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ff Camera
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
October 2004

San Francisco/Northern California Chapter


The news hit bay area television executives hard. The
bragging rights they’ve enjoyed the past 25 years are over. INTERNET-BASED
San Francisco has dropped from its coveted #5 spot on
Nielsen’s ranking of television markets, based on total “VIDEO ON DEMAND”
Thursday. Oct. 28th 7 p.m.
number of households. Who’s #5 now? Boston, the city
San Francisco passed back in 1978. Not because Boston
has grown, but because San Francisco has shrunk. Maybe
Akimbo Systems founder, Steve Shannon (he also
it wasn’t San Francisco at all. More likely, the culprit is the
created Macromedia’s Dreamweaver software while at
tech industry-heavy region of the market, San Jose and
Macromedia), said that “at the end of 2004, Akimbo Sys-
Silicon Valley. But somehow, somewhere, the San Fran-
tems will be the largest video on demand (VOD) system in
cisco/Oakland/San Jose market has lost 81,050 households,
the world.” And they are located right here in our region, in
to 2,259,870, dropping San Francisco to the sixth largest
San Mateo. The official launch date for this new internet-
television market.
based VOD system (as opposed to cable-based VOD) is
Does dropping from fifth to sixth really matter? After
October 2004, so Akimbo is throwing a party to show us
all, losing 81,000 households is only about a 3% drop,
how this technology works and how content is distributed,
hardly enough for advertisers to leverage significant dis-
both technically and in terms of business models.
counts in the rates they pay for commercial spots. But
Akimbo will definitely offer a brand new distribution
there’s no denying being a Top 5 market carries with it a
option to all producers of content. Steve said that “the
certain prestige. Saying “I work in a top ten market”
storage capabilities on Akimbo’s system is unlimited, so the
doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.
need for new content will always exist, they plan to offer
San Francisco wasn’t the only market hit in this year’s
hundreds of new hours of programming each month.”
Nielsen shake-up. (See inset box). Despite adding popula- continued on page 2

tion, Fresno dropped a market, to #58, and Salinas-
Monterey fell three more notches to #124, after dropping a

Sat. Oct. 16th

market last year as well. Sacramento stayed firm at market
#19. Meanwhile, the rest of our NATAS region enjoyed a
jump: Hawaii returns to #71, Reno is now the 114th
You still have time to purchase tickets for
market, Chico-Redding is #131, and Eureka moved up to
the Silver and Gold Circle Induction
#192. continued on page 6
Luncheon on Saturday, October 16th at
Designated Television Market Area the Radisson Miyako Hotel in San Francisco. The Recep-
San Francisco - 81,050 HH Market # 6 tion starts at 11 a.m. with lunch and the program at noon.
Sacramento + 36,600 HH Market # 19 KOVR’s Vic Sterling will be joining the Gold Circle
Fresno + 15,460 HH Market # 58 with over 50 years in televison. Six new members of the
Honolulu + 4,930 HH Market # 71 Silver Circle (over 25 years working in TV): Lloyd
Reno + 4,610 HH Market # 114 LaCuesta, KTVU; Greg Lyon, KRON; Doug Murphy,
Monterey-Salinas - 7,900 HH Market # 124 KPIX, George Osterkamp, CBS News; Jennifer Smith,
KXTV; and Pamela Young, KITV. Silver Circle member
Chico-Redding + 3,390 HH Market # 131
Tom Vacar will be the master of ceremonies. Lunch is $55
Eureka + 860 HH Market #192
for members and $60 for guests. Advanced ticketing
Nielsen Media Research 9/20/04
required 650-341-7786
Off Camera, October 2004, page 1
continued from page 1
Akimbo Systems invites NATAS members and friends to EVENT
their new offices in San Mateo on Thursday, October 28th A “class reunion” and “getting from
from 7 to 9 p.m.. 155 Bovet Road, Suite 660 in San here to there.”
Mateo, CA 94402. Those are the themes for two member-
After the cocktail party, we will see product demonstra- ship events being sponsored by NATAS in
tions of Akimbo’s downloading technology. We will hear October in Sacramento and Reno.
from: Steve Shannon, Founder and Executive Vice Presi- Lynn Friedman, NATAS’ San Fran-
dent, Sales and Marketing and Josh Goldman, Chief cisco vice president, will travel to Reno on
Executive Officer Monday, Oct. 4, to oversee a panel on
Don’t miss this cutting-edge NATAS event! As technol- “getting from here to there.” At the event, television industry
ogy evolves, so do media distribution models. The options professionals from the Bay Area and Sacramento will talk
for television and film producers are rapidly expanding. about how they jumped from smaller markets to larger t-v
And these new media delivery systems can potentially reach markets.
millions of people worldwide. So please explore the possi- On Thursday, Oct. 21, a “class reunion” membership
bilities with us. For more information and directions to mixer will be held at Joey B’s restaurant in Sacramento.
Akimbo Systems, go to: You must Former Sacramento TV professionals are invited to return to
RSVP your attendance to or call 650- their former “stomping grounds” to talk with former col-
341-7786 to attend. This is a FREE event. leagues as well as new employees in the Sacramento market.
Several former Sacramento anchors and reporters have been
TV BEYOND TIVO invited to attend the mixer.
More details on each event will be e-mailed later this
month. Membership mixers are also planned later this fall in
Fresno, Hawaii, Salinas, Chico, Redding and Eureka.
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from some of the top
professionals in our region, and meet some of the competi-
tors in your own market who may be your co-workers down
By Keith Sanders the road.
By year’s end, San Mateo based Akimbo Systems should
be the largest video-on-demand service in the world. The
Internet itself is their source of high-quality TV program-
ming. No broadcasts. No tuners. No channels. Just speedy
downloads of Microsoft Windows Media 9 files.
The Akimbo player is a set-top-box that connects your
existing broadband Internet service to your television. It
stores up to 200 hours of video. Some content can exist on
the player indefinitely while other programs have varying
expiration dates. Copy protection prevents you from trans-
ferring files onto your desktop. A remote control allows fast
forward, rewind, pause and skip functions.
The Akimbo Guide is the most comprehensive listing of
video on the Internet. You can browse the guide for content,
or have your favorite programs delivered within a few hours
or overnight.
Almost four thousand programs can now be accessed,
and the list is growing by 50-100 hours a week. Most
subject matter is not available on cable or satellite TV. The
16X9 crowd will appreciate Akimbo Systems founder Steve
Shannon’s commitment that “HDTV content will be
available sometime next year.”
Customized service options are available for varying
monthly fees. Find out more at
Off Camera, October 2004, page 2
Oakland’s FOX affiliate,
KTVU-TV, has a new After riding the waves all day, who has the energy to stay
President and General up until 10pm to watch news? Hawaii’s WB affiliate,
Manager. Cox Televi- KFVE, is counting on there being plenty of sleepy viewers
sion appointed long-time out there just aching for an earlier, 9:00 newscast. With the
Cox executive Tim “HAWAII” NBC
help of its sister station, KHNL (NBC), the “K5 News at
McVay to the coveted Nine” debuts October 18th.
position. McVay re- Unlike most other television markets, Honolulu’s FOX
places Jeff Block, who was promoted in August to a newly
affiliate, KHON, goes head-to-head with the other local
created role of helping build Cox Television’s overall
network newscasts at 10pm, rather than ending its primetime
strategic digital efforts.
an hour earlier, so this will be Hawaii’s only 9:00 newscast.
Bruce Baker, Executive Vice President of Cox Televi-
General manager John Fink says the station will add 4
sion, says “Tim has been with Cox Television for 25 years
new positions: a producer, reporter, anchor, and editor-
and has demonstrated strong leadership ability and met
photographer. ABC
every challenge along the way. His experience and knowl-
Other changes in the islands:
edge of the broadcasting business will be a great asset to
Weekend producer/reporter Lisa Kubota of KHNL,
moves across the street to KGMB in same role.
McVay joins KTVU-TV from WSB-TV in Atlanta
Michael Weir leaves his 5pm producer position at
where he served as General Sales Manager the past eight
KRON in San Francisco, to move into management as
years. He previously was General Sales Manager at
Executive Producer at KGMB.
WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh from 1994-1996, and Local Sales
KGMB also is auditioning for a weathercaster. Weekend
Manager at WSB-TV from 1992-1994. He began his
meteorologist Britt Riedl is on maternity leave but is not
broadcasting career at WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio in 1979
expected to return fulltime.
as an account executive.
KITV cameraman Oscar Betham has resigned.
McVay takes over a strong station that boasts having the
Former radio broadcaster Melisa Yuchida, moves into
highest rated primetime newscast in the country, The KTVU
television, as a new reporter at KHNL.
10 O’Clock News.
Congratulations and good luck to all.

Convention & Awards
Oct. 22-24, Monterey
The 23rd Annual NorCal RTNDA Convention and
Awards will take place the weekend of October 22-24 at
the Monterey Marriott in Monterey, CA.
The Radio-Television News Directors event is open to
anyone interested in radio and television news. You don’t
need to be a member. Seminars, panel discussions, exhibi-
tors, one-on-one tape critiques and the awards banquet plus
a day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium are some of the
Wayne Freedman will present his reporting seminar, all
the Bay Area TV News Directors will be on a panel.
Former CHP Commissioner Spike Helmick wlll speak at
the luncheon on Saturday. Phil Matier will MC the Awards
800-887-6285 More information at or call
Off Camera, October 2004, page 3
A couple of Northern California organiza- • KRON-TV, San Francisco, CA-
tions are finalists for this year’s National “Beating The Odds/Students
Public & Community Service Emmy Rising Above”
Awards. The ceremony will take place at a • KSDK, St. Louis, MO- “A Place
luncheon on Thursday, October 21st, at the to Call Home”
Rainbow Room in New York City. • WFLA-TV, Tampa, FL- “Hurri-
The awards honor television profes- cane Season 2003: Forcasting the
sionals for programming that advances the Storm”
common good. The Community Service • WBNS-10TV, Columbus, OH-
Emmy Award is presented to a local “Breaking The Cycle: A Town Hall
television station or cable company for a Meeting with Dan Rather”
campaign or series that provides an example of outstanding The 2003 National Public Service Emmy:
service to its community. In addition, two awards for • Kaiser Family Foundation/Viacom, Menlo Park,
Outstanding Public Service Announcement, one national CA- “Know HIV/AIDS: Little Reminders;
and one local, are presented each year. Excuses, Bedroom”
Nationwide panels of civic leaders and community • Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Day Saints/
service professionals chose the nominees. “This year’s Bonneville Communications, Salt Lake City, UT-
entries are extremely impressive and reflect the dedication “By The Hour”
and continued concern that organizations have for bettering • Kaiser Family Foundation/MTV, New York, NY-
the communities they serve,” said NTA President, “MTV/Kaiser Family Foundation: Condom Factory,
Peter Price. Condom Testing”
The nominees for the three categories are: • Kaiser Family Foundation/BET, Menlo Park,
The 2003 Community Service Emmy: CA- “Rap It Up: Security, Pharmacy, Statistics”
• KEYE-TV, Austin, TX- “Dealing With Depression: • TV Land and Nick at Nite/MTV, New York, NY-
A KEYE Safe Family Special” “TV Land and Nick at Nite’s Family Table: Share
• WKRC-TV, Cincinnati, OH- “Finding Family” More Than Meals: Special Moments #1; Time
• WRC-TV/NBC4, Washington, DC- “Get Healthy 4 Together, The Whole Story”
Life” • MTV, New York, NY- “Fight For Your Rights:
• WETA, Arlington, VA- “WETA’s Hometown Protect Yourself: Nightkids, Deli, Drugstore”
Heroes” Good luck to KRON-TV and Kaiser Family Foundation
• KNBC, Burbank, CA- “California Indians: Stories at this month’s awards ceremony in New York City.
of a People”

Michael Espinoza will be joining Granite-owned NBC Peabody and Columbia-Dupont Awards. Jeff will team with
affiliate KSEE, Fresno as Executive News Director. He’ll Anna Werner in the new KPIX investigative unit.
also serve as coordinator of news resources for Granite. It Anny Hong jumps 63 markets to become the weekday
marks a return to Fresno for Michael, who earlier in his morning anchor for KGPE in Fresno. She was previously a
career had been News Director of KFSN-TV. Michael most reporter, weekend weather anchor and fill-in anchor for
recently had been teaching at USC after leaving his job as KVAL-TV in Eugene, Oregon.
Assistant ND of KABC-TV in Los Angeles. He replaces Terri Ruppe to Local Sales Manager, KPIX CBS 5
Julie Akins at KSEE-TV, who left the station in July after from Account Executive, same station
almost three years as ND. Julia Madden to writer, KPIX CBS 5 from KRON
Pedro Calderon has been promoted to News Director same position.
for Univision owned station KUVS in Sacramento. He has LaSandra Hunt to account executive KPIX CBS 5/
been the anchor there and has worked at KUVS-TV for KBHK UPN Bay Area New Business Development Team
seven years. Pedro replaces Alberto Larios. from KTAL, Shreveport, LA, same title.
Jeff Harris joins KPIX CBS 5 as Executive Producer, Alica Green to studio operations technician, KPIX CBS
Investigations. Jeff leaves Denver’s KMGH-TV, where, as 5 from technical director, News Channel 8/ABC 7 (Wash-
Executive Producer of Special Projects, he won both ington DC).
Off Camera, October 2004, page 4
There will be a lot more The imperfections were
information for bay area on the minds of the audi-
television executives to sift ence. They questioned Hall
through. It will be more over and over again on the
accurate and it will be potential problems of the
available every day. new technology.
That was the general Among them:
consensus of a panel of *People who “channel
experts who gathered last surf” will be required to hit
month at the KPIX studios ALEX PETRILLI, ELLEN CONLAN, DAN ASHLEY, COLLEEN HALL, TOM SPITZ an “OK” button once they
in San Francisco to discuss the new Photos by Robert Mohr © 2004 647-MOHR settle on a channel. If they
Nielsen “people meters.” forget, the program won’t get credit.
About two dozen people listened to the *Household members are only given 30
75-minute discussion at the Sept. 22 event. to 45 minutes of instruction on how to use
The forum was moderated by ABC 7 the people meters and they receive it on the
anchor Dan Ashley. The panelists were: day their house is wired up.
Colleen Hall, Nielsen regional vice presi- *What’s taped on a VCR is counted, but
dent; Tom Spitz, KPIX programming programs recorded on Tivo® aren’t. That
executive; Alex Petrilli, KPIX researcher; capability is still a year or more off.
and Ellen Conlan, ABC 7’s director of *There is skepticism whether 800 homes
research. is enough of a sampling in a market with 2
Hall began the discussion by outlining million households.
for the curious audience how the “people Hall insisted their sampling is represen-
meters,” which went into effect Sept. 30, tative of the Bay Area and the data collected
will work. Under the new system, the will be a true reflection of what the market
household sampling in the Bay Area has is watching. She and others also cautioned
increased from 500 to 800 homes. TV professionals to analyze the data over
Every member of each household is time and not to put too much stock into any
given a remote control to “log in” each time one day.
they watch a television program. A main “The information will be available every
“meter box” is capable of recording data day, but the question is, should we look at it
from up to 16 individuals. Every television every day,” said Conlen.
in a home is connected to the system. “I think it would be foolish to panic on a
“We are so excited to bring this technol- day-to-day basis,” added Spitz. “This is a
ogy to this market,” said Hall. “The ‘people sophiscated business. The people meters are
meter’ technology is revolutionary. It will a tool.”
provide television stations with such a great Panelists pointed out news departments
competitive advantage.” will now have a better idea who is watching
The demographic data gathered by the their newscasts. In addition, big stories will
people meters will be given to TV stations be broadcast when they’re ready, instead of
every morning. In essence, it’s like having a being held for “sweeps” months. And,
“sweeps” month every day. panelists said, stations that produce solid
“It’s going to have tremendous poten- newscasts day in and day out will do better.
tial,” said Spitz, “because people will be “Strong stations will benefit,” said
looking at a lot more information and Conlan.
they’ll be looking at it every morning.” For the future, the panelists said the
The data will be more detailed than the technology will improve and the information
current meters and diaries. And supporters it delivers will be more reliable.
say it will be more accurate. “We may not like the information,” said
“This is not perfect, but it’s a lot better Spitz, “but it will be more accurate.”
than the diaries,” said Petrilli.
Off Camera, October 2004, page 5
continued from page 1
But San Francisco isn’t taking the bad news lying down.
Several stations are questioning Nielsen’s research data. “It
just defies logic to believe we lost 81,000 households in a
single year,” says ABC-7’s director of research, Ellen
Conlan. In addition, Conlan points out, counting house-
holds only tells half of the story. “The bay area has many
multi-generational households, and in general, just more
people per household, so if you compare actual population,
the bay area is still the fifth market.” Boston actually falls
to #7 under this scenario. If you compare total population
within each market, San Francisco has 6,381,934 people,
and Boston has only 5,885,971, a difference of half a Hardcore football fans in the bay area can now watch
million people. almost all of their NFL games with more detail than ever
So the fight is far from over, and who knows, when the before. KPIX (CBS) and KGO (ABC) have been broad-
dust settles, Nielsen could discover a mistake and return San casting the NFL in digital High Definition TV for several
Francisco to #5. But more likely, the re-ordering will stick years. Now, KTVU (FOX), which carries most of the 49ers
for the next year or two, until the economy picks up and the games, has joined the club.
bay area regains some of the jobs it lost when the tech On September 12th, KTVU aired its first NFL game in full
bubble burst. Back in the ’70s, San Francisco and Boston HDTV, The Atlanta Falcons vs. the San Francisco 49ers.
jockeyed for the #5 spot for several years, with S.F. jumping KTVU announced it’s doubling its digital transmitter power
ahead in 1976 and Boston taking it back in 1977, before from 500,000 Watts to 1,000,000 Watts.
San Francisco took back the crown for good in 1978. Turns FOX says it will have six HDTV production trucks and
out “for good” isn’t quite the same as “forever.” crews covering most of the weekly NFL games. In addition,
FOX will air the NFC Playoffs and Super Bowl XXXIX in
SPEAKERSS SERIES the 16 x 9 - 720P format of high definition and high resolu-
NAMES Baseball fans will also be able to watch the 2004
American League and National League Playoffs, and the
The new Lesher World Series in HDTV.
Speaker Series is off to a Of course, you have to pony up big bucks and actually
great start following a buy a high definition television to enjoy the sharper picture.
packed house for “An The rest of you will get the same old picture you’ve always
Evening with Jay Leno” had, between cable outages and weather interference on
on September 15th. Leno your satellite dish.
may be a tough act to
follow, but some big
JAY LENO with KTVU’s KENNY WARDELL names will give it a shot
between October and April.
Next up are former V.P. candidate Geraldine Ferraro
and CNN’s “Crossfire” co-host Tucker Carlson, on Octo-
ber 11th. On November 3rd, baseball great Cal Ripken, Jr. Malcolm Rodgers is joining ABC owned KGO-TV in
will speak on The Keys to Success, followed by the real life San Francisco as a graphic artist. In his new role, Rodgers
“Catch Me if You Can” con artist Frank Abagnale, Febru- will design news and promotions graphics as well as create
ary 2nd, 2005. sets and scenery. Rodgers is a bay area veteran. He started
Jane Bryant Quinn, personal finance columnast and his career in local television at KPIX-TV in 1987. During
commentator, will speak on March 9th, and Senator Robert his 10 years at the station he advanced from carpenter to
Dole rounds out the speaker’s series on April 5th. scenic director. In 1998 he formed Bowman Rodgers
The Lesher Speaker Series is sponsored by KGO Radio, Design, a boutique agency specializing in art direction,
KTVU-TV, and The Contra Costa Times. All events are at design and production of scenic environments for on-air
the Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts in Walnut sports, talk and special event shows. Rodgers is a graduate
Creek. You can purchase tickets at the Lesher ticket office, of The Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts.
or by calling 925-943-SHOW.
Off Camera, October 2004, page 6
LIVES ON, IN L.A. San Francisco - Oct. 11th
Yes, there is life after 1 hr. 46 min. This
TechTV for the few dozen ensemble comedy is
employees Comcast about a married couple,
Cable transferred from the Jaffes (Hoffman,
San Francisco to Los Tomlin), who work as
Angeles, after purchasing detectives, helping
the network and laying off people solve existential
more than 200 people. crises in their lives. For
The former TechTV gang now works out of some well- those not familiar with
equipped digs in West L.A., in a note from Peter the philosophy-based
Hammersly, VP, Executive Producer, Programming, term of “existential
indicates they’re doing just fine, thank you. crisis”, some examples
For all who need a quick review of the harried history of of such a crises would be
TechTV, magazine publisher Ziff Davis launched the a “mid-life crisis”, a
network in 1998, as ZDTV, broadcasting technology and “what am I doing with
internet-related programs via satellite and cable delivery. my life?” sort of hang
The slickly produced ZDTV failed to find a mass up, “my life has been a mistake”, “my whole life is a joke”,
audience, and the next year Microsoft co-founder Paul etc. Their first client in this movie is Albert Markovski
Allen bought a majority interest, delivering a much-needed (Schwartzman), who is experiencing angst because of his
infusion of cash to the company. He later renamed ZDTV, position at Huckabee’s, a popular chain of retail stores.
TechTV. Investigating his workplace, the Jaffes take on one of
This past May, Comcast Cable announced its purchase Albert’s coworkers, Brad Stand (Law) as a client as well,
of TechTV for an undisclosed price, to merge with its G4 which leads them to investigate his girlfriend, Dawn
video game network. G4 executives notified 285 TechTV Campbell (Watts), who is the spokesmodel in the Huckabees
employees they could be let go, and ultimately offered about TV commercials. Meanwhile, Albert teams up with an
80 people jobs with the newly merged division. Unfortu- existential firefighter (Wahlberg) and a French radical
nately, the jobs were in Lala Land, so not all 80 accepted the (Huppert) out of frustration with the idea that the Jaffes are
offer. But for those who did, here’s how the transition has helping the very man who seems to be part of Albert’s
gone, according to one happy transfer: existential crisis.
“As you know, only a handful of shows were picked up Starring: Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Mark Wahlberg,
when the network was acquired (The ScreenSavers, X-play, Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin, Jason Schwartzman,
Unscrewed with Martin Sargent and acquisitions Robot Isabelle Huppert
Wars and Anime Unleashed). Most of the staffs of those Directed by: David O. Russell
shows made the big plunge to relocate; we returned to Produced by: David O. Russell, Scott Rudin,
production on Labor Day. The whole process from an- Gregory Goodman
nouncement of the acquisition to going live from new sets & MPAA Rating: R for language and a sex scene.
studios in LA took less than 4 months. The folks from G4 Delancey Street Screening Room, 600 The
did a great job of preparing for the increased staff and Embarcadero, San Francisco. Refreshments & Networking
production, though we’re bursting at the seams on office 7 p.m., movie 7:30 p.m. Seating limited to first 146 to
space. The new sets are terrific and the facility is outstand- arrive.
ing overall. The building was formerly the ATT Digital
Media Center and is wired like no other I’ve seen. People Sacramento - Oct. 16th
have been both pleasant and professional. Our shows have Meet vice president George Franco in the lobby of the
never looked better. The “lifestyle” seems to be pretty Regal Theatres at Natomas Marketplace, 3561 Truxel
agreeable. Most folks are living out here on the Westside Road, Sacramento (Off I-80) at 11:30 a.m. Pick the hottest
where the air, climate, and traffic are all about as good as movie playing.
they can be for LA. Still, the Bay Area will always be home
for many of us.” The CINEMA CLUB is a FREE first run monthly screen-
NATAS wishes continued good fortune to all those who ing for NATAS, DGA and AWRT members
made the trek south. who may bring a guest.
Off Camera, October 2004, page 7
Over Easy Meets Again
By Alison Gibson
Who, you might ask, does cams for a later-taped Arturo Juarez musical number.
not remember the 6-season Exuberant youth was still evident around the cocktail and
run of the national PBS talk hors d’oevres tables (thanks to Chef Narsai David for
show taped at KQED studios massive amounts of wine).
in the 70’s and 80’s that Many had made the trek from LA and NY to attend:
featured hosts Hugh Downs former AD (now high-powered post supervisor) Jeff Yuen,
and Frank Blair, Jim Hartz hip-as-ever editor Walt Louie, award-winning location
and Mary Martin, along with managers Diane Friedman and Robin Citrin (blond,
a marquis of almost every gorgeous and poised as always), style/set designer Ken
Hollywood celebrity of the Short, and the inimitable Margie Kerns (now of WNET/
era? Many may not, since we are fast approaching that age NY, send your resume) were among the ex-pats in tow.
which memory is but a memory. But at Dolby Laboratories Senior Writer/Producer Ben Bayol MC’d and former
on the first Saturday in September, about 80 veterans of the staffers Margarita Landazuri, Francie Covington, Victor
Power-Rector production gathered to remember and to fill Jones (aka djovida) and Art Juarez regaled us with anec-
in the gaps of the past 22 years. dotes of wayward field production (did Roy Rodgers really
At the Karen Larsen-produced event, producer Blanche have a sexy portrait of Dale Evans, or was that Trigger?).
Chase screened old funding and outtake reels - a tribute to Lead Studio Producer Lynda Egener Jenner prompted
Sony stock that dropout on the original 3/4" tapes was us all to encourage Mr. Bayol, who for 8 years has been
minimal. Did we age as gracefully? Looking back at the seeking funding to renew the show - and is almost there.
scenes from Studio A, where then floor director Frank The times they may be a-changing, but most of us on the
Zamacoma rallied the audience with bits of stand-up OE crew would welcome a 21st century version of this
comedy, a hair-curled, pre-made up Ethel Merman re- timeless program - whatever it takes to guide us into our
hearsed There’s No Business Like Show Business with Mary mature years with dignity and zest.
Martin, a broom-swinging Margaret Clarke, standing in
for Ms. Martin, “sang” Getting to Know You, and Herb Reported by Alison Gibson, ex OE-er, who fondly remem-
Ferrette jazzed on the piano, headset attached, readying the bers the cooking segment “Thanksgiving Turkey for One.”


David Mills, KPIX, President
Lynn R Friedman, KGO, VP, SF
Keith Sanders, Perfect Pitch TV, VP, SJ
George Franco, KOVR, VP, Sacramento SAN FRANCSISCO
Erik Rosales, KGPE, VP, Fresno NORTHERN C ALIF
4317 Camden Avenue
Terri Russell, KOLO, VP, Reno John Murray, San Mateo, CA 94403
Pamela Young, KITV, VP, Hawaii JM Communications (650) 341-7786
Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions, Secretary Sharon Navratil, KTVU
F: (650) 372-0279
Frances Palacios, Palacios Prod., Treasurer John Odell, CCSF
Nancy Osborne, KFSN
Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) Heather Searles, ITVS
Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Josh Springer, KCSM
GOVERNORS: Javier Valencia, KRON (Awards)
Dan Adams, KXTV Stuart Yamane, Yamane Creative Svc.
Bob Anderson, KBWB Richard Zanardi, Notre Dame Univ.
Dan Ashley, KGO
Brian Avery, KTLN COMMITTEE CHAIRS: (not listed above)
John Burgess, KFTY/KVIQ Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal)
John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc. Linda Giannecchini, KQED (Museum)
(Museum) Deanne Moenster, KTVU (Publicity)
Janice Edwards, KNTV James Spalding, Spalding & Co., (Finance)
Ginnelle Elliott, KPIX
Bob Goldberger, KGO Darryl R Compton, NATAS
Stewart Heller, York Productions
Valeria Hernandez, KDTV Off Camera
Adam Housley, Fox News Bob Goldberger, Editor
Justin Kanno, KOLO Darryl Compton, Publisher
Ronald Louie, KTVU Robert Mohr, Photographer
Off Camera, October 2004, page 8