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Test Report – BWT Session No.




Ajay Balamurugadas, Allmas Mullah, Amit Kulkarni, Anup Naik, Jassi, Sharath Byregowda, Shruti

Date: 30-Aug-2009

Time: 9.30 PM

Mission: To test and find bugs in Google calendar website

Operating System: Vista Home premium, Win XP SP3,

Browser (if applicable): Google Chrome Browser,, Opera 9, Mozilla Firefox
(Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009073022
Firefox/3.0.13), Internet Explorer 6

Application Name & Version: Google Calendar

Link to download or URL:

Notes : (Includes Test Data, Test Ideas, Investigation Notes, Questions)

Will Google Products have Bugs???

Will I be able to find bugs?

Bugs :

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

1. Appointments can be added for past dates. Ex: An appointment can be added on 14th June
2009. Current Date: 01 Sep 2009.

2. Email Validation is missing for the Quick Add feature.

3. Incorrect message has a “Warning” Icon instead of “Information” icon in the message

4. Public Calendar Address text field is not reset when invalid text or URL is entered

a. Click add button in Other Calendars

b. Click on Add by URL

c. In Public Calendar Address enter invalid text

d. Click on Add button

Result: Error dialog is displayed but after clicking done button text field is not reset.

5. Text box displayed for entering time is bigger than other two text boxes

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

a. Select Notifications from My calendars drop down.
b. Observe text boxes under Event reminders.

6. Drop down button does not respond always on click for My calendars and Other calendars.

7. “ & “can not be used as a first letter in Quick Add. Under quick add Add a event with the

name “ & Test”.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

8. Validation missing for Event Name field.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

9. Uniformity of the size of buttons is not maintained.

10. It allowed adding a task of 384 characters which went out of focus.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

Clicking on refresh made the above vanish.

11. No validation to import calendar I tried to import a zip file and it allowed to import.

12. Cancel button is missing at the ‘Add other calendar by URL’. Once given a wrong URL, it
displays ‘Loading’ and the system hangs.

13. When adding different calendars, the window remained the same.

This can confuse the user as it does not expand.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

14. Crash if more than 3000 characters are added to the task name.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

15. Tasks with same name can be added. There can be a blank name for a task.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

16. Focus is lost if Move Up is done for the first item in the list.


a. Select a task and Move Up till it becomes the first item in the list.

b. Now try to Indent using the keyboard shortcut. Indenting does not happen.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

17. ‘Link Select’ Pointer is displayed at end of date in the Date field. Clicking has no effect.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

18. Select a fourth Monday and select Monthly. Displays “Monthly every 4th Monday”. Now change
the date. Message does not change automatically.

19. Delete a default list. Message is funny.

20. Task name limit is different in Tasks tab and delete message pop up.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

21. Minimizing Guests option does not minimize the Add guests option. Multiple toggle can be

22. The entire list of contacts is not displayed.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

23. Time Zone not refreshing automatically.


a. Login to Gmail account.

b. Click on Calendar link.

c. Check the ‘Display all timezones’ checkbox.

d. Change the location and observe that the Time zone does not change automatically.

e. If the ‘Display all timezones’ checkbox is not checked, changing the location changes the
Time zone field automatically.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

24. Create a new event with more than 24 characters. Click on the event created in the calendar.
Choose change owner from the drop down menu for Calendar. The title of the calendar is displayed
across the page, also unable to navigate the page horizontally after the following event. The only
way to move out of the page is to click on the back button on the browser.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

25. The pop-up remainder is not displayed at the event time configured, when the browser is
minimized. The pop-up is not displayed even when the browser is launched after the event time

26. Create 2 different events at the same time. Remainder fails to work. No email sent, also no pop-
up displayed.

27. Defect Summary: Quick Add function does not save event with Enter key [Usability]

Description: On Save, asked to specify the start and end date, but no date fields present on the
screen. This happens when the Enter key is pressed after entering task.

Steps: Click the Quick Add link on the LHS. Enter task eg. Dinner with Tom

Hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

Expected: Event should get saved and a success message should be displayed.

Actuals: The Edit event screen opens with a pop-up displaying message "Your event has not been

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

Click the Continue Editing button.

Click Save on the Edit Event screen.

Expected: Event should get saved and a success message should be displayed.

Actuals: A pop-up displaying message "Please specify Start and End Date".

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

28. Defect : Add Guests when clicked takes long time to load next page [performance]

Got hung with the Loading... sign on the top RHS.

The application did not hang and could perform other operations. The Loading sign remained.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

29. Add Event details screen does have a map link like it does in the Edit Event screen [Usability]

30. Valid email address was rejected as invalid when "Change Owner" action was taken on an

[function failure]

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

31. Did not send email for event to mail a/c [usability and function fault]

As the email id is specified in the task, user expects a mail as a reminder.

32. Cluttered appearance when more than 1 events can be added to a time slot. [usability]

Also, cannot view all events of a slot in a separate space hence unable to check all events.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

Bangalore Weekend Testers: