December 20, 2013

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The ValuEngine Weekly is an Investor Education newsletter focused on the quantitative approach to investing and the tools available from In today's fast-moving and globali ed financial markets! it is easy to get overloaded with information" The winners will adopt an ob#ective! scientific! independent and unemotional approach to investing" If you are not yet a member of ValuEngine's stock analysis service! sign up now for a two-week free trial at www"valuengine"com$

VALUATION WARNING: Our models find that overvaluation is at levels typically seen hen mar!et pull"ac!s occur# Overvalued stoc!s no ma!e up almost $%& of our stoc!s assi'ned a valuation and almost (%& of those e)uities are calculated to "e overvalued "y *+& or more# ALL si,teen sectors are calculated to "e overvalued--.( of them "y dou"le di'its# MARKET OVERVIEW

12IA NA61A7 RU669LL *+++ 6:; (++

Wee! Open
%&'&(") ,*%("-' %%%*"&+ %'''",+

Thurs# /lose
%)%'("*+ ,*&+"%, %%.&",& %+*(")

%.3#%$ 5$#88 .%#$8 5*#.*

& /han'e
*#44& +#34& .#5%& .#$.&

*5#3$& 5(#+*& 5*#(.& *8#%*&

6ummary of V9 6toc! Universe
6toc!s Undervalued 6toc!s Overvalued 6toc!s Undervalued "y *+& 6toc!s Overvalued "y *+& .4#53& $5#4.& 4#*(& (5#4.&

Aerospace Auto-Tires-Truc!s >asic <aterials >usiness 6ervices /omputer and Technolo'y /onstruction /onsumer 1iscretionary /onsumer 6taples ?inance Industrial ;roducts <edical <ulti-6ector /on'lomerates Oils-9ner'y Retail-Wholesale Transportation Utilities

%".*/ *"&'/ *"&'/ *"((/ *"+-/ %"../ *",+/ *".)/ *"&'/ *"(%/ *")'/ *"&&/ *".*/ *"&+/ *")%/ *"&'/

*",,/ -%".&/ -."-./ -*"-,/ -%"-&/ -*"&-/ -*"',/ -%",'/ -*"+(/ -*")-/ -%"+,/ -%"'%/ --".,/ -."%)/ -%"%,/ -%"&%/

,-"),/ &."),/ '"&&/ -'"&)/ ,,"-%/ ,*".'/ ,."%'/ .'"(-/ .'"%'/ ,.",*/ ,*"*(/ %,"'./ .-"%(/ -("()/ -,"(,/ %)"+*/

.)"&,/ overvalued .'"*-/ overvalued *"(./ undervalued .&"&,/ overvalued .'"+-/ overvalued %'"%+/ overvalued .'")./ overvalued .."&+/ overvalued .."*(/ overvalued .,"(+/ overvalued .&"+(/ overvalued -&"&./ overvalued %%".,/ overvalued .-"'(/ overvalued .)"'%/ overvalued %."&./ overvalued

Last .*<Return
,&"()/ ,+"'(/ -.&")-/ -+")&/ -&"*%/ -."--/ ,%".)/ .&"*,/ %&"&(/ -+",%/ -+"*&/ %("()/ %-"')/ -'"&*/ ,&"&)/ %."'./

;=9 Ratio
%'"(% %("+( %(",, .&"). -%"%( .&"% .(".+ .-".% %'"') .-".& .+"&& %(".) .&")) .,"*.%") %("'-

ValuEngine Ne !le""er! #a"e!" Re!ul"!
V9 Ne sletter ?orecast <N6 1ividend 6toc! 6mall /ap 6toc! Vie /urrent <onth Total
.#88 -*#($ -5#+. -+#88

6:; (++
.#4. +#%+ .#($ -+#+4

Last <onth Total
-*#(% -+#5* -5#(5 5#(*

6:; (++
-+#(3 *#8* *#. .#*8

6ince Inception
.+(#88 .*#+* 5%#54 34#45

6:; (++
3%#34 8#.* 5+#%$ (3#$3

Sec"$r Tal%&Re"ail'W($le!ale
Below, we present the latest data on leading Retail/Wholesale Sector stocks from our Institutional software package (VEI . These results were filtered by market price and volume no results below !"/share or less than #$$k shares/day volume.

Top-?ive Retail=Wholesale 6ector 6toc!s--6hort-Term ?orecast Returns

0112E3 TI3E WE4T213T I551V 61178E93 TI3E :;< 0132 =93:E8-79VI7415

<!t ;rice
.-"+( %+".& .."---"., )+".-

,"-. -%)"&. )*"+) ,."'. -."%&

Last .*-< Retn@&A
--"'& --&"., )("(, &)"-& -+")+

Top-?ive Retail=Wholesale 6ector 6toc!s--Lon'-Term ?orecast Returns

0112E3 TI3E WE4T213T I551V 61178E93 TI3E :;< 0132 =93:E8-79VI7415

<!t ;rice
.-"+( %+".& .."---"., )+".-

,"-. -%)"&. )*"+) ,."'. -."%&

Last .*-< Retn@&A
--"'& --&"., )("(, &)"-& -+")+

Top-?ive Retail=Wholesale 6ector 6toc!s--/omposite 6core
/T> TOWR V/ <GA /AA6

0112E3 TI3E T1WE3 I5T: I50 VI4TE15 0132 >9659 I5T: 0: 9 0=I59 9?T1 484

<!t ;rice
.-"+( .*"-& ''"%, ''")& '").

,"-. -%"&( &"(.*".) -.+"(+

Last .*-< Retn@&A
--"'& %&("( &*"+% )%"-' &,"++

Top-?ive Retail=Wholesale 6ector 6toc!s--<ost Overvalued

>E3IT13 I50 59VI4T93 I5T: >1T13093 293T4 61178E93 TI3E 713>95 2317?0T4

<!t ;rice
'")& -(") %+"++ .."-&,"&)

%*'"%. (,",, '%"-( )*"+) ,)"*,

Last .*-< Retn@&A
)'"*''"*. .%*"&)("(, &'".+

Find out what Wall Street Investment and Media Professionals already know, ValuEngine offers sophisticated stock valuation and forecast research as well as a variety of portfolio screening and creation tools If you are reading this you should sign up for ValuEngine!s award"winning To 6i'n Up for a stock valuation and forecast ?R99 TRIALD service ;lease /lic! C9R9 #$ $%&I'()I$#, *+ ,(F.EE ).I(&/

)ree D$ nl$a* +$r Rea*er!
(s a 0onus to our Free Weekly #ewsletter su0scri0ers, we are offering a F.EE ,$W#&$(, of one of our Stock .eports Best Buy operates in a single business segment, selling personal computers and other home office products, consumer electronics, entertainment software, ma%or appliances and related accessories principally through its retail stores. They operate retail stores and commercial Websites under the brand names Best Buy, &edia 'lay, (n )ue, Sam *oody, Suncoast, &agnolia +i ,i and ,uture Shop. They also operate in three segments- Best Buy, &usicland and .nternational. /alu0ngine continues its B12 recommendation on B0ST B12 for 3$#! #3 #4. Based on the information we have gathered and our resulting research, we feel that B0ST B12 has the probability to (1T'0R,(R& average market performance for the ne5t year. The company e5hibits 6TTR6)T./0 &omentum and )ompany Si7e. Read our Detailed Valuation Report on Best Buy, a $25 value, for FREE HERE!

W(a",! -$"
""VE We0 &og 1%&$'2 3onsolidates 3ontent
We have added a blog to the /0 Website. This new section consolidates all of our free content in one easily accessible location. (f special note is the work of our )hief &arket Strategist Richard Suttmeier. Suttmeier, a prolific market analyst and commnetator, writes for forbes,, and many other investor websites. )heck out our new blog page for one stop access to all of his work as well as other bulletins and analysis based on /al10ngine8s award winning stock valuation and forecast services.

3heck out our new 0log page 4E.E ""VE View 3ontinues ,omination of %enchmark
,or 9ovember/:ecember, the stock market suffered from some doldrums and volatility. Thankfully our portfolio still performed as e5pected and posted a gain of !.;3< vs. the S=' ;$$ more modest return of #.3><. We beat the benchmark by 33? bps. The trailing #3 month gain of the /0 /iew is ?>.4@< versus the S=' ;$$ return of 3;.;@<. The return since inception of the /iew is 4A.A!< versus the S='8s gain of ;4.@4<. Ten of our fifteen picks were winners. That is a AA< hit ratio. +owever, we only saw four double digit gainers this month. *reen &ountain )offee has returned to its winning ways and pushed us along with a gain in e5cess of 3$< with ,ortress .nvestments, *enerac, and +ewlett 'ackard also returning #$< or more. The significant losers were .TT 0ducational and Buestcor 'harma. 3eturn 0omparison vs" 4@2 &** Last .* <onths VE View ,'"(+/ 4@2 &** .&"&+/ We still see a positive environment for the economy and the stock market. The only blot on the hori7on causing concern remains as usual the 1S political stand off and the impending budget deal. .t seems that the *(' is eager to avoid another shut down fiasco but only time will tell. The market also dodged a bullet yesterday when outgoing ,ed )hairman Ben Bernanke announced only a modest CtaperD for the B0 program. Backing off "#$ billion out of a total current support level of "@; billion will support stocks into the future. 6nd, Bernanke suggested yet another e5tension of the E.R'. 'ositive reactions to ,ed actions provided yesterday8s nice bump.

With the ValuEngine View #ewsletter you .eceive 5+ 3arefully Selected Stock Picks which .epresent the Most 6p"to",ate 3alculations of our (ward"Winning Stock Valuation and Forecast Models Cere are the results for Novem"er-1ecem"er *+.5: Tic!er
9AB4 9E63 A>9 04TE E4I BI6 6>03 6530 =2< IE2 I<5T 220 <013 42W3 W4T

/ompany Name
93;95494 AE4T 9E6E3I15 2=93>90E?TI09:4 A9501 >9031-973 09E493 4T15E 47 ITT E7?09TI159: B13T3E44 I5VE4T>E5T4 63EE5 >1?5T9I5 01BBE 6E5E390 =1:7I56 =EW:ETT 290;937 I09=5 E5TE323I4E4 I5TE:I<?E5T I50 2I:63I>4 23I7E <?E4T013 2=93>90E?TI09:4 4?521WE3 0132-9 WE4T 2=93> 4V0

9ntry ;rice 3=.8=.5
-%"()&"', .&"(, ,'"*) -( '",( )%",,("++ .,"+) %%."*, %. %&",. )% -*")( ,'"%&

9,it ;rice
--")( ),"(( .' ,(",& --",. +")& ')"%) &,"+' .'"&% %%+", %%".) %)", &&"%+ .+")+ ,+"+)

/han'e &/han'e
.#84 -+#8( .#+4 *#53 -(#($ .#.4 .%#85 %#33 *#4( 4#54 -+#8% +#3$ -(#$* -*#+. .#8. (#(. -.#.% %#+3 (#+$ -.%#5. .(#%3 *5#3$ .+#++ .+#44 (#4$ -4#.8 4#54 -3#(% -4#(( 5#45



5#(* %'+'"+' %+%*")& **#8$ .#*8

&ooking for a monthly portfolio of stock picks which are o07ective and 0ased on cutting"edge academic theory and Wall St practice8 )hen su0scri0e to )he ValuEngine View #ewsletter )he ValuEngine View Portfolio is 0ased on our highly"refined and tested ValuEngine Portfolio Strategies along with our proprietary 9uant"0ased composite scoring system )he ValuEngine View #ewsletter is the product of sophisticated stock valuation and forecast models first developed 0y -ale Professor of Finance :hiwu 3hen

V9 Vie

vs# 6:; (++ Inde, 6ince Launch V9 Vie 6:; (++
%-"--/ .(")+/ *",& *",( -'."*./ '"%+/ %'".+/ *",. *",& -&%"-&/

Ann Return Ann Volatility 6harpe Ratio 6ortino Ratio <a, 1ra do n

)he ValuEngine View #ewsletter is derived from the ValuEngine (ggressive and ,iversified 'rowth %enchmark Portfolio Strategies )hese strategies are the product of ValuEngine!s academic research team and com0ine cutting"edge financial analysis and portfolio construction techni9ues with real"world Wall St know how )he ValuEngine View #ewsletter portfolio has ;< primary stock picks and five alternates and is re"0alanced once each month )he ValuEngine View #ewsletter is pu0lished near the middle of each calendar month (n e9ual amount of capital is allocated to each stock )he monthly returns are calculated from the closing prices on date of pu0lication )he performance calculation does not include any transaction costs Sign up now and you can access the current portfolio and you will receive ne=t month!s re0alanced portfolio as well/

/lic! C9R9 to 6i'n Up for the Valu9n'ine Vie

Ne sletter

Su""meier Sa.!
""3ommentary and (nalysis from 3hief Market Strategist .ichard Suttmeier
If you have any co""ents or #uestions, sen$ the" to Rsutt"eier%&"ail!co" 'reasury (iel$s #$ 2ear F3.4!!G &onthly and semiannual value levels are !.##> and !.33> with daily and weekly pivots at 3.4$# and 3.@4A and annual and Huarterly risky levels at 3.?>A and 3.3;3. Co""o$ities an$ )ore* )ome5 *old IF"##@4.?G &y monthly value level is "#$A3.# with daily and weekly pivots at "#3#?.4 and "#33;.> and Huarterly and annual risky levels at "#?!;.A, "#;44.4 and "#@;3.#.

9yme5 )rude (il I F"4@.>$G &y weekly value level is "4$.$! with daily and monthly pivots at "4@.$@ and "4@.3# and semiannual, Huarterly and annual risky levels at "#$4.@?, "##?.!A and "##;.3!. The 0uro I F#.!A;;G Weekly, annual, Huarterly and semiannual value levels are #.!;!$, #.!3;>, #.3@$;, #.3>;A and #.3?>> with daily, monthly and annual risky levels at #.!>33, #.!@?$ and #.?34;. +a,or In$ices :aily :ow- F#A,#>4G :aily, semiannual and annual value levels are #;,@@;, #?,>3? and #3,A4A with a monthly pivot at #A,$4!, the :ec. #4 all time intra day high at #A,#4?.>!, and weekly, semiannual and Huarterly risky levels at #A,3@>, #A,?4$ and #A,>>;. S=' ;$$ I F#@$4.AG :aily, semiannual and annual value levels are #>>A.>, #>?!.; and #!?@.! with a monthly pivot at #@#$.3, the 9ov. 34 all time intra day high at #@#!.;;, and weekly and Huarterly risky levels at #@3!.? and #@;!.@. 96S:6B I F?$;@G :aily, semiannual and annual value levels are !444, !>;4, !AA@ and 3@$A with Huarterly and weekly pivots at ?$3; and ?$A#, the :ec. 4 multi year intra day high at ?$@#.>@, and monthly risky level at ?##?. 96S:6B #$$ F9:JG I F!?44G :aily, semiannual and annual value levels are !?;#, !!$? and 3?A! with Huarterly and weekly pivots at !?>> and !;$@, my monthly risky level at !;#@, and the :ec. 4 multiyear intra day high at !;3?.$$. :ow Transports I F>3$AG :aily, monthly and annual value levels are >$;A, A4?#, ;43; and ;?A4 with semiannual and Huarterly pivots at >#$? and >3$;, the :ec. 3 all time intra day high at >!$?.?4, and a weekly risky level at >?#!. Russell 3$$$ I F##3;.?;G :aily, semiannual and annual value levels are ##$?.4#, #$@4.?3, @A$.3; and @$4.;? with weekly and monthly pivots at ###A.4$ and ##?!.@3, the 9ov. 34 all time intra day high at ##?>.$$, and Huarterly risky level at ##A!.3#. The S(J I F;#>.>@G :aily, weekly and annual value levels are ;#$.?4, ;$;.!> and !!@.$! with a Huarterly pivot at ;#?.@>, the :ec. #@ multi year intra day high at ;3#.#4, and monthly and semiannual risky levels at ;3A.>? and ;!!.;A.

:ow 1tilities- F?@!.>?G :aily, monthly and semiannual pivots are ?>;.3!, ?>4.$@ and ?@#.43 with weekly, Huarterly, semiannual and annual risky levels at ?43.A$, ;3$.;;, ;3!.!! and ;?$.!>. -tock of the .ay +ere is today8s stock of the day from Richard Suttmeier8s &orning Briefing 9ewsletter. 6lcoa F66G I F"4.4>G 6lcoa .nc. is the world8s leading producer and manager of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina facilities, and is active in all ma%or aspects of the industry. 6lcoa serves the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation and industrial markets, bringing design, engineering, production and other capabilities of 6lcoa8s businesses to customers. .n addition to aluminum products and components, 6lcoa also markets consumer brands including Reynolds Wrap foils and plastic wraps, 6lcoa wheels, and Baco household wraps. 6mong its other businesses are closures, fastening systems, precision castings, and electrical distribution systems for cars and trucks. 6nalysis I6lcoa has been downgraded to sell from hold according to /alu0ngine and is 3>.#< overvalued with fair value at ">.>? and a one year price target at "4.3?. The daily chart shows rising momentum with the stock above its 3# day, ;$ day and 3$$ day simple moving averages at "4.?4, "4.3! and "@.?>.

Richard Suttmeier has been a professional in the 1S )apital &arkets since #4>3 transferring his engineering skills to the trading and investment world. +e earned a Bachelor of .ndustrial 0ngineering degree from *eorgia .nstitute of Technology in #4AA, and a &aster of Science, (perations Research, Systems 6nalysis degree from Brooklyn 'olytechnic 1niversity in #4>$. (ver the years Richard appeared many times in the financial media, on networks such as )9B), )99, )99fn, 9ew 2ork #, Bloomberg T/ and radio, ,o5 Business, Business 9ews 9etwork in )anada, Wall Street Week with ,ortune, 2ahoo ,inance Breakout, and the Bill &a7er Radio Show. .n 3$$3, he anchored his own show on 2ahoo ,inance /ision called, KTraders8 )lub with Richard Suttmeier.K Richard has been freHuently Huoted in 1S6 Today, The 92 Times, Wall Street Lournal, Reuters, and The :ow Lones 9ewswires. Richard has made numerous speaking appearances in recent years to groups such as the &arket Technicians 6ssociations, the 6merican 6ssociation of .ndividual .nvestors, Wells ,argo 6dvisors, the 05ecutive ,orum at the 9ational 6rts )lub, and the .nvestors Roundtable of Wilmington 9). #ow -$6 can take advantage of the same market and trading e=pertise as the financial media with .ichard Suttmeier!s Valu)rader Model Portfolio The /aluTrader 'ortfolio 9ewsletter is based on /alu0ngine )hief &arket Strategist Richard Suttmeier8s proprietary market analytics. Suttmeier combines his technical analysis e5pertise with /alu0ngine8s proprietary valuation, forecast, and ratings data for more than ?$$$ eHuities trading on 1S markets to come up with a 3$ stock portfolio tailored to current market conditions. With /aluTrader, subscribers access Suttmeier8s KBuy and TradeK strategy with a portfolio designed to function well in both up and down markets. 0very edition of Richard Suttmeier8s /aluTrader model portfolio includes technical risk, pivot, and value levels, as well as critical /alu0ngine data points ratings, valuation, and forecast for the current portfolio. Whenever Suttmeier buys a new stock or sells a current holding, subscribers receive an email alert so that they can take advantage of Suttmeier8s proven market timing e5pertise. The portfolio may include long as well as short positions according to Suttmeier8s read of the markets. /lic! C9R9 to 6i'n Up for /hief <ar!et 6trate'ist Richard 6uttmeierEs ValuTrader <odel ;ortfolio

ValuEngine/c$m T$$l! an* Ser0ice!
We provide a variety of means for accessing /alu0ngine market analysis and other content. 2ou can find us on some of the leading financial media websites as well as the more popular social media services. While our own website ValuEngine!co" provides access to lots of analysis and you can always sign up to receive email daily and weekly bulletins HERE, some users prefer to download ':, reports of content while others prefer to garner info while browsing the web. (ur )hief &arket Strategist Richard Suttmeier is a prolific market observer and you can find his content in a variety of places. +is weekly column on ,orbes provides insights into his KBuy and TradeK strategy while his daily market analysis can be followed and accessed at Scribd, Twitter, and &inyanville. Senior 0ditor Steve +ach re posts ':,s and web accessible copies of :aily and Weekly /alu0ngine bulletins at Seeking 6lpha and Scribd. .n most cases, you can receive notification of /0 content posting by Suttmeier and +ach by following the /alu0ngine feed on twitter M/alu0ngine. Ninks for this content are provided below, you may also find these links on our website HERE In"elligen" In0e!"ing i"( Ric(ar* Su""meier

Ar"icle! b. Ric(ar* Su""meier 1 Ar"icle! b. S"e0e -ac( 2e" !($r", "imel. me!!age! +r$m ValuEngine Inc Dail. 3ulle"in 4D)!, Wee%l. Ne !le""er 4D)!, an* 4D) Re!earc( Re5$r"!

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