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Solution Brief Nortel Multimedia Communications Solutions

Is your network providing you with a strategic advantage over your competition? Effective business communications make a critical difference to everyone. But does your network have what it takes to make the most of that difference? Rising above the fray in todays market means your communications infrastructure must allow your business to operate as simply and smoothly as possible, to be faster at making and implementing strategic decisions, to be intuitively in-step with customer needs and expectations, and to be more operationally efficient and cost-effective than the competition. In other words, you must be able to derive substantial value from every aspect of your communications network from end to end. Not just in terms of cost, but in terms of security, reliability, availability, deployment and operational simplicity, and the ability to innovatively keep your business at the forefront of the next communications breakthrough. The value of a converged network has evolved beyond delivering network connectivity and cost-reducing consolidations to a more strategic role that simplifies business processes, drives innovation and enables new opportunities for revenue generation. Today, strategic enterprises are undergoing a business transformation. This transformation requires multimedia communications solutions that not only help employees do their jobs more productively, but more competitively. Real-time collaboration and on-demand access to web-based multimedia tools from any device and any location are now necessary tools of the trade. It is no longer enough to simply engage customers quickly and in the way they expect. Multimedia communication solutions must allow your enterprise to anticipate customer needs, exceed their expectations and extend your reach to new customers in new markets by providing a premier experience that is consistent, seamless and instinctively aligned with customer needs. Nortel Multimedia Communications Solutions are fueling this business transformation with an end-to-end portfolio of IP Infrastructure Solutions tailored for the campus or the branch office and with Multimedia Applications designed for improving competitive customer engagement and enhancing worker productivity. These solutions allow your enterprise to respond faster to changing business needs, to be more adaptive and more capable of handling new user requirements as they emerge, and to simplify business communications for a competitive advantage.

BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE with real-time collaboration

Nortel understands that despite the growing complexity of user requirements, business communications should remain as simple and intuitive as a real-time exchange. As organizations become more collaborative, mobile and reliant on realtime, anytime, anywhere communications, leveraging a solid, secure IP network becomes more imperative to business success than ever. As a leader in voice and data communications, only Nortel has the portfolio breadth and technical expertise for developing innovative technologies such as Split Multi-Link Trunking in-house and incorporating open industry standards such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to coherently address every requirement of a multimedia IP network. Nortel converged networks offer high-speed performance and Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms that enable fast, efficient traffic classification, policy enforcement and filtering to support the stringent requirements of the most time-sensitive applications including voice and video. Nortel is driving the delivery of cutting-edge, SIP-enabled multimedia applications that can simplify connectivity across communication platforms and between clients while streamlining access to capabilities such as secure IM, presence and web collaboration.

Figure 1. Nortels Multimedia Communications vision Enabling the realtime collaborative enterprise
PC PDA Desk phone Unified Communications real time Unified Messaging non real time


Any device

Any application anytime

Business Applications Integration

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At your desk Branch office At home Head office On the road In the air

optimization, security and investment protection necessary to deliver innovative multimedia applications to todays real-time collaborative enterprise campus. How is it done? With a full-featured, IP-based communications system at the heart of your network, such as Nortels Communication Server 1000 a highly scalable, fully-redundant IP PBX that offers SIP interoperability for simplified application deployment and integrated communications. Nortels Ethernet Routing Switches provide high-performance Layer 1-3 connectivity for missioncritical applications and multimedia traffic over wired or wireless campus networks. The switches are fault tolerant with sub-second failover and offer no single point of failure to ensure business continuity. Nortel VPN Routers are architected to deliver the security required by converged IP networks with the scalability to address a complete range of high-performance IP services including IP routing, IPSec and SSL-based Virtual Private Networking, stateful firewall, encryption, authentication and bandwidth management services all in a highly-integrated platform. To deliver service ubiquity and meet the diverse user requirements across your enterprise, Nortel offers an extensive client portfolio including next-generation IP phones, software phones, mobile clients, 802.11

WLAN VoIP phones, as well as digital and analog phones. Every element of your converged network can be streamlined and easily managed with Nortels comprehensive suite of network management and administration tools for the installation, maintenance and evolution of your multimedia IP infrastructure. Together, Nortel and Nortel partners provide a range of tools and services to ensure your deployments are simplified and successful. Realizing the benefits of a converged campus network doesnt mean you have to start from scratch to build a solid infrastructure capable of supporting real-time business communications. With Nortels end-to-end portfolio of standards-based IP Telephony products, you can leverage your existing investments in standards-compliant equipment while resting assured that Nortel has the portfolio breadth and expertise to take your network to the next level of multimedia convergence in any area required. You can implement what you need today, and easily add functionality and capacity as your requirements evolve to best optimize your investments.

Multimedia IP infrastructure
Whether your enterprise has a centralized environment, distributed branch offices or a workforce made up of telecommuters, road warriors or mobile campus workers, the need for collaborative real-time, anytime-anywhere business communications remains consistent. Converged Campus solution A converged IP infrastructure simplifies the complexity of managing multiple separate networks, lowers the total cost of ownership, ensures business continuity and increases the agility to roll out new technologies and applications that could make a key difference in your competitive position. The Nortel Campus solution brings the availability, performance

Converged Branch solution Nearly 87 percent of todays workforce is no longer bound by the confines of a traditional corporate main office.1 With an increasingly distributed workforce, todays organizations require flexible, reliable, secure communication alternatives that span enterprise operations no matter where they are. Reducing the complexity and expense of delivering the same communication resources to every branch office or remote employee is the ultimate challenge of a distributed enterprise. Regardless of location, your workforce must have the same instant, reliable access to every business telephony feature, multimedia application, information or contact required to drive business success. Nortel offers converged branch office solutions that can be tailored for the demands of your business. Whether you have stand-alone branch locations or networked remote sites large or small, Nortel has a solution fit that will match your needs. Nortels Business Communications Manager 50, for instance, is an affordable all-in-one converged multimedia communications system ideal for small to medium-sized offices. With an easy-to-use, highly flexible architecture, BCM 50 enables small sites to benefit from convergence capabilities such as unified voice messaging, IP networking, Internet access, contact centers with skills-based routing and IP Telephony capabilities that were once only available to much larger corporate offices. The ability to securely access business information and resources in a timely manner is as important to enterprise branch offices as to corporate headquarters. Nortels comprehensive data networking and security portfolio enables enterprise customers to cost-effectively deploy real-time applications across a secure, robust LAN/WAN infrastructure.

Figure 2. Converged Branch Office solution Medium branch

460 PWR VPN Client and MCS Client SMC 2450 BCM MCS 5100 Secure Router
Remote Access VPN Site-tosite IPSec VPN IP clients PC

Mobile worker

Headquarters or regional hub

CS 1000/ CS 2100

Wireless IP

Small branch
460 PWR

IP/MPLS network


ERS 8600
10/100/1000 POE

ERS 5500


Secure Router

Secure Router VPN Router
Standard LAN Power over Ethernet

Nortels Secure Router portfolio is ideal for enterprise branch office environments. Optimized to deliver the lowlatency, high packet throughput required by IP Telephony and multimedia applications, Nortel Secure Routers include an extensive suite of advanced security features that protect against unauthorized access and network disruption, while ensuring the privacy and integrity of transmitted data across your distributed enterprise environment, including Virtual Private Networking (VPN), stateful packet inspection firewall, encryption, authentication, access controls, network address translation (NAT) and virtual local area network (VLAN) tagging and forwarding protection.

Nortel Secure Routers

Secure Router 1001 Secure Router 1002

Multimedia applications
Often touted as a key benefit of converged networks, multimedia applications can deliver on the value of more competitive customer interactions and a more productive workforce. But only to the extent these applications can be

Secure Router 1004

Secure Router 3120

Nemertes Research, 2005 3

easily integrated, easily managed and easily incorporated into the everyday business processes of your enterprise. Nortel Multimedia Applications deliver! Converged applications for competitive customer engagement Nortel Multimedia Applications can help you engage new and existing customers with a quality experience that surpasses your rivals with the Nortel Application Center. The Nortel Application Center is a comprehensive, open application suite that transforms business communications by seamlessly integrating customer contact, self-service, unified messaging and multimedia collaboration onto one cohesive platform. You can leverage one or any combination of applications in an open environment to offer the optimum customer experience. The Nortel Application Center simplifies your ability to competitively engage your customers by providing: Media adaptive communications that ensure instantaneous connectivity and collaboration using any device over a choice of media phone, e-mail, video, instant messaging Collaboration tools like meet-me or video conferencing, whiteboards or unified messaging that create a secure virtual environment for dynamic interaction and information exchange Expert customer matching that ensures customers are connected with the best assistance the first time with context-based services Business integration of systems and applications like CRM to cohesively provide company-wide customer and employee services using standardsbased connectors and web capabilities

Multimedia Communications Solutions architecture

Communication Services Engaged Applications Adaptive Clients Scalable, reliable, feature-rich business telephony Communication Server 1000/2100; Business Communications Manager; Survivable Remote Gateway Anticipatory, media-adaptive real-time communications Nortel Application Center; Multimedia Communication Server 5100; Converged Office; Unified Messaging Diverse choice of communication devices IP Phone 1100 series or 2000 series; digital, analog and wireless phones; Mobile Voice Client 2050 or 2050 Softphone; Multimedia PC or Web Client Flexible mobility for enabling a virtual office anywhere Wireless LAN 2300; Voice over Wireless LAN; Wireless Mesh Highly reliable, intelligent networking and desktop connectivity Ethernet Routing Switches, Power over Ethernet Switches Layered defense approach to secure multimedia communications Secure Network Access Switch; Secure Multimedia Controller, VPN Gateways, VPN Routers, Secure Routers Comprehensive network management tools Enterprise Network Management System; Enterprise Subscriber Manager, Proactive Voice Quality Manager End-to-end life cycle services for converged network transformation Plan and design; installation and integration, maintenance and support; operations and monitoring

Mobility Data Networking Security


Professional Services

Management and administration in an integrated, easy-to-use tool to develop applications to provision and manage your complete solution Nortels Expert Anywhere Contact solution leverages multimedia applications and communication tools within the Nortel Application Center that are designed to enable a higher level of realtime collaboration and seamless interaction. The Expert Anywhere solution streamlines interaction between contact center agents and an extended team of experts that could be virtually anywhere or anyone in any functional area of the enterprise. Expert Anywhere brings together powerful SIP-based capabilities

that provide agents with the resources they need to deliver first call resolution regardless of media type, location or device. The results? Premiere customer service, more productive contact centers and supremely loyal customers. Expert Anywhere Contact solution includes: Contact Center 6.0 Multimedia Communication Server 5100 Secure Multimedia Controller 2450 VPN Gateway Adaptive Clients

Nortel Application Center includes:

Contact Center 6.0 Self Service Solutions Speech Recognition Unified Messaging Collaboration Video Services

Agents can conference in experts or collaborate in real time to deliver customers a first contact advantage.

Converged applications for employee productivity Nortels Multimedia Applications can create a real-time collaborative environment for your employees that fuels innovation. Instant access to voice, video and multimedia applications anywhere on any device dramatically shortens the time employees need to reach critical business decisions or resolutions. Connected knowledge worker Remaining highly productive means more than just getting the job done quickly it means getting the job done right and better than your competitors. Nortels converged multimedia applications put your employees in touch with the communication tools and resources they need when and how they need them. With so many choices for connecting with clients and colleagues, todays knowledge worker can easily become bombarded by business communications. Applications such as Nortels CallPilot and Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100 simplify the complex demands of anytime-anywhere communications. CallPilot offers users a unified messaging tool that helps streamline and manage voice mail, e-mail and fax communications into a single user interface. MCS 5100 provides an integrated suite of SIP-based multimedia applications that help users intelligently manage and control how they engage and collaborate with others. Capabilities such as multipoint video and multimedia meet-me conferencing provide users controls that enhance virtual meet-

ings by saving time, increasing efficiency and providing significant return on investment. Instant messaging chat, screening and routing capabilities enable business agility by allowing multiple parties to engage in real-time messaging sessions according to their own presence or availability status. And web collaboration facilitates real-time information exchange and rapid decision making, allowing more time for creating competitive differentiation. The ability to converge multiple communication channels and support new services that complement and enhance existing business practices is key to improving productivity across your enterprise. Nortel has teamed with industry leaders to deliver best-in-class business applications that help organize multimedia communications into one convenient, integrated user experience. Office workers that benefit from timesaving applications such as instant messaging and user presence within Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook will benefit even more from the Nortel Converged Office solution a SIP-based solution that integrates Nortel business-grade telephony with Microsoft desktop collaboration and communication systems in an open, standards-based environment. Nortels comprehensive portfolio of IP phones and soft clients enables an advanced level of communication and information exchange. Your workforce will have a choice of desktop phones with high-resolution graphical displays, IP clients that can be accessed from a

laptop or PC or mobility clients all with secure, reliable access to businesscritical telephony features and innovative multimedia applications including those leveraged from third-party prepackaged solutions for the delivery of capabilities such as visual voice mail or business dashboards. Mobile worker With Nortels suite of converged multimedia applications, workers on the move are no less connected or productive than their colleagues in the office. Nortel provides end-to-end, secure mobile access technologies capable of supporting Nortels full suite of collaborative multimedia applications and services including Wireless Mesh, WiMAX, WLAN and VoWLAN. Nortels mobility solutions solve the business challenge of anywhere, anytime accessibility by providing users with a consistent, reliable, secure mobile experience regardless of how they are communicating, what device they are using or where they are located. Mobile workers can experience the same communications quality as their office-based peers no matter where they roam. With capabilities such as Nortels Proactive Voice Quality Management tool to provide real-time system health checks, notification, troubleshooting and problem resolution without disrupting calls in progress, mobile workers are able to take productivity, collaboration and first call customer satisfaction to the next level.

Business communications is an obvious necessity for every enterprise. How you leverage the benefits of multimedia communications to address todays business realities, however, could mean the difference between you and your competition. With the increasingly distributed and mobile nature of todays workforce, and the growing sophistication of customer expectations, the challenge for todays enterprise is how to deliver secure, reliable on-demand access to contacts and information regardless of media, location or device without the complexity or exorbitant cost.

This fast-growing hospital is leveraging wireless LAN as well as wired and wireless VoIP to give clinicians real-time access to critical information and colleagues throughout the hospital. It isnt practical to expect our people to be able to provide the meaningful and comprehensive level of service our clients expect if they are only able to work at their desks. Using the mobility solutions from Nortel, our clients will be able to reach our people when needed, regardless of where they might be and what other activities in which they may be engaged.
Christopher T. Ferski Director Information Technology Goldsmith Agio Helms

If you need to lower business costs, drive innovation and contribute to your companys competitive advantage, partner with Nortel. Nortels Multimedia Communications Solutions bring together the benefits of a converged network infrastructure for campus or branch office environments and the latest technologies to support nextgeneration multimedia applications that

can help transform your business into a real-time collaborative enterprise. With a deep heritage in global, carrier-grade voice networks, world-class data solutions, award-winning multimedia applications, as well as global leadership in creating secure, reliable business-grade IP networks, Nortel has what it takes to make business communications simple.

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Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and secure and protect the worlds most critical information. Serving both service provider and enterprise customers, Nortel delivers innovative technology solutions encompassing end-to-end broadband, Voice over IP, multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband designed to help people solve the worlds greatest challenges. Nortel does business in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit Nortel on the Web at For more information, contact your Nortel representative, or call 1-800-4 NORTEL or 1-800-466-7835 from anywhere in North America. Nortel, the Nortel logo, the Globemark and CallPilot are trademarks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their owners. Copyright 2006 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Nortel assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document.
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