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December 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1 Issue 1


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By Mary Welsh


This newsletter and its various articles will assure all BCI&VS types that your Alumni Foundation, which was established in 2003, continues to be very active in addressing its three mandated objectives, which are: 1) To receive and maintain funds to provide scholarships, fellowships, bursaries and financial assistance to students; as well as provide equipment, teaching aids and supplies to assist students and staff in striving for education excellence 2) To preserve the historic heritage of BCI&VS by maintaining the school at 120 Brant Avenue, Brantford, as a functioning facility 3) To celebrate the historic contribution of Brantford Collegiate by celebrating the outstanding international, national, provincial and local achievements of students and staff The Foundations activities have included the following projects and programs: Continued to fund the Students Awards Program (See article) Provided the Principal with a $5,000 Discretionary Fund Completed its sponsorship of the historic classroom doors in the 1910 school Continued to fund the Distinguished BCI Alumni Program Funded the First Annual Foundation fund raiser Funded the development and production of an attractive and informational brochure Created and funded an attractive and comprehensive new website. Note: Both the new brochure and new web site can be accessed by visiting
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BCI & VS Foundation: Busier Than Ever!

2 BCI & VS Foundation

Update continued Sports Update

3 BCI Arts Update 4 BCI Arts Update


From the Desk of the BCI Principal

6 Recognizing
Distinguished Alumni

7 Alumni Student Awards

Program Viva Las Vegas!

8 BCI & VS Foundation

says Thank You to Sponsors, Supporters and Donors

9 Update on the Door

Sponsorship Program

On behalf of the Directors of the Foundation, I would like to take this opportunity to thank former Principal, Frank OConnor for his cooperation and support of the Foundation from September 2011, to his retirement July 2013 and wish him a very happy and healthy retirement. Mary Welsh




How Is The Foundation Managed? By a Board of is proposed, beginning at the Annual Meeting in 2014, that four new Directors join the Board with four year terms. These new Directors will replace four retiring Directors. This then will begin a four year rotation system for the Board. This year, at the Annual Meeting in November, Lucy Marco retired after 11 years as Secretary of the former BCI&VS Alumni Association and Secretary since 2008 of the Foundation. At the November Meeting, Mary Welsh (a Founding Director and President since 2003) moved on to Past President, Vice President Anne Buchanan became President, Eddy Vance assumed the Secretarys position and Cameron Johnston, C.A., continued as Treasurer , and currently there is a vacancy for the Vice Presidents position. Other Directors are Bonnie Blunt, Melodie Daboll, Marie Fanjoy, Jeff Glaves, Dave Kaminsky and Ted Oliver. How is the Foundation Funded? Through the generous support of interested individuals, groups, businesses, industries and, of course, by the support of its former students, many of whom were launched into amazingly successful careers. Many credit their success to the basic education and training they received from their years at BCI&VS! The Foundation has received generous support from these individuals or their businesses, as well as other individuals and groups. The Foundation is able to accept bequests, in-kind donations, property, stocks, bonds, RRSPs, RHIFs, life insurance, annuities and to set up endowments. All forms of financial assistance are tax deductible.

Mustang Mania The Athletics Update

By David Giancola The 2013/2014 sporting year was somewhat limited because of the teacher action, however, BCI did some exciting things last year. The junior and senior Tennis teams won BCSSAA. The Rugby teams had a banner year last season with the senior boys team winning CWOSSA and OFSAA championships. The midget boys Rugby team won BCSSAA and the Barbarian Cup Championships. The girls Rugby team did well winning the junior BCSSAA title and the senior girls team won the BCSSAA and CWOSSA titles and finished third at the OFSAA championships. All in all, a very good spring and fall season!!

Exciting Announcement!!
Former BCI Principal Gail Lovett and BCI & VS Foundation Director & Past President Mary Welsh have teamed up with local Architect Craig Newsome to explore expanding BCIs back campus! Stay tuned!



In spite of the work action in the past school year, Arts at BCI have been extremely prominent and active in the past year, offering students a stimulating and challenging variety of opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. VISUAL ARTS The Grade 12 students were commissioned by the Blue Dog Coffee Roasters Restaurant to create paintings featuring blue and dog, which were subsequently exhibited at the restaurant. Some $600 was raised through sales of these works. In addition, the Visual Arts department held a Draw-a-thon, which raised well over $400. Monies from both events are going toward buying easels and display cases for the department. The annual year-end Art Show took place during June, featuring artworks by all grades, but specially highlighting the work of the Grade 12s. BCI was also very well represented at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant 2013 school art exhibit Expressions, with the schools artworks filling an entire room. Students will once again respond to the Director of Educations Christmas Card design request. He chose a BCI design for his official Christmas card in 2011. DRAMA Due to the work action, there was no major theatrical production in the 2012/2013 school year, but the Stage and Screen Performing Arts Program SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) students performed A Chorus Line last November. UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS: The SHSM class will perform The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in January, 2014. BCI students will perform Land of Trash for the Sears Drama Festival in February, 2014 and Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat in April, 2014. MEDIA ARTS Last year the department expanded to a full 12 sections (from 4). It played an active part of the theatre productions through designing the posters, programs and helping with some of the sets. Media Arts participated with Visual Arts in the draw-a-thon. Other activities included completing the yearbook and a year- end sports highlight video. Senior Photography student, Matt Beaulieu won the Grand Prize of the national Jostens Photo Contest (photo on page 4). He won $1000 for his work. This year the Media Arts Department will be hosting the first ever BCI "Cross Cuts Film Festival". BCI will also be one of the venues for the Brantford Film Festival, which will be showing our own festival's winners next year.
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MUSIC The Music Department has a long list of accomplishments during the past year. Apart from the customary Coffee House, Christmas and Spring Concert performances, they performed in the SCHSM A Chorus Line. The BCI Barbershop Chorus sang with the OYA (Ontario Youth a cappella) Chorus in Toronto this last summer at the Barbershop Harmony Societys 75 th Anniversary convention. Many of the boys also sang at a Blue Jays game. BCI Barbershop were guests performers at the Gentlemen of Harmony's annual show in Simcoe alongside International Gold Medal quartet "Storm Front". The BCI Jazz members were also guest artists in the Brantford International Jazz Festival in September. The department met with much success in competitions: The BCI Barbershop Chorus went with the OYA chorus to the International Your Chorus Festival in Tampa, Florida and they received top mark in their category. Silver was won at the National Music Festival in Toronto. A quartet from BCI Pitch Please competed in Toronto in the Collegiate Quartet division. They also represented Ontario at the International level. Several awards were won at the Regional Music Festivals in Simcoe, Brantford and Guelph, including Best Music Program at a high school. The Music Department hosted the Canadian Opera Company for their school performance of G. Pergolesis opera, La Serva Padrona. Several events are coming up including the Annual Christmas Music Show in December, Coffee Houses in November, February and May, and the Annual Spring Music Show in June. Music students will be performing in the upcoming Joseph production. BCI ARTS COUNCIL BCI students established an Arts Council during the past year in order to highlight the arts and student talent in the school. Among other events, the Blue and Gold Revue was organized as a talent show. BCI Students (Music, Drama, Dance) performed for the Alumni Fundraiser Viva Las Vegas night in October. They also performed at the Sanderson Centre for a Halloween themed Fundraiser for a local charity. During this past summer, 35 Arts students went to England, Ireland and Wales. A trip is now being planned for Italy in the summer of 2015. In November, 45 Arts students went on an arts trip to New York City. For information, dates and tickets to all the upcoming arts events at BCI please contact the Main Office at 519-759 3210.
Disappearing into the Night by Matt Beaulieu winner of the national Grand Prize of the Jostens Photo Contest




A new school year has brought a new principal to BCI. Mr. Frank OConnor retired in early July and I was transferred to BCI as a result from Paris District High School. I have been a principal at PDHS as well as Delhi District Secondary School and a vice-principal at Hagersville Secondary School. Prior to moving into administration I taught mostly geography at Burford DHS and PDHS and spent 4 great years teaching at BCI. Im thrilled that my career has come full circle in bringing me back to BCI. I knew I was coming back to a school with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and extracurriculars. I also knew that I was coming to a school that was part of a very supportive community and that BCI has a long and proud tradition in our community. Even knowing that, I was, and continue to be astounded by the volume and quality of activity at the school. Our staff work tirelessly everyday with our students to support, encourage, motivate and challenge them academically. Our staff go well above this in providing so many opportunities in so many areas to our students extracurricularly. Our sports season got off to a great start even before classes started. It was a great fall season. Early in the season our tennis team captured the junior and senior BCSSAA championship. They moved on to compete at CWOSSA and Adam Bakker has qualified to move on to OFSAA. Our cross-country team trained hard and this hard work paid off with many personal bests. Our junior boys football team made it to the BCSSAA finals as did our senior girls basketball team. Our junior boys volleyball team captured the BCSSAA title. We have now moved into our winter sports season with a full slate of teams practicing and competing. We hope that people will take advantage of the opportunity to come out to see the incredible talents of our staff and students. Our Christmas Concert will be held on Thursday, December 12th at 7 p.m. and in conjunction with this, BCI will be hosting their first annual Craft and Artisan Fair in the upper atrium. We look forward to a production of Spelling Bee in the new year and Land of Trash in February. Our musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, will take place in the spring. Our staff and students have been carrying out many activities in support of our community a food drive at Halloween, Christmas Stocking presents for needy students in our community, fundraising to assist the Phillipines following Typhoon Haiyan, participation in the United Way and Movember campaigns, and this year BCI will be holding a Relay for Life event in May 2014 in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Our students and staff demonstrate their caring and concern for others each and every day. We know that our community wants to stay in touch with BCI. Check our website regularly at Also, I have started to distribute a regular electronic newsletter that will be sent out to our parent and school community a couple of times a month. The newsletter is meant to provide pertinent information for parents and to inform them about what is going on at BCI. An example of that newsletter is attached. If you would like to be added to the distribution list for this newsletter please e-mail me at and indicate that you are an alumnus. I look forward to seeing you out and about at BCI and to hearing from you if you have any questions or comments. Sincerely,

Shayne Mann, Principal



BCI & VS Alumni Foundation:


By Neil McKinnell
The doors of BCI were opened for students on March 1, 1911, and this honourable structure has served the Brantford community ever since. However, a school is not just bricks and mortar. In 1925, Dr. A. M. Overholt, Principal, stated that the school was determined by: The type of person it gave to the world; the degree of character it moulded from the raw material entering its portals; the boys and girls who made up its student body. The character of the staff and student body was established very early in both academic and extra-curricular activities. The tradition of EXCELLENCE had been firmly rooted by the 1920s. A story in the GLOBE on December 22, 1930, stated that these successes brought fame to the BCI&VS that is probably unique in the educational history of Ontario. In 1928, 29, and 30, three former students (Woodside, Ziegler, Day) won Rhodes Scholarships. There were 3 Carter scholarships in Ontario, and there were several years in the 1920s when BCI students were awarded all three. The soul of the school, to the present day, has many other elements. Participation in all sports, Xmas Assemblies, the Glee Club, drama, art, the band and choirs, etc., has become an integral part of life at BCI. For over 100 years, what has endured at BCI is a respect for the achievement of EXCELLENCE. Many former students have pursued and achieved this excellence and have made outstanding contributions to humanity. In 2001, the BCI Alumni Association set down well defined criteria to identify distinguished achievers and to have recognition plaques exhibited on a Wall of Honour. These individuals built the schools reputation as a centre of learning and achievement. Three main categories were established: International, National, and Local. Each category was divided into sub-headings with clear, detailed lists of criteria. To date, the Alumni Foundation has recognized 34 achievers in the International Category, and 14 in the National Category. The Research and Nominating Committee, for these distinguished awards, welcomes your help in reaching back and identifying former students who are deserving of recognition in the International, National and local spheres. Detailed criteria and Nomination Forms can be found on this web site. Any school in Canada would be proud to have these outstanding achievers as alumni, who have touched the lives of millions around the world. BCI is SYNONYMOUS WITH EXCELLENCE.

Antolovich, Dr. Stephen - Science Basmajian, Dr. John V - Medicine Costain, Thomas B. - Literature Beres, Michael - Sports Brown, Debra - Choreography Colbert, Gregory - Art Cook, John - Education Cook, Dr. Leslie - Science & Technology Duncan, Sara Jeanette - Literature Forgie, Hugh - Entertainment Gratian, Harriet (Henry) -Dance & Choreography Ham, Dr. Arthur - Sports & Medicine Hartley, RRC, Annie Medicine Hill, Tom - Education Hillier, Dr. James - Science &Technology Jenkins, Sara (Barber) - Sports Johnson, Dr. Donald - Medicine Johnson, E. Pauline - Literature Johnston, Alexandra - Literature Kneale, John G. - Public Life Landymore, William - Military Langton, Baden - Journalism Leonard, Reuben - Sports Locke, Dr. John - Science and Technology Schachar, Dr. Norman - Medicine Schachar, Dr. Russell - Medicine Silverthorne, Dr. Nelles - Medicine Smith, Harry (Jay Silverheels) Entertainment Smith, Steven - Art Stren, Patti - Literature Summerhayes, Gary - Sports Taylor, Dr. Albert - Education Waterous, Jeffrey M. - Business Woolner, Stewart Public Life

Calamai, Peter Journalism Callwood, June - Literature Forbes, Bruce Sports Fox, David - Theatre Gage, Ron G. Business Good, W. C. - Labour Green, Thomas Sports Hemsworth, Wade - Music Jamieson, Roberta - Public Life Powless, Gaylord - Sports Sterne, Henry William Military Summerhayes, Douglas & Donna Education & Health Waldock Adams, Kenneth Medicine

Members of the Nominating Committee have been proud to serve in this capacity for over 12 years. They would like to invite like-minded Alumni to step forward to carry on this important service. Please contact to indicate your interest.

HELLO AGAIN! 3 By Bonnie Blunt


BCI & VS Alumni Foundation Awards $5,320.00 to the CLASS OF 2013

The Brantford Collegiate Institute and Vocational School Alumni Foundation proudly presented 32 graduating students of the Class of 2013 a total of $5,320.00 at Commencement on Saturday, October 19, 2013. The following students were recognized as Alumni Award recipients for their academic excellence in the classroom: Danish Ahmad Faruk Alagic Sydney Brennan Steven (Zak) Brookshaw Davis Campbell Riley Campbell Steven Collyer Savannah Davidson Lee Edward Carolyn Felker Micaela Hadley Ryan Jamula Jessica Janes Kirsten Lannigan Connor Mackie Ramneet Mann Laura Neal Brooke Newsome Celia Nunn Emma Oliver Andrew Opper Agamsharan Patel Monica Pierce Kate Redfern Lyndon Rey Layal Sabeh Mehar Sandhu Brittani Schroeder Sara Stephenson Olivia Sykes Deanna Vervaecke Melissa Williams

Congratulations to all BCI & VS Alumni Award Recipients and to the entire Class of 2013. Best Wishes for Your Continued Success and Much Happiness in Your Futures! Since the BCI & VS Students Award Program inception in 2004 the Foundations Endowment Fund has presented over $217,000.00 to BCI & VS Graduates!

On Saturday, October 12th the Brantford CI & VS Gymnasium and Auditorium were filled with the sights and sounds of Las Vegas as the BCI & VS Alumni Foundation proudly presented Viva Las Vegas Night to fundraise for our Student Awards Program. The evening began with live music during the cocktail hour by BCI & VS Alumni Davis and Riley Campbell and Silas Chinsen. Elvis was in the building to pose with our guests as they sang and jived to his songs. Teachers Danielle Curtis and Dave McCreary, assisted by Emma Dailey shot memorable photos of people in their Vegas Photo Booth. They then took all of the photos and prepared a wonderful slide show for our guests to enjoy during dessert. We appreciated their tremendous knowledge and skills as they assisted in the technical portion of the evening. Under the direction of teachers Nupi Gokhale, Shawn Oakes, Julie Neal and Keira Lynas the students (alumni and current) delighted and impressed our guests with their most extraordinary talent(s) in a Vegas show and Living Art production. Look out Broadway! They were (and are) that good! Watch for and do not miss the up and coming productions at BCI & VS. You will be treated to a very special and entertaining evening(s). Our guests also had the chance to try their luck at the gaming tables and wheels of fortune and to bid on wonderful Silent Auction items generously donated by businesses and organizations in our community and friends and supporters of BCI & VS. A great time was had by all!



BCI & VS Foundation says THANK YOU

The BCI & VS Foundation sincerely appreciates the assistance and cooperation of the entire BCI & VS family staff and students for their contributions in making the Viva Las Vegas event possible. The students, as G always, were wonderful ambassadors to the school as they helped to set up the gymnasium for the evening and welcomed our guests to the event. In addition to the staff mentioned above special thanks to Cheryl Muir and Jamie Gunn of the Grand Erie District School Board, Principal Shayne Mann, Kim Armstrong, Melissa Blunt, Brenda Bridgewater, Nicola Dean, Nancy Gambacourt, Brenda Geraldi, Dave Giancola, Jen Grierson-Young, Dale Hallet, Nicole Hamilton, Lynn Haylock, Ron Jamula, Rick Janes, Jen Link, Gail Lovett, Peter Lovett, Bret MacDonald, Mary Ellen MacGrandles, Carol Ann McCaig, Sharon Memmott, Michelle Moniz (secured autographed running shoes/CD from Avril Lavigne and autographed hat/CD from Bruno Mars), Mary Myers (and the Sherwood Restaurant) Ken Parsons, Allison Payne, Mary Petersen, Kim Rombough, Donna-Lee Scott, Pam Schott, Nancy Toic, Stefan Toic, Ron Tomczak, Pat Torti, Gary Umbach, Kyle Van Brandt, and Betty Vipond. Viva Las Vegas. The BCI & VS Alumni Foundation asks you to please consider supporting our sponsors and donors of the event as they have so kindly and generously supported us in our endeavour to make our mission possible.




Ticket printing provided by SPENCE PRINT SOLUTIONS

Als Shoe Factory Apex Chain and Cable Arbonne - donated by Sarah Pass Avril Lavigne Beattie Animal Hospital Best Western Brant Park Inn Blue Dog Coffee Roasters Blue Dog Knife Sharpening Service Bobcat of Brantford Boston Pizza BCI & VS BCI & VS Alumni Foundation Board BCI & VS Student Council Brantford Music Club Brantford Symphony Orchestra Bruno Mars Calendar Club Closet Couture The Corke Family Eucanan Shelley Stanzlik Barrister & Soliciter Zanders Restaurant Framing & Art Centre Mr Paws Friends of BCI Natural Path Fitness Get Movin Fitness Nicol Florist Glenhryst Art Gallery of Brant NU-U Fitness Golden Tea Pot Olde School House Restaurant Grand Landscape Design Ontario Science Centre Grand River Chorus Oriental Restaurant Grandview Feed & Seed Otter Creek Golf Club Guitar Society of Brantford Paint Club H.D. Brown Enterprises Patricias Ladies Wear Janston Financial Group Pizzaville Jetways Shuttle Sanderson Centre J.H. Young Jewellers S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. David Kaminsky Shutes Brick & Stone Levacs Trophies Margaret Fanjoy Ludlows Menswear Shoeless Joes Marco Corporation Sunset Grill Medieval Times Szabo Brothers Car Detailing Metro Mary Welsh Moose Winooskis Watcha Wanna Wear MMMC Architects Upscale Retail Avril Lavigne & Bruno Mars Memorabilia

HELLO AGAIN! 3 By Mary Welsh



Twenty-eight of the 48 hardwood replicas of the original classroom doors have been sponsored in memory of an individual or in honour of a former teacher, principal, friend or family member. Sponsorship plaques/plates are affixed to the main horizontal section of the front of the door (see example below). Sponsorships are $3,000.00 per door and donors receive a full tax deductable receipt. If a group sponsors a door, each group member is entitled to a tax receipt in the individual donated amount. For more information on the door sponsorship program, or to sponsor a door, please contact Mary Welsh at telephone number 519 753 0053 or email address