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Tamil Nadu State council

Energy 13
Marching towards Power Surplus 14th December 2013, Hilton Chennai Tentative Programme 9:30 -10:00 am 10:00 am Registration Welcome Address Theme Address Key Note Address Mr. Rafeeque Ahmed Chairman FICCI TNSC Mr. M. Nandakumar Convenor nerg! Panel FICCI TNSC Mr. Prashant Modi Pre"i#ent $ Chie% &'erating &%%icer (reat a"tern nerg! Cor'oration Thiru Sudee !ain "AS Chairman $ )anaging Director Tamil Na#* nerg! Develo'ment +genc! ,T D+Thiru Ra#esh $akhoni "AS% Princi'al Secretar! nerg! De'artment (overnment o% Tamil Na#* & ' Ms. !ennifer M("nt)re Con"*l (eneral ./S/ Con"*late (eneral Chennai Shri M.*.+oe,% Chairman $ )anaging Director ,+##itional Chargean# Director ,CommercialPo0er Finance Cor'oration 1t#/ Thiru Natham R.-is.anathan Hon2ble )ini"ter %or lectricit!, Non3Conventional nerg! Develo'ment (overnment o% Tamil Na#* Mr.P. Murari "AS /Retd0 +#vi"or to FICCI Pre"i#ent, Ne0 Delhi

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Special Address

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Inaugural Address

Concluding Remarks

Tamil Nadu State council

11:30 1 12:00 am 12:00 1 1:30 m Session 5hair

Coffee reak Session " 'na3,ers for A(hie4ing 'nerg) Se(urit) Ne! "ro#ect Initiati$es and %&isting plants operations and impro$ements Current challenges in Transmission and 'istri(ution %na(ling supporting Infrastructure for %nergy Sector ) *and Ac+uisition "olicy Current Technology ) Super Critical oilers Shale Gas , oon to %nergy Sector Mr.R R Pi,,ai6 Managing Director 4inco 5 Po0er 6cel Former 7hole Time Director 8S7 nerg!, )*mbai S"'M'NS Mr. Prashanth Sa3eshan Partner )a9*m#ar $ Partner" International 1a0!er" 6 :angalore 7r. Man#unath C & ;4; nerg! Re,ian(e 'nerg)

1:30 1 2:18 m 2:18 1 3:98 m Session 5hair

*unch "nno4ati4e Te(hno,ogies and so,utions for 'nerg) "ndustr) 7r. A : -e,ra# Pro% $ Director In"tit*te o% nerg! St*#ie", +nna .niver"it! N$5 % Mr. 7e3asish Nanda Chie% )anager , (a" )ar<etingIn#ian &il Cor'oration 1imite# 7r Mathe. A3raham Hea#3 +lternative F*el" )$), )ahin#ra 5e"earch valle!, Chennai Mr T S -enkatraman )anaging Director "vin Technologie" (reat a"tern nerg! Mr. Suthakar6 )anaging Director,

Coal ) "rime source of %nergy , Technology challenges -a#or de$elopments in .il / Gas Sector) *NG Alternate 0uels , io 0uels

Current Technology Inno$ation) Coal to *i+uid 0uel Coal ed -ethane Challenges in Water system in %nergy

Tamil Nadu State council

sector Skill gaps in energy sector

+=*a De"ign Prof. ' *rishna ")er Director +#mi""ion" +""ociate Pro%e""or >)ar<eting? (reat 1a<e" In"tit*te o% )anagement

3:98 1 9:00 9:00 1 8:18 m Session 5hair

Coffee reak Rene.a3,e energ) Sour(es6 ;inan(ing and $ega, frame .ork for the energ) se(tor

Recent de$elopments in Wind "o!er "otential and harnessing Solar in (ig leaps Waste to %nergy 0inancing the "o!er Sector , Challenges

5egen Po0er@ Mr.P. *umar 4ice Pre"i#ent 3 Solar A!nerg! Mr. S. Sam ath )anaging Director Sam<i (ro*'

*egal frame !ork for current gro!th in %nergy Sector 8:18 m 1ote of Thanks

Ms. Aarth) Si4anand )anaging Partner, 4ichar +""ociate", Chennai Mr. M. Nandakumar Convenor nerg! Panel FICCI TNSC