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The title of my magazine will be oblique. I chose this name as I believe its unique and will stick in my readers head. The word oblique can have many different meanings one of which means that something is not expressed or done in a direct way. I have chosen this

word to contradict the true meaning, as I want my magazine to be upfront and real about music and artists, which is another reason why it will be memorable for the reader.

I have chosen the genre of my magazine to be Pop/RnB I have done this because they are the most popular genres of music in todays society, but also many sub genres come from Pop/RnB so therefore I would be appealing to a wide audience. This genre is also very popular with my target audience age group, so a magazine with this genre has the potential to attract a vast amount of readers. Also I chose this genre because it is a genre I feel I have the most knowledge about, and can connect with the most. I also have a lot of close peers which listen to this genre of music which has expanded my knowledge of the music, so therefore I felt I would be best in producing pop/RnB magazine. The target audience for my magazine are both females and males aged 16-24, meaning I am targeting teenagers and young adults. I have chosen this age group as I believe they are the most up to date with music and the most influential age group in bringing about changes in the charts. I will target the content of my magazine on relevant artists, which are most popular with my audience such as Beyonc, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake and Avicii. My initial ideas for the front page were to have a female artist looking directly into the camera giving a fierce look and take up the whole of the front cover to give my magazine more eye-catching. My masthead would follow the traditional conventions of a magazine my occupying the top column of my magazine. The background of the magazine would be white-which is also a traditional convention of a magazine- as it gives the magazine a sophisticated look, and the masthead would be black to stand out against the background. My colour scheme would be black, blue and purple as I believe the colour blue connotes

excitement and happiness and purple gives the magazine a sense of professionalism and also appeals to both females and males. I will include a competition to win free tickets to a concert or special offers on festivals/concerts to make the magazine more enticing for my audience .I will also include the price of my magazine- 3.50 I chose this price as it was affordable for my target audience but still expensive enough to show that the magazine is of a high quality. It will be situated on the bottom right hand corner of my magazine underneath the barcode. I decided my main cover line would be about one of the most famous artists out at the moment, and would promote the exclusive interview with her inside the magazine. It would take up the majority of the front cover as it is the main story in the magazine. Other cover lines would be about: discovering the most famous female and male artists, 50 most shocking moments in music industry and an insight into the 5 most unbelievable concerts ranked by the magazine. I decided that the contents Page would be split into sections with different subheadings and feature four different images. The main image being the same artist featured on the front cover but doing a different pose not looking directly at the camera to create consistency throughout the magazine. And the 3 other smaller photos will be of other artists to represent different stories featuring in the magazine, maybe a photo of a girl band and a pop male act. The first row of the contents page will be dedicated to the UK number 1 chart, informing the audience of the top 50 songs and albums in the charts at the moment. The rest of the page will be divided into pictures and articles under different sub headings such as Reviews, Hottest Artists and Concerts and festivals My initial ideas for the double page spread where to have an interview with the Female pop sensation featured on the front cover or an article on their rise to fame. The image will be either a long shot or close op of the artist and take up the whole of one side of the page or overflow onto the top of both pages with the article placed underneath. I believe this will create a clear and eye catching double page spread which is equally as visual as it is informative.