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double top plate

cripple stud

header trimmer stud king stud

finish floor cripple stud at 16 o.c. tread 11 riser king stud 6-0

header double stud 4-0 jack stud


rough opening for window sill

sill plate



14. Exterior window framing


15. Garage door framing

The garage door framing carries the load of upper floors and the roof down and around what will be a garage door later in construction. Similarly to the exterior window framing, the load is distributed by a header, double studs and a jack stud.


16-0 rough opening for garage door

17. Stairway framing

The load of the stairway is supported by the stringers, treads, and risers that make up the stairs.

The exterior window framing carries the load of upper floors, ceiling, and roof down and around what will be a pane of glass later in construction. The load is distributed by a header, trimmers, and the sill plate.

2x6 rim joist 1/2 osb sheathing 2x10 sole plate peak brick veneer top chord 2x6 double top plate web panel point panel point top chord

5/8 Gypsum board bottom chord bearing insulation 1-0 overhang

bearing web bottom chord 1-0 overhang

18. Floor framing at second floor

The second floor framing is used to join the second floor to the first floor. They are joined together by the second floor framing system.

19. Wood trusses and supporting connection

The wood trusses are designed to support the load of the roof and roofing materials. The trusses carry the load down to the foundation to prevent a roof collapse.

20. Conventional roof framing

Conventional framing is used in place of wood truss framing, when the load to be supported isnt heavy enough for trusses, when there isnt enough space for trusses, or to frame out angles that would be impossible with ordinary trusses.

top view

truss at 24 o.c.

4x8 panel of 1/2 osb sheathing 1/2 osb sheathing truss rafter

cripple stud fascia board

6d nail fastener

header 1/8 spacing between panels ceiling joists double top plate 4x8 panel of osb sheathing 2x6 Stud wall w/ insulation 1-0 soffit screened vent 3-0 rough opening for fireplace king stud jack stud sole plate 2-0

5/8 gypsum board

21. Roof Sheathing

Roof sheathing is used to transfer lateral loads from the roof plane to the walls. Sheathing is generally OSB or plywood, and also serves as a nailing base for roofing materials later in construction.

side view

22. Roof overhang connection

The roof overhang helps to protect the structure from water damage. Ceiling rafters are connected to the framed wall below by gusset plates. To further ensure that the pieces are joined, the fascia board caps the gap between the rafters and the soffit.

24. Fireplace framing

The fireplace framing is used to support the load of weight from floors above, and to prevent the crushing of the fireplace that will be installed later in construction. The load is distributed to the foundation by the header, trimmers, and sole plate.