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NFL Trash Talk Kick Off 12 - 19 - 2013

The official NFL Trash Talk Kick Off of http// is NOW !es" #e ma$ %e a little late for the 2013 NFL &eason" %'t #e are Just In Time for the 2013 Post Season.

That(s ri)ht folks" the pla$offs are ri)ht aro'n* the corner" an* the pla$off pict're is alrea*$ %e)innin) to shape 'p #ith the +roncos in the ,F-" an* the &eaha#ks in the NF- lea*in) the #a$. , lot #ill %e *eci*e* *'rin) the last t#o #eeken*s of )ames" as the race this $ear is comin) *o#n to the #ire for a lot of teams. Who #ill %e the top t#o teams in each conference this $ear. That /'estion is $et to %e ans#ere*. Those fo'r teams #ill )et that co0ete* e1tra #eek off to rest" )et health$ an* to prepare for the teams that s'r0i0e

the 2Wil* -ar* Weeken*3 4n the mean time" NFL Trash Talk #ill %e acceptin) ne# mem%ers 5mem%erships are free6 into their fa0orite team for'ms an* fan )ro'ps" an* postin) articles on the hot topics happenin) aro'n* the lea)'e.

!o' co'l* %e the first to 7oin $o'r fan site. For those #ho #o'l* like to take an acti0e roll" NFLTT is lookin) for a 28o*erator3 for each of the 32 team fan for'ms. ,re $o' the 2,lpha Fan3 of $o'r NFL Team.

4n a**ition to the 32 team For'ms" an* the 32 Team Fan -l'%s" the NFLTT +lo) #ill %e constantl$ postin) the Trash Talk" ne#s an* articles of interest to all NFL fans aro'n* the lea)'e.

8em%ers m$ comment in an$ of the for'm topics an* threa*s 5Fi0e sticky topics ha0e %een starte* in each for'm6" or $o' can start ne# topics of $o'r o#n. 8em%ers can also start their o#n fan sites 5#ith it(s o#n for'm6 an* make them p'%lic or pri0ate. With o'r +'**$9ress pl')in $o' are a%le to create $o'r o#n comm'nities" )ro'ps an* for'ms that incl'*es pri0ate messa)in)" etc. The five sticky topics in each forum are:

Team News

Trash Talk

Draft Talk

Players Spotlight

Coaches Corner

We enco'ra)e all of those #ho en7o$ #ritin) a%o't their fa0orite Team : 9la$ers to start a new topic on your subject. Write an e1cellent article" an* it #ill )et 2%'mpe* 'p3 to the N ! "#o$ an* promote* on the #e%.

Of co'rse the Trash Ta#k section isn(t the onl$ place that talkin) trash #ill take place" %'t if $o' #ant to toss trash all o0er $o'r opponents t'rf" an* )et a /'ick response" that(s the place to start. 4t(s also the place for fans to Protect Your Turf! !o' can opt to %e notifie* #hen someone respon*s to $o'r comment or post %$ clickin) the opt in %o1 %elo# $o'r response. Ne# mem%ers #ill recei0e an e-mail #ith tips to help $o' %ecome familiar #ith e0er$thin) the site has to offer.

We #ill %e con*'ctin) Cash Contests #here mem%ers can #in cash in 2-aption This 9hoto -ontests3 an* the #inners #ill %e chosen %$ the mem%ers. 5The contests #ill %e)in once the site has a s'fficient n'm%er of mem%ers to )et in0ol0e*.6 4(ll %e seein) $o' all on the insi*e ;-.