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Trisha Krishnan, The New Brand Ambassador of Chennai Rhinos

Kejriwal never shied away from fresh challenge

Record turnout in 3 states hints

towards youths support for Modi
ll the three states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh recorded more than 70 percent polling in the recent Assembly elections. And the reason could be Narendra Modi. If a high voter turnout is an indicator of the anti-incumbency mood, it can be presumed that all these states have voted for change. But dont forget Gujarat. In the last Vidhan Sabha election, the voting percentage in Gujarat was 72.48%. If more voting was automatically equal to a change of government, Modi would have been sitting in the opposition in Gujarat. But Modi not only won the election but also decimated the Congress and Keshubhai Patel. Did a similar script unfold in Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh? The Gujarat experience shows that had the poll percentage remained unchanged (59.77%), Congress and Keshubhai could have edged ahead of the BJP . Their combined vote would have been more than that of the BJP. But the 24-25 lakh (12%) additional voters swung the election in the BJPs favour. Most of these additional voters were first-timers, youth and those from the urban middle class. A similar trend was seen in Rajasthan. Everywhere, youth and women queued up in large numbers at polling booths. In urban constituencies like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota the turnout was nearly 75%, the highest ever in the states history . Significantly, it was 7% more than 2008. The figures show 26-27 lakh new voters came out to vote. Who are these voters? The Congress had contested elections in Rajasthan on the basis of its free schemes and doles. If there is any segment that is unlikely to be influenced by freebies like free medicine and free wheat, it has to be the youth and the urban middle class. If youth, first-timers and urban middle classwho want much more than free paracetamol tablets from a government-- have come out in large numbers, it can be argued that they didnt march out to support the Gehlot government. The reason has to be something else. And it begins with Modis rallies in Rajasthan were packed with youngsters. In every area of Rajasthan, both urban and rural, youngsters occupied the venue and its front rows hours before his arrival.

Cong has decided not to give credit to Modi for BJP win
he Congress has strategically decided not to give any credit to Narendra Modi for the BJPs splendid performance in the recent Assembly elections. Ajay Maken, media incharge of the Congress, recently convened a meeting of party spokespersons and decided that all efforts should be made to deny Modi any credit for the BJP almost sweeping the elections. They, instead, would like to eulogise regional stalwarts of the BJP and give them credit for the partys electoral successes. It was also decided to give emphasis to local issues and, of course, the rise of Arvind Kejriwal. Modi, however, isnt the only problem for the Congress. The party is also worried about its allies and probable allies. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that the BJP has not won because of positive votes but due to negative votes against the Congress. Other regional parties are rethinking on having any alliance with the Congress. NCP leader Sharad Pawar has targeted the Congress leadership and called it weak and indecisive. Though Farooq Abdullah has emphasised that the National Conference will remain within the UPAs fold, his son Omar Abdullah has praised Arvind Kejriwal and advised the Congress to make amends. Before the Assembly elections, almost all BJP leaders were of the view that Bastar might cost the party its Government in Chhattisgarh. But Raman Singh has proved it wrong. He has achieved victory without Bastar. This time the BJP could win only four seats out of 12 in the Bastar region. In 2008 the BJP had won 11 seats. Despite this, the party could win 49 seats just one short of its tally in the last Assembly.

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BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



Jogi camp could demand key post in Cong Chhattisgarh unit

Party sources said the party high command could depute an observer for the first meeting of newly elected 39 members of Congress Legislature Party (CLP) to elect its new leader. With support of 21 MLAs, Jogi camp could also stake claim for the post of CLP leader. Speculations are rife about the possibility of a leadership change in Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) even as lobbying has begun for the post of leader of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP). Union minister of state for food processing and agriculture Charandas Mahant took over as party chief, just six months ago. Party sources said Mahant would be seeking re-election from Korba constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He became PCC chief after Nandkumar Patel was killed in Maoist attack along with other leaders in May this year. Besides, Congress high command could also go in for a total revamp of the state party organization, which has been plagued with intra-party rivalries between various factions. State Congress circles point out that Bhupesh Baghel, who had won the Patan seat, senior leader Satyanaryan Sharma and party leader from Sarguja region T S Singhdeo were among those in the race either for leader of opposition in assembly or state president.


hile the Congress state unit is expected to be revamped following

defeat in Assembly polls, former chief minister Ajit Jogi's camp could raise the issue that the post of state party chief or post of leader of opposition in the state assembly or CLP leader should go to tribal community member

as the tribals had returned to the Congress fold in the November polls. Congress had reaped major gains from the tribal areas including in Bastar, where the party had won eight of 12 seats.

Congress faced sabotage at many places in Chhattisgarh


hhattisgarh Congress state president Dr Charandas Mahant has accepted moral responsibility for the partys defeat in the state. Partys performance this time was better comparing to last time, but it has been deprived of coming to power because of nominal difference. The State in-charge of the party BK Hariprasad has submitted preliminary report on the defeat to national vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Meanwhile many district presidents, including Raipur city, informed the State president of sabotage. Mahant congratulated Rajnandgaon district president Vinod Goswami for excellent performance and told him to make preparations for Parliament election. Mahant said that report on the defeat would soon be submitted to the high command. Dr Mahant discussed the reasons for defeat with the district presidents. Earlier, while discussing with media, Mahant accepted that many leaders had to face sabotage. After holding the meeting he would give detailed reported to the high command.

In the meeting, Raipur district president Vikas Upadhyay informed about sabotage. Upadhyay has been defeated from Raipur West constituency, mainly because of anti-party work by some party leaders. Similarly, Durg and Bemetara district presidents also com-

plained of sabotage in their respective constituencies. In many districts, including Bemetara, Jashpur, Korea and Mahasamund, the party could not even open its account. In Rajnandgaon, the home district of the Chief Minister, the Congress bagged four out of six seats.

Mahant asked the district president Vinod Goswami about sabotage, on which he told him that he would give report about it after having discussion with the candidates. Mahant told the district presidents to get ready for Parliament elections.

BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



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People reject caste politics

eople in four States which went to polls recently have rejected both the Congress and the regional parties thriving on caste equations. In Delhi, the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and the JD (U), which had put candidates on the caste basis, have been rejected. In Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh respectively , Kirodi Lal Meenas Rashtriya Janta Party and the Sanatan Samaj Party too couldnt get any support. In the last general elections, the BSP had got 17 seats in these four States; but this time Mayawatis party could get only eight seats. In Delhi, the BSP had won two seats and got 14 per cent of vote share, but this time the party couldnt win even a single seat, with its vote percentage going down by nine per cent. Likewise, in the 2009 elections, the Samajwadi Party had won two seats in Delhi but this time it didnt even get a single seat. Sohaib Iqbal has won this time on a JD(U) ticket, but the party cant claim any credit for this; Iqbal has won the last four elections solely on his charisma. Nitish Kumar was in Delhi for three days and campaigned for several seats, but 26 out of his 27 candidates could not even save their deposit. In Delhi, this can be a point of satisfaction for the Congress: That Muslims have not left the party yet. Traditionally , the Congress would get Muslim, Dalit and migrant votes in the Capital, while the BJP would get the Punjabi and Bania votes. This time Sikhs, Gujjars and Jats have mostly cast their votes either for the BJP or the AAP . The Congress has won eight Assembly seats and, interestingly, four of them are led by Muslims. Before the elections, both the Congress and the BJP were of the view that the AAP would get the middle class votes, but Arvind Kejriwals party managed to make inroads into Dalit and migrant vote-banks, hitting the Congress badly .


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Will it be worst ever polls for Cong?

ill the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls be worst ever elections for Congress? When faced with questions such as these, the partys spokespersons rely on the refrain that Congress is the only party that is ruling in 11 states. Its true, and for the party cadres, it might sound promising. However, all these states together account for only about 180 Lok Sabha seats, of which the Congress holds less than 100. In the last elections, the Congress and its allies had indeed done well in these states and managed more than half of the seats. Will they be able to repeat it this time as well? Very unlikely, and that is going to hurt the party pretty badly . Here are the reasons: Congress is in serious trouble in Andhra Pradesh where it had won 33 out of the 42 seats last time. With its prospects plunging deep, thanks to the YSR family phenomenon and a lacklustre state leader-

ship, the Congress now wants to split the state into Telangana and Seemandhra, with the hope that the former will offer them some relief. The next big number in the Congressruled states is Maharashtra. With the likes of Adarsh housing and irrigation scams, law and order failures, and no extraordinary governance to show, the Prithviraj Chavan government will cer-

tainly face the disadvantage of incumbency . In Hoodas Haryana, out of the 10 seats, Congress had managed to get almost everything (9). But, in good times there was no Robert Vadras land deals or Ashok Khemkas inside stories. Additionally, if the AAP expands contiguously to the state, the Congress will have to bear the brunt.

BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



Kejriwal never shied away from fresh challenge

ahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal are both youthful public figures in their 40s. Sadly, thats where the comparisons end. One is now a political rockstar, the other is in danger of leading his party into oblivion; one is the story of middle class aspiration, the other of elite entitlement; one comes from a professional family in Hisar, the other bears the most famous surname in Indian politics. Acknowledging the Aam Aadmi Partys phenomenal performance in the Delhi elections, Rahul said: The Aam Aadmi Party involved a lot of non-traditional people and we will learn from that and will better it in a way you cannot imagine." The first lesson Rahul must learn from Kejriwal is his willingness to take risks. From taking a break from the Indian Revenue Service to setting up an NGO, from being the architect of the Anna movement to entering politics and contesting against a 3 time sitting chief minister, Kejriwal has never shied away from a fresh challenge. By contrast, Rahul has studiously refrained from taking a major responsibility . Yes, he is vice-president of the Congress and is in charge of its youth organizations. But what would have really tested his mettle is if he had chosen to head a significant ministry in the Manmohan Singh government. If, for example, Rahul had such strong views on the Bharat-India divide, why didnt he take charge of the rural development ministry and prove his credentials? The second takeaway lies in the power of communication. If Rahul has Maa (mother) by his side, Kejriwal has the media. There is little doubt that the Aam Admi Party has benefitted from the relentless media exposure. It is to the credit of the ever accessible Kejriwal and his team that they used every weapon of communication -- Facebook, Twitter, TV to create a larger than life image for the party . By contrast, Rahul has remained imprisoned behind the forbidding gates of Lutyens Delhi, not giving a single proper interview, refusing to take hard questions, staying away from the social media. The third lesson for Rahul lies in recognizing the need to harmonise idealism with a clear agenda for change.

PC George earns Congs ire for flagging off Run for Unity
C George, chief whip of the Congress-led UDF Government in Kerala and vice chairman of the Kerala Congress (M), has earned the ire of the Congress by flagging off the Run for Unity marathon, conceived by Narendra Modi. The Congress and some of its allies in the UDF were quick to ask Finance Minister KM Mani, chairman of the Kerala Congress (M), to act against George, and to demand his immediate removal as the Government chief whip for participating in a programme of the BJP , organised allegedly as part of the campaign to promote the prime ministerial candidature of Modi. Mani said his party would discuss the matter, but George remains unfazed. According to him, he had participated not in a BJP event but in a programme meant to pay tributes to Sardar Patel. For good measure, George added that he had never considered Modi an untouchable. As the attacks against him intensified, the beleaguered leader reiterated that he had not committed any mistake.

He added that he did not want to take any advice from Congress president Sonia Gandhi to correct his mistakes, if he had committed any . This infuriated the Congress leaders further. Pundits have already come out with theories to the effect that Mani is not going to take action against George as his participation in the programme was part of a strategy to goad the BJP to help Manis son Jose K Mani, MP, get re-elected from the Kottayam constituency; victory is not all that easy for him in the present context. In the past Keralas Labour Minister Shibu Baby John was forced to apologise for meeting Modi in April last. But the question is would the Congress ask for the resignation of its own Ministers who had held discussions with official delegates from the Modi administration on the matter of the Sardar Patel statue recently? Will the Congress and the Government it is leading hold Modi an untouchable if he becomes India's Prime Minister?

BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



Worse lies ahead for Congress

ongress is likely to be out of power in 2014 at the Centre and out of power in virtually every significant state by 2016. This is a grim prospect the Congress must confront as the party faces a wipeout in 10 of Indias largest states: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. In 2014, most estimates project the partys likely tally in these 10 states at between 30 and 35 seats with big losses in the Hindi heartland and Andhra. The Congress stands some chance in the next years general election only if the party develops strong state leaders and grassroots organizations. The party must revamp the way it conducts its politics or be marginalized as a political force. The state assembly results in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Delhi carry a grim message for the Congress. But worse lies ahead. The only large states where the Congress is likely to cross 10 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha election are Maharashtra and Karnataka. Among the mid-sized states, Haryana and Assam present an opportunity to the Congress but the Hooda administrations misgovernance and the Gogoi governments handling of the 2012 riots may exact a price. If Arvind Kejriwals Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) decides to contest the Lok Sabha poll in Haryana, the Congress could be in more trouble. Victories in smaller states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and those in the north-east offer limited seat numbers in the Lok Sabha. Kerala meanwhile faces serious anti-incumbency, while Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh offer little hope to the Congress.

Leadership of Sonia, Rahul under serious threat

sually, there is no tradition in the Congress to challenge the authority of the Gandhi-Nehru family . PV Narasimha Rao and Sitaram Kesari would often be confronted by fellow leaders, but the family never faced any such defiance at least openly . After the decision on Telangana and in the wake of the Congress defeat in four States, however, the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and her son, Rahul, is under serious threat. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister K Kiran Reddy is leading the rebellion. Recently, he challenged the Congress high

command and said: I will see how they opt for division (of Andhra Pradesh); let them send the proposal first, then we will show what we can do. Likewise, six Congress MPs from the Seemandhra region have sent a no-confidence notice to their own Government. It is being said that these MPs will either join the YSR Congress or the TDP. Congress sources claim that if the party loses the 2014 elections, then there will be a bigger, more organised rebellion against the family . Not just the Congress high command,

the tussle has also begun among the party leaders. After the defeat in the recent elections, they are busy accusing each other openly . Sheila Dikshit has attacked DPCC president JP Aggrawal for the Delhi defeat. She said that the party organisation didnt help her adequately during the polls. It needs to be noted that before the Assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi had met the two leaders at least four times. As for Digvijay Singh, he has revealed how some party leaders camped for almost a month in Delhi, lobbying for tick-

ets. But who are these leaders? When the chairman of the partys campaign committee in Madhya Pradesh, Jyotiraditya Scindia, started his campaign in the State, MPCC president Kantilal Bhuria was seen camping in Delhi. Bhuria is believed to be close to Singh. Then, there were Premchand Gupta and Sajjan Singh Verma who lobbied hard for a ticket in Delhi; interestingly, they too are close to Singh. In Chhattisgarh, too, the internal squabble has begun with State Congress president Charan Das Mahant blaming Ajit Jogi for the partys failure.

BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



Poular govt schemes didnt help ministers in MP

BHOPAL hile many ministers lost the state assembly polls, the reason behind the defeat of so many ministers appears to be resentment against them in their respective areas, which outweighed the positive impact of government schemes. Ironically the ministers, whose departments played the most significant role in bringing chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan back to power for the third time, lost the elections. Former public relations minister Laxmikant Sharma, was in- charge of religious affairs department implemented Teerth- Darshan ojana. This scheme helped the party in getting the votes of elderly persons and senior citizens. However, Sharma could not win. Agriculture department was also instrumental in the BJP forming its government. Agriculture growth rate touched 18 per cent mark and the farmers getting benefits proved beneficial for the BJP from election point of view. But its minister Ramkrishna Kusumaria could not get through in election. BJP raised the quantum of compensation to farmers for their crop damage but that could not help revenue minister Karan Singh Verma win elections. Similarly, initiatives like free medicine distribution in hospitals and free pathological tests across the state were taken by the health department and it also helped the party in the elections but medical education minister Anup Mishra lost elections. Minister for nonconventional energy, Ajay Vishnoi took set up a solar plant in Neemuch, which is Asias biggest solar plant. Vishnois efforts brought laurels to the state but he could not win elections.

Scindia defends Rahul, blames weak leadesrship in states

BHOPAL he thrashing of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh has left Rahul Gandhi looking like a weak and ineffectual campaigner, but Jyotiraditya Scindia has defended Rahul. He argued that Rahul should be given credit for saying that the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi had taught the Congress a lesson in how to reach out to the people. He also pointed out that even though Rahuls methods had failed in the four

most recent assembly elections, they had worked in Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarkhand. Confronted with claims that Congress party had a high-command culture that did not allow for the growth of strong state leaders, Scindia argued that Congress could not have won elections in a number of states without strong state leaders. While he accepted that the state leaders could not name their own candidates, he claimed this was a fairer system where everyones voice had a

chance to be heard. While taking responsibility for the Congress debacle in Madhya Pradesh, Scindia defended Gandhis campaign efforts and denied the Congress did not empower leaders at the state level. Scindia emphasised that any party needed a combination of strong central and state leadership to succeed in an election and that it was weak state leadership that cost the party in the four elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Chhattisgarh.

Scindia also admitted that he was frightened by the situation in MP, where Shivraj Singh Chouhans government was elected for a third term with a two-thirds majority . Fifteen years out of power is not a position any party wants to be in, he said. These elections were seen as a barometer for the national elections to be held next year and also as some sort of referendum on Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, the faces of the BJP and Congress respectively .

BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



Mahadev Mohit Raina To Wed Mouni Roy In February 2014

he marriage season is on and here is another couple who is all set to get married. Life Ok's Mahadev Mohit Raina is going to marry girlfriend Mouni Roy in February 2014. Mohit Raina, who plays the lead of Mahadev in the serial Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is getting married to his girlfriend and 'sati' Mouni Roy in February 2014. The couple were seeing each other since a very long time, but never came in public and declared in open about their relationship. Be it a formal or family function or friend's party, the couple were always spotted together and needless to say some instances did prove it that they were seeing each other and were ready to move to the love

phase together. Mohit Raina is now the superstar of Indian Television. He was earlier rumored and linked with Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, but that did not work. A model and now a TV superstar started dating Mouni Roy, after she broke up with her very long time boyfriend Gaurav Chopra. Both Mouni and Guarav were seen at many dance reality shows together and they even accepted their relationship in open. They later broke up, but the reason for their breakup was never disclosed. If, the news is true and Mohit and Mouni marry, then it would be a heavenly bliss for the audiences to see their Mahadev getting married in reality to his Sati.

Trisha Krishnan, The New Brand Ambassador of Chennai Rhinos

ctress Trisha Krishnan, who is gearing up for her romantic-comedy movie Endrendrum Punnagai, is the new brand ambassador of Chennai Rhinos in the forthcoming Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). She has sealed the deal with the team recently . "Trisha will be the ambassador of our team. We are happy to bring her on board. Since she is from Chennai, we thought it would make sense to rope her in...we are glad it finally materialised," an official spokesperson of the Chennai Rhinos team told IANS. The fourth edition of Celebrity Cricket League will be officially launched through a press meet tomorrow (December 20). Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar along with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will be part of the event along with the players of all teams from different film industries. The first and second editions were won by Chennai Rhinos under the leadership of Vishal Krishna. The third edition was won by Karnataka Bulldozers captained by Kiccha Sudeep.This year, the matches will be in places such as Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Dubai. Meanwhile, Trisha Krishnan has pinned high hopes on her latest release Endrendrum Punnagai. She has romanced Jeeva in the Tamil flick, which is clashing with Aamir Khan's Dhoom 3 and Karthi's Biriyani.

Puthiya Bruce Lee To Introduce Lee's Doppelganger

pcoming Tamil action flick Puthiya Bruce Lee is not a tribute to legendary martial arts fighter Bruce Lee, but the film will introduce his doppelganger being played by debutant, also named Bruce. "I have incorporated the two most important facets from Bruce Lee's life, which are discipline and courage in my story . We wanted someone who looked like the legend himself and we were lucky to find Bruce," the film's director A Sonai told IANS "It's a very commercial story of a young guy from a village who moves to the city and helps his uncle in some real estate property problems with his fighting skills. The action in the film is inspired by several of Bruce Lee's films," he added. Sonai said the stunts in the film will be its biggest highlight."Bruce is a trained martial artist. He is a double black belt hold, and, therefore, the action will be very realistic. I'm sure the audience will love it," he added. Suresh Narang has been roped in to play the antagonist.

BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



AAP planning to register presence all over country

due to grossly overpriced realty market and general inflation. AAP will have to fight the existing tough contenders like the NCP, Shiv Sena and MNS in Navi Mumbai. AAP state executive committee member Ravi Srivastava said we believe in a politics which is devoid of religion, region, language and caste. Also, our strong anti-corruption stand was vociferously welcomed by the people in Delhi, and the same holds true even here, he said. Srivastava said the voters are fed up with corruption, inflation and the same old set of politicians. AAP is confident of doing well in elections from here, as the people are ready to usher in a change. He said it is appalling to see so many politicians and local leaders closely related to each other. People are closely watching this political mess, and certainly want a change. AAP will also conduct a survey in Navi Mumbai to know what are the other difficulties faced by the people. Like Delhi, the voter base in Navi Mumbai is also inherently cosmopolitan by nature, with 99% literacy rate. This, according to AAP, will be favourable to them. The AAP also said it would contest all the parliamentary seats in Uttar Pradesh and had started searching candidates for them. Our senior leader Kumar Vishwas has already been selected to contest election against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi from Amethi constituency . We also plan to field strong candidate against Sonia Gandhi in the Rae Bareli constituency and would work to defeat her, AAP executive committee member Sanjay said.

S. MANI Email: uoyed with the success in Delhi polls, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is planning to register its presence all over the country . The party announced

to field strong candidates against Congress president Sonia Gandhi and BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. The party is preparing a strategy to contest from Navi Mumbai in forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. At present, the

process is on within the party to find good candidates to contest from the region. Some of the local issues that AAP aims to talk about in their coming rallies are corruption and squandering of public money by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC), bad roads, unaffordable housing

Minority community
rejects Cong in Rajasthan
SANGEETA SHARMA Jaipur he Congress gave tickets to 16 minority candidates in Rajasthan. None of them won; a failure rate of 100 percent. The BJP, on the other hand, gave tickets to four from the minority community. Two of them triumphed, leading to a success rate of 50 percent. In 2008, there were 12 MLAs from the minority community . Considering all the noise about Muslim voters coming out in large numbers to support the Congress and reject Modi, the numbers should have gone up this year. For the first time in the history of Rajasthan, the minority community has just one percent representation in the Vidhan Sabha. And, ironically, both these MLAs are part of the saffron parivar. There could be many explanations and messages for this. Ground reports from many constituencies in Rajasthan during the campaign indicated Muslims were unwilling to be treated as the Congress votebank. At many places they openly revolted against Congress heavyweights. Their first priority was to ensure the Congress

gets routed even if the BJP wins. State Congress chief Chandrabhan lost his deposit in Mandawa, a traditional Congress bastion with a large number of Muslim voters. In Sikar, another Muslim stronghold, the minority community voted for its own candidate against Congress heavyweight Rajendra Pareek. This is a clear sign that the Congress should stop dreaming that minority voters will cling to it. For arguments sake, let us consider that Muslims wanted to keep Modi out. Logically, they should have tactically voted against the BJP. Even if they were angry with the Congress, at least the presence of a minority candidate should have softened them. But that didnt happen either. In Sheo, Barmer, Manvendra Singh defeated Amin Khan of the Congress in spite of the fact that the minority vote had the power to decide the outcome. In Nagaur, the Congress candidate, a Muslim, forfeited his deposit. The winner was a Muslim, but he was contesting on the BJP ticket. It is clear that minority voters preferred the BJP even in a Muslim vs Muslim contest. Evidently, the Congress has run out of all options to retain the minority vote.

BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



Terrorism a disease that Pakistan will eliminate: Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD he Pakistan government will eliminate terrorism, a "disease" that has inflicted society, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said today. "If this disease is cured, we will get rid of all other diseases," he said while talking to Chris Elias, president of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and his delegation. Sharif said his government is also committed to eradicating polio. Pakistan will benefit from the foundation's

experiences in immunisation and child mortality, he was quoted as saying in an official statement. Responding to the foundation's concerns about polio cases in parts of the tribal areas and Karachi, Sharif said authorities were ensuring the security of those working in conflict areas to provide full coverage to the polio program. Pakistan is only one of three countries where polio continues to be endemic. The polio vaccination campaign has been hit by a series of attacks blamed on the Taliban and other militant groups. Sharif thanked the

foundation on behalf of the people for making substantial contributions to the polio eradication initiative in Pakistan. "We would like to continue our close collaboration with the Gates Foundation to strengthen our national efforts as well as enabling us to play our important role in eradicating polio worldwide," he said. In a separate development, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglo called on Sharif today and discussed bilateral and regional matters. Sharif said Pakistan and turkey have a shared vision in regional and global politics.

Gay sex ban isnt stopping gay

foreign tourists from coming to India
NEW YORK he Supreme Court which turned the clock back with a gay sex ban didnt send out a welcoming message, but American gay tourists are not letting it put a wrinkle in their vacation plans. US companies which cater to gay tourists say their clients see India as a fascinating travel destination well stocked with palaces, tombs, Hindu temples, beaches and ordinary village life. None of our guests have called to cancel their trip to India, Joel Cabrera, chief travel officer and co-owner of Chicago-based Zoom Vacations, which caters to gays, lesbians and their family and friends, told Firstpost. We research the trip thoroughly so that we only stay in gay-friendly hotels. Our guests are hand-held through their trip to India, says Cabrera. Zoom Vacations has planned a swing through Rajasthan where guests will stay at the majestic Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur, Oberoi Amarvillas and Rambargh Palace among other top palace hotels. High-end US travelers have snapped up the $8,000 holiday package which doesnt include air fares. After the Delhi High Court decriminalized gay sex in 2009, India tapped into the potentially lucrative global gay tourism industry which is pegged at over $670 million. If there are major global movements to boycott Russia over its gay rights, what will happen with India?" asked the Washington Post after the Supreme Court shocked people around the world, who had expected it simply to rubber-stamp the earlier High Court ruling. Despite the setback Indias gay culture has opened up. Gay travelers know they dont have a target painted on their backs, said a member of the Indian Association of Tour Operators. People are more upset about going to a place like Russia because the authorities are aggressively anti-gay. The courts can say what they want but Indian people are very gentle, loving and accepting, says Cabrera who has travelled extensively through India. I think we should continue to go to India and support Indian gays and show how this law is silly. The Wash-

ington Post's WorldViews blog produced a map showing in which countries homosexuality is criminalised, including much of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Unfortunately, India missed its opportunity to free itself from the oppressive 152-year-old colonial era law. The anti-gay Supreme Court ruling now puts India behind our neighbor to the north. Nepal started to sell itself as a gay tourist destination after the country made large strides forward on gayrights issues. In December 2007, Nepals Supreme Court ordered the government to ensure the rights of gays and lesbians, decriminalizing homosexuality . At the forefront of this battle has been Nepal's openly gay lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant who launched Pink Mountain, the nation's first travel agency to cater exclusively to gay tourists. India may not be as gay-friendly as Nepal, but outright harassment has never been a

major problem for gay foreigners travelers in India. "After the ruling, people suggested that we would no longer offer tours to India. Boycotting gay tourism to anti-gay countries is often the assumption of what should happen after a discriminatory ruling. People forget that in the affected country, there are gay business owners who need our financial support more than ever. We will still come to India, and we will use hotels and tour guides who are gay, or who have demonstrated a commitment and full embracing of the gay community," said Bryan Herb, chief marketing officer and co-owner of Zoom Vacations. "At a time when India needs positive PR, in light of several rape cases that made global news, it is unfortunate that this ruling has cast India as once-again archaic, unloving, and apathetic. This is not the India that I know and love with all my heart. To say I was disappointed

by the news of the ruling would be an extreme understatement," added Herb. Not surprisingly, the Supreme Court's decision to reverse the High Courts decision striking down the British colonial-era law criminalising gay sex was condemned by the US State Department, activists and the media. The New York Times called the decision "disgraceful". Although the Supreme Court contended that it was the parliaments responsibility to repeal the law, they argued that this was "disingenuous". "Given the fractious nature of India's Parliament, the conservative views of many of its members, and the political stakes in the run-up to general elections next spring," said The New York Times, "the legislature is unlikely to take up this issue on its own. The Washington Post described it as a huge failure" and major setback for the worlds largest democracy .


BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013

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Sonia cant risk naming anyone else except Rahul as PM candidate

Congress cant buy votes at this late stage

rime Minister Manmohan Singh is not likely to lead the party in the coming general election. But who will be the Congresss prime ministerial candidate is still not clear. As party chief Sonia Gandhi has not yet named her son as the PM candidate, the speculation is about a number of senior Congress leaders including Sushil Kumar Shinde, P Chidambaram, Meira Kumar and a few others as the likely PM candidates. Even the name of the IT millionaire Nandan Nilekani cropped up. Of course, it was farthest from the realm of possibility .

The circumstances under which Sonia Gandhi had named Manmohan Singh as PM are vastly different from the current political scenario. She could not have become PM without inciting a countrywide protest movement due to her Italian birth. Admittedly , Sonia Gandhi cant risk nominating a strong party leader as PM for fear of him doing to her what mother-in-law Indira Gandhi had done to those who had first nominated her as PM. So, we can forget about a Chidambaram or even a Nilekani being offered that high post. In other words, it cannot be anyone else other

than Rahul Gandhi. Mani Shankar Aiyar always bestows high praise on the Gandhi family , and has already asked for Rahul Gandhi to be named as the Congresss prime ministerial candidate. Other Congressmen will take the cue and chant Rahuls name till his mother is able to cite the pressure from the party to formally anoint her chosen heir as the PM candidate. People do hope that the 120year-old Congress Party can throw up someone far more deserving, far more experienced as its challenger against Narendra Modi. But that is unlikely to happen.

ongress is in a state of paralysis after the dismal show in the recent assembly polls in four states. True the party was not hoping to win, but its performance was much below its own expectation. There is little hope that the party will be able to recover ground before the general election in May 2014. A populist spree will not make much difference at this stage. For example, the Food Security Act didnt help Congress at all. Ashok Gehlot, the Congress chief minister of Rajasthan, went on a populist spree in Rajasthan, yet lost resoundingly . He was a reasonably honest and good administrator. His main fault, say party colleagues, was that he left these populist measures so late that voters saw them as clumsy efforts to buy votes, not as a true concern for the people. The same argument would apply in case Congress tries to buy votes at this late stage. The best Congress strategy, therefore, will be to accept defeat this time and prepare to win the next election. Desperate populism in the next few months is not likely to help the party . Some within the party may , however, argue for new populist giveaways. On the other hand some will argue that such sops will not be enough. They may point to Tamil Nadus scheme of giving 20 kg of rice free for poor families. Why not adopt this as a national programme? But the Food Security Act has failed to become a vote-winner because many states have offered cereals at lower rates than the Centre.


BHOPAL December 16 to December 22, 2013



Athletics will never be drug free: Michael Johnson

thletics will never be free of drug cheats and, without the Olympics, the sport would be dead, America's four-time Olympic champion Michael Johnson said here. "Athletics has a zero tolerance policy with drugs and, in a way, we have kind of suffered because of that," said Johnson, while addressing a gathering at the Doha Goals Forum on Wednesday. "Since we control it more than most sports, we have more scandals and more people caught." "Despite that, you are never going to have a situation where no-one cheats - athletics is a microcosm of real life and in real life, you will always have people who cheat. It's unrealistic to expect athletics to be a

drug-free sport. Other sports may have fans that can put up with it, but in athletics the fans want to see the Olympians hold true to the Olympic ideal and values." Praising the role of sprinter Usain Bolt in raising the level of interest in the sport, Johnson said that the sport's governing body should work with the Jamaican star to help promote athletics. "You can't say anything against Usain Bolt in athletics. He is athletics, but the IAAF doesn't work with him to promote the sport. Knowing him as I do, if they approached him and asked him to work with them to promote athletics - not promote Usain Bolt - I am sure he would be all for it. The IAAF is just riding it at the moment. He said one cannot "compare athletics to any team sport. It's the purest form

of competition". "Everyone loves to see people have a race but we're seeing too much emphasis, placed on world records and not on the battle between the athletes." "We must look closely at the sport and see what it is that people actually want to watch. Do we need the women's discus? A 3,000m and 5,000m steeplechase at the same meeting? Nothing has happened to change the sport in my time. We need to look at a new format, package it better to engage more fans. Other sports have done it to increase their fan base, why can't athletics?"

Saina Nehwal wins last group game


NEW DELHI akistan beat arch-rivals India 4-2 in a high-voltage penalty shoot-out after the 70th minute score read 1-1, to secure ninth position in the Hockey Junior World Cup at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium here Saturday . Having lost the chance to qualify for the quarterfinals, the Asian neighbours took on each other in the 9-10 classification playoff and the hosts disappointed the home crowd, who turned up in large numbers. India took off well and started making inroads into the Pakistani striking circle but the visitors were quick to respond with counter attacks. Pakistan drew first blood when Rizwan Ali executed an excellent pass from the midfield straight into the Indian goal past stopper Harjot Singh, who was left stranded. The 7,000-strong crowd, still chanting "India jeetega" despite the goal, were silenced when Pakistan earned their first penalty corner in the ninth minute after a video-referral. However, luck was on India's side and the visitors could not put in the ball, wasting their chance. Indian forward Imran Khan, meanwhile, received two excellent passes in the D but could not hold on to either. The quality of play wasn't up to the mark and neither side could maintain possession due to poor passes. Pakistan dominated for a while,

ndian star shuttler Saina Nehwal won her last women's singles Group B match of the BWF Super Series Finals against South Korea's Yeon Ju Bae in Kuala Lumpur, Friday . According to information received here, Saina won 21-11, 17-21, 21-13 at the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium in exactly an hour.

Hockey Jr World Cup: Pakistan beat India 4-2 in penalty shoot-out


followed by India. Pakistani goalie Mazhar Abbas was in top form and stopped almost everything that came his way, including a 19th minute shot thrown out by him. In the 20th minute, Talwinder Singh found the ball in the Indian circle and took it the entire stretch of the pitch to the Pakistani goal but slipped and lost the chance to pass. Just before the break, India created another chance via Mandeep Singh and Akashdeep Singh but the ball went

just wide of the goal. India finally got their first penalty corner in the 46th minute but a high drag flick by Gurjinder was easily deflected by Abbas. The momentum was with the home team and Akashdeep found an excellent pass and shot at the goal but Abbas was having his day and stopped the ball in the 56th minute. The crowd was getting restless with India trailing but their patience finally bore fruit in the 66th minute when India's second penalty

corner was converted by Gurjinder, with a low drag flick to Abbas' left, to equalise and take the match into the penalty shoot-out. After the first two shots were scored by both sides, the next one was missed by both to leave the score tied at 2-2. Then, Pakistan captain Muhammed Umar Bhutta scored but India's Satbir Singh missed, giving the visitors a 3-2 lead. With Pakistan needing to score to win, Muhammad Dilber struck to clinch the ninth position.


RAIPUR December 16 to December 22, 2013



Congs defeat in 4 states emboldens Seemandhara leaders

he impact of the results of the Assembly elections in four states was instant in Andhra Pradesh. The leaders of the Seemandhra have been jolted into action, after months of their inertia despite demands from people for some intervention. The election results seem to have suddenly emboldened them - the Congress MPs have created history by asking for a vote of confidence against their own party in Lok Sabha. Party leaders agree that the motion is

certainly low on realism and high on symbolism; but they add that they have to make some last-ditch effort to establish their much-maligned credibility among the people of coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. With no regional or national party expressly supporting the Congress leaders, the no-confidence motion is not expected to make any dent. However, having already made a commitment to a separate state, the Congress seems to have few options left and will be forced to carry through

the bifurcation or lose its chances of winning in any of the regions of the state - a fact that the MPs who proposed the no confidence are well aware of. The BJPs win in the four states seems to have crystallized the feeble attempts by the Seemandhra Congress leaders at defying their high command. While the six MPs of the ruling party, who gave the notice on no confidence, are firm against the party leaderships efforts to cajole them, a long-term loyalist in Anantapur district, JC Diwakar Reddy,

made the game spicier by coming out with an aggressive attack against the leadership, calling Congress a dying party and asking Sonia Gandhi to make way for younger leadership. A feeling that many Congress leaders share but few express, he claims. But, the new Union ministers from Seemandhra still seem to cling to the party, with Chiranjeevi expressing outrage at the no confidence proposal as well as the protests on Sonia Gandhis birthday in the state.

Corruption, politics of appeasement led to Congs downfall in 4 states

There are different opinions as to why the Congress was literally wiped out in the four State Assembly elections. It is difficult to hazard a guess that would be accurate. Some experts attribute the voting pattern to the Congresss poor governance record, others say that it is the partys Hindu-bashing in a Hindumajority country that is to be blamed, still others point to the the Congresss politics of minority appeasement. Take for example the Communal Violence Bill. Critics of the bill say it casts aspersions on the majority community as a communal group, so as to curry favour with minorities. First, law and order is a State subject. Other than the Janata Dal (United), all other parties have opposed the Bill. All Indians, including minorities have equal rights under the Constitution. But gradually, the Congress-led Union Government is and this is clear with the victory of a newcomer political outfit in the Delhi Assembly election. The Aam Aadmi Party is barely two years old and it already has a formidable presence in the electoral fray. Yet, if the established parties delivered even one tenth of what they promised, things would not have come to such a sorry pass. For instance, corruption remains at an alltime high in the country and the corrupt are hardly ever punished. Indian laws are the weakest in tackling corruption. For instance, in disproportionate assets cases, the onus lies on the Government to prove that the wealth acquired is beyond the known sources of income of the allegedly corrupt. Assets of top bureaucrats or politicians are rarely attached, who often enjoy ill-gotten gains.

trying to take over State subjects by giving subsidies for projects that are clearly in the domain of the States. Then, there are other commentators

who have said that the issues of price rise and rampant corruption have brought down the party. People want clean politics and cleaner politicians

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