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August 2006

ff The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences San Francisco/Northern California Chapter


By Bob Goldberger
San Francisco’s former WB affiliate, TV20, KBWB, is
up for sale again after station owner Granite
Broadcasting cancelled a purchase agreement in mid
July. It’s the second time this year the sale of KBWB
has fallen through. The first occured after the WB By Keith Sanders
network merged with UPN, leaving KBWB a sudden Many Bay Area TV stations are now producing
and unintentional independent station. The buyers content in HD, but for the moment their newscasts
walked away. remain mired in standard definition. However this
This time, though, Granite walked away. Its con- situation is beginning to change.
tract to sell both TV20 in San Francisco and WNTD in KGO now has a new control room under construc-
Detroit to DS Audible, LLC, gave Granite the right to tion that will be used to broadcast news in HD. It will
terminate the agreement if the sales did not close by be the first station in the market to use Grass Valley’s
June 30th. With WNTD set to become an affiliate of MY Ignite HD; a next-generation automated all-digital HD
Network in September, Granite apparently decided to control room solution.
retain its Detroit station; so it cancelled the deal with “Ignite was designed, developed and tested (by
DS Audible and announced its “intention to continue Grass Valley) with the help and input of ABC Owned
marketing its San Francisco station to interested Television station engineers from KABC and KGO” says
parties.” KGO GM Valari Staab. She adds that critical assistance
TV20 General Manager Bob Anderson was given by “KGO VP of Engineering Janice Reyes,
admits the sale falling through took them Assistant Chief Engineer Jack Fraser, Project Engineer
all by surprise. “The expectation was George Kapoulas along with very helpful input from our
certainly that the DS Audible agreement staff directors and technical directors, especially Marti
would be completed. I’m sure that every- Hanzlik and Scott Lawler.”
one at the station expected it to close as Ignite HD systems first became available in April and
there was no reason to expect other- offer an integrated video switcher, audio mixer and
wise.” But he adds, “Granite’s decision to teleprompter that simplifies live news production. KGO’s
walk away was in the best interest of the company, system will interact with existing Vinten Robotic camera
and that’s of primary interest.” pedestals. “We are currently producing our new hour-
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At the end of this month, all of you in Hawaii have an early opportunity to
meet our new chapter president, Lynn Friedman, and view the
“Emmy®Winners’ Reel” from this year’s NATAS awards ceremony.
The viewing party is Thursday, August 31 at 6:30 p.m., at Honolulu’s
Gordon Biersch, 1 Aloha Tower Drive, Suite 1123. This is a FREE event for
media organizations of Hawaii. NATAS V.P./Hawaii Duncan Armstrong will
also be in attendance. And before anyone gripes, don’t worry, our chapter is
not paying for Lynn’s trip to Hawaii (Sorry, no junket scandal). Lynn was
already going to be in Hawaii on her own.
To attend, you must RSVP to Duncan Armstrong at
Bring all your questions and your party hat.
Off Camera, August 2006, page 1
Ballots are going in the
mail to the 145 members Tired of paying
of the Silver Circle who ten bucks a pop
will be casting their votes to see the latest
for the Class of 2006 films – block-
inductees. With this buster hits as
year’s Induction Cer- well as smaller
emony and Luncheon, the features? NATAS has a
NATAS San Francisco/ solution. Join one of the
Northern California local NATAS-run Cinema Clubs.
Chapter will mark the 20th With Lynn Friedman now President of our chapter,
Anniversary of the first her four-year run as Cinema Club Chair is over. Her
local Silver Circle. duties have passed on to Annika Wood (formerly
To be eligible, individuals must have been actively KNTV). Annika ran the South Bay branch of the Cinema
engaged in television broadcasting for 25 years or Club this past year, but now lives in San Francisco,
more (with at least half of those years in the San where she’ll be searching the local scene for free movie
Francisco Bay Area or Northern California Region, which screenings for NATAS members.
includes Reno, NV and Hawaii) and made a significant John Peck (KNTV) is now handling the South Bay
contribution to Northern California Television. screenings, which have turned into a nice perk for
The Silver Circle Committee selects nominations from members living or working in the San Jose area. Bryan
the applications received. Voting is done by the Silver Shaden is the Sacramento Cinema Club contact.
Circle membership. The cut-off for induction is deter- Screenings take place a couple of times a month
mined by the Silver Circle Committee. (more during awards season) and generally start at
Gold Circle nominees must have been actively 7:00 pm on weeknights. Just a note, some screenings
engaged in television broadcasting for 50 years or have guest list seating for press. Others require
more (with at least half of those years in the chapter arriving early and waiting in line. Almost all films are
area) and made a significant contribution to Television. first run sneak previews. For most films NATAS mem-
Gold Circle inductees are chosen by the chapter Board bers may bring a guest.
of Governors. If you are interested in this great member benefit,
You do not need to be a member of NATAS to qualify contact the Academy office to be included on the e-mail
for induction. list for the Cinema Club in your area.
The 2006 Gold Circle and Silver Circle inductees will
be honored at the Annual Induction Luncheon on
Saturday, November 11, 2006 at the Holiday Inn
Fisherman’s Wharf at Columbus and North Point
Streets in San Francisco.
The Gold & Silver Circle Committee’s new Chair,
Terry Lowry (Silver Circle 1996), encourages you to
attend what has proven to be a fun and very popular
event. “Don’t miss sharing nostalgic and amusing war
stories with colleagues past and present, watching the ON-LINE
“vintage” videos, seeing the photos of days gone by,
making new memories, meeting new friends and, most
of all, cheering on the “Class of 2006.’”
For more information on the 20th Anniversary Silver
Circle Induction Luncheon, to download 2007 Silver and
Gold Circle nomination applications or to see a list of
Circle members, go to the Academy website: and click on Silver Circle or Gold Circle.
You may also contact the Academy office to have an
application mailed to you, e-mail: or
call: 650-341-7786.

Send your news items to:
(click on the NATAS National link)
Off Camera, August 2006, page 2
July 8, 2006 was president Lynn Friedman’s first official board committee chairs for 2006-2007 . The Board of Governors unani-
meeting. She wasted no time in naming her committee and sub- mously concurred with her appointments.
Activities / Programs Archives & Museum Area Emmy® Awards

Cynthia Zeiden John Catchings Linda Giannecchini Javier Valencia
Cinema Club Technology Emmy® Event Gold/Silver Circles

Committee Chairs (Magenta)
Sub-Committee Chairs (Purple)

Annika Wood Keith Sanders Wayne Philippo Terry Lowry

Education Finance Legal/Bylaws Membership Marketing

Alison Gibson Jim Spalding Darryl Cohen Brian Avery To be named
Fundraising Mgmt. Relations “Off Camera”

Joe Cherubini John Burgess Bob Goldberger

The Executive Committee recommended the following changes to The Board also unanimously approved these appointments.
Officers and Governors at the July 8 Board meeting.

VP-Sacramento Treasurer Alternate Trustee Governors

Thomas Drayton Sharon Navratil David Mills Dan Adams Joe Cherubini To be named
KXTL Fox 40 KTVU 2 CBS 5 KXTV 10 KRON 4 Hawaii
Off Camera, August 2006, page 3
TV-20 F OR S
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One interesting subtext to the failed
negotiations: If the sale had gone On Saturday, August
through, it would have returned long-time 12th, more than
KTVU General Manager Kevin O’Brien to a thousand are ex-
the Bay Area television industry, this time pected to lace up their
as a part owner. O’Brien was an original sneakers to stroll, walk,
member of the group that agreed to buy and ride around
KBWB earlier this year, but dropped out before the Oakland’s Middle Harbor
remaining partners pulled the plug. This time, O’Brien Shoreline Park as part of
was still part of the deal when Granite walked away. the Friends of Faith
With the station back on the market all over again, Walk for the Cure. This
maybe the third time will be the charm for O’Brien. is the second annual
Meantime, Anderson says the on-again-off- event sponsored by the
again station sale saga is not hindering KBWB’s perfor- organization named for
mance. He says, “TV20 will enthusiastically be very the late Bay Area
independent. We have had a fall schedule in place for reporter Faith Fancher.
some time, but we are still tweaking it as we finalize The organization’s
time periods.” Anderson says he believes it’s actually goal is to promote
an advantage to be independent these days, in that awareness and early
the station has the opportunity to sell, and keep the detection of breast
revenue for 100% of its advertising time. cancer and to celebrate
But Anderson adds, being independent doesn’t the courageous women
necessarily sentence a station to operating alone. He who are battling the
says, ”I can think of numerous opportunities to partner disease.
with other stations and other media entities in the Faith Fancher, a long-
market. But, at this point in time, no serious discus- time television reporter
sions have taken place with anyone.” with KTVU Channel 2 in
His final words on the issue: “There will be a lot Oakland, documented an extraordinary public diary of
more to come and a great deal to be heard from TV20. her battle against breast cancer that inspired the Bay
Stay tuned.” Area, and motivated hundreds of women to get
screened for breast cancer. When Faith struggled in her
HONORSS last days, some of those women whose lives were
saved by early screening gathered with candles below
her hospital room in a silent thank-you to a woman
they credited with saving their lives.
Faith’s life-saving legacy continues through the
organization she founded along with her colleagues in
television, radio, and print media.
Friends of Faith is a nonprofit organization that
specializes in providing direct support to women with
the fewest resources. Grants are given to help women
with breast cancer who have needs ranging from child
care to transportation to medical assistance. Faith’s
legacy was one of tireless work and advocacy for
women who were uninsured and without adequate
support systems, and the Friends of Faith are carrying
Dr. Brenda Wade Barbara Rodgers Jackie Wright on her work with a Walk for the Cure.
The Black Expo’s 11th Annual African American If you are interested in joining the Friends of Faith
Excellence in Business Awards & Scholarship Gala Walk for the Cure, all the information is at
presented by Citibank was held on July 12th at the
Oakland Marriott. The event not only honored small You can still register the morning of the walk, on
businesses and major corporations for their excellence August 12th.
in business, but also honored 101+ Women Making a
Difference In Our Community. Among those honored
were the Bay Area CW’s (ch44) Black Renaissance Host,
Dr. Brenda Wade; CBS 5’s Noon Anchor, Barbara
Rodgers; and Jackie Wright Public Affairs Manager for
the Bay Area CW.
In keeping with its emphasis on the importance of
education, the Black Expo’s non-profit partner, SEEDS,
will give six scholarships – five to undergraduate
students and one to a graduate student – at this JOB BANK at
year’s Gala.
Off Camera, August 2006, page 4

By Cynthia E. Zeiden Photos by Lynn R Friedman © 2006
On Thursday, July 27th at the beautiful San Francisco Counting Sheep takes place high in the Sierra Ne-
screening room at Dolby Labs in San Francisco, after an vada wilderness. There, the last few native bighorn
amazing reception with dim sum and other treats, we sheep are fighting for survival. Threats from mountain
featured the complete screenings of two recent lions have forced wildlife officials to take extraordinary
Emmy® recipients: Screaming Queens: The Riot at measures to protect the bighorn. Two remarkable men
Compton’s Cafeteria, Best Historical/Cultural Program stand between the bighorn and extinction. An oboe-
and Counting Sheep, Best Documentary and Program playing mountain man turned consummate scientist has
Photography. There were Q&A sessions with the an unlikely ally: a mountain lion tracker of skill and
producers following each film. instinct, a modern day frontiersman.
Screaming Queens tells the forgotten story of the Following the screening, Frank
first collective act of militant resistance to the social Green, producer of Counting Sheep,
oppression of gay people in the United States—a 1966 took questions. Frank worked on
riot by transgender prostitutes at a late night cafeteria this documentary for 12 years. We
in San Francisco, three years before the famous gay talked about the sounds in the film.
riot at New York’s Stonewall Inn. The rams would lock horns during
Susan Stryker and fights and we heard loud, crisp
Victor Silverman were sounds when that happened. The
present to answer audience was wondering how they
questions about got this natural sound on location in
Screaming Queens. Jack the mountains. It turns out the
Walsh, the third pro- sounds were created by Frank
ducer on the team was throwing stones and making other noises on the
not able to attend the mountains. We were lucky to have the man respon-
screening. Susan and sible for the film’s sound, Jim McKee, with us in the
Victor told the audience audience. His dream was to hear this soundtrack on
it took them seven years to complete the documentary. Dolby’s system. We aim to please!
The archival footage was difficult to obtain but once the The documentaries were very appropriate to this
essential pieces were found, moving images of year’s Emmy® theme: Breaking New Ground. Screaming
Compton’s Cafeteria on Turk and Taylor Streets from Queens featured the story of an historical event that
the 1960’s, the rest fell in place. The soundtrack had never been told to the world via film and Counting
consisted of music that was specially composed for the Sheep showed these bighorn sheep for the first time
film and authentic songs from that period. ever on film. So they each broke new ground in their
subject matters!
We want to thank Dolby Labs for letting us use
their magnificent facility for this event each year. Avid
sponsored the delicious food from Knight’s Catering
and donated the grand prize for the raffle. We truly
appreciate what that added to the event. Also, thanks
to our volunteers: Tommy Tang, Javier Valencia,
After the screening, a raffle was held to benefit the Alison Gibson and Teri Maria Amos. Thanks also for
NATAS Board of Governors’ New Media Scholarship. The the fabulous photos that accompany this article. Our
grand prize was an Avid Media Composer donated President, Lynn Friedman, took them.
graciously by Avid. Producer Susan Stryker was the We hope to offer many more of these Emmy®
lucky grand-prize winner. Other prizes were donated screenings throughout the year that will cover a variety
from: HBO, Peachpit Press, Adobe and ABC 7. of categories.
Off Camera, August 2006, page 5
continued from page 1 an Ignite HD start date. Could it
begin in September? That timing
long live Monday-Friday show,
would be fortunate as the
“The View from the Bay” with the
NATAS New Technology In
Standard Definition version of the
News Forum will take place on
Ignite system. We are also
Wednesday, September 20th
producing our morning weekend
from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the KPIX
newscasts with it, and have for
Studios in San Francisco. Panel-
several months,” explained
ists will speak about new tech-
nologies being used in broadcast,
But one note: when the
cable and web-based news
aspect ratio expands, the crew
size will contract. Not many
crewmembers are needed to KPIX Operations
operate the Ignite HD system. Is Manager Don Sharp
it because of the robotic cam- will moderate
eras? No, that’s old news. KGO discussions and
began using them a decade ago. demonstrations of
Could it be the tapeless play- news on the web,
back? Again, old news, KGO has HD in local news,
Don Sharp
not needed operators to play news on cell
back news tapes for years. So phones, satellite
where will staff reductions be uplink technology
made? and much more.
C|NET Executive
”The Ignite
Editor Harry Fuller
system eliminates
will sit on the panel
the positions of
Harry Fuller as well.
robotic camera
operator, audio Check out
control operator and and the next edition of “Off
technical director” Camera” for further details.
said Staab. “We do
ABC 7 GM need more Ignite Keith Sanders,
Valari Staab
directors than we is the NATAS secre-
currently have as traditional tary and a video
directors, so we have trained or producer for San Jose
are training technical directors to State University. In
become Ignite directors. We have addition to being our
technology chair he
planned the move for more than
also produces the
a year, so we have filled technical
Emmy® show.
job openings for the past year Send your
with daily hires and temporary technology stories to
workers, so that these jobs will
be available for our staff produc-
tion crew when the transition of
their newscasts occurs.” NATAS FORUM
Broadcast television has
always made use of cutting-edge New Technology in News
technologies to increase quality
and decrease cost. This has been The Future of Broadcast News
apparent to IBEW and NABET
union members during the great Wednesday, September 20th
transition from analog to digital. 7-9 p.m. KPIX CBS 5
Local IBEW union chief Mark
Jaqua reflected that “the best 855 Battery St., San Francisco
way to deal with technological • News in HD
change is to keep learning the
technology and learn whatever • Webcasts
skills you can that make you • Podcasts
more valuable.” This is true in • News on Demand
the TV industry, as well as in the • Automation
technical jobs of Silicon Valley.
KGO has not yet announced
• and much more
Save the Date
Off Camera, August 2006, page 6
Former KGO engineer By Ben Williams
Rudolph Stanley Hegge
After 91 prosperous
died on July 21, 2006.
His first job was at years, former KPIX Sales
KBES-TV, Channel 5, Executive Harry Diner
Medford, Oregon passed away on July 27,
starting in March 1963. 2006, at his home in
He stayed there nine Borrego Springs, CA.
months before moving He was born at a
on to KAVE-TV, Channel time when premature
6, Carlsbad, New Mexico babies had only a
in November, 1963 and gambler’s chance at
was let go at the end of survival. He weighed only
the month when the a pound-and-a-half. His
station went dark. worried parents named
Next Stan was at him Harry and prayed for
KOGO-TV, Channel 10, San Diego, then owned by Time- the best. The tiny baby
Life where he worked as a vacation relief studio engi- not only lived, he thrived. Harry’s life was saved in
neer in 1964 and 1965. Because he wanted to see San infancy by a machine so new at the time that it was
Francisco, Stan left at the end of the year, although he being exhibited as a curiosity at the Panama Pacific
had been offered a permanent job at KOGO-TV. Exposition in San Francisco. It was called an incubator.
He came to San Francisco in February, 1966 and went There were only three in the Bay Area. Harry’s father, a
to work at KGO-TV as vacation relief in March and was furrier, used his business connections to get the use of
offered a permanent job at summer’s end. Stan worked one for his tiny son.
for ABC (KGO-TV, KGO-AM, and KSFX-FM) from March of The year was 1915. Harry conquered his Lilliputian
1966 until he had a brain hemorrhage in 1987 and went beginning and mastered the violin, saxophone and
on Long Term Disability on March 15, 1989. He finally clarinet to become a professional musician. He traveled
retired in August of 2001. the world heading his own band on luxury liners. His
Stan held all the offices in the San Francisco NABET band also played San Francisco’s finest hotels.
local 51 except treasurer, and was elected to the ABC- He next became a theatrical agent with the Music
NABET negotiating committee for the 1981 contract. Corporation of America (MCA) where he represented
The odd fact is that he never considered broadcasting such talents as Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra, Ted
as a career until the older brother of a schoolmate, who Lewis and bands like Ray Noble and Ernie Heckshire.
happened to be a radio program director, told him that When he tired of traveling he returned to San Francisco
he had an announcer’s voice. This happened at a party and got a job as director of sales development at KPIX-
in Minnesota in 1962. Someone else suggested having a ch-5 where he stayed for 20 years.
“First Phone” license might help him get a job, and Harry’s brother Leo, also a well-known San
recommended Bill Ogden’s school in Burbank. He took Franciscan (Leo Diner Films), preceded him in death in
the course and was looking for a job on the air when the 1991 at age 78.
offer at KBES-TV turned up and Stan stayed with engi- Harry bought a vineyard in the Napa Valley wine
neering ever since. But it certainly was a long string of country some years ago where he met his wife Elaine
coincidences from that initial conversation to the who was with him when he passed. He was also
present. active in the Broadcast Legends.
Stan was an active member of the Broadcast Leg-
MO Stations or Production Companies can purchase a “duplicate
Emmy® statuette” honoring winning programs and shows.
Darren Zulberti moves to KTVU 2 in Oakland as
Producer. Zulberti comes from WXII in Winston-Salem, The wording on the statuette will be the same as the individual
NC where he was also a Producer. statuette with the additional inscription “Duplicate.”
Promotions for Lena Sullivan and James Reid from The cost is $250 each plus shipping.
Producers to Senior Producers for CBS 5’s “Eye on the
KQED 9 has a new Chief Financial Officer Jeff Nemy. For a limited time you may replace your rectangular base
Jeff most recently was Chief Financial Officer for Publicis statuette with the new round base statuette.
& Hal Riney in San Francisco. You must return the original statuette to the Academy Office.
Tom Burke is the new News Director at KTXL Fox 40 The cost is $175 plus $35 band engraving and shipping.
in Sacramento from EP at KMPH in Fresno for the past WALL PLAQUES FOR NOMINATION & PRODUCTION CERT.
three years. He was ND at KGPE in Fresno. Tom
replaces Steve Kraycik who was promoted within Contact the Academy office 650-341-7786
Tribune to become ND at KCPQ-TV in Seattle.
Off Camera, August 2006, page 7

Harry Fuller, executive editor, C|Net (former GM & Friday, July 7th at MacArthur Park. It turned into quite a
news director, KPIX; former news director, KGO) sent reunion when everyone showed up.
out an e-mail inviting a few friends to join him on Photos by Lynn R Friedman © 2006.
Lynn R Friedman, ABC 7, President
Javier Valencia, KRON 4, VP, SF (Awards)
Thomas Drayton, Fox 40, VP, Sacramento
Nancy Osborne, ABC 30, VP, Fresno
Terri Russell, KOLO 8, VP, Reno SAN FRANCISCO
Duncan Armstrong, NBC 8, VP, Hawaii
Tamar Maghdissian, Freelance, VP, Sm. Mkts. 4317 Camden Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403
Keith Sanders, SJ State University, Secretary
(650) 341-7786 F: (650) 372-0279
Sharon Navratil, KTVU 2, Treasurer
David Mills, CBS 5, Past President (Alt. Trustee)
Tamar Maghdissian, Freelance
NATIONAL TRUSTEES: Danny McGuire, Independent
Linda Giannecchini, KQED 9 (Museum) Kym McNicholas, KFTY 50
Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) Deanne Moenster-Poitras, KTVU 2
Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Jeanette Pavini, CBS 5
Wayne Philippo, CBS 5
GOVERNORS: Sheraz Sadiq, KQED 9
Dan Adams, KXTV 10 Gary Schultz, ABC 7
Terri Amos, Cornerstone Productions Annika Wood, Independent
Brian Avery, Avery Media (Membership) Pamela Young, KITV 4
Samuel Belilty, Univision 21
John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc.(Museum)
Joe Cherubini, KRON 4
Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal)
Martin Christian, KVIE 6
James Spalding, Spalding & Co. (Finance)
Janice Edwards, NBC 11
Albert Garcia, Univision 19 Darryl R. Compton, NATAS
Bob Goldberger, ABC 7
Justin Kanno, KOLO 8 Off Camera
Ronald Louie, KTVU 2 Bob Goldberger, Editor
Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions Darryl Compton, Publisher
Off Camera, August 2006, page 8