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Henry Schein Dental Deutschland GmbH Monzastae 2a !22" Lan#en Germany

$ot %ust &or 'hristmas(((

Henry Schein employees support good causes in their regions Lan#en ) December * + 2,*! A total of EUR 12,500 has een gi!en to local associations, organi"ations and initiati!es y Henry Schein depots as part of their 201# $hristmas donations% As al&ays, the recipients of this year's charita le donations &ere suggested y Henry Schein regional teams% E!en long(term pro)ects and partnerships as part of Henry Schein $ares, the company's glo al social responsi ility program, are initiated in most cases y employees% *$olleagues often contact me during the year to suggest pro)ects or organi"ations for $hristmas donations,+ says ,utta ,andl from the -urem erg depot management office% .n the midst of the usy pre( $hristmas period, presenting the donation chec/ is a !ery special e!ent% 0his year, Henry Schein employee 1aria 2eter &as delighted to e a le to present the *Engelein e%3%+ association &ith a chec/ for EUR 2,500, &hich &as accepted &ith pleasure y 4!one Specht% 0he association, &hich pro!ides direct and non( ureaucratic assistance for cancer sufferers, &as founded )ust this year% A further donation &ent to the S5S $hildren's 3illage in 6era, also recently esta lished% 0he 7aden(89rttem erg team instead focused their attention on homeless people% 8ith a donation of EUR 5,000 to the *0rott( &ar+ association, the Stuttgart depot is sponsoring one of the regional street maga"ine's sellers, allo&ing him to e permanently employed y the association for a year% Ho&e!er, Henry Schein employees ha!e also sho&n that there are many different &ays of getting in!ol!ed in the region on a personal le!el% :ield representati!e ;erstin Strit" from Rostoc/, for e<ample, decided to forgo the usual small gifts to her customers, and to donate the money instead to a children's cancer charity in Rostoc/% *.t's only a small donation, ut . /no& that the money &ill e put to good use% 0hat's &hy it &as important for me to choose a regional organi"ation% And the pediatric cancer &ard in Rostoc/ is directly opposite the uni!ersity dental clinic, &hich has een one of my accounts for around 20 years,+ adds ;erstin Strit", e<plaining her choice% .n :ran/furt, Henry Schein's support for the $aritas *Elisa eth(Stra=enam ulan"+ mo ile health ser!ice for the homeless and needy goes far eyond the annual donation that has )ust een presented% 5nce again, it &as an employee that started the all rolling &ith Henry Schein $ares% .n the $aritas *Elisa eth( Stra=enam ulan"+ practice, a handful of dentists and other !olunteers led y dentist Agnes d'Al on offer lo&(threshold care for people &ho ha!e !arious reasons for not !isiting normal dental practices% Stefan 3>l"ing, an employee at Henry Schein, /ne& 1s% d'Al on from his &or/ as a field representati!e and spontaneously pledged his support in 200? &hen he heard a out her plans to esta lish a dental practice for homeless people% He inspired his managers and the company e<ecuti!es to ac/ the pro)ect, securing a donation for a used dental chair% Since then, Henry Schein's assistance has included the funding to set up a small practice la oratory% Henry Schein is also committed to maintaining and ser!icing the e@uipment% more 2age 2

'a-tion 2eter 1ein"en ach ArightB, Head of Sales for 0huringia at Henry Schein, and Ellen Sternal AleftB, :ield Representati!e at Henry Schein, present 1r% 6>t" AmiddleB, Ceputy Cirector of the $hildren's 3illage, &ith a donation of EUR 2,500% About Henry Schein Henry Schein pro!ides its clients at dental offices and la oratories &ith a &ide selection of materials and instruments from leading manufacturers, as &ell as capital e@uipment re@uiring intensi!e consultation and inno!ati!e technology solutions% As a full(ser!ice pro!ider, Henry Schein is al&ays there to help dentists and dental technicians, &ith an e<tensi!e consulting and ser!ice program% Highly @ualified e<pert consultants, specialists, and technical ser!ice staff pro!ide clients &ith custom support on their &ay to success% Henry Schein Cental 6ermany employs o!er 1,200 mem ers of staff at almost D0 locations nation&ide and is /no&n for its customer focus and personal on(site ser!ice% Henry Schein rings the &orld of dentistry to life &ith a comprehensi!e selection of modern e@uipment concepts and an auditorium for continuing education and e!ents of the highest @uality at eight Cental .nformation $enters AC.$B% 0he parent company Henry Schein, .nc% is the leading pro!ider of products and ser!ices for registered dentists, medical practitioners and !eterinarians &orld&ide% Henry Schein, a :ortune 500E company and mem er of the -ASCAF 100E inde<, is head@uartered in 1el!ille, -e& 4or/% 8ith ranch offices or affiliates in 25 countries, the company employs more than 1G,000 team mem ers and ser!es nearly H00,000 customers% 0he company's international efforts in supporting social pro)ects are part of the Henry Schein $ares scheme% A longstanding history and clear dedication to @uality and !alue ma/e Henry Schein stand out from other companies% 0hese form a solid asis for the current success and future gro&th of the company% :or further information please !isit the home page at &&&%henryschein(dental%de 'ontact -atascha Hollingshead(0amer 1anager $ommunications ID? A0BG10#(J5J G2 00 -atascha%HollingsheadKhenryschein%de LLL