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Purpose 1. To implement Safety Moment at all PETRONAS Business and HCUs.

2. The main objective of Safety Moment program is to strengthen the HSE culture in PETRONAS through regular discussions on HSE matters, especially safety, lessons learnt and issues at the work place and home. If practiced diligently, Safety Moment can motivate and drive staff and contractors to take precautions to ensure work places and homes are safe.


Safety Moment is a brief sharing (2-3 minutes) on safety by anyone from personal experience, internet, video clips, and lessons learnt from incidents. A Safety moment is simply when we stop and think about the task or act we are about to perform and ask ourselves if it really is safe, or harmful to carry on. It can be something happened to us which makes us think...'if I had only taken a moment to...

It doesn't necessarily need to be work-related, which is the beauty of it. We all should take a moment, even at home with things like climbing the roof using dodgy ladders with no fall protection, or when we go to overtake the car in front when in a hurry even though we know it's risky and will only save a few seconds at best.

Safety Moment shall be done at the start of, but not limited to; I. II. III. Business, management, committee, council meetings; Forum, seminar, workshop, training; Presentation, speech etc.

Safety Moment shall be brief, about 2-3 minutes but interesting.

Examples of Safety Moment:

A staff was driving with his family, including young children. They involved in a minor accident at the traffic lights. The staff pulled over to the side of the road out of the way of traffic, but the other driver sped off. The staff took matters into his own hands and started to chase the other driver,


but immediately took a moment to think of the consequences of his actions - his family was in the car!

Some Safety Moment could actually be a lesson learnt, for example;

A worker got dust into his eye while walking past a blasting area. He immediately reached for a bottle of liquid close by to rinse his eyes. The bottle didn't contain fresh drinking water but instead held an acidic substance with a pH of 2! The casualty was rushed to hospital with severe burns to his eye. This is to highlight the dangers of storing hazardous substances in improper containers and without any label.


Head of Divisions, Department, Managers, Supervisors, staff and contractors


Safety Moment shall be carried out at all facilities owned and/or operated by PETRONAS and Joint Venture (JV) Company owned more than 50% by PETRONAS.


Some materials for Safety Moment can be obtained from: PETRONAS HSE Safety Alerts and Lessons Learnt available at GHSEDs website, GHSED Online Safety & Health tips by Parlay International available at GHSEDs website, GHSED Online Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Process Safety Beacon under