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Executive Summary

PIZZA CLUB- unlike a typical traditional food business will provide a unique recipe of excellent pi a at value pricin! wit" a !uaranteed "y!iene and w"oleso#eness$ PIZZA CLUB is t"e answer to an increasin! de#and of teena!ers for "i!"-quality and econo#ical food$ %"e teena!ers want value for everyt"in! t"at t"ey purc"ase wit" t"eir li#ited bud!et and at t"e sa#e ti#e& t"ey are not willin! to accept anyt"in! t"at does not #eet t"eir taste expectations$ %"e idea ori!inated fro# t"e basic understandin! of our food w"erein people "ave a taste for food and dinin! out is #ore of a status sy#bol$ In a typical La"ore settin!& food is so#et"in! everybody is interested in and a wide variety of cuisines are served on #enus of "undreds of food points across La"ore 'etropolitan$ %"is pro#pted us to set up a food business wit" a unique recipe of food ite# (pi a($ PIZZA CLUB features unique recipes for one low price$ )e will be servin! top quality c"icken pi as served wit" a variety of sauces$ )it" w"ite #eat increasin! in de#and today alon!side an ever-existent inclination of our society towards trendy taste& we believe t"at our product will ensure our success$ PIZZA CLUB ai#s at deli!"tin! custo#ers by providin! "i!" quality& "y!ienically ensured recipe and renderin! excellent service at value pricin!$

History Of The Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut Story


%"e le!acy of Pi a *ut be!an in +,-.& w"en a fa#ily friend wit" t"e idea of openin! a pi a parlor approac"ed t"e two colle!e-a!e brot"ers in /ansas$ %"e concept was relatively new at t"e ti#e and t"e brot"ers quickly saw t"e potential of t"is new enterprise$ Borrowin! 0122 fro# t"eir #ot"er& t"ey purc"ased second-"and equip#ent and rented a s#all buildin! on a busy intersection in )ic"ita& /ansas$ %"e result of t"eir efforts was t"e first Pi a *ut and t"e foundation for w"at would beco#e t"e lar!est and #ost successful pi a restaurant in t"e world$

Anot"er i#portant step in our !rowt" ca#e in +,33 w"en Pi a *ut was acquired by one of t"e true !iants of international business4 PepsiCo& Inc$ As part of t"e PepsiCo corporate fa#ily& Pi a *ut s"ared its leaders"ip position wit" suc" fine products as Pepsi-Cola brand soft drinks and 5ritoLay brand snack foods$

In 6ctober +,,3& PepsiCo spun off t"e restaurant businesses 7Pi a *ut& /5C and %aco Bell8 and %ricon was founded$ 'ay +1& 9229 %ricon officially beca#e :U'; Brands wit" t"e addition of two new brands& Lon! <o"n =ilver>s and A?)$ :U'; A brand is now t"e parent co#pany Pi a *ut& %aco Bell& /5C& A?) and Lon! <o"n =ilver>s$ )"en co#bined t"ese or!ani ations now #ake up t"e world>s lar!est restaurant !roup$

<uly 9,& 922@--%enet *ealt"care Corporation 7A:=B4 %*C8 announced today t"at <osep" A$ Bosc"& an executive wit" #ore t"an 92 years of experience in tea#-buildin! and supportin! lar!e& diverse !roups of e#ployees& will beco#e senior vice president of "u#an resources& effective Au!$ 9C$

Bosc"& @1& will Doin %enet fro# "is position as c"ief people officer at Eallasbased Pi a *ut Inc$& a unit of :U' Brands; Inc$ 7A:=B4 :U'8$ Pi a *ut "as #ore t"an 1&-22 owned and franc"ised restaurants in Aort" A#erica& wit" #ore t"an +,-&222 e#ployees$ At %enet& Bosc" will succeed Ant"ony Austin& w"o left t"e co#pany earlier t"is year$ In 922C& Pi a *ut was na#ed by t"e Eallas Business <ournal as t"e best lar!e co#pany to work for in t"e Eallas-5ort )ort" area$ %enet "as announced it will #ove its corporate "eadquarters fro# =anta Barbara& Calif$ to Eallas early next year$

Pizza Hut calle

a lot of names!

5or ten of t"e last twelve years& Pi a *utF was na#ed Best Pi a C"ain in A#erica in t"e "#hoice in #hains" national consu#er survey publis"ed annually by Gestaurants ? Institutions 'a!a ine$ In +,,3 Consu#er Geports na#ed Pi a *ut t"e best pi a c"ain in A#erica and in 9222 and 922C& %"e Eallas Business <ournal na#ed Pi a *ut (%"e Best Co#pany to )ork 5or( in EallasH5ort )ort"$

Gestaurants ? Institutions> "$%%1 #hoice in #hains" survey called Pizza Hut t"e nu#ber one national pi a c"ain in A#erica$ 6ur products "ave been voted nu#ber one in countless consu#er surveys nationwide$ Gestaurant Business& 5ortune& U=A %oday and %"e )all =treet <ournal "ave cited our acco#plis"#ents as innovative business leaders$

Pizza Hut is the family pizza place!

%oday& franchisees an &oint venture partnerships account for more than half of the Pizza Hut system's total units $ 5ollowin! t"e openin! of t"e first international restaurant in Canada in +,1.& Pizza Hut restaurants (uic)ly appeare in *exico+ South ,merica+ ,ustralia+ Europe+ the

-ar East an ,frica$ %oday& Pi a *ut operates in 8. countries and territories t"rou!"out t"e world$ Pi a *ut& a division of %ricon Ilobal Gestaurants& Inc$ "as #ore t"an /$%% units in the 0!S! an 1%%% units in more than 82 other countries!

*a)e pizza easy!

%"e food service industry today is one of t"e fastest !rowin! industries in t"e United =tates& wit" t"e pi a se!#ent a 09- billion business leadin! t"e way$ Be!innin! wit" t"e ori!inal t"in crust pi a first served in +,-.& Pi a *ut continues to refine our product and develop new products to suit our custo#er>s tastes$ %oday& #illions around t"e world love our six core pi as4 Pan Pi a& %"in >A Crispy& *and-%ossed =tyle& =tuffed Crust& %"e C"ica!o Eis" and t"e Bi! Aew :orker$ Pi a "ut strive to present t"e products w"en and w"ere t"e custo#er wants$ %o ac"ieve t"is !oal& we>ve developed a nu#ber of services t"rou!" t"e years$ )it" our Personal Pan Pi a& we #ade quick& affordable pi a a lunc" alternative for #illions of A#ericans$ =purred by t"e increasin!ly rapid pace of livin! and t"e subsequent de#and by consu#ers for convenience& Pi a *ut "as taken a!!ressive steps to provide quality products at off-site locations$ In recent years& pi a "ut strea#lined and refined our carryout procedures to provide faster& #ore efficient service and rapidly expanded our delivery operations t"rou!"out t"e country$ By i#ple#entin! co#bination operations wit" our sister co#panies %aco Bell and /5C& we>re reac"in! t"ousands of new custo#ers w"ile providin! unprecedented speed and fast food pricin!$ %"anks to t"ese innovative new concepts& Pi a *ut pi a is now bein! enDoyed in sc"ool cafeterias& sports arenas& #aDor airports& s"oppin! #alls and office settin!s$

As a result& Pi a *ut is !reatly expandin! its s"are of t"e off-pre#ise& fastfood #arket& one of t"e fastest-!rowin! se!#ents in our industry$

3nte4rity is our core value!

At Pi a *ut& our culture reflects our values$ %"is includes a s"ared vision of w"o we are and w"ere we>re "eaded$ And it enco#passes everyt"in! fro# t"e way we treat our custo#ers to "ow we deal wit" our co#petitors$6ne of t"e #ost i#portant values wit"in t"e Pi a *ut culture is inte!rity$ 6ur people are co##itted to providin! unco#pro#isin! quality and to providin! service t"at is personal$ In fact& our people strive eac" day to provide w"at we call (custo#er #ania$( we want to !ive t"e kind of service t"at will #ake our custo#ers tell stories to t"eir fa#ily and 5riends about Pi a *ut$

6ur co##it#ent to inte!rity extends to t"e role we play in t"e co##unities we serve$ )antin! to instill a life-lon! love of readin! in c"ildren& we created t"e B66/ I%; Aational Geadin! Incentive Pro!ra# in +,.@$ %"is unique pro!ra#& awards a co#pli#entary Personal Pan Pi a and special reco!nition to ele#entary sc"ool c"ildren w"o ac"ieve set readin! !oals$ 5or#er U$=$ =ecretary of Bducation Gic"ard )$ Giley cited B66/ I%; as t"e #odel for corporateHeducation partners"ip$ %oday& #ore t"an -2&222 public& private and paroc"ial sc"ools use B66/ I%; in over .22&222 classroo#s$ As of fall 9222-922+& #ore t"an 92 #illion c"ildren in t"e U$=$ were enrolled in t"e B66/ I%;

6ur inte!rity is also exe#plified by "ow we treat our e#ployees$ )e invest "eavily in our people t"rou!" skills trainin! and #ana!e#ent develop#ent$ )e encoura!e t"e# to t"ink unconventionally& to take prudent risks to ac"ieve results$ And we provide an infor#al environ#ent wit" open co##unications to !ive t"e# t"e freedo# to #ake contributions on t"eir own initiative$ %"is is a part of our culture we value "i!"ly$ )e call it (owners"ip$( It>s t"e feelin! t"at co#es fro# knowin! you can affect t"e co#pany>s direction t"rou!" your expertise& innovative ideas and "ard work$ And because we !ive our e#ployees a stake in t"e co#pany>s success& t"ey take on t"e kinds of c"allen!es people in ot"er businesses only drea# of$

Our 5eputation!

Eurin! t"e past four decades we>ve built a reputation for excellence t"at "as earned us t"e respect of consu#ers and industry experts alike$ Buildin! a leadin! pi a co#pany "as required relentless innovation& co##it#ent to quality and dedication to custo#er service and value$ %"e qualities of entrepreneurs"ip& !rowt" and leaders"ip "ave c"aracteri ed our business t"rou!" #ore t"an four decades of success$ %"rou!" t"e stren!t" of our "erita!e& our culture and our people and franc"isees& we look forward to even #ore success in t"e decades a"ead$

*ission Statement

(6ur #ission is to Gun Ireat Gestaurants and to t"at end& we need !reat people$ )e strive to create a nurturin! environ#ent t"at !ives our e#ployees a place to contribute and succeed$ )e "ire talented individuals w"o take pride in t"e business by strivin! to be t"e best$ )e "ire %ea# 'e#bers w"o believe t"e co#pany>s success is in t"eir "ands($

Pizza Hut in Pa)istan

Its co#in!J its co#in!J its co#e$ 6ne fine day Pakistani finally rose to a new dawn& oo#in! into town& Pi a *ut is still re!i#entin! to crowdsK weekends it>s still a #ad rus"J apparently "ere are enou!" people in town w"o "aven>t "ad a #out"ful of t"e #ost elitist& albeit& expensive pi a around$ 6fferin! t"e one servin! PP 7personal Pi a8 wit" its side s"ow of a Pepsi& t"ey "ave two ot"er servin! si es& t"e >re!ular> and t"e >lar!e>$ Bac" co#es wit" a variety of standard fillin!s but& of course& if you are creative

enou!" Kand w"o isn>t in La"oreKyou can create your own personal recipe$ %"is #eans an extra forty bucks in t"e bill$ %"e #ore a#bitious can also build up #ultiflavours but it is all basically a question of "ow #uc" you can consu#e; %"e advanta!e of t"e lar!e si e is t"at t"ey can serve a pitc"er of Pepsi to cool away t"e Zin!er feel$

C"icken 5aDita& by t"e way is t"e recipe to option for& if you want to play t"e !uessin! !a#e wit" your taste buds$ 'ean w"ile Pi a *ut nei!"bors "ave co#e to one conclusion on KLa"ore>s love food; )"yL Because Pi a *ut and ot"er eateries are doin! a roarin! business$

Pi a *ut M Pakistan is workin! under a franc"ise a!ree#ent between 'CG 7private8 li#ited and %GIC6A restaurants international 7for#er PBP=IC6 restaurant international8$ Pi a *ut Pakistan reports to :GI 7Eubai8 ? :GI =in!apore =i#ultaneously$ 'GC is a private li#ited co#pany$ )"ic" was incorporated on Au!ust +& +,,9L *avin! s"are"olders setup by #esses *anzar 5iaz+ 6hurshi Ha i an Shahi -eroz$ All t"ree partners "old an equal equity stake in t"e venture$ 'CG is t"e sole franc"isee for Pi a *ut in Pakistan$

Pi a *ut bein! t"e first international 5ranc"isee in Pakistan !ot an over w"el#in! response w"en we opened up$ Pi a *ut did not face t"e proble# of taste develop#ent& alt"ou!" we introduced so#e of t"e local taste in pi as like C"icken %ikka& *ot ? =picy etc$ Gi!"t now Pi a *ut "as (,( outlets all over Pakistan$ In Pi a *ut "ave - outlets and t"ey are at


Clifton %ariq road

+,,C +,,+,,1


Aort" Aa i#abad +$+ c"undri!ar road

+,,, +,,3

In La"ore we "ave @ Pi

a *ut and t"ey are at +,,3 9222 922C

'all Iulbur! Eefence


Gailway station

Hy era8a

a *ut opened an outlet in *yderabad t"ree years a!o %"andi =arak Isla#abad Pes"awar 'ultan 9222 9229 922C 922@

#ompany Profile
#ompany 9ame
Pi a Club

Pi a 7=erved wit" %o#ato =auce& C"ili-Iarlic =auce& Ireen C"ili =auce and =avory =auce8 Appeti ers 7Iarlic bread& C"icken win!s& =alads& Iarlic #us"roo#s 8 Erinks$ 7Coca-Cola& 5anta& =prite& 'ineral water 8 Eesserts 7Baked Cinna#on =ticks8

Pro uct *ix

*ar)etin4 *essa4e

(Buy our pi

a$ )e knead t"e dou!"$(

:ision Presence

%o provide trendy food at value pricin! wit" excellent service to satisfy custo#er needs and for t"at we need !reat e#ployees$ Barket 'arket& La"ore$

*ar)etin4 Plan

S3T0,T3O9,7 ,9,7;S3S

Pi a club will be startin! business soon and #arketin! is essential to its success and future profitability$ %"e business offers unique and trendy recipes of pi a$ %"e basic #arket need is to offer teena!ers and t"e re!ular custo#ers wit" fres"& "i!" quality& "y!ienic and value priced deals$

*ar)et Summary

Pi a club possess sound infor#ation about t"e #arket and knows a !ood deal about t"e co##on attributes of tar!et #arket w"ic" lar!ely constitutes teena!ers population$ )e will levera!e t"is infor#ation to better understand w"o is served& t"eir specific needs& and "ow Pi a club can better co##unicate wit" t"e#$

*ar)et <emo4raphics

%"e profile for pi a club custo#er consists of t"e followin! !eo!rap"ic& de#o!rap"ic& and be"avior factors

=eo4raphi c

6ur !eo!rap"ic tar!et is Barkat 'arket& La"ore

Bot" #ale and fe#ale wit" avera!e a!e of 9C-9- years& we are actually tar!etin! t"e teena!ers as well as t"eir parents$

<emo4rap hics
BnDoy a "i!" quality #eal wit" considerable concerns re!ardin! food "y!iene and subsequent "ealt" concerns$ %"ere is value attributed to t"e appearance or presentation of food$

>ehavior -actors

*ar)et 9ee s ,nalysis

%rendy and popular food is t"e need of our tar!et #arket$ Pi a club is providin! its custo#ers wit" "i!"-quality unique trendy recipe wit" pleasin! presentation$ Pi a club seeks to fulfill t"e followin! benefits t"at are i#portant to t"e custo#ers


Nariously priced deals as well as individual ite#s are available for t"e custo#ers to select fro#$


Nariously priced deals as well as individual ite#s are available for t"e custo#ers to select fro#$

#ustomer Service

6ur service is likely to i#press t"e custo#ers will wit" t"e level of attention t"at t"ey will receive$

#ompetitive Pricin4

6ur #ission is to provide product at low and affordable prices$

*ar)et Tren s

%"ere is a trend of sop"isticated custo#er prevailin! in t"e #arket$ %"e custo#er today "as beco#e #ore sop"isticated in a nu#ber of different ways

-oo ?uality

*i!"-quality is preferred and custo#ers will start to appreciate t"e differences in quality$

Presenta tion

Custo#ers seek a sense of presentation about t"e food t"ey are served$ Better presentation deli!"ts t"e custo#er$


Custo#ers are reDectin! li#ited #enus and are de#andin! a lar!er selection of food ite#s$

*ar)et =ro@th

%"ere is a tre#endous #arket for food businesses in La"ore because t"e indi!enous as well as ot"er in"abitants "ave a stron! sense for food$ %"e #arket is ever-!rowin!J "owever& t"ere "as been a severe co#petition in t"e #arket w"ic" "as arisen in recent years due to openin! of !ood food outlets and !rowin! sop"istication a#on! custo#ers$


%"e place w"ere Pi a club will be operatin! is in Barkat 'arket w"ic" is t"e one of t"e #ain "ubs of food business in La"ore$ Pi a club "ave #any co#petitors in Pakistan because of (Pi a lovers($ 6ne of t"e #aDor co#petitors is Pi a "ut because it is very known Pi a restaurant in Pakistan and we will "ave to work very "ard to stand in front of t"e#$ 6t"er co#petitors are Pi a "e# and ot"er restaurant were also focusin! to launc" t"eir new product line like pi a we will also consider t"e# as our co#petitor$ %o increase t"e sale of t"e Pi a Club& t"e #ana!e#ent "as to take step towards t"e price factor& to w"ic" t"e lower bud!et peoples can affords t"e pi a and can enDoy t"e Italian food$

PEST ,nalysis

Economic -actors

Currently& t"e !lobal econo#y is in recession and t"e scenario isn>t different for our econo#y w"ic" "as rendered custo#ers as pessi#istic and price conscious$ Besides& our tar!et #arket lar!ely constitutes teena!ers w"ic" are in"erently price conscious$ All t"ese factors #ake our tar!et custo#er>s

price conscious seekin! econo#ical& value-priced products$ %"is scenario provides us a#ple opportunity to tar!et custo#ers wit" affordable deals$

Social -actors

5actors like de#o!rap"icsJ inco#e distribution& life style etc$ can also affect t"e co#pany in different ways$ After t"e co#in! of Pi a club #arket #essa!e of (Affordable Pi a( t"e new era of fast food be!an in Pakistan and its c"an!es t"e life style of t"e Pakistani peoples$

#ultural -orces

6ur socio-cultural accept food businesses well since t"ey satisfy our traditional roots$ %"erefore& cultural forces are favorable for our business$

Technolo4ical -orces

%"e ever-c"an!in! tec"nolo!y is surely a force to be reckoned as i#portant for our business$ )e will need "i!" tec"nolo!y in order to co#pete Pi a "ut$ 'oreover& in t"e face of current ener!y crisis& UP= syste#s will be "elpful in ensurin! uninterrupted power supply$

Environmental Protection

%"ere is not any suc" ite# t"at #ay be "ar#ful for t"e environ#ent$ %"e co#pany fully co#pliance wit" Bnviron#ental actHre!ulation$

SAOT ,nalysis


=election and Nariety

)e are offerin! variously priced deals alon!$ %"is provides variety to t"e custo#er to c"oose fro# and it deli!"ts t"e custo#er$ 'oreover& we are also offerin! variety in sauces wit" C"ili Iarlic =auce& %o#ato =auce& Ireen C"ili =auce and =avory =auce as well as variety in drinks wit" Coca-Cola& 5anta and =prite on t"e #enu for t"e custo#ers to select fro#$

Loyalty of e#ployees 6fferin! quality product at affordable prices



Aow a day>s electricity is one of t"e #aDor proble#s in Pakistan and it is also t"e #aDor weakness of our co#pany$


Increase in sale due to price

6ur tar!et #arket is lar!ely co#posed of teena!ers w"ic" are in"erently price conscious$ %"is fact provides us wit" an opportunity to set a low price for our deals in "ar#ony to t"e econo#ical be"avior of t"e custo#ers$ =ei in! t"is opportunity is likely to earn us #ore custo#ers and profit$


Bntrance of new co#petitors Bcono#ics instability Pi a lover

*,56ET39= ST5,TE=;

Pi a club>s advertisin! bud!et is very li#ited& so t"e advertisin! pro!ra# is si#ple$ Pi a club will do teasers+ 8anner a s an 8rochures$


Pi a club>s #ission is to provide t"e custo#er t"e unique recipe of trendy food at value pricin!$

*ar)etin4 O8&ectives

+$ Provide "y!ienic product wit" excellent quick service$ 9$ Eesi!n deals w"ic" are affordable for teena!ers$


Pi a club will position itself as a reasonably priced& "i!" quality& taste oriented restaurant$ Pi a club custo#ers w"o appreciate "i!"-quality food will reco!ni e t"e value and unique offerin!s of Pi a club$ By offerin! a superior product& coupled wit" superior service& Pi a club will excel relative to ot"er food businesses$

*ar)etin4 *ix
Pi a club>s #arketin! #ix is co#prised of t"ese followin! approac"es to product& pricin!& distribution& advertisin! and pro#otion$

Pro uct

%"e #ain product of Pi a club is C"icken Pi a w"ic" is exactly w"at custo#ers want$ 'oreover& it is value-priced and affordable$


Pi a club will use #arket penetration and psyc"olo!ical pricin! strate!y w"ic" i#plies t"at prices will be low as well as #atc"in! custo#er>s perceived price and "is needs$


Pi a club is located in Barkat 'arket and its food will be distributed wit"in La"ore$ Custo#ers can eit"er dine-in or take out$ 5ood will also be delivered to t"e desired location wit" t"e "elp of "o#e delivery$

Promotion an , vertisin4

%"e #ost successful advertisin! will be teasers& banner ads& broc"ures and posters$

Pro uct line of Pizza #lu8


Iarlic bread Iarlic bread =upre#e C"icken win!s Iarlic #us"roo#s =alad


Coca-Cola =prite 5anta 'ineral water

Pan Pizza

C"eese lovers 7'elted layer of "undred percent c"eeses8 NBIIIB L6NBG= 7%o#atoes& onion #us"roo#s& black olives ? !reen pepper8 C*IC/BA %I//A 7C"icken tikka& cubes ?onions8 C*IC/BA 5A<I%A 7'arinated c"icken8 5A<I%A =ICILIAA 75aDita c"icken& onions& !reen peppers& !reen c"illy ? lots of c"eese8 %*B BUG6 7'us"roo#s& s#oked c"icken& to#atoes and olives8

*6% AAE =PIC: 7Ireen c"ilies& onions and to#atoes8


=UPGB'B 7Beef pepperoni& bolo!na& beef& onions& !reen peppers and #us"roo#s8 C*IC/BA =UPGB'B 7C"icken sausa!e& spicy c"icken& c"icken faDita& s#oked c"icken& onions& !reen peppers& olives and #us"roo#s8 =UPBG =UPGB'B 7Beef pepperoni& s#oked c"icken& bolo!na& beef& onions& !reen peppers& olives and #us"roo#s wit" double t"e toppin!s8



P"illy steak sandwic" =picy c"icken sandwic"

Personnel Plan

*ana4ement Team

Pi a club is currently t"e creative idea of Gabia Bilal& 'arya# Za"eer& Aeela# Israr& Ana# 'an oor& 5o ia Zaka and s"u#aila 'an oor$ I#ple#entation of t"is or!ani ation for# calls for all t"e founders to s"are t"eir ideas and vote out t"e best idea and take it as a #utual decision$

<uties an


Gesponsibilities are to be divided a#on! #e#bers based on t"eir co#petencies$ *owever& every #e#ber "as "is s"are of idea in every aspect of settin! up t"is business$ /ey personnel and t"eir responsibilities are4

9eelam 3srar B Operations an

3nventory *ana4er!

/ey responsibilities are to look after t"e operations of t"e business and to effectively control t"e inventory& inventory turn over& #aintainin! stock and orderin! appropriate quantities of stock w"en required$

5a8ia >ilal an

*aryam CaheerB -inance *ana4er

%"eir responsibilities are to control financial aspects of t"e business includin! "andlin! finances& preparin! feasibility& settin! bud!ets& and funds allocation& keepin! track of expenses& recordin! sales and preparin! financial state#ents$

-ozia Ca)a an

Shumaila *anzoorB *ar)etin4 *ana4er

/ey duties and responsibilities include "andlin! #arketin! part of t"e business$ Bot" of t"e# are responsible for desi!nin! #arketin! ca#pai!n and strate!ically usin! different pro#otional tools to co##unicate t"e product to t"e custo#ers$ %"ey will put up advertise#ents at different strate!ic places in t"e #arket$

,num *anzoorB Sales an

Services *ana4er

*er responsibility is to ensure t"e "y!iene and quality of food$ Besides& s"e will co##unicate t"e business and educate t"e custo#ers about out products t"rou!" one-on-one sellin!$

P5O-3T ,9< 7OSS ,##O09T

P3CC, #70>

6penin! stock AIL

Closin! =tock +&222&222

Purchases 3&222&222 7ESSD Geturns 3&222&222 AIL

Sales +@&222&222 7ESSD Geturns AIL +@&222&222

)a!es 392&222

'anufacturin! .-2&222






TOT,7 15+%%%+%%%

TOT,7 15+%%%+%%%

=alaries +-&22&222

=5OSS P5O-3T 2+.1%+%%%


Ieneral exp$ -22&222

Advertise#ent -2&222

Interest on Loan 93-&222

Install#ent C.-&222



Eirector 5ee +&222&222

LAAE C&22&222 PLAA% 1&22&222

---------- ,&222&222

9ET P5O-3T 1+8$%+%%% TOT,7 2+.1%+%%% TOT,7 2+.1%+%%%

3ncome Statement

P3CC, #70>
Inco#e =tate#ent 5or t"e :ear Bnded 'ay 99& 922,

Sales 7essD #ost of 4oo s sol

6penin! Inventory , D Purc"ases Cost of !oods available for sale 7essD Bndin! Inventory
OO .&-32&22 2 .&-32&22 2 +&222&22 2

+@&222&22 2

#ost of 4oo s sol

73&-32&222 8

=ross Profit


Operatin4 Expenses
Ieneral expense =ellin! expense 'iscellaneous expense 6ffice ? Ad#in expenses
-22&222 93&.-&22 2 -2&222 +&222&22 2 7@C&C-&222 8 OOOOOOOOO

Total Operatin4 Expenses

9et Operatin4 Expenses 7essD Interest

9&2,-&222 9&3-&222

9et 3ncomeE7oss

18+$%+%% %

>,7,9#E SHEET

P3CC, #70>
Balance ="eet





#urrent ,ssetsD
Cas" In *and Cas" At Bank Closin! =tock +,&1C&CC9 ,&.+&11. +&222&222

-ixe F 7ia8ilities



Lon! ter# Loan -&-22&222 Less4 Interest 9&3-&222 Aet Profit ="are Capital -9&9-&222 +.&92&222 -&222&222



Land ? Buildin! Less4 Eep Plant 'ac"inery Less4 Eep C&@22&222 1$+%.5+%% %

? @&322&222

1$+%.5+%% %