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L6,2013 December

Squier Sidonie TheHonorable Department Human Services Street 2009S.Pacheco NM 87504 Fe, Santa Squier: Secretary Dear Health Behavioral of the NewMexico asCEO I handin myformalresignation emotions It iswith mixed andI areheaded My husband Division. Health Services andDirector of the Behavioral Collaborative my workin part to continue proximity family, and also large of my to a within closer eastto be back health/child non-profit behavioral for a large Operating Officer health.I will bethe Chief behavioral butverycomplicated the necessary, to continuing to provide whereI lookforward welfare organization, providing you here in New Mexico. leadusin that services is not onlyfor the professional meto be partof yourteam. My gratitude I wantto thankyoufor inviting teamI knowledgeable brave, most dedicated, to with the but for the opportunity work opportunity, Your level andwith suchintegrity. at an executive to workwith collectively have everhadthe pleasure hasledusoversomequitetoughpolicy for the rightreasons the rightthing, doing for always support andrare,in state respect for you, lt isveryempowering, my unwavering andhasearned bridges, of the Governor butalsothe support secretary, government the support of the cabinet to notonlyhave - because it'sthe our programs faced, andto transform we have andherstaffto takeon the challenges your team. Executive of rightthingto do. lt hasbeenan honorto workwith andbe a member for a position of this process, youfor yoursupport asI knowit wasprolonged duringmy interview Thank laid for you, HSD has groundwork the team you whole Brent, and muchluckon allthe type. I wish - butyou've youcan shown ischallenging for NewMexico.I knowchange success health caredelivery it face anddeliver. wishes Best always, \ ___
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