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Nowadays, Multi National Companies have become a very important part of global economy Multinational corporations operate at the crossing point between production, international trade and foreign investments. These companies are in the middle of the debates about economic globalization. They are known as transnational corporations or as multinational firms too. Multinational Corporation is a firm which control and organize production using plants from at least two countries. Leading Multinational Companies in angladesh ! what products they produce ! sell" angladesh has a lot of multinational companies now, but we have chosen the top #$ companies, ! presented the overview of the products they produce and sell in table format"

List of Multinational Companies


Company Name
Chevron &'etroleum (ndustry)

Chevron Bangladesh *baidullah +l ,-az ./ 0ulshan +venue 0ulshan, 1haka %#%# Telephone" 233$.#.434.##55 6a7" 233$.#.433.5843 Chevron Bangladesh Blocks 13 and 14, Ltd. Dhaka !!"ce ay9s 0alleria ./ 0ulshan +venue &5th 6loor) 0ulshan:%, 1haka:%#%# angladesh Telephone" 233$.434.##55 2 33$.33#.334% 6a7" 233$.#. 433.5843 ,mail" oae-az; Sylhet !!"ce Lackatoorah, +irport <oad

,7ploration and 'roduction 'roducing Natural 0as in =alalabad 1elivering ,nergy ,fficiently in Moulavi azar 'utting (nnovation to >ork in ibiyana 'ipelines Connecting ?upply and 1emand

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Company Name

?ylhet 8%$$ Telephone" 233$ $.3#%./%.84$ 6a7" 233$ $.3#%./%.8@# 0rameenphone Ltd. 0'A*B?, asundhara, aridhara 1haka:%##4 'hone: 233:$#:433#44$ 6a7: 233:$#:433#4/$ ,mail" info; Bnilever angladesh Corporate office" CN Tower, 'lot # , <oad 3 0ulshan %, 1haka %#%# angladesh T" 33 &$#) 43335.# 6" 33 &$#) 43@##44


0rameenphone Ltd &Concern of Telenor, Telecommunication industry)

Telecommunications ?ervice

Bnilever angladesh &6MC0)

?tandard Chartered ank & anking (ndustry)

1haka 0ulshan ranch" @/ 0ulshan +venue North 0ulshan ranch" lock: N>&+), %34 0ulshan +venue &North), 0ulshan # Chittagong Main ranch" ?heikh Mu-ib <oad, +grabad

Product categor"es Aousehold Care, 6abric Cleaning, ?kin Cleansing, ?kin Care, *ral Care, Aair Care, 'ersonal 0rooming, Tea based everages. #n"lever Bangladesh Brands >heel, Lu7, Lifebuoy, 6air ! Lovely, 'ond9s, Close Bp, ?unsilk, Taaza, 'epsodent, Clear, Dim, ?urf ,7cel, <e7ona, +7e, 1ove, Daseline. $ccounts ?avings +ccounts, Current +ccounts, ?ervices, 6i7ed 1eposits, ?avings ?chemes Cards Credit Card, 1ebit Card ,'repaid Card Loans +uto Loan, 'ersonal Loan ! 6le7i Loan,Aome Loan Branch Sales % Serv"ces +TM ! ranch Locations,+lternate Channel 'riority anking, (slamic anking, ?M, anking &ey 'us"ness areas(

A? C& anking (ndustry)

1haka Main *ffice" +nchor Tower, %$3 ir Bttam C.<. 1utta <oad, 1haka:%#$., angladesh. Tel" &33$:#) 4@@$.8@:58 6acsimile" &33$:#) 4@@$..5

<etail anking and >ealth Management Commercial anking Corporate and (nstitutional banking
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Company Name



0lobal Markets ?hariah Compliant anking 'ayments and cash management Trade services Treasury

?iemens &,lectronics) Siemens Bangladesh Ltd. CN Tower &Siemens Aouse) ir Bttam Mir ?awkat ?arak <oad E3, 'lot E#, 0ulshan:, %1haka: %#%#.

Custody and clearing )ealthcare (nnovative ?olutions for Medicine +ngiographyFCathLab ?ystems Computed Tomography &CT) ?ystems Magnetic <esonance (maging &M<() G:<ay ?ystems Mammography Molecular (maging ! Nuclear Medicine Bltrasonogram, ,chocardiography ! Color 1oppler Mobile C:+rm ?ystems Lithotripsy ?ystems Linear +ccelerator CT Dirtual ?imulator (mage ! Hnowledge Management &Aealthcare (T)

*nergy 'ower 0eneration 'ower Transmission ! 1istribution +ndustry +utomation ! 1rives (ndustry ?olutions / ,ricsson&Telecom service 1haka *ffice industry) ,ricsson angladesh Limited illing ! <evenue Management Page 3 of 21


Company Name

0rand 1elvistaa &Level 8), 'lot %+, <oad %%8 0ulshan:#, 1haka:%#%# angladesh 'hone" 233$ # 33# 83@5 'hone" 233$ # 433 @@5% 6a7" 233$ # 433 @@5#

C1M+ &Doice Calls) Cables and (nterconnect 'roducts 6i7ed ?witching (' Networking Machine:to:Machine Communication Microwave Networks Mobile roadband Modules Mobile ?witching Multimedia +pplications National ?ecurity ! 'ublic ?afety 'roducts Network Management 'roducts 'ower Modules <adio +ccess ?ervice 1elivery 'latform Bser 1ata Management angladesh rands enson ! Aedges =ohn 'layer 0old Leaf, 'all Mall and Capstan ?tar and ?cissors 'ilot and ristol aby foods ottled water Cereals Chocolate ! confectionery Coffee Culinary, chilled ! frozen food 1airy 1rinks 6ood service Aealthcare nutrition (ce cream 'etcare ?ports nutrition >eight manage 'roduct Categories are"

ritish +merican Tobacco &Cigarette)

ritish +merican Tobacco angladesh New 1*A? <oad, Mohakhali, 1haka:%#$@. Telephone" 233$#33##/4%:. 6a7" 233$#33##/3@ Nestle angladesh Ltd. 0ulshan Tower &5th 6loor), 'lot 8%, <oad .8, 0ulshan North CF+, 1haka %#%#, angladesh. 'hone 2 33$:#:433 #/ .4 6a7" 2 33$:#:433 %8 $#

Nestle angladesh &6MC0)


Mobil &'etroleum (ndustry)

1haka *ffice" Mobil Aouse, C>?&C) : 4, 0ulshan:%, 1haka:%#%#, angladesh 'h" 33$#:33%8.4/:3, 33$#:

'assenger Dehicle Lubricants Commercial Dehicle

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Company Name

33%8@@% 6a7" 33$#:433.#/%, 33$#: 433.#@4


(ndustrial Lubricants 0rease 'roducts


+. H. Hhan ! Co. Ltd



)ead !!"ce , Ch"ttagong atali Aills, Chittagong:5$$$ 0'* o7"##8, angaldesh , :mail" akkhan.headoffice; Tel" &233:$8%):@%%$.$ &233: $8%):@%%$.% &233:$8%):@%%$.# &233:$8%):@%8$35 &233:$8%): @%#@%$ 6a7" &33$:$8%):@%$.4@ Dhaka !!"ce -.ulshan/ Bday Tower &4th floor) 'lotE./ and ./F+, 0ulshan:% 1haka:%#%#, angladesh , :mail" aktd.dhakaoffice; Tel" &233:$#):434#%@4 &233:$#): 33883/8 6a7"&233:$#):33883/# Dhaka !!"ce -Paltan/ A 6C uilding ##, 'urana 'altan 1haka %$$$, angladesh , :mail" akkhan.dhakaoffice; Tel" &233:$#):4.@#..5 &233:$#): 4..#/@/ &233:$#):4.@#54# 6a7" &233:$#):4.@%%5/ >ebsite " erger 'aints angladesh Corporate !!"ce ( Limited erger Aouse Aouse E 3, <oad E #, ?ector E 8 Bttara Model Town 1haka:%#8$ angladesh 'hone" 33:$#:34.8@@. 6a7" 33:$#: 34.%8.$ ,mail " info; >ebsite " +very 1ennison 8rd 6loor, Bday Tower, ./ angladesh Ltd. 0ulshan +venue, 0ulshan, 1haka:%#%#

,stablished in %45., +. H. Hhan 0roup is one of the oldest and largest private sector organizations in angladesh. Products ( Te7tile, Telecommunication, 1eep ?ea 6ishing, =ute, Manufacturing, Clearing and 6orwarding, 1istribution, Trading. 0o"nt 1enture ( engal 6isheries Ltd., Coats angladesh Ltd., Hhan:,lin Corporation Ltd., +HC,IC*M L(M(T,1, A*T,L N(H,T*N.

usiness " 'aint Manufacturing

usiness " global leader in pressure:sensitive technology and innovative self:adhesive solutions. aamra a collection of %5
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!!"ce (


Company Name

?afura Tower &4th 6loor) #$ Hemal +taturk +venue, anani CF+ 1haka : %#%8, angladesh. 'hone " 233 $# 338%%33 6a7 " 233 $# 338#55@ ,mail " info; >ebsite "

companies involved in the Te7tiles and +pparels, (nformation ! Communication Technologies and Lifestyle ?ervice sector in angladesh over the last ## years. usiness " 'harmaceuticals ! Consumer Aealth


Novartis & angladesh) Limited



ureau Deritas Consumer 'roducts ?ervices & angladesh) Ltd. N,* Cipper Limited + Multinational Cipper Manufacturing Company & H*<,+:C+N+1+: B?+: +N0L+1,?A =*(NT D,NTB<,


Aayes & angladesh) Ltd. &A L)


0rey +dvertising angladesh Ltd

Aouse .$, <oad #+ 1hanmondi <+, 1haka J %#$4 +N0L+1,?A Tel" 233$ # 3@%.8$#:3 6a7" 233$ # 3@%8534 >ebsite " 'lot : %8$, 1,'C, ,7tention +rea, ?avar. >ebsite " 0lobal Corporate Aead Kuarter " 1haka, angladesh is the 0lobal Corporate Aead Kuarter of N,* Cipper. 1haka & angladesh)" N,* Cipper Company Limited /F+, ?Luibb <oad, Hathaldia, orodewra Tongi 0azipur : %/%% &1haka) angladesh Tel " &33$) #:43%54.#, 43%54.8, 43%54.5 6a7 " &33$) #:43%54.% ,:mail " info; >ebsite " Corporate AeadLuarter and Commercial *ffice " Aayes Aaier Center 8rd 6loor 'lot:@, <oad :/d ?ector:4, Bttara 1haka, angladesh Telephone " 2 &33$:#) 34%4$/% 2 &33$:#) 34%3/5/ 2 &33$:#) 34%35/5 2 &33$:#) 34%/85$ 6a7" 2 &33$:#) 34%@$$@ Corporate >ebsite " www.hayes: Corporate AeadLuarter and Commercial *ffice "

Serv"ces 2 from inspection and audit through to testing and analysis and certification. 'lastic Cipper, 'olyester Cipper, Metal Cipper, 're: 6ormed Metal Cipper

A L is the first company in angladesh to go in -oint venture with a multinational company & Aaier 0roup ) to setup a home appliances factory.

0rey is one of the ten largest advertising agencies &?ervices

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Company Name

Aouse @, 6loor ., <oad %8/, lock ?,&1), 0ulshan %, 1haka %#%# angladesh Telephone " 2 &33$:#) 433 %@34 6a7" 2 &33$:#) 33% %.5% ata ?hoe Company & angladesh) Ltd. Tongi, 0azipur, angladesh. Tel" 233$ # 43$$.$%:. 6a7" 233$ # 43$$.%%

: rand ideas ! strategies, rand planning, Creative development, 'roduction) in the world, with offices in over 38 countries. ?hoe&s) Men Ladies Hids


ata ?hoe Company & angladesh) Ltd.

Company Overview & Ot er !eneral "eatures

Chevron -Petroleum +ndustry/

Chevron is the largest producer of natural gas in

angladesh, supplying appro7imately .$

percent of the country9s natural gas consumption. (t has increased production tenfold in the last decade to meet the country9s ever:increasing demand for natural gas. Through Chevron9s subsidiaries in angladesh, the company produces natural gas and ibiyana is the largest,

condensate from three fields in the northeast of the country. *f these, operations at ibiyana. Chevron

constituting 8. percent of the country9s total production. +nd we are planning to e7pand

angladesh has achieved a remarkable record of safety. +nd across our operations in

angladesh, we work with our communities, building long:term partnerships that foster economic development and lasting benefits to them.

.rameenphone Ltd
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0rameenphone Ltd. is the largest telecommunications service provider in 0rameenphone is the first company to introduce 0?M technology in


angladesh when it

launched its services in March %44/. >ith a nationwide network that covers almost %$$ percent of the population, 0rameenphone e7ists with more than 5$ million subscribers.

#n"lever Bangladesh

Bnilever angladesh is one of the largest 6ast Moving Consumer 0oods &6MC0) companies in angladesh. (ts parent company is Bnilever which is a holding 84.#.M of shares and the rest owned by Bnilever. *ver the the last four decades, Bnilever angladesh has been constantly bringing new and ritish:1utch multinational consumer goods company. Bnilever angladesh is a public limited company with angladesh 0overnment

world:class products for the angladeshi people to remove the daily drudgery of life. Bnilever angladesh 'roduct categories" Aousehold Care, 6abric Cleaning, ?kin Cleansing, ?kin Care, *ral Care, Aair Care, 'ersonal 0rooming, Tea based everages. Bnilever angladesh rands" >heel, Lu7, Lifebuoy, 6air ! Lovely, 'ond9s, Close Bp, ?unsilk, Taaza, 'epsodent, Clear, Dim, ?urf ,7cel, <e7ona, +7e, 1ove, ! Daseline.
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+t present over 4$M of angladesh9s households use one or more of Bnilever products.

Standard Chartered Bank

?tandard Chartered ank is an international bank in angladesh with #@ ranches, ./ +TMs and / 6inancial Hiosks. They have their presence in @ cities across the country : 1haka, Chittagong, Hhulna, ?ylhet, ogra and Narayangan-, including the offshore banking units inside 1haka ,7port 'rocessing Cone &1,'C) and Chittagong ,7port 'rocessing Cone &C,'C). ?tandard Chartered ank angladesh provides both Consumer anking and >holesale anking ?ervices, ranging from 'ersonal ! Corporate anking to (nstitutional anking, Treasury and Custodial services. Continuous upgrading of technology and control systems has enabled the bank to offer new and improved services such as 'honebanking, (:banking, e:Lending. )SBC

(n angladesh, the A? C 0roup9s history dates back to %44@ when The Aongkong and ?hanghai anking Corporation &A? C) Ltd opened its first branch. Today, the A? C 0roup offers a comprehensive range of financial services in clearing. angladesh including commercial banking, consumer banking, payments and cash management, trade services, treasury, and custody and

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?iemens of

angladesh began its business in

angladesh in %4.@. (t has been involved in

angladesh9s railway pro-ects since %4@#. (n %4@3, (t started a -oint venture with the government angladesh to manufacture telephone switches and sets. (n %4@/, ?iemens involved in constructing the +shugan- power plant. The company also playing a prominent role in mobile phone technology in helping establish mobile network infrastructure. ?iemens angladesh Limited &? L) has established itself as a leader in the communications, angladesh by

transportation, medical eLuipment, power generation, power distribution, (nformation Technology, lighting and photovoltaic sectors of the electrical and electronics market. *r"csson

,ricsson is shaping the future of mobile broadband (nternet communications through its continuous technology leadership, helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world. Br"t"sh $mer"can 3o'acco Bangladesh

ritish +merican Tobacco

angladesh is one of the largest multinational companies in ritish +merican

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angladesh and has been operating for over %$$ years. >e are part of the

Tobacco 0roup, the world9s most international tobacco group with brands sold in more than %3$ markets. ritish +merican Tobacco angladesh rands enson ! Aedges Launched in %44/, enson ! Aedges maintains our prime market share in the 'remium segment. >ithin a short time enson ! Aedges became a successful brand in our portfolio. =ohn 'layer 0old Leaf, 'all Mall and Capstan =ohn 'layer 0old Leaf, 'all Mall and Capstan are positioned in the Aigh segment. Launched in %43$, =ohn 'layer 0old Leaf is one of the highest selling brands of our company, en-oying large market share in the Aigh segment. 'all Mall was the 0roupNs first 0lobal 1rive launched in angladesh in #$$@. ?tar and ?cissors ?tar and ?cissors are positioned in the Medium segment. ?tar, launched 5$ years ago, is still a leading brand in this segment. Currently, it is the highest volume generating brand for the company. 'ilot and ristol 'ilot was launched in #$$4 in the Low segment, which is growing rapidly in angladesh. ristol was launched also in the Low segment in *ctober #$%$. Nestle Bangladesh rand to be

Nestle is the world9s leading nutrition, health and wellness company founded in %3@@, with its head office located in ?witzerland. (t started official production activities in angladesh in %445. (t has a factory in 0azipur where many Nestle products locally produced such as Maggi noodles. (t directly employed over .$$ people and indirectly few thousand people working in Nestle product supply and distribution channels in angladesh.
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?ome of Nestle9s popular products in angladesh are" :Nido Milk 'owder :Maggi noodles :Nescafe Coffee :Cerelac Berger Pa"nts Bangladesh L"m"ted

erger 'aints began its painting in angladesh since independence. +nd this has been a footstep to bring more than #8$ years of global paint industry e7perience into angladesh. *ver the decades, erger has evolved to becoming the leading paint solution provider in this country and has diversified into every sphere of the industry : from 1ecorative 'aints to (ndustrial Coatings, from Marine Coatings to 'owder Coating and what not. >ith its strong distribution network, erger has reached almost every corner of angladesh.

Nationwide 1ealer Network, supported by / ?ales 1epots strategically located at 1haka, Chittagong, <a-shahi, Hhulna, ogra, ?ylhet and Comilla has an unmatched capability to answer to paint needs at almost anywhere in angladesh. $amra

+amra is a business group in

angladesh that operates business in various sectors including

te7tiles and apparels, (CT and outsourcing. The te7tiles and apparels companies are aamra resources limited, aamra embroideries limited, aamra fashions &cepz) limited. (CT companies are aamra technologies limited, aamra networks limited, aamra infotainment limited, aamra solutions limited and aamra outsourcing limited.
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4"pper L"m"ted


angladesh N,* is the second company who has fully used the branded zipper technology

from Horea. Total manufacturing system of N,* zipper is based on branded Horean zipper technology. )ayes Bangladesh Ltd. -)BL/

Aayes & angladesh) Ltd. &A L) is a business organisation in human resources development to meet the growing need of

angladesh with 5% years of

e7perience in the field of telecommunication service, manufacturing, trading, management and angladeshi customers. >ith the globalisation of trade and commerce Aayes & angladesh) Ltd., is also involved to introduce angladeshi products in the world market and also to introduce the international products in the local market being as a manufacturer, importer, vendor, commission agent and also with -oint venture with other organisations of the world. A L is mainly active in the following fields" Telecommunication Aome +ppliances *ffice +utomation (nformation Technology ,lectrical +ppliances Te7tile
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6urniture uilding Materials <eal ,state +griculture Auman <esources +udio and Dideo 6inancial ?ervice Turn Hey 'ro-ects angladeshi organization to offer the e7tensive range of trade and commerce

A L is the first

activity over the (nternet. 6or A L no business is small to neglect and none is big enough to be a burden. 6or all customers A L has the eLual preference. A L is also a ma-or gateway of international products into as *,M. The main strength behind A L is our human resources, product Luality, after sales service, total customer satisfaction and full comprehensive warranty for product and service ranging from 8 months to %$ years depending on the products and service. A L has over %.$$ employees all over system. A L has a strong financial background with an asset of over B?O.$ million. .rey $dvert"s"ng Bangladesh Ltd angladesh and abroad under a corporate management angladesh. A L represents many

international reputed organizations selling their products in angladesh in the original brand or

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The first -oint venture international full service advertising agency to set up in

angladesh %#

years ago, 0+ L is today the largest stand alone agency in angladesh with capitalized billings of B?1 /.8 million in #$%$. 0+ L has built up market leadership position in the industry thanks to the .% young and talented professionals that make up 0+ L, and has won an unprecedented 5 years in a row &#$$8:#$$/) +gency of the Iear +ward, at the ?ri-an ?amman +wards for all engali advertising work done in (ndia and angladesh. (n addition work done for its portfolio of local as well as multinational corporates has won innumerable local and international awards and accolades. 0+ L today is a member of the 0rey 0lobal 0roup owned by >'' and ?*G compliant. Bata Shoe Company -Bangladesh/ Ltd.

The ata ?hoe *rganization was founded in %345 by Czech businessman Tomas ata in the city of Clin, what was then Czechoslovakia. Coming from a family of shoemakers with a long heritage of eight generations and over three hundred years, Tomas ata capitalized on knowledge, e7pertise and skills to propel his newly founded company forward. The introduction of factory automation, long distance retailing and modernized shoe making ensured the profitability of the company from the very beginning. (t is now the worldNs largest manufacturer and marketer of footwear operating across the globe. Today the ata ?hoe *rganization is a sprawling geo:centric company encompassing operations in more than /$ countries around the world and is managed by 5 regional commercial business units &C Bs) across five continents. (t serves % million customers per day, employs more than .$,$$$ people, operates .,$$$ retail outlets, manages a retail presence in over /$ countries and runs #/ production facilities across #$ countries. (n angladesh, ata started its operation in %4@#. The company is one of the largest ta7Jpaying corporate bodies contributing Tk. %.# billion &year #$$4) which represents appro7imately /$M of ta7 paid by the entire footwear sector of angladesh. Currently ata ?hoe Company & angladesh) Limited operates two manufacturing facilities J one in Tongi and the other in 1hamrai. >ith a production capacity of %%$,$$$ pairs of shoes daily, the company also has a modern tannery facility with an output of . million sLuare feet of leather annually. +nnual shoe
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sales currently stand at slightly more than 8$ million pairs with a turnover for the year #$$4 of Tk . billion. ata is playing a pivotal role in developing the leather industry of the country. ata has a firm commitment to eco:friendly business and a state of the art ,ffluent Treatment 'lant &,T') has been set up to provide a pollution free environment for both workers and the locality. 6ashion would never be complete without a well designed pair of shoes. This marketing insight has prompted ata to introduce a number of designersN collections for men, women and children. (nternationally renowned brands such as ata Comfit, Marie Claire, Aush 'uppies, ?choll, Nike, ubblegummers, ?andak, >einbrenner and Nfirst are a few names that testify to the momentous change towards branded shoe marketing in Luality with striking designs have put segments of consumers. +nother ma-or change in the ata business policy is the segmentation of retail outlets according to profiles of different market segments and the introduction of novel concepts such as ata City ?tores. These selective outlets, in con-unction with other types of outlets such as ata azar and ata 6amily ?tores, are adding a new level of consumer satisfaction. The City ?tores incorporate spacious floor space allowing a comfortable shopping e7perience, modern interior dPcor enriched with novel shelving systems, fittings, fi7tures and lighting that can be found in the large retail shops in the 6ar ,ast and ,urope. ata has a network of #5# retail outlets located strategically in different parts of the country. These retail outlets are an integral part of our brand marketing. This e7tensive retail network is supplemented by an eLually e7tensive network of depots and dealers. ata has %8 >holesale depots covering angladesh. Bnder these depots 84$ <>1 &<egistered >holesale 1ealers) and ..8 1?' &1ealer ?upport 'rogram) stores are operating. ata angladesh has already developed its vision up to #$%8 showing significant business growth as well as increased market share. *ne of the critical areas associated with e7ternal shareholders and the community at large is the Corporate ?ocial <esponsibility 'rogram of the company. 6rom supporting nationwide sports sponsorships and disabled persons to addressing environmental concerns, scholarship programs, charity contributions etc J ata has always supported individuals and communities in need. 'artnerships with other voluntary and charitable organizations is another prominent feature of
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angladesh. ?pecialized shoe categories such as

athletic shoes have been targeted through development of the 'ower brand. Bncompromising ata shoes in a key position to appeal to different

ataNs corporate social responsibility.

ata, in partnership with C+<,, e7tends assistance to

over two thousand rural women in order to become independent entrepreneurs in the <a-shahi, Comilla and Chittagong division selling shoes from door to door under its <ural ?ales 'rogramme. ?ince its inception, ata ?hoe Company & angladesh) Ltd. has strived towards one goal J ata continues strong and unabated to this day J the customer satisfaction. >ith the vision of building a worldwide family of satisfied customers and dedicated workers the legacy of Tomas tradition is safe. $very Denn"son Bangladesh Ltd.

The 'rinter ?ystems 1ivision of +very 1ennison supports many industries including retail, food and healthcare to move products through the supply chain more efficiently. >eNve been serving industry for over /$ years, aiding our %%8,$$$2 customers throughout the world to streamline their processes and enhance their business with both our direct sales and value added partner organisations. 5o'"l M=L angladesh Limited &formerly Mobil =amuna Lubricants Limited) is the -oint venture company between state owned =amuna *il Company and ,C ?ecurities Limited &subsidiary of the ,ast Coast 0roup). The -ourney of blending world:class lubricants in angladesh started in %443 when Mobil Corporation &after the merger known as ,77on Mobil Corporation) decided to set up Mobil =amuna Lubricants Limited in partnership with the state owned =amuna *il Company Limited. M=L angladesh Limited envisioned that angladesh would be one of the few countries in the

region to blend high Luality lubricants. +ccordingly, it commissioned a state:of:the:art Lube *il lending 'lant &L* ') : the first of its kind in the country : in May #$$8. ?ince then the production of this plant and marketing activities of M=L greatly.
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angladesh Limited have e7panded

+s reLuired by ,77onMobilNs Kuality (ntegrity Management ?ystem &K(M?), this zero emission 'lant strictly follows the Luality programs, starting from receiving the base oils from ,77onMobil and additives sourced from other global suppliers as per ,77onMobil recommendation and formulation. The 'lant is certified by ,77onMobil K'!0 and K(M?, and 0erminischer Lloyd &0LC) for (?* 4$$%:#$$3. + team of highly Lualified, trained and skilled personnel operate the 'lant with a warranty of hundred percent product Luality assurances. >ith a nationwide supply chain to cater the lubricant needs of the country, the Company strictly follows a Qcustomer firstR policy. (ts e7pert sales and engineering support service personnel work with utmost dedication to help identify the right products and services for the customerNs needs. *ne can easily find in the market a professional array of the Luality products blended and marketed by M=L angladesh Limited &M= L). >here there is engine there is presence of M=L angladesh limited to give appropriate lubrication solutions. Thus the lubricants blended and marketed by M=L angladesh Limited are being used in powering the engines touching all corner:stones of modern developments of the country including motor vehicles, locomotive engines, river, sea and ocean going vessels, aviation and power and other sectors of the country. eing a shining e7ample of Technology Transfer in the country, the company has created direct employment opportunities for %#$ people, #$$$ associated -obs, significant value addition in lube blending and the availability of world:class lubricants in angladesh.

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$. &. &han % Co. Ltd

+. H. Hhan ! Co Ltd is one of the most famous name in angladesh (ndustrial sector. +H Hhan usiness 0roup has been operating its activity since %45.. Late =anab +bul Hasem Hhan, known as +.H.Hhan, established this company after the ?econd >orld >ar in %45.. +. H. Hhan ! Co Ltd started its business activity with Te7tiles, =ute, 'lywood, Tannery, Aeavy ,lectrical 0oods, ?hipping and (rrigation. (t started to grow through =oint Dentures &=D) with renowned Multinational Companies in Te7tile &Coats Diyella 0roup BH), 1eep ?ea 6ishing &Maruha Nichiro Corporation of =apan), Telecommunication &<obi +7iata Ltd.), +pplication ?ervice 'rovider, 'ublic Aealth, (CT, and +gricultural 'roducts. +H Hhan group9s vision is to strive for business e7cellence through -oint ventures to match state of the art technology and <!1 with foreign partners. Long e7perience over @. years, well known reputation, financial capability, 0ood corporate link, 0oodwill, Trustworthiness, +ccountability, Market Hnowledge etc. are the ?trengths of this company. Bureau 1er"tas Bangladesh Ltd.

ureau Deritas & angladesh) 'vt. Ltd. was set up in November #$$8, with a humble outfit of two personnel J one Marine ?urveyor and one +ccounts *fficer. <ight after the beginning of DNs -ourney, a steady growth of clientele as well as the revenue followed. The largest fleet of vessels in ?hipping Corporation, switched class to earner for D angladesh. angladesh, owned and operated by angladesh D. Thereby, Marine became the mainstay revenue

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There were almost no Certification and (ndustrial activities back in #$$8. ut as everywhere else in the world, D in angladesh noticed a huge interest in the various industry segments about D offers worldwide. +s the service reLuests continued to grow, the the various services that

1haka office was set up in #$$@, with a full time Lead +uditor for (?* 4$$%"#$$$ ?tandard. Today, D angladesh has # Marine ?urveyors, 8 full time auditors, # (ndustrial ?urveyors and other office staffs and the two offices, one in 1haka and the other in Chittagong, that are now destinations of many reputable business houses of angladesh. D angladesh is now eLually eLuipped for 8 ma-or services of D J Marine, (ndustry and Certification. +part from many inspections of machineries and industries for Luality and Luantity, D is now engaged in conducting the <emaining Life +ssessment for ,astern <efinery Ltd, in collaboration with D ?ingapore. D (ndustrial ?urveyors are progressively trained to be able to take up any -ob that creates value for the clients and revenue for D. (n the certification front, D angladesh now certifies one:third of countries 'ower 0eneration, the whole of the countryNs 'ower Transmission, and the ma-or industries in some of the key sectors, i.e., +pparels, Ceramics, ?hip:building, ,ngineering, and others. (n providing training, D angladesh has earned an e7tra:ordinary reputation. D angladesh is the only Certification ody today, having a Lualified tutor for (<C+ Certified courses on KM?, ,M? and *A?+?. There are about %# J %. Lead +uditor courses that are conducted by are only available from ?tandard (?* #/$$%"#$$.. Darious industries are now approaching D for a range of A?, services. *ne of the ma-or paint manufacturers of the country has got its management of flammable substances and chemicals audited by D. ?imilar services are being reLuested by other business houses and in future A?, will become a ma-or service counter for D angladesh. D angladesh on various standards every year. ?ome of the courses that D offers in angladesh D J e.g. L+ course on (nformation ?ecurity Management ?ystem

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(n the area of Laboratory Kuality Management,

angladesh today has competent staff for

consultancy services provided to various laboratories, for accreditation to (?* %/$#. and (?* %.%34, for testing and calibration laboratories and medical laboratories, respectively. To keep away from conflict of interest, (?* %.%34. The rapid rise of angladesh. D angladesh will truly be continued into the future and it will become a D angladesh does not offer certification services to those laboratories for which it has conducted consultancy services for accreditation to (?* %/$#. or

ma-or service provider for conformity assessment of processes, pro-ects, products and services in

+s the economic role of multinational, global corporations e7pands, the international economic environment will be shaped increasingly not by governments or international institutions, but by the interaction between governments and global corporations, especially in the Bnited ?tates, ,urope, and =apan. + significant factor in this shifting world economy is the trend toward regional trading blocs of nations, which has a potentially large effect on the evolution of the world trading system. Nonetheless, although markedly different in origin and nature, both regional developments are highly significant in that they will foster integration in the two largest and richest markets of the world, as well as provoke Luestions about the future direction of the world trading system

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