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Proposal for Legal Services

AUJ LAWYERS 2009 Authored by: Assad Ullah Jaral

Proposal for Legal Services

AUJ LAWYERS is a full service law firm, providing cutting edge legal services and solutions to local, national and international clients. The set of legal services include Enterprise Level Servicesespecially tailored for large organizations having operation span in multiple cities, SME Services-for small and medium entrepreneurs, and personalized solutions-for individual and start up businesses.

AUJ focuses on the specific needs of corporate and individual clients and work dedicatedly to provide them with best legal solutions. The legal services of AUJ are also blended with best management practices for making working with AUJ a best service experience. The legal services are currently available in the following areas of practice:

a. Agreements and Contracts b. Acquisition and Mergers c. Arbitration d. Banking e. Business Taxation Laws f. Commercial Property/Real Estate

g. Consumer Protection h. Construction and Engineering

Proposal for Legal Services | 2009

i. j.

Corporate Finance Corporate Crime

k. Corporate Advice l. Dispute Resolution m. Employment and Industrial Relations n. Environment o. Family Laws p. Food Laws q. Government Relations and Regulatory work



s. Information Technology t. International Trade

u. Intellectual Property o o o o Trade Mark; Copyrights; Patents; and Designs

v. Labour Laws w. Litigation x. Media and Broadcasting y. Telecommunication

The legal services of AUJ are generally available under two heads:

a) Legal Services for non-contentious matters: These are matters, in which no litigation/court case is involved and usually includes drafting and vetting of agreements/contracts, transactional work, legal opinions, regulatory advices, and uncontroversial registration of intellectual property rights i.e. trademarks and copyrights etc. All matters excluding court cases and representation before any judicial/quasi judicial authorities and tribunals falls in the general category of non-contentious mattes. We provide legal services for non-contentious matter against mutually agreed fixed monthly retainer/fee. b) Legal Services for contentious matters: These matters involve court cases and presentation before the judicial, quasi judicial authorities/courts and tribunals on behalf of clients. We provide legal services for contentious matter against mutually agreed fee, determined on case to case basis.

Proposal for Legal Services | 2009

AUJ can be accessed for meeting or fee quote by writing an email or a query at the following address:

AUJ LAWYERS Office No. 10, 4th Floor, Al-Latif Center, 88/D-I, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan T: +92 42 35781150-51 F: +92 42 35781152 Moblie: 0321-4497462 E: W:

Proposal for Legal Services | 2009