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SE/Phy-13(3)/P.B. Subject: - Physics 30 min. Standard: - 12th General Instructions: 1. 2. All questions are compulsory. !

ere are 2" questions in total. #uestions 1 to $ carry one mar% eac!& questions ' to 1$ carry t(o mar%s eac!& questions 1' to 2) carry t!ree mar%s eac! and question 2*to2" are o+ +i,e mar%s eac!. !ere is no o,erall c!oice. -o(e,er& an internal c!oice !as .een pro,ided in one question o+ t(o mar%s& one question o+ t!ree mar%s and all t!ree questions o+ +i,e mar%s eac!. /ou !a,e to attempt only one o+ t!e 0i,en c!oices in suc! questions. 1se o+ calculators is not permitted. /ou can use +ollo(in0 p!ysical constants (!ene,er necessary. 3

PreBoard Examination 2013

Time: - 2 hrs a!. ar"s: - #0


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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Two conducting spheres of radii r1 & r2 are at same potential. What is the ratio of charges on the spheres?. Why do we use nitrogen or methane gas in Van-de-Graff generator ? does the drift velocity of electrons in a metallic conductor change if the length of the conductor is dou!led !y stretching it "eeping the applied potential difference constant? Find the work done in placing a charge of 8nC on a condenser of capacity 100micro-farad. Define equipotential surface and draw !" for a single point charge. What orientation of an electric dipole in a uniform electric field corresponds to its sta!le e#uili!rium? What is the wor" done in moving a 100nC charge !etween two points 5 cm apart on an e#uipotential surface. Two electric field lines never cross each other. Why? Find the equi#alent capacitance $%w points & and '. ach capacitor is of 1(farad & '

10. )ow $ wire of resistance 1%ohm is stretched to increase its length !y &%'. What is the change in resistance. 11. $ silver wire has a resistance of 2.% ohms at 2%o( and a resistance of 2.& ohms at 1%%o(. )etermine the temp coefficient of resistance 1

C charge is at the centre of a s#uare of side 10 cm. *ind the wor" done in 12. $ 500 C !etween two diagonally opposite points on the s#uare. moving a charge of 10 13. $n infinite wire carries a current of +$ in the ,outh to -orth direction. *ind the magnetic field at a point &m to the east of this wire. Give the direction of the field. 14. )erive (urie.s law. What is curie temp? 15. What are magnetic field lines? Give 2 properties. /ow do they differ from electric field lines? 16. The electric potential at %.1 m from a paint charge is &% volt. What is the magnitude and sign of charge. C and * C are separated !y a distance of 1 m in air. (alculate 17. Two point charges + at what point on the line 0oining the two charges is the electric potential 1ero 18. 2s the force acting !etween two point electric charge q1 and q* "ept at some distance apart in air attractive or repulsive when ( i ) q1q* >0 ( ii ) q1 q* <0 ? 19. The electric potential as a function of distance 3 is shows in the diagram. (onstruct a graph of the electric field strength 4.

20. $n electric dipole of length 4 cm when placed with its a5is ma"ing an angle of ,0 0 with a uniform electric field e5periences a tor#ue of + - Nm. (alculate the (i6 magnitude of electric field 7ii6 potential energy of dipole if dipole has charges of 8 nC? 21. derive an e5pression for the force per unit length !etween two infinitely long linear current carrying parallel conductors. /ence define one ampere. 22. *ive + resistances a 2V !attery and an ammeter are connected as shown in the diagram. *ind the ammeter reading.

23. Two dielectric sla!s of dielectric constants K1 and K * are filled in !etween two plates each of area A of a parallel plate capacitor. *ind net capacitance. *

24. )istinguish !etween the magnetic properties of dia para and ferromagnetic su!stances in terms of 7i6 suscepti!ility 7ii6 magnetic permea!ility and 7iii6 coercivity. Give one e5ample of each of these materials. 89 8!tain an e5pression for the capacitance of a parallel plate 7air6 capacitor.

The given figure shows a networ" of five capacitors connected to a 100 V supply. (alculate the total charge and energy stored in the networ". 25. (ells of emf 4 and internal resistance r are connected in the form of a matri5 with m rows each containg n cells connected in series. )erive an e5pression for the current that this com!ination will send across an e5ternal resistance 9. What should !e the value of 9 for this current to !e ma5imum ?.7!6 12 cells each of emf 1.&V and internal resistance %.& ohm are arranged in m rows each containing n cells connected in series. (alculate the values of n and m for which this com!ination would send ma5imum current through an e5ternal resistance of 1.& ohm. 89 45plain the construction and wor"ing of a moving coil galvanometer. $ movingcoil galvanometer is made of a coil of radius 1%cm and has 1%%% turns. The strong horse shoe magnets create a magnetic field of %.2T and the spring has a spring constant of %.& -:om. *ind 7a6 Galvanometer constant G 7!6 (urrent sensitivity 2s 7c6 Voltage ,ensitivity Vs 45plain how a galvanometer can !e made more sensitive. 26. *ind 4lectric field intensity due to a uniformly charged thin spherical shell at 7i6 a point out side the shell 7ii6 8n the surface of the shell 7iii6 $t a point inside the shell 89 )educe an e5pression for the electric potential due to an electric dipole at any point on its a5is. ;ention one contrasting feature of electric potential of a dipole at a point as compared to that due to a single charge. 2$. )erive an e5pression for energy stored in a parallel plate capacitor with air as medium !etween its plates.$ir is now replaced !y a dielectric medium of constant K. /ow does it change the total energy of capacitor if 7i6 the capacitor remains connected to some !attery 7ii6 the capacitor is disconnected from !attery. -

%& 8!tain the magnetic field due to current carrying wire of radius a. a. $t a point outside the wire !. $t a point inside the wire. $lso draw the graph !etween magnetic field < and r.