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VOLUME 1 ISSUE 8 Week Thursday, December 19th, 2013 The Renaissance Region

The Renaissance Region

Purpose Driven Region
Its the most wonderful time of year. That statement doesnt ring true for everyone. In fact, The Holiday Season for some is the toughest time of year. Im unsure if it is all of the twinkling lights, the merry music, family and friends gathering, laughing and celebrating that magnifies the brokenness, loneliness and the many people hurting all around us. Even the lifes normal tragedies become magnified during this time of year. On Monday our beautiful team gathered for our own Celebration of one another and this special time of year. With so many of us in the room I am guessing that even some of us are dealing with our own troubles and sadness but for that day it was all smiles, fun, fellowship, faith, and most importantly a giving heart and spirit. This wonderful team donated over 50 new toys for a local charity that will use them to bless the lives of children in Wake and surrounding counties. The Charity we chose was The Helping Hand Mission in Raleigh. Here is a little about what they do. The Helping Hand Mission Inc. assists families on a one-on-one basis with food, clothing, furniture, and shelter. Helping Hands Mission Offers Help To:


Families Elderly

Disabled Low Income

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Homeless Victims of Fire Handicapped (Continued on Page 2)

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Keeping You Under Our Wings (Upcoming Events)

REMINDER!!!! Our 2014 Focus On You Kickoff will be Monday, January 13th. It will be held at Natty Greenes at 9:00 am.

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Cover Story Continued (Add Pictures)

. During the Holidays, the Helping Hand Mission opens its doors to anyone without a home for a traditional dinner fixed with all the holiday trimmings. Each plate is carefully prepared with a homey touch to let our less fortunate friends know somebody cares. Volunteers come from near and far to help with a smile and the doors don't close until everyone is fed. The Mission helps less fortunate families with small children by providing gifts for the holidays. I am so proud of you for helping this great charity.

The other amazing thing I saw happen that day was generosity beyond my expectation. They say one person, one idea can make a difference and on Monday I witnessed that first hand. Cassandra Anderson came up with a beautiful idea to help the family who recently lost everything in a fire. A family with two little boys who would have no home of their own to celebrate Christmas. Cassandras idea of taking the beautiful wreath that had been given to her as a gift by one of her clients, to donate in honor of the family and use our party to raise money to bless this family turned out to be so very special. I saw the heart of a team step up that day, open their wallets and bless this family beyond my expectations. By giving over $400 in cash and gift cards in just a few moments for someone in need it showed me once again who you really areA Purpose Driven Region. As 2013 comes to a close I want you all to know how very proud of not only what you have accomplished in the last 6 month but more importantly who you are. You have shown me and Mark your welcoming spirit, openness to new ideas, your eagerness to be your very best and your generous spirit. 2014 will be here shortly and knowing what I know I promise to be my very best. I will work hard for you but I will also expect your best. I will challenge you but it will come from love and desire for you to have your best year ever. As a team we will continue to give back and live with a purpose. With our 2014 theme Focus on you, Each of us one on one will sit down together to determine what you want to be, do and accomplish this coming year. I have my own personal goals and our team goal but remember its all about youWhat do you want what will you focus on to make 2014 the very best. I wish you and your entire family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year. Rejoice, Relax, Recharge and I will see you next year to Re-Ignite! I love you all! Cathy



Pictures from Ugly Sweater Luncheon



Countable Club (Countable Drive to State Convention)

Who was Countable for Week 50???

Danny Lee Terry Reynolds

Will you be Countable next week?

Larry Groves Michael Oliver Jennifer Quintero Brenda White Joseph Valentour Donna Corey Wendy Thornton

Countable for the month of November

Cassandra Anderson Steve Cooper Donna Corey Aaron Fogle Larry Groves Don Hilke Pam Leonard Stephanie Leonard Amber Montgomery

Michael Oliver Cheri Olsen John Orr

Will you be COUNTABLE next month??



District Rankings for the Week

District of the Week: Randy Jones was #1 in Gross Production as well as percent of MPI

Associate Rankings for the Week

Top 3 Veteran Associates 1. Larry Groves 2. Michael Oliver 3. Joseph Valentour Top 3 New Associates 1. Samantha Wright 2. Cassandra Anderson 3. John Hull

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Our Mission Statement: We will grow our organization by helping each other achieve our goals, dreams and desires. We will have a positive influence on our customers, our community and one another by always doing the right thing. We will conduct our business the Aflac way We are in pursuit of service first, sales second and excellence always We are The Raleigh Region Ignite. Set yourself on fire!


Can We Do It? Yes We Can!!!!

Our goal is $1,500,001. So far we have $1,444,686. We need $55,315 to hit our target. This means we need $27,657.50 per week for the next 2 weeks to be successful.

Can We Do It?? Of Course WE Can!!

Published by: Scherria Hairston

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