Poverty is seen all over the world, yet the question remains why relief from these terrible

conditions have not yet arrived. Poverty is an on-going issue where more than just hunger is suffered from but issues of child labor and human trafficking become major problems as well. In South Asian countries of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and many other countries; the increase of poverty and the economic gap between Japan and China causes these countries to turn to immoral acts of human trafficking and child labor. Poverty causes much more than starvation and malnutrition, but it also causes unjustifiable acts of child labor and human exploitation.

The problem with poverty in South Asia is that the government does little or nothing at all to help end the human suffering. One of the main reasons why this is so is due to the corruption of the government; they would rather spend millions on political elections than ease the desperate hunger and diseases of many people. What these countries’ government fails to see is that due to the economic stress, their residents are developing a number of issues including an increase in crime rate, deadly diseases, and the exploitation of children and other human beings in either child labor or human trafficking.

Child labor is a big issue in South Asia. Due to the increase in productivity demand, there has also been an increase in child labor. America’s economy depends on foreign goods, which is the reason why there are so many products being created and exported from Asian countries. The labor is also very cheap in these countries, which is why most of America’s businesses are taken overseas. The situation of poverty puts children at risk of being forced to work, not only in factories but in the fields. The conditions in these countries are so bad and the inhabitants are so poor that how could

they ever refuse any type of work? No matter the conditions, “desperate times call for desperate needs.” In the desperation of millions of people residing in South Asia, some even turn to the exploitation of their fellow citizens and even family. People in these poor conditions are at high risk of being “trafficked”, which is a heart-breaking issue due to the people being exploited are mostly children of both sexes under the age of 16. These children and other human beings are being forced to travel across countries and seas to serve as “sex slaves”. It is sickening that poverty causes such immoral occurrences among these countries and it is even more disgusting how the government is unable to put a stop to the problem.

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