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Diesel Daily Fuel Tank 1 Unit

Arrangement : To store and supply diesel to the diesel generator sets.

Type Capacity Dimesion Construction

: : : :

Elevated m.s tank with steel structure support. 2m3 1500x1200x1200 mm(to suit) The tank shall be of 4.5mm thick mild steel plates and supported by angles with a service platform. a) Inlet, outlet and drain pipes. b) Air Vents and manhole at top. c) Plastic sight tube with steel tube as guard c/w isolating cocks level indicators.



Diesel Skid Tank x 1 unit

Arrangement Capacity Dimension Construction Accessories : : To receive diesel delivery by diesel tanker. : 10m3 : 1.9 dia x 3.6m S/L(to suit) : Mild Steel cylindrical Skip tank m/d 6mm MS plate a) Inlet, outlet and drain pipes. b) Air Vents and manhole at top. c) Plastic sight tube with steel tube as guard c/w isolating cocks level indicators d) Saddles m/o MS pipe


Diesel Skid Pump x 1 unit

Capacity of Pump Make Material : one unit of pump, 5m3/hr at 5m head : KEW-KSSR 32 c /w 1.5 kw motor.or eq. : CI/CI/SS

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Turbine Water Tank 1 Unit

Arrangement: Capacity Dimension Construction: To receive turbine hot water 1.5m3 1.2x1.2x1.2m(to suit) The tank shall be fabricated from 4.5mm thick MS plate suitably stiffened by angles. Cover plate 3mm MS Vent, Inlet, outlets and overflow pipes.



Turbine water tank Pump 1 Unit

Accessories : a) 1 unit water pump of capacity 5 m3/hr At 15m head. . KEW-KSSR40 b) Necessary inlet/outlet valves, overflow piping & fittings. c) CI/CI/SS 2.2 kW at 2900 rpm mounted on a rigid common base plate


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Back Pressure Steam Receiver 1 Unit Arrangement : A pressure vessel to receive exhaust steam from the steam turbine as well as to provide steam for mill process and sterilisation. Horizontal cylindrical type of 9.5mm thk x915mm diameter x 3,400mm long design & fabricated accordance with the regulation for unfired Vessel & using Design Code: ASME SEC. VIII. DIV 2001 Edition. The vessel shall be fabricated from 9.5mm thick ASTM516Gr70, for a working pressure of 3.8 bars & temperature 200C. The vessel shall be insulated with 50mm thick 60 kg/m3 rockwool and covered with 22 SWG plain aluminums sheeting. Saddles for support the receiver shall be one Fixed and the other shall be free rollers to Take up expansion. Ports to be provided as shown in the Drawing. Pipe nozzles for all ports shall be Schedule 40 seamless steam pipes. A set of 4.5mm thk chequered plate/4.5 t expanded metal sheet Operating Platform c/w hand railing 38 dia and kicking angle Plate and staircase at both ends shall be installed. Accessories : 0-7 bars, 100 diameter SS body diaphragm gauge c/w fittings.



Local Authority Dept

Arrangement and submission to local authorities for approval

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