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CHAPTER 1 : a CORROSION... Electrical Circuit The Chemical Reaction. CHAPTER 2..... . SURFACE PREPARATION METHODS & STANDARDS Dry abrasive blast cleaning. Abrasives. nn Sizing of abrasives Shot blasted profile. Profile measurement Assessing a profile to BS 7079 Pt C ISO 8503.1 Use of the comparators Using the comparators Preparation of steel substrate before application of paints and related product Abrasive Blasting Grade: Equipment. Considerations .. Air Blastin; Water Blasting .. High pressure water blasting up to 30 000 psi (water jetting). High pressure water plus abrasive injection Low pressure water plus abrasive injection Steam Cleaning Air blasting with water injectio Hand and power tool cleaning. 7079 Pt A, ISO 8501, SS 05 59 00 Flame cleaning. Method. Pickling. Vapour degreasing Test for soluble iron salt Test to detect soluble chlorides.. Other tests for salts... Test to detect the presence of millscale Test to detect the presence of dust on a substrate... Test to detect the presence of moisture on a substrat Test to detect the presence of oil or grease. CHAPTER 4 Metallic Pigments Opaque pigments .. Extender pigments Laminar pigments Solutions Dispersions. A suspension . ‘An emulsioi CHAPTER 6... : = DRYING AND CURING OF PAINT FILMS CHAPTER 7 PAINT SYSTEMS. Primer. iid-coat: Finishing coats . Moisture tolerant systems Powder coating materials Thermosettin, Sacrificial coatings... CHAPTER 8. WATER BORNE COATING: CHAPTER 9. PAINT MANUFACTURE Direct charge dispersing mills CHAPTER 10.. TESTING OF PAINTS FOR PROPERTIES AND PERFORMANCE. Tests done on paint . Determination of volatile, non volatile Flash point determination .. Paint density. Relative density or specific gravit Hegman grind gauge... Viscosity Kinematic viscosity. Flow viscometers (Flow cups). CHAPTER 11 —— FILM THICKNESSES Wet film thickness measurement. Tests done on dry paint films. Dry film thickness Test panels Calculations . Destructive test gauges... Non destructive test gauges Tests for mechanical properties on paint films. Abrasion resistance... Hardness, Flexibility BS 3900 E1 Impact resistance.. Mechanical thumb test Pencil scratch test (Wolff-Wilborn).. Mechanical scratch test Gold leaf test: Thumbnail test Opacity. Hiding power charts and micrometer adjustable film applicator. Cross cut (cross haté Dolly test. Hydraulic adhesion test equipment CHAPTER 12... SPECIFIED COATING CONDITIONS . Relative Humidity. Dew Point The Whirling Hygrometer, Aspirated Byprometer or Psychrometer . Steel temperature measurement CHAPTER 13. CATHODIC PROTECTION Sacrificial anode systems. Impressed current system. Interference .. Monitoring CP Cathodic disbondment CHAPTER 14.. HOLIDAY/PINHOLE DETECTIO! Voltage setting CHAPTER 15. PAINT APPLICATION. Brush application Roller application. Spray application Conventional spray Airless spray.