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Efficacy of Vishnu Sahasranama (Shri Saileela March 1983) A thousand names of Shree Maha Vishnu-the protector of the Universe

- helps a devout baktha to attain a devotional discipline, by constant repetition and recitation of the same name as well as different ones of the supreme Lord. ust as we derive three results simultaneously when we consume our food, vi!. a pleasant sensation, the appeasement of hun"er and the necessary nutritive in"redients for the "rowth of the physical body, a similar precious e#perience is "one throu"h by a devout baktha while en"rossed in $ %ama Sankeerthan& vi!. blissful love towards the divinity, realisation of 'is nature and "ettin" rid of all attachments. 'ow to "et rid of the samsara bandhana ( )hat is the mar"a to achieve "reat results with little effort(* asked +udhi-shthira, the ,andava kin", of -heeshmacharya. .he ,ithamaha replied. & .he only way is to praise the ,urushothama, Shri Vasudeva, the Lord of the Lords and sin" 'is "unas and leelas by a thousand names &, /or the benefit of mankind, sa"e Vyasa the 0rishna 1waipayana, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu 'imself, has spelled out Sahasranama, to be repeated and heard with shraddha so as to derive the parama sukha. 2t is the firm conviction of Shri Shankara -a"avadpatha that this devotional discipline is of very hi"h value in reachin" the final "oal, the realisation of -rahman. .he story "oes that when Adi Sbankara desired to write his commentary on Vedantha, he asked one of his disciples to fetch a 3rantha 4scriptural te#t5. Surprisin"ly, the palm leaf manuscript of Vishnu Sahasranama was brou"ht by him. %ot satisfied, Shankara asked the pupil to fetch another. .his time too, he obtained Vihhnu Sahasranama, and this happened for the third time also. Sahasrahama. 2n this 0aliyu"a, it may be difficult to strictly observe the rituals prescribed for the various sadhanas. -ut, there is no hard and fast rule to take to recitation of the SoShankara felt .that it was the Lord&s wish that he should comment on Vishnu

Vishnu Sahasranama. 'owever worse a sinner be, if he, for a moment feels in his heart of hearts, the 6mnipotent, 6mnipresent ,urushottama and surrenders to 'im, all his sins are cleansed, and he is helped to turn a new leaf. Such bein" the case, the immense relief and "ood a person derives by his devout and disciplined recitation of the Sahasranama, can well be ima"ined. .o hi"hli"ht a few of 'is thousand names 7 'e "ives wealth to 'is devotees 8 'e is the Lord of Lakshmi 8 'e is always present with Sreeman , 'e is inpossession of all Aiswarya. 'e "ives to everyone accordin" to his ,oorva 0arma. Lakshmi adorns 'is chest. 'e "ives wealth to those $who surrender to 'im. 'e is the embodiment of happiness. 'e is wealth incarnate. 'e is the refu"e for the three lokas. 'e carries you across that foretell dan"er.. Sant. the ocean of Samsara. 'e destroys the evil doers. 'e is a 'e "ives ,unya to those who think of 'im. 'e "ives Mukthi. 'e destroys all the .bad ..dreams 'e protects the Universe.

'e pulsates in every livin" bein". 'e is all pervadin".

.hose who either hear or recite this Sthothra daily, will e#perience neither in this world nor in the other, any untoward, unpleasant happenin"s whatsoever. .he -aktha "ets world wide fame, he is respected amon" the wise8 he "ets Shashwata Aiswarya as well as ,arama Man"ala. .he -aktha fears none8 he "ets .e9as and Veerya8 he is free from all ailments and shines in this world as a person with winnin" manners endowed with health and beauty. .he devotees of Vasudeva never come across *Araan"ala*. .hey are freed from the cycle of birth and death8 nor do they fear birth, death or old a"e. .he very utterin" of %arayana&s %ama showers eternal 9oy on the -aktha, by relievin" the cause for the broken heart and by removin" with soothin" effect the a"ony of those afflicted with chronic ailments. So, the disciplined recital of Vishnu ailments. Sahasranama with Shraddha wards off fear, assures success in one&s endeavour and acts as a tonic for all types of

.he recital of even a sin"le verse has "reat value. 3oddess ,arvati asked 'er consort the easy way by which the intelli"ent ones "et the full benefit of the Sahasranama, by utterin" a sin"le :ouplet. .he Lord replied7 *6h the incarnation of beauty ; 6h ; 'rudaya Sundari;; .he chantin" of sweet <ama %ama only e=uals the Sahasranama *, %o wonder, our Saipadananda, the Apostle of Love, instilled in the minds of Sai bakthas, the efficacy of Vishnu Sahasranama by 9oinin" with them in the recitation-of the same, day in and day out. .he entire atmosphere in and around the Sai Spiritual :entre in .hya"ara9apuram of -an"alore, 4which bears the name of yet another ardent and devout 1asa of Shree <ama5 is vibratin" fully surchar"ed with the divine and ma"netic .araka %ama of the ,arushottama 8 and unceasin"ly showerin" eternal bliss, makin" it a *-hooloka Vaikuntha>, %ot only that, wherever Swami9i went, let it be, the Sama9 at Madras, ,une, -ombay or Vi!a", once the devotees "ather round him. the recital of Vishnu Sahasranama was started in ri"ht earnest. ?ven to-day, thou"h .Swami9i is not physically present, yet this Sadhana "oes on unceasin"ly daily in all the Sai :entres where the devotees had the uni=ue opportunity to sit around Swami9i and chant the hymns. .he feelin" hovers round every devotee that Swami9i too comes there and blesses him. 1id not our Samartha Sad"uru Sai, make Shama, 'is intimate devotee take to the recital of Vishnu Sahasranama ( .he Sad"uru said. *6h ; Shama, this book of Vishnu Sahasranama is very valuable and efficacious8 so 2 present it to you, you read it. 6nce 2 suffered intensely. My bean be"an to palpitate and my life was in dan"er. At that critical time, 2 hu""ed this book to my heart and then Shama, what a "reat relief it "ave me ; 2 thou"ht that Allah 'imself came down and saved me. So 2 "ive this to you8 read it slowly, little by little8 read daily one name at least and it will do you "ood..* 4Sai Satcharita @AA-@AB @CDE ?dition5. */ree yourself from the cycle of birth and death. 2t is very easy and effective and re=uires no paraphernalia and has no restrictions. 2t is the best purifier of our

mind. .here is no easier Sadbana than this...&F 4Sai Satcharita ,. @AB - @CDE ?dition5 'as not the efficacy of Vishnu Sahasranama revealed itself to you ( 6h Saidasa ; )hat are you waitin" for ( .ie this necklace of Sahasranama round your neck and "et rid of your sins -past and present, committed knowin"ly or unknowin"ly. Awake, Arise and Act ;;; R. S. Ramakri Madras