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Title: Maintain Job Compensation Processes : Sub-Processes :

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Maintain Job Compensation

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P rpose Use this procedure to update a (ob0s compensation- 1mployee records should not be affected$rigger 'erform this procedure when you want to maintain (ob compensationPrere% isites .ppropriate (ob compensation elements a2ailable Men Path Human Resources 3rgani4ational Management 15pert Mode 6ob $ransaction Co#e PO03 Helpf l Hints The centrali4ed 3rgani4ational Management role will perform this to maintain (ob compensation-

Proce# re0


7ou ha2e started the transaction using the menu path or transaction code-

Maintain Job


.s re8uired9 complete!re2iew the following fields: Fiel# Name 6ob R)O)C R Description This is similar to today:s (ob class- It is generic in nature; contains attributes used to create specific positions when drafting an organi4ational plan*+ample: *#### /1

3'0 ,'0

<lic= <lic=

Maintain Job



to maintain history of the 'lanned <ompensation infotype record-

Change Planne# Compensation


.s re8uired9 complete!re2iew the following fields: Fiel# Name 'ay Scale >roup R)O)C R Description The pay scale group is designated by the wage type and the associated low and high 2alues describing an annual salary%or e5ample9 a wage type represents an employee:s annual salary- The lower and upper limits of ?,#9### and ?$ 9### are also associated with the wage type completing the description of the pay scale group*+ample: $$ It specifies the end date of a record9 transaction9 or search*+ample: $$


/'0 0'0


<lic= - <lic= @7esA when prompted @'re2ious record will be delimited at end- Do you want to sa2eBA

The le2el will automatically default based on the steps a2ailable Ci-e- . D EF- Unli=e the position compensation we do not want the employee to inherit these new attributes as they should only inherit the compensation on the position- .s a result9 report '1<MGU'DG###/G1##" H Update Iasic 'ay from 'lanned <ompensation should not be e5ecuted when changes are made to (ob compensation components- The system displays the message9 JRecord created-J


7ou ha2e completed this transaction-

Res lt 7ou ha2e successfully updated (ob compensationComments