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July 2004

National Television Academy

ff San Francisco/Northern California

Board Members, Elected, Re-elected “Illegal

What Label
Are We Using?
Eleven percent of the American
Friedman Sanders Franco
population speaks Spanish at
VP-San Franicsco VP-San Francisco VP-Sacramento
home. But when you take a close
look at California, that number
skyrockets to almost 27 percent,
according to the latest information
from the U.S. Census Bureau.
David Mills
That means potentially 27 percent
of our viewers speak Spanish. This
Officers 2004-2006 has caused TV stations around
Rosales Russell Young
the state, and across the country,
VP-Fresno VP-Reno VP-Hawaii
to take a closer look at how we
portray immigrants, and how we
Photos by Robert them.
Mohr © 2004
Photos by Robert Mohr ©the
For instance, 2004
label “illegal
alien” is the legal definition of
immigrants who are in this country
illegally. But those two words have
created a rift between Latinos, and
Lowry Palacios Gibson Zeiden those who use the label… includ-
Secretary Treasurer National Trustees ing television stations, reporters,
and anchors. Many feel the label
Some new faces and some familiar ones will join the Board of Gover- is very offensive. Some prefer
nors for the National Television Academy’s Northern California chapter. “illegal immigrants” or “undocu-
The board elected officers and filled two board vacancies at its April mented immigrants”. Juan
17 meeting. Gonzalez, President of the Na-
The governors re-elected KPIX’s David Mills as board president for tional Association of Hispanic
a second two-year term. They also re-elected ABC7’s Lynn Friedman Journalists, says the organization
as San Francisco vice president; independent producer Keith Sanders acts as a watchdog for TV stations
as San Jose vice president; KOVR’s George Franco as Sacramento who use the words “illegal alien”
vice president; KGPE’s Erik Rosales as Fresno vice president; and freely, often butting heads with
KITV’s Pamela Young as Hawaii vice president. CNN’s Lou Dobbs. Gonzalez says
Terri Russell of KOLO-TV was selected as Reno vice president. She NAHJ seeks “long-lasting struc-
replaces KTVN’s David Ratto, who had served two terms and couldn’t tural change in the media –getting
run again. Justin Kanno of KOLO was chosen to fill Russell’s governor more Latinos into every newsroom
spot on the board. continued on page 4 continued on page 5
Off Camera, July 2004, page 1
Twelve Governors Elected to NATAS Board

Ashley Avery Edwards Heller Hernandez Murray

Odell Osborne Schoen Searles Valencia Yamane

Twelve new and familiar faces were elected last *Janice Edwards, community relations director
month for two-year terms to NATAS’ Northern Califor- and program host at NBC 11 in San Jose. This is her
nia Board of Governors. first term.
Among the dozen people selected were four *Stewart Heller, executive producer, York Produc-
producers, two anchors, a college instructor and two tions in Oakland. This is his second term.
community affairs directors. Among the 12 selectees, *Valeria Hernandez, community and public affairs
there were four independents, a new board member assistant at KDTV in San Francisco. This is her first
from Sacramento and two incumbents re-elected term.
from Fresno and Hawaii. *John Murray, president, JM Communications in
The 12 board members will hold their seats until San Francisco. This is his second term.
2006. They are among 25 elected board members. *John Odell, faculty member, City College of San
The NATAS Northern California board also has Francisco. This is his second term.
officers and committee chairs that bring the govern- *Nancy Osborne, anchor at KFSN in Fresno. This
ing board total to more than 40. is her first full term.
The mail-in election was held last month. Only 117 *Pam Schoen, creative services director at KTXL
chapter members, 11 percent of those eligible, voted. in Sacramento. This is her first term.
Fourteen candidates were on the ballot. Here are the *Heather Searles, independent producer, Oak-
top 12 vote-getters, in alphabetical order. land. This is her second term.
*Dan Ashley, anchor at ABC 7 in San Francisco. *Javier Valencia, community relations manager at
This is his second term. KRON in San Francisco. This is his second term.
*Brian Avery, station manager at KTLN in Corte *Stuart Yamane, independent producer in Hawaii.
Madera. This is his second term. This is his second term.

Oscars of Advertising
The National Academy of Television Arts and
Sciences has cancelled the “Oscars” of advertising.
Action 36 Cable 6 is proud to bring back “Rocky
The Wall Street Journal reports the Academy made
and Bullwinkle and Friends” to the Bay Area, Sun-
the decision to eliminate the awards show after
days from 8 to 10 p.m. starting July 11th. The epi-
receiving only a few entries in most of the categories.
sodes will include favorites such as “Fractured Fairy
Advertisers, however, still have the opportunity to
Tales,” “Peabody’s Improbable History,” “Dudley Do
have their work judged, and awarded. There are
Right,” “Aesop and Son,” “Bullwinkle’s Corner,” ‘Mr.
several other existing awards shows in the industry. Know it All” and of course, Boris and Natasha.
Off Camera, July 2004, page 2
Summer Screening Party at Dolby
by Cynthia E. Zeiden
On Thursday, June 24th we had a fun KQED and BAVC. The clip showed perfor-
evening at the Dolby Labs Screening Room; mances from a Muslim hip hop club. The
many thanks to Tom Bruchs at Dolby for series focuses on the local arts scene in San
letting us use the beautiful facility! This Francisco and is funded by numerous
year, the event was co-sponsored by the foundations. Pam explained that the series
Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) and the was created with the plan of repurposing the
presenters were a combination of BAVC material digitally on their website (which
members and NATAS Emmy winners.
Photos by Robert Mohr © 2004 won the Interactive Emmy category). These
First up was Sam Green with “The archived materials are distributed to class-
Weather Underground,” nominated for an rooms. Pam urged us to tune into KQED on
Oscar for Best Documentary. He couldn’t Wednesday, September 22nd when they are
be there, but we saw a very moving clip of going to pledge “SPARK” all day long.
the film. Next, we saw a clip from Lidia Craig Franklin, Emerald Yeh and Jim
Szajko’s “Girl Trouble,” which followed the Joy of KRON presented a clip from “Lost
lives of 3 girls through the Juvenile Justice Childhood: Growing Up in an Alcoholic
System for four years. Family,” which won the Emmy for Best
Goldberger Haman
The first NATAS presenter was Bob Documentary. This half hour documentary
Goldberger, Executive Producer for KGO- is a culmination of interviews with four kids
TV’s ABC7 at 11pm newscast, which won an for over 17 years of their lives. These kids
Emmy for Best Large Market Newscast. have alcoholics for parents and the program
We saw a 5 minute montage of a news night focuses on how that effected them at
in May. Bob said that after taking out the various stages of their lives and finally into
commercials and national and international adulthood. The kids attended a special
news, there is an average of 16-18 minutes summer camp that allowed them to be with
left for local news, depending on what is Levy Herold other children of alcoholics.
going on that day. He said that there are Tom Shepard presented a clip from his
many discussions about the overall tone of documentary, “Scout’s Honor” about one
the newscast and they try to at least end the boy’s struggle legally with the Boy Scouts
newscast on an optimistic note. Bob thinks over their policy of gay discrimination. It
that all of the local newscasts in San aired in 2001 as part of PBS’s “P.O.V.”
Francisco are Emmy-worthy, it just depends series. It took him 3 and a half years to
on which markets judge our regional Emmys make it and the result was that the court
and their tastes that determine who wins said that the Boy Scouts had a right to make
each year. Franklin Yeh that policy. But the fallout was that many
BAVC presenter, Kara Herold, then showed a clip from organizations that donated facilities to the Scouts no longer
her documentary, “Grrlyshow,” which focuses on “zines,” do because of their anti-gay policies.
alternative magazines. It had a very edgy style and it had Patricia Cogley was the last presenter. She told us
the look of old 1960’s educational films you’d see in about BAVC’s Youthlink program and showed us a clip from
grammar school. She got a lot of that footage from the “Homeless Orchestra,” a documentary by Theo Ellington, a
Prelinger website where producers can download footage 16 year old Youthlink graduate and student at the School of
free of charge. the Arts. He is now doing an internship at WB20.
Jim Hamen presented KTVU’s “Chinese New Year’s Then we had our raffle, which raised $100 for the
Parade” coverage, which won an Emmy for Best Live chapter’s scholarship programs. Thanks to Thomson
Event. They have been covering this parade for the past Broadcast & Media Solutions who donated the DVD
17 years and just recently decided to begin the parade with recorder/VHS combination grand prize. It was won by
a set performance. We saw the beginning performance for Javier Valencia of KRON, congrats to you Javier! Also,
2003 and it was a fascinating rendition of the Legend of the thanks to BAVC, KRON, KTVU’s “Toy Test” and Peachpit
Monkey King, complete with lions and firecrackers. The Press for their generous raffle contributions.
camera angles, narration and directing were all pre- If you weren’t there, you missed a really great evening.
rehearsed and the result reflected that. They produced the But, we are planning a Holiday Screening Party this
parade in HDTV a few years ago and they have plans to do December and all NATAS members are invited to present
that again in the coming years. The parade also airs on their work, on a first come, first serve basis.
KTSF in Cantonese and on the Travel Channel. For more information on the free Adult Scholarship
Next, Pam Rorke Levy, past member of the NATAS, programs at BAVC, go to:
SF/Nor Cal Chapter’s Board of Governors, showed us a index.htm or for more information on the Youthlink pro-
clip from the series, “SPARK,” that is co-produced by gram go to:
Off Camera, July 2004, page 3
NBC 11 Covers Olympics
by Damian Trujillo, NBC 11
Olympic medal ceremonies capture a The stories of the men and women who
sense of pomp, circumstance and pride compete for gold, represent their country
unlike any other. That frozen moment of with pride, and strive for excellence in all
emotion is a life’s goal for thousands of they do will anchor T.J., Raj and Shane’s
athletes around the world. coverage. Storytelling will focus on the
But there is much more to the stories of Californians representing this country, and
the men and women who dedicate their lives the several others for which folks from
to the pursuit of that moment. Those stories California will be competing.
are what make the Olympics great televi- News away from the stadiums, arenas and
sion, and what makes us at NBC11 so proud to be venues of Olympic competition insinuated itself into
The Bay Area’s Olympic Station. the games of ‘72 in Munich, and then 24 years later
NBC11 5:00 o’clock news anchor T.J. Holmes, in Atlanta. There is a chance that could happen in
primary sports anchor Raj Mathai and veteran photo- Athens. We hope with all we have it will not. We
journalist Shane Leivas will carry the torch for know that if it does we will be positioned to report, as
NBC11’s coverage of the XXVIII Olympiad starting we must.
with the Opening Ceremony August 13. We will do more than 60 hours of news, and
This is the second time in the station’s little-more- added more hours of specials through the Olympics.
than-two years as an NBC affiliate that we have been There will be more than 1,200 hours of Olympic
the Bay Area Home of the Olympics. Coverage of the coverage on NBC, its four cable channels, and
2002 Salt Lake City Games was a huge success. Spanish language network, Telemundo.
Now we take our first run as the Bay Area’s Olym- Bay Area viewers, who deserve excellence in
pic Station since becoming a network O&O. We broadcasting just as they deserve excellence in
joined NBC’s Television Stations Division (TVSD), Olympic competition, will get exactly that from the
May 1, 2002. Being part of TVSD will allow us to back men and women who have made NBC11 a proud
up T.J., Raj and Shane with the nearly four-dozen part of this market and who will write the next chapter
journalists and technicians from TVSD’s other NBC in its history as proud presenters of the Summer
and Telemundo stations. Games of 2004.

Board Members Investigative Reporter

continued from page 1 One of the nation’s top investi-
Terry Lowry was elected as gative reporters is coming to the
board secretary, replacing the Bay Area. Anna Werner will
departing Michele Ball of become Chief of CBS 5 (KPIX-
KBWB. Independent producer TV, San Francisco) Eyewitness
Frances Palacios was chosen News’ Investigative unit.
as treasurer, replacing accoun- Anna, coming from KHOU-TV,
tant James Spalding, who Houston, uncovered the hazards
served two terms. of Firestone ATX tires, resulting in
Elliott Independent producer Alison the largest tire recall in U.S. history. Anna has also
Gibson joins former board won Peabody Awards for the Firestone ATX tire story
president Cynthia Zeiden as the in 2000 and this year for her story and investigation
chapter’s two national trustees. of the Houston Police Department crime lab. That
KTVU’s Ron Louie was selected story caused a widespread review of criminal convic-
as an alternate trustee. tions, the shutdown of the lab’s DNA section and a
The governors also selected series of continuing government reforms.
Ginnelle Elliott, a special Before moving to Houston in 1998, Anna was an
projects producer at KPIX, to fill I-Team reporter for WISH-TV in Indianapolis, where
an open slot on the board. her work was also on CBS Evening News and CNN.
Kanno She has also worked for Chicagoland Television,
All the appointments took
effect June 15. WEEK-TV in Peoria and WIFR TV in Rockford, IL.

Off Camera, July 2004, page 4

“Illegal Immigrants,” CINEMA CLUB
What Label Are We Using? San Francisco - July 12th
continued from page 1
Comedy and Romance
so that they will become monitors of their own organi-
2 hrs. 05 min. “De-Lovely”
zations... because we need to change not just the
is an original musical
use of the term, but an entire mindset that is involved
portrait of American
in covering Latinos.”
composer Cole Porter
Several news directors around the nation have also
filled with his unforget-
chimed in. Here are their thoughts:
table songs. In the film,
“Illegal Immigrants, in my opinion is fine, but like
Porter is looking back
descriptions of ethnicity, the phrase should be used
on his life as if it was
when it is relevant to the story, and not a kind of
one of his spectacular
cultural ‘catch-all’ social code.”—Al Corral, News
stage shows, with the
Director, KVEA, Los Angeles.
people and events of
“In NYC, we use ‘Undocumented Immigrant’…. A
his life becoming the
human being is not illegal”.—Huge Balta, News
actors and action
Director, WNJU, New York City.
onstage. Through
“First of all, ‘illegal’ applies to objects, not human
legendary hits like
beings… I think the appropriate term would be un-
“Night and Day,” “It’s
documented”.—Abelardo Aquita, News Director,
KHRR, Tuscon, AZ De-lovely,” and “In the Still of the Night,” Porter’s
“We also have a policy against using ‘illegal elegant, excessive past comes to light – including his
aliens’. It’s the word alien that is most offensive and deeply complicated relationship with his wife and
unnecessary. The term ‘illegal immigrant’ is not muse, Linda Lee Porter. Directed by Academy Award-
banned because it is clear and accurate. I under- winner Irwin Winkler from a script by Jay Cocks and
stand some people don’t like it, and I’m open to starring Oscar-winner Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd, and
suggestions”.—Greg Dawson, VP of News, NBC7- Jonathan Pryce in addition to some of today’s big-
39, KNSD TV, San Diego. gest rock and pop music stars, “De-lovely” is a cel-
No doubt, the use of the label will vary from ebration of Porter’s music as well as an exploration of
station to station, depending on the demographics of the artist’s journey and the undying power of love.
their viewers. But with the face of the nation chang- Starring: Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd,
ing, the debate will surely continue. Jonathan Pryce, Keith Allen, Angie Hill
Directed by: Irwin Winkler
Produced by: Rob Cowan, Charles & Irwin Winkley
NorCal RTNDA Awards Special Feature-preceeding “De-Lovely” 10
Entry Deadline July 15th digital to film transfer demonstration.
This is a special PRIVATE screening at the
The entry deadline for the 23rd Delancey Street Screening Room, 600 The
NorCal RTNDA Awards is Thursday, Embarcadero, San Francisco. Refreshments &
July 15th. The entry period covers Networking 7 p.m., movie 7:30 p.m. Seating limited
from July 1, 2003 through June 30, to first 146 to arrive.
2004. Entries in eighteen news Sacramento - July 17th
categories which are divided by
large and small market divisions. Meet vice president George Franco in the lobby
Awards will be presented at the of the Regal Theatres at Natomas Marketplace,
23rd NorCal RTNDA Convention and 3561 Truxel Road, Sacramento (Off I80). at 11:30
Awards, October 22-24 at the a.m. Pick the hottest movie playing.
Monterey Marriott. Complete infor-
mation and forms at The CINEMA CLUB is a FREE first run monthly screening for NATAS, DGA and AWRT members
or call 650-341-9978. who may bring a guest.
Off Camera, July 2004, page 5
Thanks “Dutch”. . .
A glorious January day for so many by Adam Housley the Reagan Library about 35 miles
reasons, the Southern California morn- away, the entrance looks similar. The
ing sun, it’s golden rays streaking presidential sign was enveloped with
through the tinted corner office windows. mementos. People of all denomina-
As the oak office doors opened inward, tions, nationalities, ethnic back-
the view through the somewhat blinding grounds, and socio-economic
morning light, expansive all the livelihoods, all are here to pay their
way to the mighty Pacific and in the respects. One sign says, “thank you
distance Santa Catalina. God for giving him to us.” Another
Nerves had consumed all of us, says “you are now with the stars.”
invited to spend some time with the 40th Throughout the day as people came
President of the United States. But as to say a prayer, or leave a memento,
we walked into an office containing a some stop to speak with us. One lady
man of such high regard and such amazing importance, cries as she remembers the first President she ever saw
our uncertainty disappeared. His welcome.warming, “Hello” after emigrating from the Far East. A Russian man says his
Photos by Robert Mohr © 2004
he said. “Come on in.” country and the freedom it now has is a testament to
I of course will never forget the time photo
I had with album atReagan and his dedication to end Communism. These
I can still remember every word, every
and every people never met the President, but all felt as if they
facial expression. It truly felt like I had known the man always knew him..
forever and he treated others and me in the room equally. I have met the man and seen him several other times
Stories, smiles and comfort spread across the room more during ceremonies at his glorious Simi Valley Library. Now
powerful than the rays of the sun, or at least it felt that way. years later we return. A still beautiful scene, a still comfort-
Whether you were a fan of his politics as so many able feel. In life and now in death Reagan has a way to
were and are, or whether your opinions were dire ctly make us feel proud to be Americans no matter what our
opposite, the outpouring of sympathy remains amazing. standing. We are all welcome here as we pay our respects
The lawn in front of the mortuary in Santa Monica, Califor- and you can bet he is smiling and enjoying the visit with us.
nia is blanketed with flags, balloons, cards, notes, pictures, Adam Housley is a correspondent for Fox News and a
and cowboy hats, even boxes of the infamous jellybean. At governor of our Academy.


David Mills, KPIX, President
Lynn R Friedman, KGO, VP, SF
Keith Sanders, Perfect Pitch TV, VP, SJ
George Franco, KOVR, VP, Sacramento
Erik Rosales, KGPE, VP, Fresno Sharon Navratil, KTVU SAN FRANCSISCO
Terri Russell, KOLO, VP, Reno NORTHERN C ALIF
John Odell, CCSF
Pamela Young, KITV, VP, Hawaii 4317 Camden Avenue
Nancy Osborne, KFSN San Mateo, CA 94403
Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions, Secretary Pat Patton, KRON/Young (650) 341-7786
Frances Palacios, Palacios Prod., Treasurer (Membership) F: (650) 372-0279
Pam Schoen, KTXL
Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) Damian Trujillo, KNTV
Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Javier Valencia, KRON (Awards)
Kira Vilanova, KDTV (Publicity)
GOVERNORS: Stuart Yamane, Yamane Creative Svc.
Dan Adams, KXTV Richard Zanardi, Notre Dame
Dan Ashley, KGO
Brian Avery, KTLN COMMITTEE CHAIRS (not listed above)
John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc. Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal)
(Museum) Linda Giannecchini, KQED (Museum)
Janice Edwards, KNTV Deanne Moenster, KTVU (Publicity)
Ginnelle Elliott, KPIX James Spalding, Spalding & Co., (Finance)
Albert Garcia, KUVS
Alison Gibson, Media Cool EXECTIVE DIRECTOR
Stewart Heller, York Productions Darryl R Compton, NATAS
Valeria Hernandez, KDTV
Adam Housley, Fox News Off Camera
Justin Kanno, KOLO Damian Trujillo, Editor
Ronald Louie, KTVU Darryl Compton, Publisher
John Murray, JM Communications Robert Mohr, Photographer
Off Camera, July 2004, page 6