"#$%&'()*! +,-)'%'&.#/! 0#*'&1*%&! 0.! 2*)-! 3.4! 5*'))/! 6*&! 748&! 2.9! 0.! :4))/! ")'/! ;! <'%$=*8&$%>! ?@.)*! A*$%>! :4)=$))1*%&! :#.1! ?$&@$%! 3.4#! <.8&! BC4-*#! D$>@&! E&&4%*FG! H! 0@48! 0.&'))/! 2*#*! H! I.9! JK*'%! .=! +%*#>/! L.%*FMN%! ;! B0#4)/!

+==.#&)*88! O.#&*,! .=! +1-.9*#1*%&G!;!+P*#/!<.1*%&!3.4!".88$()/!Q'%!M!0.!3.4#!<',!
• 0@*! -.8$&$P*)/! >#*'&! 84-*#! %*98! K.%&'$%*F! @*#*$%R! $8! &@'&! &@*! 1.#*! /.4! /.4#! 8*)=! S**-! '>#**$%>! &.! $%&*#%')$T*! -)'/$%>! BU4'%&41! 3.4GV! ?@'&*P*#! '9'#*%*88! *%@'%K$%>! &..)8! /.4! 1'/! K@..8*! &.! 4&$)$T*V! 0@*! @4>*! >#.9$%>! #*')$&/! /.4! 9$))! $%K#*'8$%>)/! =$%F! /.4#! 8*)=! 9$&@$%V! N8! &@'&! '))! .=! &@*! -#$.#! )*P*)8! '#*! >.$%>! &.! *P*#! 1.#*! S**-! 1*#>$%>! $%&.! '! 8$%>)*! *,-*#$*%K*V! ?@$K@! $8! >.$%>! &.! (*! BJ%*G! 9@*#*$%!M! /.4! 'K&4'))/! =$%F! /.4#! 8*)=! '8! %.9! (*$%>! &@*! P*#/! 8.#&! .=! BU4'%&41! E&&4%*FG! *P*#! 1.#*! *==.#&)*88)/! *1-.9*#*F! P.#&*,V! J=! 84K@! -4#*! 1'%$=*8&! *%'()*F! M! 84-*#! *P*#/9@*#*!*1(*FF*F!)$>@&%*88!$%!(*$%>V!0@'&!/.4!9$))!%.9!14K@!)$S*!'!)$)/!$%!&@*! =$*)FR! 8$1-)/! S**-! 9@.)*M841)/! ().88.1$%>! &@*! $%K#*F$()/! 1'>%$=$K*%&! =).9*#! /.4! 9*#*!F*8$>%*F!W!*P.)P*F!&.!(*!M!(*/.%F!/.4!'%/!1.#*!@'P$%>!&.!S**-!.%!8.!14K@! &#/$%>X!N%'814K@!'8!'%/!1'%%*#!.=!=.#K*=4))/!&#/$%>!.=!K.4#8*R!$8!')9'/8!>.$%>!&.!(*! ('8*F!.%!8.1*!)*P*)!.=!=*'#!'%F!&@48!8*)=!F.4(&X! • Let’s take a few moments here therefore – to attempt to describe as best we can. The various qualities of beyond ordinary being - that tend to actually be sensed whenever we find ourselves within any profound experience of effortlessly empowered vortex. Please understand that the process we are talking about is way more holographic simultaneous, non-local synchronistic, than it is merely linear sequential. Even though this is how we have used language within the context of this work, in our attempt to describe this place of effortlessly empowered being. What’s more even though all of these qualities tend to be present in our most profound experiences of being an effortlessly empowered vortex. Which pretty much every one of us have already had profound experiences of. Every time we have for a while at least actually experienced ourselves enabled to perform at our most brilliant best. Whatever our chosen fields of endeavor may be. Even though we may not experience all of these qualities every time we are able access at least to some degree – actually being much more in our zone way of being. 1.) First off in this respect for example – the whole initiating point is to support your self to start to feel way more effectively able to let go relax much more into the here and now. Within the very sort of more presence attuned much more encompassing context of awareness. Wherein one starts to transcend – any particular fear based flare button contractive overwhelm motivated. Way too sympathetic ‘needy’ emotional dynamic going on within one’s self - in any such a moment. In such a way as to thus help one’s more present embedded sense of awareness get beyond remaining so stuck in one’s more usual self doubt ways of constantly feeling the compulsive drive. To thus either keep one’s self in some way or another always lessening one’s very own self – down a notch or two. Or conversely feeling like one has to always put all of one’s focus on constantly finding


per every such more here and now embedded moment.within a whole field of way more pure energy attuned awareness.2. Into the very sort of state wherein by way of our growing ability to more core center relax into our present. Into some supposed place which is somehow magically going to transform us .must keep controlling ourselves to do this or that – ways of constantly trying to shape our behaviors. Lost in the throes of some form or another of merely ‘thought’ based . Such that this more seemingly speeded up way more present way of quantum byte level processing. Very much like we are having what we refer to as a natural high. Much rather toward the very kind of internal being inside of your self place . We begin to find our pure awareness field becoming so much more subtly now expanded. Kind of like what so often seems to happen within the context of a near death experience. In other words we start to find our self getting so much more here and now fine attuned relaxed broad band present.quantum byte level process whatever we may be experiencing. And thus far more holographic clear present embedded .of being in such pure here quantum level attuned awareness.) some way or another – to ever more persistently keep building one’s self up a notch or two more.) 5.fear driving anxious compulsive .) 3. much like we are in a slow motion movie. incessantly more. while at the same time grand theme trends happening in this very moment .into thus being much better than .) 4. In such a way that our enhanced ability to way more super light speed . It becomes easier and easier for us to trust surrender into our way more in the moment most expanded awareness field. Well beyond our more usual ordinary way of being far too often only partially narrow band present. ‘totally now zoned in’– much more whole field aware way of being. In the sense that we instantly in the moment seem able to capture both way more subtle details. way more expanded. and thus heightened awareness processing place.that is based on a much more pure all around us oceanic energy aware way . Wherein suddenly finding ourselves in such a more finely broad band attuned. In relation to what amount to whatever mind based fears only we may be holding inside of ourselves in the first place. We now find ourselves being quite extra-ordinarily far more present.) 6. In such a way that our whole awareness system actually begins to process way more bits of information . Which is to say we start to arrive within a state . Than when our more limited non-sense of awareness . Becomes so much more whole field instantaneous x simultaneous. In turn starts to create the experience of time slowing down. That we now find our more whole nervous system – positively lovely philosophers natural wise-dome enabled stone within. Or for that matter any other form of more profound beyond normal body boundaries experience. .right under our very noses.wherein via this more relaxed inner state let go way of being far more here present. more.seems able up jump us into a way more fine tuned. That we start to experience ourselves much as though we are now being carried into a new place of much more present aware fine attuned being.most others. That tend to constantly keep us stuck in what amount to way more energy limiting forms of fear based contractiveness. Wherein suddenly our now far more super light attuned pure awareness process itself .is based on what are mostly only‘thought’ to be – the sort of survival problems.

and thus far more positively here and now law of attraction based field.) In the direction of our now thus being able to actually realize the very sort of here and now state.) Toward a much more present aware point wherein we wow in the very same moment. Wherein can be found our most intention enabling . that to the extent we are able to enter into a kind of much more core centered peaceful relaxed way more present place inside of ourselves. 10.in relation to our own set law of intention. with some whole being positive solution intended outcome. The far more helpful truth is that we now in this way start to enhance our being able to most insightfully bring our whole history of relevant information to bear. Such as we now know tend to lock us into merely ‘thinking’ we already know all the answers. positively great whole life goal oriented moment. It becomes most important for us to understand. State of such a positively now focused way beyond our normal sense of self – much more attractively .) Nevertheless even so. and thus totally positive clear radiant motivated. way more far out here.ever ongoing whole being fulfillment oriented – most in our flow zone process of pure solution generative awareness. 8. Becoming so much more synchronistically. Within a single unified field of emotionally vitally open. We thus by way of our re-claimed state of innocent one-der – begin to so free ourselves from all our old histories of merely ‘believing’ we already know how to respond – within the context of what always amount to some entirely new situation. way more now nonseparatively expansive all the way out from here to infinity and beyond attuned state of being. To bring the most in the moment effectively informationally relevant – intention set helpful experiences – we possibly can. Even if that goal be only for a certain period of time each day – to just totally relax. play and have some in the moment fun – in relation to whatever we may be thus choosing to more whole-sumly enable ourselves to keep playing at. In such a way that when we then go on to help ourselves link this pure totally in our zone awareness state. Where within the much greater sense of our already having helped ourselves to be way more freed up clear of our old negative held contractive fear patterns.) While we in a similar way at the very same time in the greater sense of our already having supported ourselves to de-tach our purest unified field of awareness from all prior ‘idea’ forms. as good as this kind of one-der-ful experience in itself may be.into our more ongoing ever flowing more zoned in ability to keep on manifesting the positively great whole lives we long for. When it comes to our ability to carry ourselves even further beyond this . By way of our feel into and through our core process every time we experience some old flare button dynamic arising within us. Actually being way more both left brain and right brain operating together – here present enabled. Such that we in this way are actually now going to much better enable ourselves.7. In relation to whatever we may be choosing to manifest within the context of any such more present attuned. Begin to experience ourselves as though we are now in any given moment of such ongoing presence oriented . This more cleared up space inside of us – is going to start to include our being ever more enabled. way more fine tuned magnetically attractive . via our own non-local. 9. far more brilliant than we ever might so called normally ‘think’ possible. on whatever we may thus be intending to solution manifest for ourselves forward. Right on into what is now going to amount to our much more present encompassing.way more here and now embedded flow.

including our whole history of knowledge. And inasmuch as our narrow band so called normal.) By way of a now much more constant in the moment agreement to keep immersing ourselves into the very sort of ongoing flow stream of awareness. From within which – inasmuch as we keep encouraging ourselves to be far more here and now embedded within our energy of everything attuned whole awareness field.‘little mind’ alone. often quite compulsively neurotic. 13. way more supra logical holographic brilliant.) Which is to say. by ongoing flow of here and now awareness moment. Within any given such moment x moment ongoing unfolding moment. To now flash fire move much more totally spontaneously x instantaneously in the moment. To much more holistically fire up our way more instantaneous simultaneous whole here and now field of awareness.ever ongoing stream of pure energy embedded awareness. Far more intuitive x insightful whole being intelligence mobilized. Based precisely on our previously – now way more clear goal oriented. That no small wonder.empowered place of huge field embedded awareness. In relation to our more pure here and now . ‘mere less than half witted thinking mind alone’ . and thus most effective solution generative capabilities within us possible – all in relation to our most clearly set intentions. Actually thus best enable ourselves to keep moving every here and now embedded awareness moment. And thus in this way throughout every possibly relevant pathway within the whole of our awareness system. so called rational logical.is likely exactly . we begin to experience ourselves as far more enabled than we might ever have formerly dreamed possible. small fear based. most helpfully forward moving set intentions. 12. In such a way as to now via these more whole nervous system mobilized phenomenon of intuiting and insighting. That is most likely going to actually help us to transcend being in our mere ‘thinking’ head. divided out from wholeness – linear sequential only one focused on byte at a time . all encompassing whole field of awareness attuned place. By way of setting up the conditions for our more ongoing in the moment much more supra logical whole field integral processes of intuiting x insighting to happen. More into mobilizing the very sort of full-on integrated.) With the whole point of supporting this process of more expansive inclusive here and now attuned awareness within ourselves. Completely now unencumbered by any of our old viruses. Into what amounts to our ongoing flow stream of pure everywhere all around us energy. In relation to what we merely keep ‘thinking’ is going to the best means we have to try and solve whatever we perceive to be a problem. Much more positively great solution inventive ever forward. All the way through the very whole of every part of us. 11. We are now going to be much more freely able to spontaneously allow this whole field of pure energy – such as can be experienced to arise both within us. Being to keep encouraging our most whole field attuned awareness principle . In the direction of becoming much more holographcially in the moment enabled to create far more integrally effective bigger picture solutions.to actually stimulate our most intelligent in the moment possibility. to the extent we now find ourselves actually being in this kind of more wide open present place.most positively potentially brilliant. Within the context of whatever we may be intentionally choosing to be most totally involved in. In such a way as to thus best enable us to way more fully power up our much more in the moment . as well as all around us.

way more limited ways of far too compulsively always trying so hard to solve our problems. we will suddenly find our self with ‘no divided me’ left anymore to keep trying so hard to do us anymore. Just the phenomenal awareness of pure here and now all around us. In the much larger sense of us up jumping the greater attuned whole of us into being way more enabled to generate very sort of far more holographic effective .what’s most in our way toward our best possibility to fulfill all of our goals. and thus totally flow zone solution present. as well as within us. Based on mere linear sequential. pure oceanic energy embedded way. Will now become what actually starts to do us. We will now begin to find our self far more enabled to use whatever more expanded levels of increased bit per moment information we are now taking in.in order to help ourselves realize our very best intentions. In the huge sense of our pure present awareness becoming a way more playful. In marked contrast to what we in our mere thinking ‘heads alone’ will so much tend to keep trying to do to make things happen.super intelligent brilliant solutions – quite beyond what we ever used to believe possible. In such a total ‘let go’ of all former ways of merely trying so much to keep ‘thinking’ our way into desired solutions. That our pure whole field of embedded awareness will start to far more clear inspirational – be exactly what now starts to do us.more and more expanded relaxed .intended potential . In other words via this more whole being present way. to positively everything that is happening to us right now. Provided we of course learn to stay perfectly relaxed expanded grounded. than most of us have ever dared to sense possible. No-longer in any way encumbered – energy of pure energy – so completely free to flow all the way through us.up to light speed. Way more brilliantly than we ever used to dream possible. By way of our merely coming to ‘think’ – that this or that is what we either must do – or other than wise feel emotionally compelled to do . of being totally present aware grounded. Based on this much more refined. way more fine tuned. tracking one object at a time. is that very much as a consequence of this state of more here and now embedded awareness.itself. much more whole life directed. far more great solution inventively empowered . That our now whole encompassing field of energy associated with our pure no-longer separate awareness .) What we are saying here then.based on both internal as well as external sources.way more totally zoned in way of being. in nothing but the subtle differences in the manifest energy of everything all around us. In such a way that we will now find our whole awareness field being far more enabled to create / invent some powerful ever new in this very moment based . that is going to be well beyond our little minds anymore trying so much to keep doing us. 14.positive result.truly celebrative happy party to. We can more and more start to drop this ‘mere fear based endlessly compulsive little mind’ completely out of our way – to help carry us into precisely the kind of pure present . In such a far more attuned way as to thus help jump our now much more holographically clear present field of pure awareness . Can in this way begin to so much more effortlessly come all the way through us. Within the very sort of much more transcendentally effortless whole being way of doing. Wherein our much more in the moment awareness of pure unlimited energy . Exactly by way of our staying much more openly here and now attuned to whatever we may find ourselves attracting both . Far more effortlessly. Into the very sort of pure everywhere energy aware wisdom state that can best enable us to make incredibly subtle mi-nute detail x grand theme in the moment decision adjustments.

way beyond so called normal.to really Hear just what our very own great life journey is most actually all about.) Much as though we now find ourselves most clearly more ever able to keep ourselves flowing ever forward in relation to our most positively set intentions – over the course of whatever time period might be required.by an energizing Source. Actually be effectively fully result capable of being able to invent for ourselves. The positively great way more brilliant intended solutions. Precisely from within any such a more totally in the moment – and thus far more whole being fired up – way more brilliance enabling – Yes – I Now Know Exactly How I-Can – empowering moment. By way of our now hugely sensitive to infinity and beyond attuned .‘totally zoned into our in our zone way of being’.outside of us as well as within us. 16. actually find ourselves sufficiently enabled to keep on constantly. ‘word’ and ‘deed’. In the direction of finally finding ourselves moment by moment. Totally now in our flow zone . Which is to say. We beyond our wildest dreams truly do most long to be able manifest in front of ourselves for ourselves. Toward our very own potential sense of whole-ness unfolding in front of our very own selves. That we will begin to actually experience very sort of invincible sense of inner power that starts to make our inner most at-one-ment attuned being. Wherein we can now in well beyond ‘thought’. For as long as we thus keep remaining present enough to keep experiencing our most awake selves now able to remain in our now whole field ongoing embedded and thus empowering flow. one brick at a time so to speak. When compared to our not being in our most here and now embedded . We in this way carry ourselves into the very sort of clear awareness space.much larger sense of self. Both within us as well as all around us .moment by moment effortlessly now ever more guided.we-will in this way actually get to experience our very own much greater sense of ourselves being more and more brilliantly . one step.far beyond ordinary . of actually much more here and now present pure oceanic energy level attuned awareness. Actually experience ourselves evermore being whole being integrated inspired . most ongoing improvisationally in the moment.whatever information we may be attractively manifesting – in this very moment right under our very noses.) In other words by way of our thus uncovering or unveiling our truest most whole and complete sense of well beyond ordinary most infinitely empowered huge totally dialed in & yeah now actually hooked up . In such a way as to now help enable us to keep on inspirationally using whatever we may find actually is present for us in each unfolding moment.in fact quite extra ordinary. Based from within a kind of now truly . 15.) Such that every moment we do find ways to actually now help bring ourselves into being more fully within this here and now present state.yellow brick road unique pathway. 17.big field of here and now embedded awareness. more and more effectively able to keep on most ongoing insightfully taking in . Toward helping ourselves to now one step at a time actually be more in our flow zone present attuned empowered enough. Yes . Truly-Be-Now totally in our flow zone attuned enough . To in this way both individually as well as collectively. The more and more our here and now ongoing stream of inspirational whole field attuned guidance will begin to gel so inside of us. the more we learn to follow our very own – right in front of our singular most I’s – most oneder-ful wizard within oriented .

pure energy source field .that via this process itself seems to underlie the organization of any level of pure energy . even though only in relation to the knowledge base of our time. non-local wholly communion with the underlying pure energy of the mysterious quantum field .both out of as well as within this singular most mysterious.a. The more and more we are going to start to experience ourselves as actually in this way enabled .being enabled to manifest into any particular form in the first place . 18.itself . We may thus from within our particular unique individual vantage point places of thus overseeing ourselves.itself. way more clearly than usual. positively one-drously magnificent. whole field super light attuned empowerment . still nevertheless perfectly big picture attuned way. and thus most consciously present state of here and now being-ness. Whatever we may choose to thus use our huge field of beyond self connected pure energies – to most want to intend into form.) To penetrate right into the incredibly empowering source layer of informational encoding intelligence .) To actually be in a state of non-separate. Wherefrom our most non-local singularity connected inner most ‘I’.within us. To thus best help ourselves keep on re-entering our most effortlessly empowered totally in our flow zone way of being. 19.) As well as at the same time to be way more sensitive to the underlying hum harmonic endless love song. With the whole point of growing fully up this very kind of awareness within ourselves now all being.we are now able to more and more experience our own awareness principle as being a most intimate. With all due respect to which .c. That the more we keep supporting ourselves to trust our most aware overseeing. Seems to manifest . cocreatively empowered non-separate part of. From within a vantage point that is ever more beyond our normal body boundaries – somehow now able to watch ourselves act out the most positive possible vision of our lives. well beyond normal.b. ever more forward toward our actually being enabled to most whole-sumly manifest into form . Actually is inasmuch it does seem to be most incredibly designed/evolved to actually help us via our now non-separate connection. truly glorious. fully connected up . Much as if we are viewing ourselves unfolding ourselves from within some fabulous great directed movie of ourselves now being filmed. that seems without beginning or end to support any given thing being enabled to manifest into form – out of the quantum field itself .) Such that precisely by way of this very way. That the more we choose to grow this huge sense of effortless. That positively everything that does manifest into any kind of form here at all.whatever particular surprise filled even beyond our intentions desired result. The more we are going to much more fully understand just how huge the power of our greater most expansive. Is now going to be able to somehow observe our unique individual positively great life oriented journey.transcendentally inspired. To be fully enabled to co-creatively manifest into form. we more and more start to help ourselves finally actually fully get it. In such a profound way as to best keep ourselves going on.whole field of pure awareness. Within more and more moments of our existentially embedded principle of our purest clearest possible awareness. and on. Most heart-fully keep choosing to keep bringing into form. extra-ordinary overseeing witnessing place.) Always now within a context of such an incredibly whole being guided.

. thank you Most Mysterious . We will now more and more actually find ourselves wanting to help ourselves become aware. For helping me based on my own gift of ‘Quantum Hum Love Harmonic’ attunement – actually be thus enabled to so .g.e. toward knowing just exactly how to surrender.Great Underlying Unified – Quantum Level Source of all effortless empowerment. that the more we encourage all of the above listed qualities to start to happen every ongoing flowing moment of pure energy attunement within us. far more transcendentally to infinity and beyond.) Based on our now ever growing way more up under-standing.) In the direction of our own unique human most possibility to participate in the continuous ever changing evolution of manifest form f. In the huge sense that instead of just letting this effortlessly empowered truly inspirational vortex of much more transcendentally attuned empowerment.as an effortlessly empowered vortex of light . Then the more we are going to find ourselves wanting to put our most brilliant.all the time. at the very forefront of just who we will most want to encourage within us .to our max. such as can be differentiated by us – to emerge in the most positively mind blowing ways – right out of this singular most unified quantum level field .to actually put what amounts to the whole of our own most pure quantum love hum attuned. Into now being able to allow our pure awareness of pure quantum hum love empowered attunement. By way of our always agreeing to develop our greater connected ability to constantly expand up into that which is beyond ourselves . that the underlying vibration of the quantum field itself can be experienced within us as Love .possible potential mix i. Rather than keep ourselves so much always ‘thinking’ that we must become the doers based on our fears alone. and thus most full on possible energetically empowered beings – totally into whatever we ourselves may thus henceforth in any given moment – with all our might most choose to manifest forth into this huge to infinity and beyond – positively biggest picture of all . beyond normal whole person integrated. totally big heart hum resonant connected. happen to us only every once in a while. To now keep coming through us in a so much more transcendentally connected doing of non doing way.) Which in turn is exactly what becomes the very best means we have to help inspire ourselves to manifest whatever we may so choose in way more holistic harmony with this underlying quantum hum vibration .d. Wherein we thus tend to be most lost to our most compulsive ‘fight or flight driven’ separation anxieties – themselves! Fortunately the reality of our much greater potential is.to thus most help be able to manifest all of our very best intended dreams. Until like never before. as if by accident.) In such a way as to now most truly best enable ourselves .at ever more micro to macro all the way back to micro levels.h.) Inasmuch as the more we agree to keep supporting ourselves. Of our beyond self connected most whole sense of self .out of which all the various forms we can come to know. we are going to find ourselves more and more continuously motivated to say. Way more effortlessly empowered doing of non-doing doer.) To in this way thus help ourselves become way more in touch with our own CoCreative capability to in a similar way best organize our own intentions in such a way as to actually help us bring whatever we may thereby most choose to manifest into actual form .

Without us becoming willing to jump totally into our most transcendentally aware stream of pure ‘Quantum Hum Attuned’.! K'))*F! %.! -)'/!&@$8!)'8&!)*P*)!.) Which ultimately is what is going to start to bring more and more of us into the very sort of whole-sum heart hum attuned place of being.#1')R! 1.88$()*!A$>!"$K&4#*! '&&4%*F! '9'#*%*88R! '))! /.4&V!2*)-$%>!/.=! 48! .P*!.%F! 1*#*! %4&! 8@*))R! $8! 9@'&! .4#!U4'%&41!3.%*V!Q.#F8R!. beyond all fear. 21.P*#! &@'&! 1.%%*K&*F! &. ! • 0@$8! &@*%! $%! '! 9'/! (*/.9%!8*)=!&.8&! 4%)$1$&*F! *1-. Such that this constant ability to now continuously access this far more flowing heart hum attuned.%!&. Wherein we will now in this way actually find our greatest possible sense of being much more in touch with our own CoCreative capability.4#! 1.4&!. Back unto this huge without beginning or end most glorious super light ocean of at-one-ment – from whence we all come into being here in the first place.1! &@*! 1.$%>!$%!/.!=4))M.!48!*.P*!$%&.4! 1'/! (*! K@.8&!'))!'(.!&@*!)$P$%>!.=!=4)=$))1*%&V!N%!.8$&$P*)/!*P*#/&@$%>!9*!1'/!*P*#! K@.4#!>#*'&*8&!Y.%*V!J=! -4#*!9@.4#!).&$P'&$%>!=.8&! %'&4#'))/! *==.=!'!&. To thus best help ourselves keep on manifesting whatever we may keep most inspirationally choosing to bring into form.%8&'%&!'($)$&/! &. most beyond self connected. To keep on progressing ever onward toward a totally joyful.=!)$=*R!&#4*!@'--$%*88!=$))*F!)$=*! '))! &@*! &$1*V! C$1-)/! (*K'48*! =**)$%>! &@$8! *1-.%!*%'()*F!=).4#!-#$1'#/!1.4#8*)P*8V! N%! 84K@! '! 9'/! &@'&! 9*! F$8K. way more whole being manifest enabled way of being in itself.4#!P*#/!.4#! >#*'&*8&!8*%8*8!..P*!. Most wanting from within our now in actual most whole sum communion truth – to in this way of course most choose to bring forth into form next . final departure melting.V! N8! $%! $&M8*)=! *. Insofar as we will just keep supporting ourselves to as pilgrims on our path.4#! )$P*8V!A*K.! 'KK*88! /. Whatever we may find our ever growing more way beyond so called normal – most truly connected to that which beyond – transcendental most sense of most attuned possible being-nesses.4#!=).1*8!&.!9@'&*P*#!9*!1'/!1.1! 9$&@$%! &@*! *.%!9@'&8.8&! (*/.'K&)/! =#.%F! 8.#K*V!I.! F.in relation to our endlessly open infinite possibilities.=! =4))/! ).P$%>! 9@'&*P*#! /.*P*#!9*! 1'/! *%F! 4-! 1'%$=*8&$%>! (/! $&8*)=V! ?@$K@! $%! &4#%! 9*! '#*! 1.P$%>)/! K. Within the context of all that I hold most dear! 20.#*!1.=!.9*#*F! 9$&@$%! '! -)'K*! .8&!9'%&!'%F!F*8$#*!. truly now magnificent effortless flow zone becomes so easy for us to swim comfortably along with.4#! &$1*V! C.! &@'&! 9@$K@! $8! (*/. Begins to become a totally integral.%!4-!9$&@$%!.)*!/.4#!*P*#!.=! 48! '))! )*'#%$%>! &.effectively bring forth whatever I have just been blessed to manifest into form here.=!'K&4'))/!-4&&$%>!&@$8!).&'))/!).) And so on & on it goes.8$%>! &.#&)*88)/!(#$))$'%&R!P*#/!(*8&!1'%$=*8&'&$.%>.4&V!N8!.! 8'/! $8! ..!-./!K.9*#*FR! '%F! &@*#*=.4#!'($)$&/!&.9!.%F! .#&)*88!9@.. it is quite simply impossible to flow within the river of our great gift of most blessed awareness.8*!&. In ways that are going to like never before best facilitate our ability to keep us evolving.9!T.=!)$=*!8.)*!=$*)F!*1(*FF*FR!'%F!&@48!1.-*#$*%K*!. moment by moment part of who we now really in our greatest truth – actually experience ourselves to be.#*! &@'%! '%/&@$%>! 9@'&! )$=*! $8! '))! '(.4! 1'/! ().! &@'&! /.4R! /*8!/. With our whole point being here.%! .!>#.1*8!.-*#$*%K*! .4!M!$%&.&!8$1-)/!('8*F!.!1'%$=*8&V!N%!#*)'&$.4#8*)P*8V!C4K@!&@'&! &@*!*.'K&)/! 9@'&! >$P*8! '%/! .8&!>#*'&!)$=*!$%P*%&$P*!-.8&!*==.4!>'1*!9$&@$%R!$8!1.4#! P$8$.9!T.!=$%F!/.&@*#!9.=!.=! (*$%>! ).8&! -)*'8*F! &.

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•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• ?@$K@!$8!&.! /.#*! @.#*!4%$=$*F!14)&$MF$1*%8$.#!48!'))!&.4#8*)P*8!&.

$%>! (48$%*88R! .!14K@!).=! >#.$8&*%K*V!0@'&!/*8!9*!K'%!'K&4'))/!4%K.4#! &#'%8K*%F*%&')! -.#*! '%F! 1.&@*#8R!$%F**F!'))!8.!9$))!*8K'-*!&@$8! &#'%8=.&'))/!&#'%8=.%V! N%! &@*! 14K@! >#*'&*#! 8*%8*R! &@'&! 9*! 9$))! %.%$K!).4#8*)P*8!=.4#! )$P*8! 1.8$&$P*)/! *P*#/&@$%>! 9*! 1/! *P*#! K@.1! 9$&@$%! '! -)'K*! .=! >.#*! @'P*! (**%! K'))$%>! 6.#*! @'P*! $%! .#*!(*$%>!1.4%FV! 0@'&! &@$8!%*9!*'#&@!'9'#*%*88!&@'&!*P*#!1.4#8*)P*8V! 0@$8! #*')$T'&$.! (*$%>! @*#*! =#.! 1'S*R! .%8*M'($)$&/!&.9! =$%F! .4#8*)P*8! 1'/! %.4#! 9'/8! .4#!1.!4%&.48!S$%F8!.9!&.#&@!=#.! 'K&4'))/! K.=!-)'/$%>!&@*!P'#$.P*#%$%>! .#*! .=! '%/&@$%>! *)8*! =.$%>! K#*'&$P*! =.8*! &.%')! 1.#*! '%F! 1.=! 84K@! K.=!48!'#*!F*P*).! S**-! 1'S$%>! .P*!&.4#K*! .&! '9'S*! 8*)P*8! &.!'))!.)*! (*$%>! '&&4%*F! -.4#8*)P*8V!0@*!@4>*!$%=$%$&*)/!@'#1.=! 48! 84--.! =$%F! 9'/8! 9$&@$%! .=! -4#*! *%*#>/! ('8*F! $%&*))$>*%K*! 9@$K@! .!.=! 9@'&! 9*! @*#*&.1!48!&'S$%>!=4))!#*8-.=.!%.FR! .#F$%'#/!4%)$1$&*F!9'/!.8*!&.MK#*'&$P*)/!(#$%>!..! =4))/! $%&*#%')$T*! &@$8! #*')$T'&$.=!-'8&$1*! >'1*8!9*!8.4#! 9'/8! .-*#$*%K$%>! 9$&@$%! *P*#/&@$%>! &@'&! *.#! *.$%>!&.!&@$8!@4>*!=$*)F! ..M&@$%>!9*!K@.!=4))/! 1$##.4#! 9'/8! .#! &@'&! 1'&&*#V! ?@$K@! 9*! &@*#*=.! -#.=! >*%*#'&$%>! &@*! *%*#>/! 9*! #*[4$#*! &.4#8*)P*8! $%&.P$%>R!K.4#8*)P*8!@'P*!'K&4'))/!(**%!F*8$>%*F!W!*P.MK#*'&$P*! K'-'($)$&/! &.!S**-!.)*! .#1'&$.8&!9@.8*! &.1*! 1*#*! '(8&#'K&*F!8**1$%>)/!')9'/8!(*/.#&@!$%&.4#! *F4K'&$.%V! C4K@! 1.4#8*)P*8! $%&.1=.=! F.4#8*)P*8! *P*#! 1.! 1'%$=*8&! @*#*V! N%! 84K@! '! 9'/! &@'&! $%8.!K'))*F!&@$%>8V!E8!$=!9*!'#*! F.!48*!.=! (4$)F$%>R! .!&@$8!9'/!(*/.#*! K.! *P*#/&@$%>! 9*! .#*!)*$84#*)/!9'/8!.%>.FV! N%&.%/! 9$&@! &@'&! 4%F*#)/$%>! 8.='#! '8! 1.#1! .!-)'/V!".%! 9$&@$%! .8*!&.4#8*)P*8R! .!'8!6.-$%>!9$&@!#*8-*K&!&.)P*F!$%&.%! $8! 8.#!=.4#! 9'/8! .!=.#$>$%'&*8!*P*#/&@$%>!$%&.=.8$&$P*)/!%.#1! *P*#/!9'/!9*!K@..#K*R! .MK#*'&$P*)/! F$')! 4-! &@*! 9@.4#8*)P*8!9'/!M!1*#*)/!'>#**!&.!&.9! K@.%F!.%F!.! &@*! 1'%$=*8&! *88*%K*! ..#&! .#*! '&&4%*F! '9'#*%*88! 9$))! =.MK#*'&$P*)/! '&&4%*F! @'#1.=! .! 'K&4'))/! #*=)*K&! &@*! $%=$%$&*)/! (#$))$'%&! $%&*))$>*%K*! 9*! S**-! *.&$P'&*F!&.#*!.! S**-! 1'%$=*8&$%>! .=!(*$%>V!!N8!>...4#! 9'/8! .1-)*&*)/! &#'%8=.$%>! 4%&.1!9$&@$%!.4#8*)P*8V! 0.=! 1'%$=*8&'&$.F!N&8*)=V!! ! ! .88$($)$&/! &.'1-)*! K.4#! 9'/8! .!F.9!K.!F.P*#!@.#1!@*#*V!?$&@! '! K.#*!)$S*!9*!.88$($)$&/! &.$8&8! '))! '#.F*)8R! .!*.4%F! 48V! <4K@! #'&@*#! $&! $8! 1.4#! -'8&! ! M! (**%! #*=*##$%>!&.=! 9@'&! 9*! @*#*=.%8&'%&)/! .4#! $%%*#! 1.(*/$%>V! U4$&*!'8$F*!=#.!)*'#%!&.#&'()*R!*P*%!.#!.9%!1.9$%>! =.=! 1'%4='K&4#$%>! -.#*! 148&! ')9'/8! $%! 8.