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September 2006



The Board of Governors has chosen a new member to the Northern California NATAS Chapter Gold Circle. Franklin Mieuli will be inducted during the 20th anniversary Gold & Silver Circle Induction Luncheon in San Francisco on Saturday, November 11. The prestigious Gold Circle honors individuals who have been actively engaged in television broadcasting for 50 years or more (at least half of those years in the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter Area) and made a significant contribution to the local television industry. “The Gold Circle honors service, professionalism, excellence and longevity,” says NATAS chapter President Lynn Friedman. “Franklin deserves extra recognition for his incredible love of life, for changing the face of Bay Area sports and for providing compelling subject matter for the media.” During his colorful 56 years in the Northern California sports broadcast industry, Franklin Mieuli has been a remarkable pioneer, bringing major sporting events to Bay Area fans. Back in 1954, Franklin produced the first San Francisco 49’ers telecasts. In 1956, he formed
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By Keith Sanders “See the full story tonight!” and “Coming up after this commercial announcement!” are common promotional phrases heard on television news. They rely on the assumption that audiences don’t mind waiting for an arbitrary time to view content, and don’t mind being ambushed by commercials when they do. These assumptions have been valid since television began. Soon they may no longer be true. So how are the audiences changing? How are new technologies changing news? NATAS is offering a unique opportunity to learn about the future of news from a panel of experts at the New Technology in News “The Future of Broadcast News,” forum, coming Wednesday, September 20, from 7–9:30 p.m. at KPIX (CBS 5), 855 Battery St., San Francisco. To put this future in perspective, let’s review the history of news technology. The first large scale television broadcasts began after World War II using
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It’s Reno’s turn to party and enjoy viewing the “Emmy® Winners’ Reel” from this year’s NATAS awards ceremony. The date is Thursday, September 14th at the Peppermill Casino, 2707 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV. Refreshments will be served at 7p.m. followed by the screening. Limited seating is available, RSVP to NATAS Reno Vice President, Terri Russell at 775-858-8888 ext 227.

Coming Events
Thu. 9/14, 7 p.m. - Reno: “Emmy® Winners’ Reel” Party, Peppermill Casino, Reno Thu. 9/20, 7 p.m. - New Technology in News Forum, KPIX, San Francisco Sat. 10/7, 9:30 a.m. - DVD Workshop Retreat, Lobitos Creek Ranch, Half Moon Bay

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Mieuli (center) Warriors ‘68;

#1 Fan;

49ers Box ‘88

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Franklin Mieuli & Associates (FM&A). He went on to acquire radio and television production rights to the Giants and Warriors, engineer games for the A’s and Raiders and produce the radio coverage of the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley. In 1962, Franklin, became the first sportsman with ownership in three major sports franchises in one area: the 49’ers, Warriors and Giants. In 1987 he became the first and only sportsman to own an NBA team for 25 consecutive years. He also owned radio stations KPUP and KTMX. Today, his company still handles engineering for 30 professional and collegiate sporting teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. Franklin also owns Hi*Speed Duplication and Franklin Mieuli Sports Enterprises. His lifelong interest in sports has brought him five Super Bowl championship rings and one NBA World Championship. Franklin Mieuli will be inducted into the Gold Circle along with the Silver Circle “Class of 2006,” whose members are in the process of voting for this year’s inductees. The Twentieth Anniversary Gold & Silver Circle Induction Luncheon will be held at the Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, on Saturday, November 11, 2006 beginning with a no-host reception at 11 a.m. Save the date. Ticket information will be forthcoming.

DVD Seminar, Nov. 20, 2004 Photos: Robert Mohr © 2004

DVD Workshop Retreat
Saturday, October 7, 2006
Lobitos Creek Ranch, Half Moon Bay, CA

9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.
This full day workshop retreat will teach you the basics of the DVD medium: how it developed, what is happening now to the format and future trends. We will focus on software, formats and how to use the medium as a great alternative distribution system. There will also be both creative and technical breakout sessions to see various projects that people are producing. Our teacher and host for the day is Steve Michelson, former NATAS board member and owner of Lobitos Creek Ranch. Next year, all Emmy® entries will be submitted on DVD. RSVPs required—limited to 40 participants, e-mail: emmysf@comcast.net or call (650) 341-7786. $35 for NATAS members and guest media organization members: DGA, BAFA, BAVC, BAWIFT and FAF, $45 for non-members. Includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Soft Drinks and Snacks.

The annual Board of Governors’ retreat was held on Saturday, August 12th at KTVU Channel 2 in Oakland. The board updated the business plan and approved the budget for the Conybeare Perry 2006-2007 fiscal year in addition to the normal monthly board business. Two new members were added to the board. Governor Christopher Conybeare, JD, Media Specialist at the University of Hawaii, West Oahu. Chris is completing the term of Duncan Armstrong who is now the Vice President for Hawaii. David Perry, David Perry and Associates, a San Francisco public relations firm, was appointed chair of the Marketing Committee. The Board of Governors normally meets on the second Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. till 12 p.m. at a Bay Area TV station.

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Board members enjoy a lunch break on the deck at KTVU Channel 2 in Oakland. Photos © Lynn R Friedman


Klystron tube;

KRON CE-Lee Berryhill & GM-Harold See Ampex VR1000;
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Sutro Tower then and now

been supplemented with Podcasts and Internet-based streaming. Klystron tube amplifiers. Locally, KPIX went on So how is new technology being used in the the air December 24th, 1948. It was the 49th newsroom? What does the future hold? The station nationwide and the first in Northern answers to your questions can be found at California. KPIX became affiliated with CBS on NATAS’ unique forum: New Technology in News April 18, 1949. “The Future of Broadcast News” on WednesThe first 15 years of television saw remarkday, Sept. 20 at KPIX-TV. able changes. Color TV began in 1954, the first Panelists include C/Net News.com Executive use of videotape in network programming Editor Harry Fuller who will talk about news on occurred in 1956 and the first satellite television signal was relayed from Europe to North Don Sharp demand, blogs & podcasts. His first on-line job America in 1962. was with CBS, he then moved to Tech TV in 1998 before joining C/Net The growth of the cable industry News.com. (See the Harry Fuller began to fragment the monolithic (and sidebar on page 4) relatively homogeneous) TV audience of KNTV Executive Producer of New the time. This development took anMedia Jan Boyd is in charge of on-line other turn in 1980 with the launch of content. She works to integrate the Ted Turner’s superstation CNN. Now newsroom with their website, in national and international news could Channel 11’s all-digital facility. be seen on a 24/7 basis. KXTV reporter Dan Adams has TV reception had always been spotty Harry Fuller Jan Boyd seen News10 become a leader in webin San Francisco because of the hilly based news. “Last month an edict terrain. Eventually KTVU, KRON, KPIX came down from management that we and KGO got together to build Sutro should file our stories first on our Tower, a giant structure that rises website, and then for the news almost 1,000 feet into the air. Sutro broadcast” said Adams. His reports began operating in 1973 and it’s now take the form of Windows Media files, used to transmit 10 analog, 11 digital which are sent to the station via File TV stations and 4 FM radio stations. Transfer Protocol. By the turn of the century, most CBS5.com Managing Editor Carlos television viewers were not even using Castaneda will demonstrate how their rooftop antennas. Cable television, Dan Adams Carlos Castaneda newscasts can be made available for satellite reception, DVR recording and cell phones. even Internet-based users had fragmented the broadKPIX News Operations Manager Don Sharp will cast audience. According to the FCC, more than 86% of moderate. Prior to his new position at KPIX, Don Sharp’s Americans now subscribe to some sort of multi-channel service, such as a cable or satellite provider, rather than work enabled KRON to be the technological leader in electronic newsgathering. His accomplishments include relying solely on over-the-air broadcast television…and many firsts, like the Bay Area’s first live international these figures are five years old. satellite feed. Since 1983 Don has served as frequency Local TV newsrooms have always been showcases coordinator for Northern California. Working with TV for new technology. Cinematographers became stations and the FCC, he is responsible for 1GHZ and videographers. Tape formats evolved from Quad to Umatic to 1” to beta…and now hard drives have replaced above. KTVU’s Sharon Navratil is producing the event. all tape at many stations. Live microwave and satellite RSVP to emmysf@comcast.net. feeds are common. Traditional news broadcasts have

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Posted by Keith Sanders In the early ‘70’s Harry Fuller started his television career at KPIX as a messenger with a Master’s degree from Stanford. Soon he was hired away by KGO-TV as morning assignment editor where he quickly moved up to the position of news director. Under his leadership the station earned Emmy®, Edward R. Murrow and Peabody awards for its coverage of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Soon KPIX lured Fuller back as news director. He earned numerous Emmy® Awards in that position and was later promoted to General Manager. Under his leadership KPIX launched the first station website in 1995. A year later Harry left KPIX for a news director job at ZDTV, which morphed into TechTV. Three years later, as the tech boom was going bust, Harry went to work as an Executive Producer for CNBC Europe in London. Harry Fuller returned to San Francisco a year ago as Executive Editor at CNET. Recently I had an opportunity to interview him. Keith: You’ve been a very successful broadcaster who’s helped to guide the evolution to on-line viewing. Have many viewers become Internet users? Harry: Much of the change has already happened. Appointment viewing is dead among the under-35s. Video on demand wins, for the same reason the auto trumps the train. When TV networks lose their dominance of big name big profit sports, they are doomed. The first time Yahoo, Google or YouTube buys the rights to the Masters Golf Tournament we can hold a wake for broadcasting. Keith: Blogs have no counterpart in broadcast television. How important have blogs become on-line? Harry: Less than 20% of people admit to using blogs but those who do are the opinion-makers, the leading edge of cultural and social change. Less than a decade ago (it was) the same small minority that used the Internet for anything other than emails. Many blogs are aggregators and filters, not simply opinion-mongers. Keith: Have there been any recent events that have helped to define on-line news? Harry: The London bombing was the first major event covered by citizens using cell phone cameras, one year ago. Iraq and Lebanon are the first YouTube wars, where video is posted uncensored, unedited (maybe) and uncontrolled by any organized media. See Harry Fuller in person at New Technology in News “The Future of Broadcast News,” Wednesday from 7 – 9:30pm, September 20 at KPIX CBS5, 855 Battery St, San Francisco.
Keith Sanders, is the NATAS secretary and a video producer for San Jose State University. In addition to being our technology chair he also produces the Emmy® show. Send your technology stories to Keith.Sanders@sjsu.edu

Barbara Rodgers from CBS 5 led the way as scores of people paid tribute to the memory of one of the Bay Area’s most talented television reporters, Faith Fancher, during the annual Friends of Faith Walk for the Cure on Saturday, August 12th. Other Bay Area broadcasters joined in the walk around Oakland’s Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, including Belva Davis, Rosie Allen, Sara Sidner and Janice Edwards. Emcee, Renel, always knows how to fire up a crowd, but her mother topped her, as Renel told of her mother’s triumph over breast cancer and zest for life at an advancing age of “80 years young.” Friends of Faith promotes awareness and early detection of breast cancer. Long time KTVU (Ch. 2) reporter Faith Fancher publicly documented her battle against breast cancer that inspired women throughout the Bay Area, encouraging many of them to get screened for breast cancer. Friends of Faith is a nonprofit that provides direct support to women with the fewest resources. You can join Friends of Faith at www.faithfancher.org

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KRON 4 drops “News at 9 pm” for “MyNetworkTV” - ‘Desire’ and ‘Fashion House’ six night a week.

The ‘CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC’ debuts 9/5, Meredith Vieira joins the ‘Today’ show on 9/13.

KQED 9 now producing local shows in HD.

WB 20 is now Your TV20 with new independent programming.

Katie Couric visits Ken Bastida and Dana King on CBS 5 news set.

The CW (CBS/Warner Bros.) combines UPN and the WB with new shows. www.nbc.com


www.telemundo.com www.pbs.org

New: ‘Heroes,’ ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,’ ‘Friday Night Lights,’ ‘20 Good Years,’ ’30 Rock,’ ‘Kidnapped’ Midseason (New): ‘America’s Got Talent,’ ‘Andy Barker, P.I.,’ ‘Raines,’ ‘Single’s Table’ Cancelled:: ‘Conviction,’ ‘E-Ring,’ ‘Four Kings,’ ‘Heist,’ ‘Joey,’ ‘Surface,’ ‘Teachers,’ ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Will & Grace’ www.fox.com New: ‘Fall: Vanished,’ ‘Standoff,’ Justice,’ ‘Til Death,’ ’Happy Hour,’ The Wedding Album’ Midseason (New): ‘Duets,’ ‘On the Lot,’ ‘The Winner’ Cancelled: ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Bernie Mac,’ ‘Stacked,’ ‘That ’70s Show’ www.cwtv.com New: ‘The Game,’ ‘Runaway” Midseason (New): ‘Hidden Palms’ Cancelled:: ‘The Bedford Diaries,’ ‘Blue Collar TV,’ ‘Charmed,’ ‘Cuts,’ ‘Eve,’ ‘Everwood,’ ‘Get This Party Started,’ ‘Half & Half,’ ‘Living With Fran,’ ‘Love, Inc.,’ ‘Modern Men,’ ‘One on One,’ ‘Pepper Dennis,’ ‘Related,’ ‘Survival of the Richest,’ ‘Twins,’ ‘What I Like About You’

www.abc.com New: ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ ‘Knights of Prosperity,’ ‘Help Me Help You,’ ‘The Nine,’ ‘Big Day,’ ‘Notes From the Underbelly,’ ‘ Six Degrees,’ ‘Ugly Betty,’ ‘Men in Trees’ Midseason (New): ‘In Case of Emergency,’ ‘Set for the Rest of Your Life,’ ‘Traveler’ Cancelled: ‘Commander-In-Chief,’ ‘The Evidence,’ ‘Freddie,’ ‘Hope & Faith,’ ‘In Justice,’ ‘Invasion,’ ‘Less Than Perfect,’ ‘Miracle Workers,’ ‘Sons & Daughters,’ ‘Rodney’

www.cbs.com New: ‘The Class,’ Smith,’ ‘Jericho,’ ‘Shark’ Midseason (New): ‘3 lbs,’ ‘Rules of Engagement,’ ‘Waterfront’ Cancelled: ‘Courting Alex,’ ‘Love Monkey,’ ‘Out of Practice,’ ‘Still Standing,’ ‘Threshold,’ ‘Yes, Dear’

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By Bob Goldberger With one last trademark flip of his Magic Marker, Joel Bartlett signed off from ABC 7 News for the last time. Well, maybe not for the last time. Even though he officially retired August 18th, Bartlett plans to pop up on KGO-TV from time to time. He says, “I’ll still be doing fill-in when people are on vacation, so that will be nice to see everybody again when I come back in down the road.” After more than 30 years of doing weather on Bay Area television stations, you’ll have to forgive Bartlett if he misses the hustle and bustle of a newsroom, and most of all, his coworkers. Just don’t expect him to miss the early morning shift. “I don’t miss having to come in at 3:00 in the morning any more. I don’t miss that shift at all,” he says. “My body’s still on that early schedule a bit, but the nice thing is that now when I wake up early in the morning, I can roll over and go back to sleep.” Bartlett started his Bay Area career back in September of 1975, as the weekend weatherman at KPIX (CBS 5). Within a year, he moved up to the 6pm and 11pm newscasts, where he remained for 14 years, until his old friend, Harry Fuller became News Director at KGO and lured him across the street. Bartlett remembers that day well: “It was a big story because I was coming over to work with my arch rival, Pete Giddings. Everybody thought we would fight, but we got along very well.” Anybody who thought they would fight must not know Joel. It’s

hard to imagine him fighting with anyone. During Bartlett’s 17 years at KGO, he worked on virtually every show, finishing his successful run the past three and a half years on the early morning and Midday newscasts. Now that he’s sleeping in again, he says he’s enjoying the simple things about being retired: “I can pick up one of the New Yorker magazines that’s been piling up on my coffee table and actually have time to read it.” He’s also devoting more time to one of his great loves, horses, and playing polo. He’s even planning a trip to Argentina in November with some friends. “We’ll be going during their summertime. I’m going mainly just to see the countryside. I’ve heard how beautiful it is, but I’ve never been. We’re going down to a ranch, so I’ll definitely ride some of their horses while I’m there, and maybe play some polo. That’s the big ‘retirement’ trip right now.” What about later in the winter, when the first big storm hits the Bay Area. How will he feel about retirement then? Joel says candidly, “I’ll be thinking, ‘Oh jeez, I know what they’re going through in that weather office right now,’ so sure, I’ll want to come in and be part of it. Weather will always a big part of my life; I definitely want to keep my hand in it. But honestly, it will be nice to sleep in for once during a storm, and turn on the TV and watch somebody else show me what’s happening outside.” Go ahead and hit the snooze button, Joel. You’ve more than earned it.

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Photos: Harvey Weinman © 2006

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Steve Kushman, News Editor, KGO ABC 7
Steve grew up loving radio and wanting to work in the business, but after college, his first broadcasting job offer came from a TV station, the old KEMO (Channel 20). In 1976 he joined KGO TV where he continues to work as a video editor. Steve’s work was recognized with an Emmy® award in 2004 for “Beyond the Headlines: Youth & Steroids.” For the past eleven years Steve has been the president of the California Historical Radio Society (CHRS), which oversees the creation of a radio museum in Berkeley at the old KRE radio building while promoting the restoration and preservation of early radio and broadcasting. Check out the website at www.californiahistoricalradio.com Steve’s home collection of memorabilia includes about 1,500 old radio sets and nearly 100 vintage microphones.

Photos: CHRS


Photos Robert Mohr


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