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Far from sth Seek/Sought #$terminate #$tir ate 'o&d()a*+ .

oot /ught Struck 2o*n 3ontention 4ssent / ortune 5ickering 6raft #nvisages 3ontem &ate 2isguise 3oncea& 4crimony 7artisan /n %he Face /f 8t 4 arent&y F&at9Footed Saner 8ntervention ;o&ub&e 7assing /ff 5and*agon #ffect Fence9Sitters Shri&& 2enunciation /n 5a&ance 7erfunctory vague rogue f&y9by9night &ast resort strictures fervent ro onent faction c&umsy e$traneous imitation dissension discord

on the contrary, in reverse, contrary 1. to go in search or quest of. 2. to try to discover, as by studying. 3. to try to obtain: to seek fame. 4. to try or attem t !. to ask for" request , %o get rid of by destroying com &ete&y" e$tir ate %o u&& u by the roots. %o su ort sth , (of a -udge or court+ ru&e" decide: 1. Sub-ect to debate, dis ute 2. 'aving &ess or no ractica& re&evance 1. used to indicate duty or correctness, ty ica&&y *hen critici0ing someone1s actions: ki&& or serious&y inca acitate (someone+: heated disagreement, , the e$ ression of a rova& or agreement, officia& agreement or sanction: es ecia&&y convenient or a ro riate for a articu&ar action or event: argue about etty and trivia& matters: combine or integrate (an idea, system, etc.+ *ith another, ty ica&&y in a *ay considered ina ro riate: form a menta& icture of (something not yet e$isting or kno*n+: contem &ate or conceive of as a ossibi&ity or a desirab&e future event: &ook thoughtfu&&y for a &ong time at: give (someone or onese&f+ a different a earance in order to concea& one1s identity, concea& the nature or e$istence of (a fee&ing or situation+: 'idden 5itter, shar animosity, es ecia&&y as e$hibited in s eech or behavior. 4 fervent, sometimes mi&itant su orter or ro onent of a arty, cause, faction, erson, or idea. *ithout kno*ing a&& of the re&evant facts" a arent&y:, from a earances a&one as far as one kno*s or can see: :nab&e to react quick&y" un re ared: a. c&umsy or a*k*ard b. do*nright and uncom romising 1. /f sound mind" menta&&y hea&thy 2. 'aving or sho*ing sound -udgment" reasonab&e. %o occur as an e$traneous or un &anned circumstance: 1. .arked by a ready f&o* of s eech" f&uent. 2. %urning easi&y on an a$is" rotating. 1. %o offer, se&&, or ut into circu&ation (an imitation+ as genuine 2. %o resent (one<s se&f+ as other than *hat one is 4 sycho&ogica& henomenon *hereby eo &e do something rimari&y because other eo &e are doing it, regard&ess of their o*n be&iefs, *hich they may ignore or override. a erson *ho remains neutra& or undecided in a controversy. 1. 'igh9 itched and iercing in tone or sound 2. 7roducing a shar , high9 itched tone or sound 3. Shar or keen to the senses" harsh&y vivid: ub&ic condemnation of someone or something *hen a&& factors are taken into consideration: (of an action+ carried out *ithout rea& interest, fee&ing, or effort: thinking or communicating in an unfocused or im recise *ay: of uncertain, indefinite, or unc&ear character or meaning: a dishonest or un rinci &ed man, a erson *hose behaviour one disa roves of but *ho is nonethe&ess &ikeab&e or attractive: unre&iab&e or untrust*orthy, es ecia&&y in business or financia& matters: a means to an end" not necessari&y a rinci &ed or ethica& one 1. 4 restraint, &imit, or restriction. 2. 4n adverse remark or criticism" censure. having or dis &aying a assionate intensity: a erson *ho advocates a theory, ro osa&, or course of action: a sma&& organi0ed dissenting grou *ithin a &arger one, es ecia&&y in o&itics: dissension *ithin an organi0ation: a*k*ard in movement or in hand&ing things: irre&evant or unre&ated to the sub-ect being dea&t *ith, of e$terna& origin the action of using someone or something as a mode&: disagreement that &eads to discord: disagreement bet*een eo &e: