof structures.T/Q4/656/04 PRICE SCHEDULE AND PAYMENT TERMS Sl.clicktoconvert. Amount Rs. curb angles.

clicktoconvert. Terms of Payment 1 2 3 4 10% as advance against the Bank Guarantee in MFL proforma to remain valid till completion of contract. . So there shall be no exemption in excise duty and customs duty. 5% shall be retained towards Security Deposit till the expiry of guarantee period. subject to submission of documentary evidence.T/Q4/656/04 Section 6 For records.This watermark does not appear in the registered version . if you furnish a bank guarantee in MFL prescribed proforma for this amount. 10% on completion of Inspection and clearance of the :: 3 :: Tender No. this amount shall be released earlier. the tenderer shall also indicate the rate included in their quotation for (a) excise duty. Any variation of these levies / taxes compared to the rates ruling at the date of supplier quotation due to statutory regulations / Government action shall be to MFL’s account. if any. (b) custom duty. However. 75% payment against completion of the job on prorata basis.http://www. This tender does not come under projects. and (c) sales tax.